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World Wide Arts Resources / absolutearts.com:

World Wide Arts Resources / absolutearts.com is dedicated to connecting the people of the world to the world of art. The Artist/Premiere Portfolio services are the largest and most successful program of it's kind representing over 150,000 works by over 24,000 artists from around the world. The Portfolio Program serves dealers, art buyers and artists with a flexible, affordable and effective way to be represented online. In addition to a highly refined search engine, World Wide Arts Resources and absolutearts.com distribute twice each week an online international arts magazine to over 43,000 subscribers.

Company Background

World Wide Arts Resources is a small, privately held company based in Granville, Ohio, in the heart of the US. Since 1995, wwar.com has provided information to millions of art enthusiasts. In the past years, wwar.com has become the largest arts site on the World Wide Web. Constant evolution plays a critical role in enhancing the client's experience and meeting their ever-increasing needs. In 1999, wwar.com expanded to include absolutearts.com which began as a daily arts news outlet and has adapted to include the internet's most comprehensive contemporary art online Portfolio programs.

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