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The Visual Artist subcategories lead you to specialized information pertaining to visual artists. You can browse in alphabetical order, by artistic medium, subject matter, or discover art history information by following the link to Masters below.

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  • Pereno, Gianfranco
    Fine art nude images - Black & White - Elaborations in the darkroom - Venice - Carnival in Venice - Angles from the World. FREE STYLE PHOTOGRAPHY Personal reserch of digital computer technique. A combination of technology, personal intuition and sensibility in a virtual darkroom -- VENEZIA, Italy
  • Peress, Gilles
    -- ,
  • peretz, rafi
    Early naive paintings and drawings artworks by Raphael Perez -- Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • Perez Aragon, Karina
    Karina Perez Aragon. Artist. Painter. Minimal art. Geometrical abstraction. Rothko. Agnes Martin. Argentinean. Living in New York. Master of Fine Arts. Oil on canvas. Vibrant colors. Strong color contrasts. Zen. Curator. Art events organizer. Solo shows. Spanish speaker. German speaker. ... -- New York,NY, USA
  • Perez Bornot, Antonio
    Technique: oil/canvas Date: between years 2000 and 2001 The syncretism theme, among Spanish and African culture in the Caribbean environment is a gift to the continuous and pictorial Cuban tradition always looking for the differences. He express himself through ... -- Havana, Cuba
  • Perez Franco, Carlos
    Latin American artist, contemporary abstract figurative paintings by Carlos Perez Franco of Montevideo, Uruguay -- Miami,
  • Perez Palma, Candido
    Candido Perez Palma - Painter Engraver Sculptor -- a coruña, Spain
  • Perez, Alex
    art artist paintings landscapes abstracts photographs figures realistics israeli artist alex perez oils acrylics lithographs serigraphs simbolics myth mitos mixed media paint portugal spain chile israel -- Rishon Letzion, Israel
  • Perez, Alex
    Paintings, Landscapes, Seascapes, Abstracts, HyperRealistics Oils, Acrylics, Serigraphs, Watercolors, Drawings, Etchings, Flowers, Figures, Photographs, Silkscreen -- Rishon Letzion, Israel
  • Perez, Augusto
    -- ,
  • PEREZ, Carlos D.
    Site profesional de Carlos D. PEREZ, ilustrador argentino quien actualmente reside en Uruguay ... -- Montevideo / Buenos Aires, Uruguay
  • Perez, Iris
    I am an artist from Dominican Republic and I drawwith ink and paint with acrilic I work ceramic and sculture I send you more blocs by you can se more of my work.: Contacto: IRIS PEREZ Pone: 1-809-534-... -- Hckensack,NJ, USA
  • Perez, Mario
    Texas artist, Mario Perez includes his drawings and paintings, other Texas, American and International art for resourcing and education. ( not toyou atwwar, I'm still adding so its still not so full) -- Houston,TX, USA
  • Perez, Omaha
    View the surreal works of Omaha Perez, nationally renowned artist recognized by the Society of Illustrators New York, Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, and the Spectrum arts annual. -- Torrance,CA, USA
  • Perez, Oscar
    graphic design including pencilled comic book art, photoshop color rendering, tattoos, photograph retouching, computer graphics, comic book coloring, inked artwork, airbrush, & web design -- coral gables,FL, USA
  • perez, victoria
    cuban born artist got her mfa from tyler school of art in 1994. now working in denver. perez shows her work nationally and internationally -- denver,CO, USA
  • Perez-Rubio, Jorge
    to whom it may concern: thank you for including me in your directory but the url you have listed has not been in use since 1995. please refer to the current location or remove my listing altogether. yours, perez-rubio -- cairo - new york - miami, Egypt
  • Perez-Valero, Rosa. Paintings and Reproductions
    Established at the Prado Museum of Madrid. Rosa Pérez-Valero is specialized in oils, watercolours and pastels. Reproductions of great masters of art works are made on request with the most exquisite quality. -- Madrid, Spain
  • Perezhogin, Alexander
    It contains 297 photos of entirely hand carved items in wood. Caricature figurines, santas, celebs, car, truck models, nudes and etc. -- Smolensk, Russian Federation
  • Pergola II, Thomas
    Fine Art by Tom Pergola II - Sculpture, Ceramics, Installation, Mixed Media and Video -- Baltimore,MD, USA
  • Perignon I, Alexis Nicolas
    -- ,
  • Perini, Simone
    fine art photography -- Livorno, Italy
  • Perino del Vaga
    -- ,
  • Perkins, Amanda
    Textile collages inspired by landscapes and childrens drawings.Made using patchwork, batik, embroidery, natural dyes and quilting. -- woodbridge, United Kingdom
  • Perkins, David
    David Perkins is a metal sculptor living in Maine. The site Welcome to the Art of David Perkins features thumbnail links to photographs of his metal sculture, a biography, and information on where his art is displayed and how it ... -- Liberty,ME, USA
  • Perkins, John S.
    silversmith and jeweller -- Totnes, United Kingdom
  • perkins, john
    sitar performer of indian and fusion music also silversmith -- Totnes, United Kingdom
  • Perkins, Lissa
    The art of Lissa Perkins, featuring acrylic paintings, illustrations, sculptures and digital art. Styles include fantasy, portraits, cartoons and a good helping of the surreal. -- Montreal, Canada
  • Perkins, Thea-Marie
    Photos, Bio, Reviews & Print -- San Francisco,CA, USA
  • perko, fred
    mixed media, collage, acrylic painting, polaroid image transfer, polaroid emulsion transfer, photography, papermaking -- san carlos,CA, USA

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    Franziska Turek

    "breath of life ", Other Painting, 2010
    US$ 1200( €: 858 UK £: 755 ¥en: 110689 )
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    Click here to buy Picasso, Pablo: Woman with a Blue Hat for $10
    Pablo Picasso
    Woman with a Blue Hat
    Our Supplier's Price: $10.00

    Click here to buy Renoir, Pierre-Auguste: Flowers in a Vase for $28
    Pierre-Auguste Renoir
    Flowers in a Vase
    Our Supplier's Price: $28.00

    Click here to buy Dali, Salvador: Persistence of Memory for $1
    Salvador Dali
    Persistence of Memory
    Our Supplier's Price: $1.00

    Click here to buy Klimt, Gustav: Danae for $31
    Gustav Klimt
    Our Supplier's Price: $31.00

    Click here to buy Picasso, Pablo: Old Guitarist for $12
    Pablo Picasso
    Old Guitarist
    Our Supplier's Price: $12.00

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