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The Visual Artist subcategories lead you to specialized information pertaining to visual artists. You can browse in alphabetical order, by artistic medium, subject matter, or discover art history information by following the link to Masters below.

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  • Pancetti, José
    -- ,
  • Pancho V
    -- ,
  • Panfilov, Sergey
    Author's drawings executed by felt-tip pens and markers. Explanations of a graphic method are given. -- Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Panfilov, Sergey
    Author's drawings. Graphic representations of a human body are submitted. Texts explaining the art concept are given. -- Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Pang Tao
    -- ,
  • Pang Xunqin
    -- ,
  • Panizzolo, Anita
    Anita Panizzolo, illustratrice, introduces some illustrations inspired from storys for children realized in pastel, watercolor and mixed media. -- Milan, Italy
  • Pankewer, Sandra
    Custom drawings and paintings of dogs and cats by fine artist and graduate of Washington University School of Fine Arts. After thiry years of creating one of a kind portraits this artist's work shows and celebrates the love you ... -- Saint Louis,MO, USA
  • Pankov, Philip
    Philip Pankov Photography - Original Signed Black & White Photographs of Dublin and Ireland. These traditional Black & White prints possess a luminous quality unmatched by any other photographic reproduction. Silver gelatin prints yield exquisite tonality on best quality photographic papers used – the ... -- Seattle,WA, USA
  • Pankow, Paige
    watercolour, watercolor, abstract, bayou, mixed media, prints, originals, gifts, affordable, up-and-coming, up and coming, famous, corporate collections, personal collections, worldwide, Louisiana, unique style, unique, different, investment, jewelry, stained glass, acrylic, oil, murals, windows, interior designer, watercolor, famous, well ... -- Slidell,LA, USA
  • Pankowski, Yvonne
    Semi-precious gemstone jewelry, crystals with 14K gold, gold-filled and silver chain and findings. Simple and elegant designs. -- Annapolis,CA, USA
  • Pannini, Giovanni Paolo
    -- ,
  • Panphilov, Sergey
    Gallery of forest sculptures. Exposition of sculptures which are the unique wood snags found in roots of old trees. -- Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Pans, Werner
    paintings from a magic combination of art-culture-motors -- Brussels, Belgium
  • Pansa Sunavee
    Created modern art and abstract expressionism in drawings and paintings, from acrylic, color pencil, pencil, gold leaves, ink, mixed media, watercolor and water media. Have art exhibition in museum , gallery and art center many time. -- Phitsanulok, Thailand
  • pansa, giuseppe
    painting, grafics, videos, photos and much more!! -- mola di bari, Italy
  • Pantofel, Nelly
    Original watercolors, acrylic and oil on canvas paintings. The main characteristic feature paintings is the lyric trend. The main purpose of her creativity is the aspiration of beauty – beauty in life, nature, the human soul, Jewish national and religious traditions. -- Rishon Letzion, Israel
  • Pantoli, Primo
    Primo Pantoli: pittore, incisore e scenografo. Oltre 80 immagini in quarant'anni di attività -- cagliari, Italy
  • Panton, Neal
    Neal Panton, Artisan Photographer at Large. Former photojournalist and professor of photography in Ecuador. Neal presents a multifaceted portfolio of images from all over the Americas. Exhibited and published worldwide this site contains thoughtful images in a variety of galleries. -- Vancouver, Canada, Canada
  • Panunzi, Benito
    -- ,
  • Paolini, Germano
    The art of Germano Paolini, italian painter that works in Tuscany, through its biography, the presentations and criticism from catalogs, the main personal shows. A detailed report of the recent exhibitions, of those in progress or in project. A large ... -- Grosseto, Italy
  • Paolini, Giulio
    -- ,
  • Paolo di Giovanni Fei
    -- ,
  • Paolo Romano
    -- ,
  • Paolo Veneziano
    -- ,
  • Paolozzi, Eduardo
    -- ,
  • Papéty, Dominique Louis
    -- ,
  • Paparone, Alain
    the art work of the french artist Paparone alain in painting, drawing, computer graphics 2D and 3D -- Toulon, France
  • Papasso, Antonio
    Antonio Papasso Italian Contemporary Painter, works gallery of Papiers Froissés on canvas and paper, Limited Editions of Etchings, Essay of important Art Critics, Deepening, Links and more -- Anguillara Sabazia, Italy
  • Pape, Sky
    Sky Pape is a contemporary abstract artist specializing in drawing. She pushes the limits of traditional drawing materials like paper, graphite, and ink, using them in unconventional ways. Pape's work is in museum and private collections worldwide. She is ... -- New York,NY, USA

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    Franziska Turek

    "breath of life ", Other Painting, 2010
    US$ 1200( €: 858 UK £: 755 ¥en: 110689 )
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    Click here to buy Wyeth, Andrew: Chester County Farm for $31
    Andrew Wyeth
    Chester County Farm
    Our Supplier's Price: $31.00

    Click here to buy Kandinsky, Wassily: Bustling Aquarelle for $31
    Wassily Kandinsky
    Bustling Aquarelle
    Our Supplier's Price: $31.00

    Click here to buy van Gogh, Vincent: Mas Aux Saint-Maries 1888 for $4
    Vincent van Gogh
    Mas Aux Saint-Maries 1888
    Our Supplier's Price: $4.00

    Click here to buy Remington, Frederic: Return of a Blackfoot War Party for $19
    Frederic Remington
    Return of a Blackfoot War Party
    Our Supplier's Price: $19.00

    Click here to buy O'keeffe, Georgia: Red Cannas for $22
    Georgia O'keeffe
    Red Cannas
    Our Supplier's Price: $22.00

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