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The Visual Artist subcategories lead you to specialized information pertaining to visual artists. You can browse in alphabetical order, by artistic medium, subject matter, or discover art history information by following the link to Masters below.

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  • Popovic, Misha
    I am sculptor and computer artist. I have graduated on the Art Academy in Belgrade. I explore possibilities of computer graphics, and I would like to present my works to you... -- belgrade, Yugoslavia
  • Popovic, Misha
    I am sculptor and computer artist. I have graduated on the Art Academy. Here you can see my virtual sculptures, worlds, computer generated graphics... -- Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  • Popovic,Tea
    Contemporary fine art paintings:My way of painting or my style consists of following. It is a relatively quick execution deprived of preliminary process of preparation . Spontaneous playing with colour . Colours and drawing are woven into the essence of a ... -- Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  • popperwell, anne
    painter, acrylic on canvas, watercolour on paper flowers waves landscape skyscape -- victoria, Canada
  • Poppins, Maria
    I am an artist, mass medium. Oil, ceramics, childrens story books in the future, kinetic art, and a seawoman when I need to think. I love to feel the art of others. I am here at the moment for research ... -- Santa Cruz,CA, USA
  • Poprocki, Mat
    Nakedholiday.com is the online Art Gallery of Pop Artist Mat Poprocki whose work rages from silk screens on canvas, hand paintings on cardboard, to home made books. -- Amherst,OH, USA
  • Porat, Jacob
    Oil paintings, pencil drawings, woodcuts and art prints by Israeli painter and woodcut master. -- Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • Porcellis, Jan
    -- ,
  • Pordenone, Il
    -- ,
  • Porett, Thomas
    Digital photographic works by Thomas Porett, a pioneer in digitally mediated photographics. All work is printed on archival ink jet printers. Porett is a Guggenheim Fellow and has created interactive multimedia works as well as electronic/digital music, digital video ... -- Ardmore,PA, USA
  • Portaña, Vicente Lopez
    -- ,
  • Porta, Giacomo della
    -- ,
  • Porta, Guglielmo della
    -- ,
  • Portail, Jacques André
    -- ,
  • Portchie, Portchie
    Portchie takes a bold paintbrush to the canvas and delights the onlooker with images that celebrate life. A brightly coloured world emerges where the trees are blue, the skies expansive and the people simple. A universal theme with universal appeal. ... -- , South Africa
  • portella, caio
    Personnal Site about architeture,design,Interior design,music and one little historic about my home town...All the arts in the world,are of my interesting.. -- Petrópolis - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Porten, Michael
    The official site of illustrator Michael Porten. This site hosts a gallery of illustration and painting done by the artist. Michael's work has been published in the Society of Illustrators LA and CMYK 2004 summer issue. -- Savannah,GA, USA
  • Porter, Charles
    -- ,
  • Porter, Chris
    art, scientific illustration, illustration, science illustration -- Mount Prospect,IL, USA
  • Porter, David
    Landscape artist -- Melbourne, Australia
  • Porter, Elwin
    `Elwin Porter director of the South Florida Art Institue in South Florida has a selection of Acrylic on Canvas paintings including; landscapes, figures and abstracts. The site will be updated next month as he returns to his studio in the... -- Linville Falls,,NC, USA
  • Porter, Fairfield
    -- ,
  • Porter, H.C.
    The H.C. Porter gallery features mixed media originals, limited edition serigraphs and reproductions.Offering in a unique voice...a contemporary Southern vision. -- Jackson,MS, USA
  • Porter, Joni
    Mixed Media, Watercolor, Acrylic, landscapes, portraits, nature, wildlife, commissions, artist, painter, female artist -- Los Alamitos,CA, USA
  • Porter, Sir Robert Ker
    -- ,
  • Porter, Sir Robert Ker
    . Tate Collections, with a multitude of images. 1777-1842 -- ,
  • Portera, Joseph Giovanni
    Bronze Sculptures and wood carvings: Native American, wildlife, Sitting Bull, Chief Joseph, Jesus and more. -- Westpoint,MS, USA
  • Porters, Els
    paintings, designs, Photography, art, illustrations, graphic design, oilpaintings, animals -- Lummen, Belgium
  • Portier, Delphine
    Delphine Portier is a young talentuous french artist. She works about a new expressionism in painting. She likes Schiele, Kokoschka, Soutine. She looks for an great exposition. -- Paris, France
  • Portillo, Petra
    Petra Portillo. Artista de texturas. -- Mérida, Spain

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    Franziska Turek

    "breath of life ", Other Painting, 2010
    US$ 1200( €: 858 UK £: 755 ¥en: 110689 )
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    Click here to buy Renoir, Pierre-Auguste: Washerwomen for $14
    Pierre-Auguste Renoir
    Our Supplier's Price: $14.00

    Click here to buy Kandinsky, Wassily: Spitzen in Bogen 1927 for $8
    Wassily Kandinsky
    Spitzen in Bogen 1927
    Our Supplier's Price: $8.00

    Click here to buy van Gogh, Vincent: Terrasse for $14
    Vincent van Gogh
    Our Supplier's Price: $14.00

    Click here to buy Klimt, Gustav: Farm House in the Northern Austria for $17
    Gustav Klimt
    Farm House in the Northern Austria
    Our Supplier's Price: $17.00

    Click here to buy Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de: Ambassadeurs for $21
    Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
    Our Supplier's Price: $21.00

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