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Artists: Sculpture: Bronze
The Visual Artist subcategories lead you to specialized information pertaining to visual artists. You can browse in alphabetical order, by artistic medium, subject matter, or discover art history information by following the link to Masters below.

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  • McConnell, Sharon
    McConnell's spirited bronze images have received the attention and admiration of many. Mr. lvar Alvar, a Norwegian writer and journalist says "It is not often when a collector can stumble upon an emerging artist with this level of polish." -- Santa Fe,NM, USA
  • McCrea, John
    Hot bronze casted civil war and southwest sculptures. -- Tucson,AZ, USA
  • McGrady, Charles
    CM Studio produces realistic dinosaur models and wildlife sculptures in both life-size and scale models. All pieces are offered in both resin and bronze castings. These sculptures are popular with both museums and private collectors. Charlie McGrady has become ... -- Gillespie,IL, USA
  • McKenna, John A
    John McKenna is a sculptor who creates unique sculpture, statues, friezes and public artworks in cast bronze, brick relief, stone, wroughtiron and metalwork on a variety of scales. -- Worcester, United Kingdom
  • Michelli, Joe
    My personal gallery of original oil paintings, watercolours, drawings, sculpture in bronze and aluminum, jewelry in gold & silver set with opals, black coral, diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones. -- Sippy Downs, Australia
  • Mileham, Robert
    Commissions have played an almost exclusive role in my creation of figures, animals, gun dogs, busts, nudes in bronze, resin bronze and stone. All my work is preceeded by careful study in drawings and sketches. -- Bournemouth, United Kingdom
  • Miller, Richard R.
    Portfolio of past portrait commissions by award-winning portrait artist Richard R. Miller. Links to his full site featuring bronze sculpture, landscapes, and historical art. -- Bloomfield Hills,MI, USA
  • Minnery, David
    Contemporary Sculptor exploring the body through formal and conceptual concerns.Private and public works in a variety of materials bronze and marble, silicone, wax, cement,resin,etc. -- Upland,CA, USA
  • MOCHI, Francesco
    MOCHI, Francesco MOCHI, Francesco Italian sculptor (b. 1580, Montevarchi, d. 1654, Roma) Angel of Annunciation 1605 Marble, over life-size Museo dellOpera del Duoma, Orvieto 449*829 Grayscale 40 Kb Equestrian Statue of Ranuccio Farnese 1612 Bronze, over life-size... -- ,
  • Mokeeva, Valeria
    Russian contemporary carving sculpture from mammoth ivory with wood and bronze -- Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
  • Mongeon, Bridgette
    Bridgette Mongeon is renowned for her unique and beautiful bronze sculptures of children, pets and celebrities. She also lectures and speaks to organizations and groups about creativity, and marketing your work in the arts. -- Houston,TX, USA
  • Morehouse, Alan R.
    A mixed-media sculptor. I work with exotic woods, stone and bronze using organic shapes to portray the natural environment and mammals. I also create fountains by commission. -- Wellfleet,MA, USA
  • Morgan, Mark W.
    Non-figurative scupture in wood, stone and metal. Cast bronze vessels. -- Glasgow,VA, USA
  • Morrison, C.R.
    Montana, bronzes, paintings, western, art, artist, sculptures, clocks, lamps, artwork, trophies, custom, cowboy, office, horses, wildlife -- Livingston,MT, USA
  • Muir, James
    Caduceus, recognized as a universal medical symbol, in this bronze sculpture by James N. Muir has become and Angel of Healing bringing love and peace upon the earth and all of its inhabitants. Caduceus is 12' high with a 9' ... -- Greer,AZ, USA
  • Muir, James
    James Muir limited edition fine art bronze sculptures are representational and range from historical to today's contemporary subjects. For indoors or outdoors, in table to monumental size. James N. Muir has built upon his fame as America's foremost ... -- Phoenix,AZ, USA
  • Murphy, Carole
    Figurative bronze sculpture reflecting the inner processes of growth while resonating with the outer world. Fine detailed work sets the tone of the distinctive personality of each presence. From 8 to life-size, group, individuals, relief, 3D. -- Burlington,VT, USA
  • Myrah, Newman McKellar, Jerry Dana, Cora Lee
    western art gallery, wildlife prints and bronzes, original oil paintings, Indian children portraits, Native American bronzes, Native American Capote Coats, steel bronzes, portraits, and more -- Avon,MT, USA
  • Nadine Nemec
    I use the figure, that which is most familiar, as a universal medium. Each of the materials I sculpt: bronze, glass, and stone hold different tactile qualities, in the making as well as the viewing of the piece. I seek ... -- Santa Cruz,CA, USA
  • Naigles, Bruce
    Bruce Naigles is a figurative bronze sculptor using traditional techniques to explore time-less forms and themes in our contemporary and changing world. That which we perceive in the world of form is an outer expression of an inner dynamic. ... -- Moss, Norway
  • Naigles, Bruce
    Bruce Naigles is a figurative bronze sculptor using traditional techniques to explore time-less forms and themes in our contemporary and changing world. That which we perceive in the world of form is an outer expression of an inner dynamic. ... -- Moss, Norway
  • Newman Myrah, Karen Thayer, Don Enright, Cora Lee Dana, Brandon Thomas
    Western art gallery displaying wildlife bronzes, wildlife prints, original oil paintings, Indian Children portraits, Native American bronzes, African bronzes, steel sculptures, Native American Capote jackets. -- Avon,MT, USA
  • Nucci, Romano
    Romano Nucci is an Italian artist. Some of his sculptures and bronzes, are now available in Texas, USA. -- Plano,TX, USA
  • Ouellette, Claude
    Painting oil or acrylic.Landscape, flower, style life, portrait.Sculpture wood, bronze, aluminium.Furniture queen ann. -- Mont Saint-Hilaire, Canada
  • Pamela Irving
    Figurative ceramics and bronze sculptures. -- Melbourne, Australia
  • Parmenter, Ramon
    Come explore the gallery of one of the world's most reknown bronze sculptors. Take the tour if you would like to see a sampling of Ramon's bronze sculptures, and his oil and pastel paintings. -- Joseph,OR, USA
  • Parmenter, Ramon
    Ramon Parmenter is a premier figurative artist whose bronze sculptures embody movement, permanence and timelessness. His bronze sculptures include themes in ballet, children, beautiful women, athletics and equestrian. Come and visit his web site. -- Joseph,OR, USA
  • Pecoff, Grant
    Grant is a young up-and-coming sculptor and painter creating beautiful works in bronze, steel, plaster and paintings in oil and arcylic. -- Encinitas,CA, USA
  • Peltzer, Eric
    Abstract metal sculpture in bronze and stainless steel. Indoor and outdoor work. Flowing forms with a hint of human figure and gesture. Artist has also done commissions for fountains, wall scultures, and fine furniture. In public and private collections in ... -- Altadena,CA, USA
  • Pepitone, Richard
    A Sculptor and Mixed-media artist. Richard was born in Brooklyn NY. He works in bronze, copper, glass, acrylic and is a well respected artist in the Provincetown Community as well as nationally. -- Provincetown,MA, USA

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    Franziska Turek

    "breath of life ", Other Painting, 2010
    US$ 1200( €: 858 UK £: 755 ¥en: 110689 )
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