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Online Exhibitions: Countries: USA
The Online Exhibitions section features exhibitions and personal websites from around the world that are available on line. You can browse alphabetically, by country, craft, folk art, artistic medium, mosaics, and subject matter.

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  • CLAYplanet.com
    All about polymer clay art and resources. Submit your site if you don't have a site ask us and we will build you one absolutly free. -- Odessa,TX, USA
    The ceramic art and metal robot sculptures of contemporary California artist, Clayton Bailey -- Port Costa,CA, USA
  • cleo Productions
    Free International Juried Art Show with People's Choice, cleo's weekly featured artist and Juror's Choice. Fun - Educatioinal. -- Stone Mountain,GA, USA
  • Cleveland Artists Network
    Featuring Cleveland Art Galleries, Museums, Theaters, and local Artists. -- Cleveland,OH, USA
  • clickimages.net
    We are a non profit arts collective for Texas artsits. We accept work in all mediums. We have an open gallery for any Texan that want's to send us a jpeg. Seeking more contemporary styles. -- Dallas,TX, USA
  • Cloud Story Trilogy
    God spoke to Karen Lee through vivid cloud stories in 1992,1998 and 2001. Karen wrote about what she saw and later painted three oil on acrylic 4' x 4' canvasses (48 sq ft of canvass). This is allegorical art ... -- San Francisco,CA, USA
  • CLV Designs
    Pictorial Art Quilts depicting wildlife and floral scenes. -- Erial,NJ, USA
  • CMYJOY Creations
    Free hard to find African American graphics and clipart that's computer generated with Photoshop 5. -- Carol City,FL, USA
  • CMYJOY Creations
    I provide free, hard to find African American computer-generated clipart and graphics. -- Carol City,FL, USA
    A visual experience, that bypasses a verbalized division and directly penetrates the inner level of the subconcious. -- venice,CA, USA
  • Cocteau's World: A Symposium
    Penn State's IAHS invites you to a multifaceted symposium devoted to the creative life of Jean Cocteau (1889-1963). A highlight of the symposium is the world-premier performance of _Paul and Virginie_, a never-before produced Cocteau play. -- Exton,PA, USA
  • Coffee Art & Prints
    Savor fine art and prints featuring coffee! -- media,PA, USA
  • cole carothers studio
    This site includes current paintings, collected work, and other information about the artist.Carothers' paintings in oil/mixed media frequently combine interior and exterior views. His work bears affinities to Renaissance masters, Persian miniaturists and contemporary trends in painting. -- Milford,OH, USA
  • colette
    artist, painter, american, south africa, gwar, dayglo aborigines, oils, graffitti, becca, richmond, new york city, female, international, animals, flowers, cities, los angeles, -- los angeles,CA, USA
  • Collaborative Identity Project
    COID is a net art piece in which a fabricated Internet user was created to explore the identity of our online net culture. The username, coid404,was created, applied to and e-mail account, and registered for ten newsletters relating ... -- Duluth,MN, USA
  • Collage Town
    A collection of traditional and digital collage by artist Brian Robertson and others. -- Austin,TX, USA
  • CollageGallery.Com
    In my latest submission I tried replacing text in the Description with a copied import from Word with garbled results. Please use this as the final Description. CollageGallery.Com, The International Forum for Fine Arts Collage, was created in 1998 ... -- Richmond,VA, USA
  • Collection, The Homeplace
    We design and hand paint floorcloths and furniture inspired by the American West and the Adirondacks. Our standard designs are called The Homeplace Collection. From our studio, appropriately named Free Rein, we welcome custom orders.All standard designs can be ... -- Thomasville,NC, USA
  • Colling, Mary Kay
    Creates original cast paper relief, paper sculpture, paintings on handmade paper, traditional & digital prints. -- Rochester,NY, USA
  • Colon Ortiz, Vanesa Littlecrow
    A digital collection of multidisciplinary art, cartoons and writings. -- Minneapolis,MN, USA
  • Color Stereo
    Color Stereo is a large stereogram art gallery with a variety of innovative stereograms. Includes How to View and viewing practice page. -- Venice,CA, USA
  • Color Your World
    Online portfolio of detailed caricatures and other various colorful illustrations including children, animals and florals rendered in mixed media. -- Valrico,FL, USA
  • Colorful Home Decor: Papier Mache Faux Fruit Sculpture
    Decorate your home with colorful handmade papier mache faux fruit sculpture and learn to make your own paper mache with free online tutorials. -- West Palm Beach,FL, USA
  • Colorful Simplicity
    www.lonvig.org is launched today with news, articles, blogs, storytelling, fairy tales, poems, interactive lectures - all my writings and lecturing. And of course an exclusive Art Exhibition of thoroughly selected art works. I have hosted www.lonvig.org at ... -- Dallas,TX, USA
  • colorific imagery
    original drawings and paintings of the north east region; a look at direct and indirect painting, both landscapes and still lifes, by the contemporary artist Timothy Roepe -- Montgomery,NY, USA
  • colors by cindy
    A beginning. -- Baton Rouge,LA, USA
  • Colors Gallery
    Original floral watercolors and high quality prints delicately mastered in an impressionistic style. -- Marquette,MI, USA
    COLUMBUS ARTSCENE is a guide specifically to artists, galleries & cultural events in Columbus Ohio. -- Columbus,OH, USA
  • Commodify dot org
    A completely non-profit resource, Commodify exists only to help young, student or otherwise unknown emerging artists market their own and friends' work and discuss various subjects related to their academic and professional careers. -- Sacramento,CA, USA
  • Common Ground Sanctuary Art in Park
    Celebrating its 30-year anniversary in 2004,the Common Ground Sanctuary Art in the Park is slated for 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 11 and 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 12 at Shain Park ... -- Birmingham,MI, USA

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    Franziska Turek

    "breath of life ", Other Painting, 2010
    US$ 1200( €: 858 UK £: 755 ¥en: 110689 )
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    Click here to buy Dali, Salvador: Persistence of Memory, 1931 for $22
    Salvador Dali
    Persistence of Memory, 1931
    Our Supplier's Price: $22.00

    Click here to buy Waterhouse, John William: La Belle Dame Sans Merci for $5
    John William Waterhouse
    La Belle Dame Sans Merci
    Our Supplier's Price: $5.00

    Click here to buy Wyeth, Andrew: Shed Lantern for $14
    Andrew Wyeth
    Shed Lantern
    Our Supplier's Price: $14.00

    Click here to buy O'keeffe, Georgia: Two Jimson Weeds... for $26
    Georgia O'keeffe
    Two Jimson Weeds...
    Our Supplier's Price: $26.00

    Click here to buy Renoir, Pierre-Auguste: Monet Painting in His Garden At Argenteu for $16
    Pierre-Auguste Renoir
    Monet Painting in His Garden At Argenteu
    Our Supplier's Price: $16.00

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