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Online Exhibitions: Countries: USA
The Online Exhibitions section features exhibitions and personal websites from around the world that are available on line. You can browse alphabetically, by country, craft, folk art, artistic medium, mosaics, and subject matter.

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  • EgyptianTigress Creations
    This site contains my art (drawings, paintings, etc.), poetry (prose and short stories as well as poetry), photography (black and white, as well as color), and all my thoughts and feelings pertaining to them. -- Libertyville,IL, USA
  • Ekapon Poungpava
    Born in Thailand 1n 1969,I wonted to transmit my feeling to my artwork. I used to ge awards in Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Bulgalia, Poland and USA. -- lakewood,CA, USA
  • EKOUAGOU, Kokou
    Art, Painting, Publication, Exhibitions, Creativities, Show, Business Art, Personal minding, Free speach, International call for Artists, Classification, registration, More than one and two...more about art... -- Washington,WA, USA
  • El Coqui Galleries
    Latin and Caribbean arts and gifts: masks, prints, sculptures & more. -- Evanston,IL, USA
  • Elaine Henderson-Steele Gallery
    To Elaine Henderson-Steele, art is a means of communication, perhaps it should be said it is the only global form of communication. It speaks, telling of the artist's dreams, their passions and what they cherish. It speaks, echoing ... -- Loveland,OH, USA
  • eLance
    eLance, the global services marketplace, brings buyers and sellers of art and design-related services together. -- sunnyvale,CA, USA
  • Elements Of Design
    Elements Of Design contains several galleries displaying the unique fractal art of artist, Colleen Deery. -- San Bernardino,CA, USA
  • elke's woodburning
    I enjoy the art and practice of woodburning , because it is fun and relaxing to any onece buissy day. Have fun looking!! -- summerville,PA, USA
  • Ella House Fine Art Gallery
    At Ella House we specialize in Central American Fine Art. We carry only original paintings from selected artists. -- Oceanside,CA, USA
  • Ellwood City Artists
    Professional artists from the Ellwood City, PA area may have their websites or studios listed free on this website. The object of the website is to promote art in the small city and surrounding rural area. -- Ellwood City,PA, USA
  • ELM Design
    digital illustration and design services -- Princeton,NJ, USA
  • Elmer Swims
    As the twenty-first century bears down on us, like Godzilla moving through the suburbs of Tokyo at dawn, don't get caught without yer Art! Elmer Swims is the place to stop and get some munchies for the soul ... -- Captain Cook,HI, USA
  • Elsbeth's Cottage
    Website designed to promote the work of unknown artists and authors. -- Norfolk,NE, USA
  • Empyrios Visual Gallery
    is an ever changing gallery featuring works by photographers, artists, writers, and poets in the areas of human form, pop, fantasy, urban, alternative, still life and the uncommerical. -- Billings,MT, USA
  • Enscoe's Ceramics
    Ceramic gifts, ceramic bisque, ceramic clocks, ceramic music boxes, ceramic paints, brushes, lighting kits, ceramic classes, ceramic project finishing supplies, ceramic supplies, discount pricing, wholesale and retail, craft show schedule -- Confluence,PA, USA
  • epeninsula gallery
    Australian art -- Melbourne,CA, USA
  • Epilogue.net - Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, and Anime Artwork
    Epilogue.net is the world's foremost online community of science fiction/fantasy artists, art publishers and directors. Epilogue provides free gallery services, art search services, discussion forums and industry news and announcements. Drawing both artists and publishers from the ... -- Orlando,FL, USA
  • Epiphany Studio, LLC
    Epiphany studio is located in the Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy, TX. Sculptor David Mattiza works his special blend of Western and Native American art along with special comissions ranging from pets and grandchildren to custom trophies. -- Katy,TX, USA
  • Equator Gallery Homepage
    Woodcarvings and ceramics with pre-Columbian motifs -- Boston,MA, USA
  • Equatorial Arts Gallery
    Equatorial Arts Gallery featuring the Chiaramonte Collection of Asmat Art - one of the largest collections of Asmat art in the United States. -- Salt Lake City,UT, USA
  • Eri Takase Artworks
    Japanese calligraphy is a very beautiful form of expression. In my artwork I try to combine my love of Japanese calligraphy with the love I have for the art, culture, and poetry of my homeland, Japan. I also enjoy using ... -- Charlottesville,VA, USA
  • Eric Sandstrom Photography
    Portraits, weddings, trade shows and convention photography from the artistic camera of Eric Sandstrom. -- Shepherdstown,WV, USA
  • Erotic Traveler
    The Erotic Traveler erotic art museum is a photographic travel guide to sexual themes in art featuring erotic paintings, drawings, and sculpture all over the world. On display are erotic temple sculptures from India, sensual art from some of Europe'... -- West Chicago,IL, USA
  • Erotiqus
    Original Erotic art for the discriminating. Paintings, Prints, photography, and more. Home of Rob's Toxic Tee's. -- San Diego,CA, USA
  • ERP
    Interstellar static movement… ancient multimedia museum pieces…other worldly home exhibitions. ERP is a new and important voice that speaks about technology, our societies mass consumption of faster than light information and the unknown future of our cyber age. -- New York,NY, USA
  • Escher, Maurits Cornelius : Incredible Drawings
    Site about this genius of perspective and repetition patterns that includes his biography, a lot of his drawings, Escher wallpapers, links collection, books & posters. Available in English and Spanish. -- ,, USA
    Virtual art gallery containing work of 18 or more artists (some work is anonymous) plus information about artists, galleries, exhibitions. -- New York,NY, USA
  • Ethos Gallery
    Collection of modern, abstract paintings -- Chicago,IL, USA
  • Eugene L. Berman Photography
    Fine art photography, landscapes and cityscapes, wildlife, still life. Quality color and black & white prints. Large prints and posters for your office and home. -- Hurleyville,NY, USA
  • Eureka Springs Artists Registry
    Eureka Springs Artists Registry is an on-line community dedicated to the artists of Eureka Springs, Arkansas -- Eureka Springs,AR, USA

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    Franziska Turek

    "breath of life ", Other Painting, 2010
    US$ 1200( €: 858 UK £: 755 ¥en: 110689 )
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    Click here to buy Renoir, Pierre-Auguste: Luncheon of the Boating Party, 1880-81 for $9
    Pierre-Auguste Renoir
    Luncheon of the Boating Party, 1880-81
    Our Supplier's Price: $9.00

    Click here to buy Waterhouse, John William: Shrine for $31
    John William Waterhouse
    Our Supplier's Price: $31.00

    Click here to buy van Gogh, Vincent: Oat Field with Mountains on the Back for $17
    Vincent van Gogh
    Oat Field with Mountains on the Back
    Our Supplier's Price: $17.00

    Click here to buy Klimt, Gustav: (No Title) for $4
    Gustav Klimt
    (No Title)
    Our Supplier's Price: $4.00

    Click here to buy Rockwell, Norman: Runaway for $13
    Norman Rockwell
    Our Supplier's Price: $13.00

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