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Online Exhibitions: Countries: USA
The Online Exhibitions section features exhibitions and personal websites from around the world that are available on line. You can browse alphabetically, by country, craft, folk art, artistic medium, mosaics, and subject matter.

Alphabetized Resources in this category:

(2458 Records) Displaying resources 1591 to 1621:

  • Old Florida style watercolors by artist Jan Lis
    Jan Lis' Key West style paintings capture the timeless quality of an exotic south. Her Old Florida paintings depict lush tropical foliage crowding weathered clapboard houses, and Spanish stucco walls. Using acrylics in flowing watercolor washes, Jan contrasts the bright ... -- Pompano Beach,FL, USA
  • Old River Art
    affordable original oil paintings by artist Douglas Gilbert, gallery of international artist at discount price's -- Dayton,TX, USA
  • Old World Santas by Mountain Elves
    By drawing on my lifelong affection for Santa Claus , I create my own versions of Santa. I research legends and folklore from approximately 30 countries to lend authenticity and dress of my one-of-a-kind figures. Some dolls are ... -- Colfax,WV, USA
  • Ole's Digital Art & Photos
    Digital art-work made with PhotoShop. Very Atmospheric images! Also includes beautiful photo gallery from Savannah, GA. -- Savannah,GA, USA
  • Olga's Gallery - Online Art Museum
    The comprehensive online collection of the high quality images of the artists all over the world with their biographies and historical comments. -- New York,NY, USA
  • On-Line Print Gallery
    Members of the Boulder City Art Guild exhibit their work for sale on-line. Only affordable prints are featured. -- Boulder City,NV, USA
  • One Of A Kind Works Of Wood
    Much like nature my works of woods comes together according to size, shape and a little imagination. -- Wyoming,MI, USA
  • One-of-a-Kind Pottery
    site offers hand-painted and glazed clay pottery. keywords are pottery, victorian, hand-painted, glazed, one-of-a-kind, nature, planting, decorating -- Redwood City,CA, USA
  • one-season
    an expressive and innovative view of abstract, multi-media art. -- nome,AK, USA
  • OnyxArt
    Portrait artist; Works principally in oils and acrylics; Doll artist; features, one-of-a kind and very small limited editions.. -- Fort Washington,MD, USA
  • Ooloo Press
    Ooloo Press,Matt Brown color woodblock prints made using traditional "hanga" tools and techniques,Manual,Exhibits of prints -- Lyme,HI, USA
  • Open Ground
    Open Ground endeavors to open a space for artists to collaborate and support each other providing an opportunity for these values to grow and be passed on through collaborative documents (our website), meetings, and workshops. While Open Ground has adopted ... -- Brooklyn,NY, USA
  • Opticulture - Digital Art Gallery
    Opticulture provides viewers and artists a wide range of eye candy, including modern digital art, photography, music and writing. We release new galleries once a month, each one containing many new pieces by new and old members alike. Check it ... -- Boston,MA, USA
  • Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild
    The Orchard Valley Ceramic Arts Guild was formed to foster a creative, innovative and supportive environment for the education of students, professionals and the public in the ceramic arts. -- Sunnyvale,CA, USA
  • Original Art by Thomas G. Waldrop
    Original landscape and portrait paintings by Thomas G. Waldrop. Realistic watercolor and oil paintings are displayed here. -- Hillsborough,NC, USA
  • Original art work
    Original artwork by the artist, Linnea Tober. -- Long Branch,NJ, USA
  • Original oil paintings by Texas artist, Velma Gomez.
    Original oil paintings by Texas artist, Velma Gomez. -- PLANTERSVILLE,TX, USA
  • Original painting on wall.
    Original painting on wall -- Ulyanovsk,, USA
  • original paintings of sports fish by David Keating
    Original paintings of sports fish on thick cedar. Paintings include salmon, trout, bass, bonefish, tarpon and other popular fish. These are large and impressive works. -- little compton,RI, USA
  • Osipov Sergei and Leningrad School Artists
    Paintings by the worldwide known russian artist Sergei Osipov (1915-1985) and his contemporaries from the Leningrad School: A.Semionov, N.Timkov, V.Krantz, D.Maevsky, V.Ovchinnikov, V.Teterin, E.Antipova, N.Pozdneev and other. Selected works of 1950-... -- St.Petersburg,, USA
  • oteroplassart.com
    Contemporary Art Gallery -- Los Angeles,CA, USA
  • Otherworld Thinkpieces
    KPT Bryce, Bryce 2, KPT, Photoshop, Filtering, Kai's Power Tools, Eye Candy, Digital Art, Digital Art Gallery, Artist, Digital Artist, Computer Generated Art Please contact me so that I might discuss this further with you. Thanks and regards -- Sterling,VA, USA
  • Oulie, Bernard
    Print and oil paintings on canvas by Bernard Oulie, a French artist based in the US. -- http://www.bernardoulie.com,FL, USA
  • Out Of The Blue Gallery
    Out Of the Blue is an Artist run gallery in Cambridgeport, MA which helps aspiring Artists get established. Come show your work! Or come to a Gallery Opening, Poetry Reading or Party. -- Lexington,MA, USA
  • Owatonna Arts Center
    A regional Arts Center offering opportunities to expand awareness of the creative process and the visual and performing arts. -- Owatonna,MN, USA
  • Ozog, Mitchell
    Mitchell Ozog exhibits of contemporary images which explore humankind, its lifestyles, its customs and relationships, through portraiture people, landscape and documentary photography. -- Ann Arbor,MI, USA
  • P.O.S.H Photos Of Sheer Happiness
    Pregnancy photos, Hospital photos, New Born photos, Baby photos, Child photos, Family photos, Senior photos, photographer, Kasey VanderTol -- Grand Rapids,MI, USA
  • P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center
    P.S.1 is one of the largest and oldest arts organization in the United States solely devoted to contemporary art. Recognized as a defining force of the alternative space movement, P.S.1 stands out from major arts institutions ... -- New York,NY, USA
  • Pacific Art League
    The Pacific Art League is an inviting place for anyone who wants to create art. Nearly two-thirds of our members describe themselves as amateur or student artists. Members frequently comment that the Art League is more than just a ... -- Palo Alto,CA, USA
  • Pacific Northwest Native American Art
    Pacific Northwest Native American Art, is a recently established non-profit art program serving Native American fine artists and craftspeople in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and South Eastern Alaska. The program is based at Northwest Indian College, Lummi Business Center and ... -- Bellingham,WA, USA

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    Franziska Turek

    "breath of life ", Other Painting, 2010
    US$ 1200( €: 858 UK £: 755 ¥en: 110689 )
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    Click here to buy Warhol, Andy: Rolling Stones 'sticky Fingers' for $71
    Andy Warhol
    Rolling Stones 'sticky Fingers'
    Our Supplier's Price: $71.00

    Click here to buy van Gogh, Vincent: Wheat Field for $4
    Vincent van Gogh
    Wheat Field
    Our Supplier's Price: $4.00

    Click here to buy Dali, Salvador: Lo Spettro Di Vermeer for $22
    Salvador Dali
    Lo Spettro Di Vermeer
    Our Supplier's Price: $22.00

    Click here to buy Rockwell, Norman: Tatooist for $13
    Norman Rockwell
    Our Supplier's Price: $13.00

    Click here to buy Matisse, Henri: The Purple Robe for $28
    Henri Matisse
    The Purple Robe
    Our Supplier's Price: $28.00

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