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Artist: Ella Bergmann-michel (1896 - 1971)
Nationality: German
Movement: Constructivism
Media: Photography

After studying art in Weimar, Germany, Ella Bergmann-Michel set up a studio there and married artist, Robert Michel in 1919. The couple worked together and was the first to use photographs in the collage technique. Bergmann-Michel moved to a town near Frankfurt in 1920 and created mostly ink-drawings and photo-collages in the Constructivist style. She made several short documentaries in the early 1930’s. She worked on her family’s farm during the Nazi era from 1933 until 1945. She resumed her artwork not long after.

Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Ella Bergmann-Michel.

J. Paul Getty Museum -
Tree, Spring, Camera
Marguerite Thompson Zorach - Ella Madison and Dahlov c. 1919 oil on canvas Williams College Museum of Art American
Ignaz Bergmann [Priest standing in a pulpit speaking to people] 1825
Bessie Ella Hazen A Bit of Los Angeles Color woodcut 19th - 20th century
Ella Fillmore Lillie Gloucester Houses Lithograph 20th century
Ella Fillmore Lillie Spanish Moss Lithograph 20th century
Reverie, Ella E. McBride (United States, 1862 - 1965) , circa 1927, Gelatin-silver chloride print
Judging a Print, Ella E. McBride (United States, 1862 - 1965) , circa 1927, Gelatin-silver chloride print
The Magic Vase, Ella E. McBride (United States, 1862 - 1965) , circa 1927, Gelatin-silver chloride print
Dogwood, Ella E. McBride (United States, 1862 - 1965) , circa 1927, Gelatin-silver chloride print
Currier and Ives Little Ella Lithograph 19th century
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Mrs. Charles Warren-Cram (Ella Brooks Carter, 1846-1896), 1885 Giovanni Boldini (Italian, Ferrarese, 1845-1931)Oil on canvas;
Museum of Fine Arts -
Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, Spanish, 1746-1828 Ruega por ella. (She prays for her); Plate
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Bartolomé Esteban Murillo Title: Penitent Magdelene Date: about 1660 Medium: oil on canvas Dimensions:
Museum of Fine Arts -
Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, Spanish, 1746-1828 Ruega por ella. (She prays for her); Plate
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Peter Strub the Younger (Master of Messkirch) Title: The Elevation of the Magdalene Date:
Museum of Fine Arts -
Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, Spanish, 1746-1828 Con razon ó sin ella. (Rightly or Wrongly);
Peter L. Krider Company Cup with cover silver 1876
Woman’s Clip Hat, Albouy  (Maker), circa 1953, Straw, silk, nylon net
Anonymous Clock porcelain and French ormulu late 18th century
Museum of Fine Arts -
Funerary lion Statue Greek Late Classical Period, about 390 B.C. Greece, Attica Pentelic marble Height
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Portrait of a Man, ca. 1790 Barrois (about 1790)Ivory; Diameter 2 3/4 in. (67 mm)Bequest
Woman’s Hat, I. Magnin & Co. (United States, California, Los Angeles, 1893 - 1995) , circa 1950, Fur felt
Woman’s Pillbox Hat, I. Magnin & Co. (United States, California, Los Angeles, 1893 - 1995) , circa 1961, Silk velvet
Woman’s Doll Hat, I. Magnin & Co. (United States, California, Los Angeles, 1893 - 1995) , circa 1938, Silk velvet, feathers
Woman’s Pork-pie Hat, I. Magnin & Co. (United States, California, Los Angeles, 1893 - 1995) , circa 1947, Straw, silk taffeta, silk
Internationale Ausstellung für Buchgewerbe und Graphik, Moritz Jung (Poland, Mikolow, 1885 - 1915) , 1914, Printed material and two woodcuts on wove paper
Michel Georges-Michel The Opening of "La Parade' oil on board 1917
L'archange saint Michel foudroyant le démon (2e moitié 17e siècle ; 1er quart 18e siècle) by CORNEILLE Michel II
John C. Wenrich - Allee St. Michel 1919 opaque watercolor on Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester American
William Trost Richards - Mont St. Michel 1878 watercolor on paper Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester American
SCENES DE LA LEGENDE DE SAINT MICHEL (15e siècle) by anonyme
MICHEL-MARTIN DROLLING (1786-1851) (1ère moitié 19e siècle) by DROLLING Michel Martin
Théroigne de Méricourt en habit d'amazone. (titre factice) ; Garde de Louis XVI. (titre factice) ; Elèves de l'Ecole de Mars, Paris. (titre factice) ; Enfants en uniforme et vêtus à l'antique. (titre factice) (1793 entre ; 1798 et) by LESUEUR Jean-Ba
Saint Michel terrassant le démon (17e siècle) by anonyme
LE SAINT MICHEL DE L'EGLISE (1927) by anonyme (photographe)
(12934). SAINT-MICHEL ET BONNEFARE (DORDOGNE) - EGLISE SAINT-MICHEL (XIIE ET XIIIE SIECLES) (1921 entre ; 1950 et) by anonyme (photographe)
Museum of Fine Arts -
Meissen Factory, German Teabowl and saucer Germany, 1725 Hard-paste porcelain Teabowl: 4.3 cm (1 11/16
L'archange Saint Michel terrassant le démon (18e siècle) by anonyme ; GIORDANO Luca (inspiré par)
Edouard Manet - Madame Michel-Levy 1882 pastel on canvas National Gallery of Art French
Francisco JosÈ de Goya y Lucientes Ruega por ella (She Prays for Her), plate 31 from the series Los Caprichos (Caprices) Etching, burnished aquatint, drypoint, and burin 1799
L'archange Saint Michel terrassant le démon (18e siècle) by anonyme
L'archange saint Michel victorieux du Démon (17e siècle) by anonyme
L'archange saint Michel foulant aux pieds le démon et pesant une âme (2e moitié 15e siècle) by SCHONGAUER Martin (école)
Francisco JosÈ de Goya y Lucientes Con razon Û sin ella (Rightly or Wrongly), pl. 2 from the series Los desastres de la guerra (The Disasters of War) Etching, aquatint , drypoint, burin, and burnisher circa 1810 - 1820
Saint Michel terrassant le démon (4e quart 16e siècle) by anonyme
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
The Preaching of Saint John the Baptist, ca. 1510 Workshop of Francesco Granacci (Italian, Florentine,
Tête de saint Michel, d'après la figure du Grand saint Michel by LEMOYNE Jean-Baptiste Fils (attribué à) ; SANTI Raffaello (inspiré par)
L'archange Saint Michel terrassant le démon (4e quart 17e siècle) by anonyme
Moulage du Moïse de Michel-Ange (19e siècle) by COLLAS Achille ; MICHEL-ANGE (dit), BUONARROTI Michelangelo (d'après)
Bacchanale avec l'ivresse de Silène (Voir à Michel II Corneille) (4e quart 17e siècle ; 1er quart 18e siècle) by CORNEILLE Michel II (manière de)
L'archange saint Michel terrassant le démon (4e quart 17e siècle) by anonyme
Etude d'après l'antique (L'Esclave de Michel Ange, Louvre) (1er quart 20e siècle) by MATHEY Georges ; BUONARROTI Michelangelo, MICHEL-ANGE (dit, d'après)
Le Mont Saint Michel : crypte de l'Aquilon (1930 entre ; 1940 et) by JEAN-HAFFEN Yvonne
Le Mont Saint Michel : l'escalier de dentelle (1930 entre ; 1940 et) by JEAN-HAFFEN Yvonne
L'archange saint Michel, de bout, de face (4e quart 16e siècle ; 1er quart 17e siècle) by CARRACCI l'un des (attribué à)
L'archange saint Michel terrassant le démon by anonyme
Michel-Ange (Bras vêtu et pendant) (19e siècle) by INGRES Jean Auguste Dominique

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Bergmann-Michel

Kunsthaus Graz: Michel Majerus: A Monographic Exhibition
Michel Majerus primary theme included new images of electronic media and their effects on visual and popular forms of culture, extending to computer games and music. Though his pencil was replaced by the computer, his painting, mainly with brush...

art-o-nivo gallery: Transparency: A Subtle Play Between the Artists Michel Cleempoel and Vincent van Ginneke
Vincent van Ginneke He uses colourless, matt glass to accentuate the expressiveness of the work. here and there, a facet or polished end acts as a window into the piece and allow us to penetrate inside the work. (anne vanlatum) The exhibiti...

Albemarle Gallery: Elena and Michel Gran: Contemporary Masters of Trompe l'Oeil
However, unlike other skilled practitioners of the genre, who replicate onto canvas a faithful translation of their model, the Grans, in contrast, take the concept onto a completely different level - of intellectual prowess and philosophical disco...

Tampa Museum of Art: Transatlantic Dialogue: Contemporary Art In and Out of Africa
Included are the works of seven African artists: Skunder Boghossian, Sokari Douglas Camp, Rashid Diab, Amir Nour, Moyo Ogundipe, Moyo Okediji, and Outtara—and seven African American artists: Jean-Michel Basquiat, John B...

Christie's Auction House: Contemporary Art
The Contemporary Art sales continue on 17 November, with highlights from the Belilty and Sebbag Collections. Included in this session will be Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Untitled, 1982 (estimate: $80,000-120,000), one of the artist’s most important works ...

Thomas Dane: Michel Francois: Sculpture
The main gallery then becomes a laboratory to test how these models react when expanded from their domestic scale: a massive intertwined structure of a single 300 metre long tube will fill the space. Included in the exhibition is a recent fi...

ASU Art Museum, Nelson Fine Arts Center: Rhapsody: Selections from Valley Collections
Rhapsody includes works by Emma Amos, Benny Andrews, Radcliffe Bailey, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Romare Bearden, John Biggers, Elizabeth Catlett, Michael Ray Charles, Robert Colescott, Renée Cox, Charles Gaines, Sam Gilliam, Eugene Grigsby, ...

Ackland Art Museum: Transatlantic Dialogue: Contemporary Art In and Out of Africa

Joan Miro Foundation: ESPAI 13: Psychodrome - Curated by Grazia Quaroni and David Renaud
Psychodrome, the title of the cycle, refers to a circuit in a defined space – the exhibition space in which a basic module will be installed in the form of a circular structure that will change according to the needs of the different artists. It a...

Broadway Gallery: Lure: Michel Beaucage, Arvee, Destroy Be, Sandro Bisonni, Monika Iatrou, Freddy Flores Knistoff, Béatrice Englert, Ko Bhamra, and Jane McAdam Freud
Exploring the semantics of desire as fascination, attraction and repulsion, the exhibition presents a space in which to investigate the concept of “the other.” Through this semantic play, representations of “the other” are not fixed or anchored in...

Witte de With Center for Contemportary Art: Territories: Issues of Space
Participants: An Architektur, Ariella Azoulay, Amir Balaban, Sharon Balaban, Yael Bartana, Daniel Bauer, Stefano Boeri, Zvi Efrat, Nadav Harel, Nir Kafri, Joachim Koester, Milutin Labudovic, Armin Linke, Multiplicity, Sharon Rotbard, Rafi Segal, E...

Art Gallery Fold: Icelandic Art Auction
Art Gallery Fold has the largest selection of contemporary Icelandic art. We represent over 100 artists but you will also find a good variety of paintings by the Icelandic Masters. Exhibitions are held on monthly basis and art auctions every thre...

National Ornamental Metal Museum: Some Like It Hot
Large scale pieces will be represented by photographs         adjacent to the displayed smaller pieces by the following artists:     John Medwedeff
Joe Bonifas
Nol Putnam
Philip Baldwin
Japh Howard
Bernie Hosey
Scott L...

Michel Pellus: Florida Artist Michel Pellus Releases the First in a Series of New Lithographs
Artist: Michel Pellus
Title: Single Cherry
Year Created: 2009
Medium: Printmaking Lithography
Width: 17.5 inches
Height: 25 inches
Edition Size: 65
Price: US$ 650

Carrie Art Collection:
Robert Paret: Artist of the Month
Robert Paret was born in 1947 in Port-au-Prince where he studied the classics at university. In 1970 he graduated from with a degree in acrhitecture. During the paces of his profession, he has elaborated on and completed sereval projects in Haiti...

Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia University: Max Stern: The Taste of a Dealer. Works from Private Collections Acquired Through the Dominion Gallery
Max Stern was born in Germany in 1904. He obtained a doctorate from the University of Bonn in 1928 after having pursued studies in art history throughout Europe.  Stern moved to England during the Second World War and subsequently immigrated to Ca...

De Appel: That was Then This is Now
A presentation by academic Marga van Mechelen and a lecture by French curator Guillaume Désanges shed a new light on the origins of De Appel as a performance-based space set up by Wies Smals in 1975. The production ‘Show Dance’ by Swiss-Greek chor...

Louvre Musuem: Possess and Destroy. Sexual Strategies in Western Art
And yet, for a long time we have stopped seeing these images as what they are: an inexhaustible and cruel metaphor of what we call with a ...

Carrie Art Collection: Ralph Allen: Artist of the Month
Where to place Ralph Allens worksNULL Numerous currents in Haitian painting of today run from nearly perfect representation of photo-realism to the informal abstract and tachism. From instinctive naive to ...

Hauser and Wirth London: Photographs and Television Shows by Andy Warhol
The photographs reveal Warhol’s surprising eye for touching images, such as those of Jean-Michel Basquiat in the company of his mother, enchanting children, as well as key members of the Factory inner circle. A self-portrait of the artist in the a...

Saint-Gervais - Centre pour l'Image Contemporaine: Version 2004 - SIMulation City
Today, new digital technologies are scrambling the concept of distance and breaking down not only physical but also social and psychological limits. At the same time, the public and private spheres are ever more intermingled. How are contemporary ...

Galerie St. Etienne: Who’s “IN” and Who’s “OUT”: Self-Taught Artists and the Mainstream Art World
Among the artists scheduled for inclusion in the exhibition are Roger Ackling, Chelo Amezqua, Emery Blagdon, Joseph Crepin, Henry Darger, Lucky de Bellevue, Steve di Benedetto, Marcel Dzama, Öyvind Fahlstrom, Sam Gordon, Chris Hipkiss, Ray Johnson...

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: SUPERNOVA: Art of the 1990s from the Logan Collection
The exhibition takes its title from Takashi Murakami’s tour de force painting Super Nova, 1999, which depicts “the destruction of an earthly terrain by atomic weapons whose mushroom clouds are rendered in ravishingly colorful detail,” according to...

Circle Elephant: Bret Philpot: New Paintings
Philpot carries into his work a reverence for the outsider, while managing to exercise consistency and a practical philosophy. His most evident inspiration is the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat, which Philpot takes into new realms of his own making....

Kettle's Yard Gallery: FACE/OFF: a portrait of the artist
However, these are no conventional self-portraits. As the title suggests, there will be few, if any, faces in the exhibition. Rather, the works suggest alternative ways, perhaps more accurate, certainly more playful, by which an artist might po...

Joan Miro Foundation: Psychodrome.02: Michel Gouery, Franz Ackerman, Fred Tomaselli
It also refers to "psychedelia", a familiar word since the 1960s that means a disorder of consciousness through some external stimulus, in this case visual art, that in this exhibition takes the viewer on a journey through cities and galaxies.
dot galerie: Fabiana de Barros Les Nouvelles
The site-specific installation will propose a questioning on the space and on the way to perceive the work itself. It will play with reality and its illusion, through layers, cuts, flatness and matter. This installation of painted human figu...

Townhouse Gallery / Factory Space: The Maghreb Connection - Movements of Life across North Africa
The Maghreb Connection focuses on systems and modalities of migratory movements which constitute the Maghreb and Mediterranean area. From a range of aesthetic positions, the project seeks to develop discursive and visual representations of the gro...

Denise Bibro Fine Art: Gone to the Dogs
Artists include:
David Barnett
Sophie Blackall
Boyce Cummings
Peter Drake
Katherine Fraser
Eric Ginsburg
Lauren Grabelle
Catherine Hnatov
Serge Hollerbach
Brooke Jacobs
Michel Keck
Susan ...

Raw Arts Auction: Call To Self-Taught Artists: Notice to Art Galleries, Art Dealers, and Art Agents - International Raw Art Auction
This unprecedented event will bring International exposure to artists who are otherwise denied art gallery representation due to their lack of formal training, or refuse representation due to their unwillingness to conform to the mainstream art wo...

Auckland Art Gallery: Tooth and Claw: An A to Z of Animals in Art
The exhibition has sections devoted to themes of Animals in History (this includes religious and classical examples), Town and Country Animals, The Bull Ring, Call of the Wild, The Pavilion (Indian miniatures and Japanese ukiyo-e prints from...

Frick Collection: Greuze the Draftsman
the Albertina, Vienna; the Staatliche Kunsthalle, Karlsruhe; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; the National Gallery of Art, Washington; The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago; and others.  Among Greuze's many admirers was Catherine the Great, ...

Childs Gallery: Art of the Mid-Century, Modernism
The traditional forms of art, literature, and society had become outdated, and it was therefore essential to sweep them aside and reinvent culture. Machine and mass-production were the tools of the change, which facilitated the massive housing boo...

Bergen Art Museum: New York Expression: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, David Salle, George Condo, Donald Baechler
New York was still a roiling melting pot--white art school kids collided with the proto-hip hop funk generation of blacks, Latin music blared from bodegas with new rhythmic ideas tripping from the timbales; Europeans checked into town looking for ...

Phoenix Art Museum: Embracing the Present: The UBS Art Collection
This exhibition has been organized by the Portland Art Museum and is made possible by UBS. One of the foremost collections of contemporary art in the United States, The UBS Art Collection, formerly The PaineWebber Art Collection, began in 1971 wi...

Gallery 44, Centre for Contemporary Photography: Proof 11: Michel Hebert, Melanie Ibadlit, Su-Ying Lee, Nikki Middlemiss, Christine D’Onofrio, Lindsay Page, Alison Skyrme
In Michel Hébert’s series of video self-portraits What do you suggest?, rapidly moving layers of images, appropriated sounds, and film clips form a rich imaginary world of the conscious and unconscious mind.  In their accumulation, these short vid...

Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen gGmbH: 46th International Short Film Festival
With 68 films and videos from 33 countries, the INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION is the largest section. The biggest GERMAN (Short Film) COMPETITION features 28 films and videos, the International CHILDREN'S FILMS COMPETITION presents 36 films from 16...

These dialogues are as multifarious as the artists who conduct them. The approximately 120 artists in this exhibition have each found their own, highly individual ways of exploring and examining one or more culture...

Ch'i Contemporary Fine Art: Ingenious Methodology: Group Photography Show
The graphic corporeal images in Marita Contreras One Nation Under God series represent of the losses of freedom by the US government over the last few years resulting from the fear of terrorism. A native of Lima, Peru, Marita now lives and works ...

Duncan Miller Gallery: Two French Masters: Edouard Boubat and Jean-Philippe Charbonnier

Further Artwork and Information:

Ella Bergmann-Michel (Getty Museum)
Ella Bergmann-michel (1896 - 1971) Biography, Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Grove Art Online
artfacts.net: Ella Bergmann-Michel
artfacts.net: Ella Bergmann-Michel
Tree, Spring, Camera (Getty Museum)
Michel Retrospective - Page Two
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Ella BERGMANN-MICHEL Art Auction Sales and Market Information by artprice.com


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