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Artist: Skunder Boghossian (1937 - 2003)
Nationality: African
Media: Sculpture

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Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (1)
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Tampa Museum of Art: Transatlantic Dialogue: Contemporary Art In and Out of Africa
Included are the works of seven African artists: Skunder Boghossian, Sokari Douglas Camp, Rashid Diab, Amir Nour, Moyo Ogundipe, Moyo Okediji, and Outtara—and seven African American artists: Jean-Michel Basquiat, John B...

Further Artwork and Information:

Alexander Skunder Boghossian | Ethiopian Passages: Dialogues in the Diaspora
Skunder Boghossian Online
Skunder Boghossian (1937 - 2003) Biography, Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Skunder Boghossian
Skunder Boghossian
Skunder Boghossian: Artist of the Universal and the Specific
Alexander Boghossian
allAfrica.com: Ethiopia: Pioneer Artist Skunder Boghossian Dies in Washington, DC
A R T T H R O B / N E W S
inIVA: Library - Convergence: images and dialogue; conversations with Alexander Skunder Boghossian


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