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Artist: Marion Bond ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Marion Bond.

Museum of Fine Arts -
Ernest Lee Major, American, 1864-1950 Marion Pond (Mrs. Kenneth Bacon Bond) 1903 Oil on canvas
Francis Wheatley - Benjamin Bond Hopkins before 1791 oil on canvas The Fitzwilliam Museum British
Museum of Fine Arts -
Gilbert Stuart, American, 1755-1828 Nathan Bond 1815 Oil on panel 66.04 x 53.97 cm (26
Museum of Fine Arts -
Gilbert Stuart, American, 1755-1828 Mrs. Nathan Bond (Joanna Sigourney) 1815 Oil on panel 66.36 x
Untitled, Bud Bond  (Artist), 1939, Wash-off relief dye-imbibition print
Fred Richards Bond Street Etching 19th - 20th century
William Bond George Romney 18th - 19th century
Anonymous My Daddy Bought Me a Government Bond - World War I poster lithograph poster circa 1917 - 1918
William Bond John, Duke of Marlborough 18th - 19th century
William Bond Richard Wilson, painter 18th - 19th century
Marion Seawell [Cats] 1971
William Bond Mrs. Loraine Smith Color stipple engraving 18th - 19th century
Thomas Rowlandson The Bond Street Batallion Etching with watercolor 1799
Subscribe to the Eighth War Bond Drive, Maximilian Lenz (Austria (Vienna), 1860 - 1948) , 1917, Color lithograph on wove paper
Thomas Rowlandson Marriage of Doctor Dicky Bond Etching with watercolor 1820
George Washington Mark - Marion Feasting the British Officer on Sweet Potatoes 1848 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Victory and Peace Must Come from the Eighth Austrian War Bond Drive, W. Kühn (Germany)  (Artist), no date, Lithograph printed in black, rust and mustard on wove paper mounted on linen
Thomas Rowlandson The Bond Street Servant's Registry watercolor 18th - 19th century
Thomas Rowlandson A Bill of Fare for Bond Street Epicures !!! Etching with watercolor 1808
George Cuitt Wanderings and Pencillings amongst the Ruins of the Olden Time (London: Nattali and Bond, 1855) book with etchings 1855
Jakob Steinhardt Portrait of Marion Anderson Woodcut 1959
Anonymous Untitled pastel circa 1760 - 1770
Thomas Rowlandson A Bill Of Fare For Bond Street Epicures Etching with watercolor 18th - 19th century
Charles Marion Russell Will Rogers on Horseback bronze 19th - 20th century
Marion Davies, James Manatt  (Artist), circa 1930, Gelatin-silver print
Marion Greenwood The Window Lithograph 20th century
Marion Greenwood New Year's Eve Lithograph 20th century
Ruth Marion Baruch Portrait with Monkey Gelatin silver print 1967
George Cuitt The Cloisters, Fountains Abbey, plate 8, at p. 6, in the book, Wanderings and Pencillings amongst the Ruins of the Olden Time (London: Nattali and Bond, 1855) etching 1855
Untitled, Marion Patterson  (Artist), no date, Chromogenic development (Ektacolor) print
This is the way to peace--the enemy wants it this way! So subscribe to the war bond drive!, Lucian (called Emil Kahn) Bernhard (Germany, Stuttgart, 1883 - 1972) , 1906, Lithograph printed in orange and black on wove paper
Joseph Sattler "Der Letzte Sprung des Todes - (Ein Meteor) - Le Dernier bond de la Mort (un MÈtÈore )," plate 10, in the book Ein Moderner Todtentanz (Berlin: J. A. Stargardt, 1894) Photogravure (color) on cream paper ca. 1894
Marion Greenwood Mexican Harvest Lithograph 20th century
Marion Greenwood Mississippi Girl Lithograph 20th century
Douglas Volk - The Artist's Daughter (Marion Douglas Volk Bridge, 1888-1973) 1914 oil on canvas Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester American
Anonymous La Colombe Qui Fait Boum color lithograph poster circa 1950
In the Shadow of the Capitol, Marion Palfi (Hungary, 1917 - 1978) , 1979, Gelatin-silver print
Eighth War Bond Drive. The greater the result, the sooner an acceptable peace will come!, Lucian (called Emil Kahn) Bernhard (Germany, Stuttgart, 1883 - 1972) , no date, Lithograph printed in black and orange on wove paper
Simon Marion (2e moitié 19e siècle) by COUGNY Philippe Louis Edmond
Marion Davies, Ruth Harriet Louise (1906 - 1944) , circa 1928, Gelatin-silver print
Book, ’The Law of Love’ by William Marion Reedy, Roycroft Press (1895 - 1938) , 1905, Paper and leather
William Bond "How I Love to Laugh_Never Was a Weeper", title page vignette in the book The Pleasures of Human Life by Hilari Benevolus & Co. (London: Longman, Hurst, Rees & Orme 1807) etching with hand coloring 1807
Marion Post Wolcott, Jesse Alexander (United States, born 1929) , 1975, Gelatin-silver print
Museum of Fine Arts -
Frank Duveneck, American, 1848-1919 Head of a Child about 1890 Oil on canvas mounted on
William Bond "Alas, OH! OH! OH!, The Miseries of Human Life turned Topsy-Turvy, frontispiece in the book The Pleasures of Human Life by Hilari Benevolus & Co. (London: Longman, Hurst, Rees & Orme 1807) etching with hand coloring 1807
Il faut attraper la balle au bond (titre inscrit) (1896 entre ; 1906 et) by VIEILLEMARD & ses Fils (éditeur)
Marion Greenwood - The Well 1941 oil on canvas Cleveland Museum of Art American
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Marion Lenbach, the Artist"s Daughter, 1900 Franz von Lenbach (German, 1836-1904)Oil on canvas; 58 7/8
’Biscuit Lady’, Marion Post Wolcott (United States, 1910 - 1990) , 1939, printed later, Gelatin-silver print
Marion Jones, Raleigh, North Carolina, 2001, Rick Chapman (United States, born 1966) , 2002, Gelatin-silver print
Marion Jones Legs, Raleigh, North Carolina, 2001, Rick Chapman (United States, born 1966) , 2002, Gelatin-silver print
ThÈophile Alexandre Steinlen Marion... From 66 sheets containing illustrations from the Paris Daily ("Gil Blas", 1894.) Lithographs, mostly 2-color 19th - 20th century
At the Paint-Wharf, Benjamin Chambers Brown (United States, Arkansas, Marion, 1865 - 1942)  (Artist), 1919, Color soft-ground etching
Chat mort, étendu sur le fanc droit, disposé dans l'attitude du bond (1ère moitié 15e siècle) by PISANELLO Antonio
Chat mort, disposé dans l'attitude du bond ; traces d'un motif gothique (1ère moitié 15e siècle) by PISANELLO Antonio
Buckle, Jessie Marion King (Scotland, Kilpatrick, 1875-3-20 - 1949-8-13) , 1913, Silver and enamel
Buckle, Jessie Marion King (Scotland, Kilpatrick, 1875-3-20 - 1949-8-13) , 1913, Silver and enamel
Marion Perkins - Man of Sorrows 1950 marble The Art Institute of Chicago American
Marion Merz - Untitled 1989 monitor lizard and n Des Moines Art Center Italian
A Member of the Wilkins Family Making Biscuits on Corn Husking Day, Tallyho, North Carolina, Marion Post Wolcott (United States, 1910 - 1990) , 1939, printed later, Gelatin-silver print

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Bond

Palette Gallery: Bryce Brown: A Newborn Captures the Heart
Capturing this relationship on canvas seemed a natural step as the majority of his work to date has featured figures. The Bay of Plenty artist has chosen a classical Greek-Italian style of line and colour for many of the paintings featured i...

Muckenthaler Cultural Center Foundation: The Artful DogTM
This unmatched tribute to the pooch is comprised of a vast array of works including ancient Asian and renaissance antiquities; paintings and prints; bronze and marble sculpture; decorative arts in china and porcelain; commercial and folk art; h...

Rossi and Rossi: Mongolia: Images from the Steppes
The immense spaces of the Mongol steppes are transformed through the artists lens. Against the background of a static landscape, clouds, horses, motorbikes and people create a visual dialogue that connects man to his inner world, to history and ...

SODA Gallery: Trisha Lambi: Lighting the Body
SODA Gallery Director and Curator says the sharpness, technical proficiency and the intense light cast on the subject of the image truly captivates me in Trishas new work. The headless subjects create a mystery within the canvas leaving inte...

Waterside Art Workers Ceramic Studio: Studio Space Available for Ceramic Artists
Space size: 4 metres x 5 metres approximately
small electric kiln. Fires to stoneware temperature. large electric kiln. Fires to earthenware temperatures.
3-phase power capable of connecting mor...

Circle Elephant Art: Ken Bracken: The Debris Paintings
The palette retains the specific qualities of the light found in Southern California that are the trademark of Brackens art, yet now the additional presence of texture and metallic pigment establishes a bond with the source of all the materia...

Escape Bar and Art: Holding Things Together: Borbonesa, Gemma Bruce, James Fergusson, Gary Foster, Alexe Dillworth
As we live our lives, each and every one of us accumulate a hoard of memories, both pleasant and otherwise. This vast store of recollections takes shape as our lives progress, and becomes a likeness of the way in which we live. Although highly ...

SODA Gallery: Atmosphere: Mark Rhodes
Rhodes continues "The primary motivation behind my landscape painting is to establish a bond between audiences and the environment. The exhibition seeks to achieve this through the exploration of the potentially profound impact that a landscape or...

Tate Gallery: TRACE The International Exhibition of the Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Art
Trace at Tate Gallery Liverpool includes sculptural installations, photographs, paintings and video works. Photographers Vik Muniz and Miguel Rio Branco explore Brazilian city...

King County Washington Public Art Program: Call for Artists: Harborview Medical Center Ninth Avenue Streetscape
As part of the current Bond Program the campus is undergoing extensive seismic upgrades and construction over the next two to six years. Two new buildings will be constructed and significant improvements will be made to the campus streetscape and...

Architecture Foundation: Integrity: Building with Honesty
It will explore the concept of Anti-Facadism, a campaign against the retention of facades alone, in historic areas, which obscure new building schemes and which has been actively pursued for three years by Lord Rogers, Sir Richard MacCormac and...

Centre for Contemporary Photography: Art+Film: Australian Artists Responds to the Cinematic Experience

Art+Film features a range of emerging and established Australian artists, whose work responds to the cinematic experience, either through direct appropriation, stylistic reference or in-depth analysis of filmic materiality - its particular blend o...
Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Gorman House: Finola Jones: Artficially Reconstructed Habitats
It anthropomorphically looks at animal behaviour in unwilling confinement and human behaviour in willing confinement. The works are edited into the greater structure of mini-epics, or decontextualised fragments from within a greater narrative. The...

Delaware Art Museum: Marisol
In the 1950s, Marisol developed a technique for combining painting, drawing, stenciling, casting and carving with ready-made objects. Her enigmatic assemblages combine an appealing mixture of illusion and reality, crudeness and sophistication. Althou...

Gold Coast City Art Gallery: A Portrait of the Gold Coast: The Art of Betty Quelhurst
The time spent in Paris left a lasting impression on Quelhurst. Her genre scenes of people enjoying leisure time by the beach or in parks are filled with the air of Parisian street life. Her art is also a wonderful document of the Gold Coast when ...

Alberto Peolo: One-man Show by Danish Artist Thorsten Kirchhoff
The film Blow Up provided the impetus for three reproductions of shots that the main character took of a couple in a park, unaware that they were being photographed and three photogrammes which perfectly illustrate his unsuccessful sentimental rel...

Transition: Post Marks: Arabella Lee and Melanie Rose
The images depicted in the drawings are drawn from the multitude of diverse influences that confront contemporary artists everyday. Some are bizarre, some mundane, some personal and many are direct art references, contextualising the work of artis...

Denise Bibro Fine Art: Gone to the Dogs
Artists include:
David Barnett
Sophie Blackall
Boyce Cummings
Peter Drake
Katherine Fraser
Eric Ginsburg
Lauren Grabelle
Catherine Hnatov
Serge Hollerbach
Brooke Jacobs
Michel Keck
Susan ...

Centre for Contemporary Photography: 2004 Nikon Summer Salon: Open Entry Photomedia Exhibition
Celebrating the latest developments in photomedia practice, the Salon is an annual national event, now in its twelfth year. An open-entry exhibition and competition, the Salon is supported by leaders in the photographic industry and over $5500 wor...

Center of Contemporary Art: 'The Middle Way: Christchurch Meets Bangkok, Bangkok Meets Christchurch
'The Middle Way' in Thai Buddhist terms means: "Travelling the middle way, refuting the extremes and having tolerance for others" and for New Zealand/European artists this could mean, finding 'a type of middle ground'. The Thai artists invol...

Haunch of Venison: Bill Viola: LOVE/ DEATH -The Tristan Project
LOVE/DEATH: The Tristan Project is a museum-scale exhibition showing across two venues and will present over ten new works. Like Violas previous works, they range from room-sized video projections of image and sound to small, silent flat panel sc...

A Gathering of the Tribes Gallery: Chris Twomey: OMNI SERIES, Art and Genetics in a Digital Age
"OMNI SERIES" refers to "Omphalus," another word for navel and in Greek mythology, a totem regarded as the center of the earth. "The umbilical cord, once the core of our existence/nourishment and our most profound human bond," says Twomey. ...

Institute for Modern Art: domestica
Artists Lise MacDermott, Annie Hogan and Jill Giles are presenting their individual works using domesticity as a central theme. Lise MacDermott is a painter, profiling her latest series of icons of Queensland architecture. Her 'handyman' approa...

Teylers Museum: ARTISTS IN THE ZOO: Drawings, paintings, sculptures of animals in Artis
Artis was founded in 1838, and ranks after those in London and Dublin as the third oldest zoo in Europe. From the very beginning, the Amsterdam zoological garden was an enormous stimulus for artists. Lured by a hitherto unparalleled variety of exo...

Art Center Berlin: Lowanna Emergence by Wayne Quilliam
Quilliam analyses and deciphers images of the nude female form and landscapes to engage the viewer. By deconstructing the myth of vulnerability and nudity, Quilliams opulent abstractions seduces the subconscious to ponder the hidden. The artist co...

Tjanabi Restaurant: Lowanna: Work by Wayne Quilliam and Sasha Sarago
It was inevitable that Wayne and Sasha would combine to create what is being touted as a world first when they explore the mystical world of Aboriginal culture and its association with land and nature in a style that celebrates the beauty of thei...

Institute of Modern Art: 3 EXHIBITIONS......1 LOCATION
Since 1991, Indigenous artists Brenda L. Croft and Destiny Deacon have exhibited their work alongside one another in various exhibitions, strengthening a friendship which stems from early days in indigenous affairs, government and community or...

Whangarei Art Museum: Capital! Locating Tradition: Placing Ourselves - Art from the Victoria University of Wellington Collection
WAM director Scott Pothan approached the Adam Art Gallery with the idea of touring key works from the collection, dispersed throughout the campus to a first-time gathering outside Wellington. Detail: Richard Killeen Welcome to the South Pacific 1...

Centre for Contemporary Photography: Call for Artists: 2005 Kodak Autumn Salon
Digital Photo Printer & Ektatherm Glossy Paper 50 pack $1,040
BEST PORTRAIT - Manfrotto tripod 190CL with a 141 RC Head $600
BEST STILL-LIFE X Manfrotto tripod 190CL wit...

Centre for Contemporary Photography: 2003 Nikon Summer Salon
Featuring up to 200 artists, the Summer Salon is one of the largest open-entry photomedia exhibitions in Australia. The white walls of the gallery burst into colour during this event offering audiences the chance to view an outstanding, diverse ra...

Museum Gilardi, Forte Dei Marmi: Varda Carmeli: Homage to Rosalda
The intensity of her experiences created a synthesis which led to internal observation and process of creation. The spectrum and choice of Varda's colors is influenced by the materials and the ways they change over time: erosion, rust, etc. The...

Plug In: Plug In Sells Out - Invest Online in Cultural Commodities
Whats on the auction block-
Bid on artworks by the following acclaimed artists: Stephen Andrews
Ivan Eyre
Lorri Millan
Dick Averns
Ken Gregory
George Bures Miller
Kathryn Bemrose
Al Hansen

First Street Gallery: EUTERPE'S DISCIPLES - Classical, Latin, and Jazz Musicians by Suzi Evalenko
As a portrait painter, Evalenko's paintings explore her subjects' interior lives as well as their physical selves, mining the vein of individual experiences and emotional forces. For the past five years, her work has focused on intimate relationsh...

Skirball Cultural Center: A Sweet Year: A Taste of the Jewish Holidays Works by Mark Podwal
At the Skirball, the exhibition will feature twenty of the original paintings that comprised the show at the Israel Museum and the book. In addition, ten works on paper created especially for the Skirball will be premiered. Throughout the fancif...

Kontainer Gallery: Peter Lamb and The Art of Dickies and Pollocks
Lamb talks about his method as a trawl through personal history and memory, seeing what the day's catch might yield. It also throws up bits of art history. You couldn't call these quotations, more found images: the odds and ends, the broken ...

Gallery BC: True Blue Macquarie Stock: An Exciting Art Exhibition of the Heart
The official opening of this exhibition will have special significance to the Macquarie electorate with the commissioned painting of Mr Henry Edwin [Ed] Smith being present for its first and only public exhibition. Ed was a direct descendant of Ja...

Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy: 9th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh 1999
However, the picture cannot be entirely bleak because there are some clean, well-lighted areas in our civilization. One such area belongs to art and literature, music and dance, and all the other creative endeavours of human beings, which we colle...

Bow Arts Trust and Nunnery Gallery: The Stars Down to Earth: Selected by Andrew Hunt
Around half of the artists present work in the form of installation, mixed media, sculpture or video. These include Giles Corbys Floor piece Underworld, Brignell and Raimes DVD footage of inner and outer space, Maslen and Mehras lightbox showin...

SITE Santa Fe: Jos Antonio Hernndez-Diez
The emergence of this generation of artists occurred in the late 1980s, at nearly the same time that Venezuelans began a public process of searching for the solution to the economic and social crisis in their country. Hernndez-Diezs work is as e...

Zoneattive and Baume and Mercier: Call for Aritsts: FotoGrafia-Baume and Mercier International Award
The FotoGrafia-Baume & Mercier International Award, which will become a permanent event within the Festival, is addressed with no exclusions at all professional photographers (with no restrictions linked to age or geographical origin) who may part...

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