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Artist: Jan Bruegel The Younger ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Jan Bruegel the Younger.

Aegidius or Gilles Sadeler Portrait of Pieter Bruegel the Younger , (after Bartholomeus Sprangler) engraving 16th - 17th century
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Peasants Dancing and Feasting, ca. 1660 David Teniers the Younger (Flemish, 1610-1690)Oil on canvas; 25
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
The Harvesters, 1565 Pieter Bruegel the Elder (Netherlandish, active by 1551, died 1569)Oil on wood;
Road to Golgotha, Jan Brueghel the Elder (attributed to) (Flanders, Bruegel, 1568 - 1625)  (Artist), circa 1600, Oil on panel
John Faber the Younger Portrait of Enoch Seeman(Enoch Seemann) the Younger, after his self-portrait Mezzotint 1727
John Faber the Younger Portrait of Enoch Seeman (Enoch Seemann) the Younger, after his self-portrait Mezzotint 1727
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
A Mountainous Landscape with a Waterfall, probably ca. 1600 Kerstiaen de Keuninck (Flemish, born about
Pieter Brueghel the Elder Prudence engraving 1558
Pieter Brueghel the Elder The Last Judgment engraving 1558
Faucheur, vu par derrière (2e quart 19e siècle ; 3e quart 19e siècle) by MILLET Jean François
Pieter Brueghel the Elder Fortitude engraving 1558
Pieter Brueghel the Elder Luxuria (Lust) engraving 1558
Pieter Brueghel the Elder Two Fools of the Carnival engraving 1642
Faucheur vu de dos et croquis pour la même figure (2e moitié 16e siècle) by MILLET Jean François ; BRUEGHEL Pieter I (inspiré par)
Pieter Brueghel the Elder River Landscape with the Fall of Icarus 16th century
Jean Pierre Dantan, The Younger Self-Portrait of Dantan, The Younger Lithograph 19th century
Pieter Brueghel the Elder Prospectus Tyburtinus engraving 16th century
Sturtevant J. Hamblin - The Younger Generation c. 1850 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Pieter Brueghel the Elder The Beekeepers Pen and brown ink on laid paper 1567
Pieter Brueghel the Elder A Man-of-War near the Coast, with the Fall of Icarus engraving 16th century
Pieter Brueghel the Elder Pagus Nemorosus (Village in the Woods) engraving 16th century
Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Three Soldiers 1568 oil on panel The Frick Collection Flemish
Pieter Brueghel the Elder The Pilgrimage of the Epileptics to the Church at Molenbeeck: Three groups of Epileptics going to the left engraving 1642
Porte d'une ville (1625 en) by BRUEGHEL Pieter II
Franz van Mieris the younger Three sheep lying down Etching 17th - 18th century
Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Wedding Dance c. 1566 oil on panel The Detroit Institute of Art Flemish
Franz van Mieris the younger The Card Player Etching-Mezzotint-Aquatint used in various combinations 1821
Pieter Bruegel - The Adoration of the Kings 1564 oil on oak The National Gallery, London Flemish
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Portrait of a Man Workshop of Hans Holbein the Younger (British, dated 1535)Oil on wood;
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Edward VI (1537-1553), When Duke of Cornwall Workshop of Hans Holbein the Younger (British, after
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Portrait of a Young Woman Style of Hans Holbein the Younger (British, second half 16th
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
A Woodland Road with Travelers, 1607 Jan Brueghel the Elder (Flemish, 1568-1625)Oil on wood; 18
Peintre à son chevalet (1671) by BRUEGHEL Pieter I (d'après)
Museum of Fine Arts -
Pieter Bruegel, the Elder, Dutch, about 1525-1569 Rabbit Hunt (La chasse au Lapin Sauvage) probably
Franz van Mieris the younger The Muse, statue in background holding a lyra Etching 17th - 18th century
Tête d'un vieil homme ; Etude de tête, l'envie (ancien titre) (16e siècle) by BRUEGHEL Pieter le Jeune (attribué)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
A Basket of Flowers Jan Brueghel the Younger (Flemish, 1601-1678)Oil on wood; 18 1/2 x
Pieter Brueghel the Elder "Concert de chats. D'aprËs le tableau de P. Breughel," pg. 183, in the book Les Chats (Cats) by Champfleury (Paris: J. Rothschild, 1870). etching (reproduction) 1870
Hans Kels the Younger Medallion boxwood 1510 - 1565
Jean Michel Moreau the Younger Les petits parains (The little godfathers) Engraving 18th - 19th century
Museum of Fine Arts -
Jacob Savery, Dutch, about 1565-701602-03 Formerly attributed to Pieter Bruegel, the Elder, Dutch, about 1525-1569
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Portrait of a Man, Said to Be Arnold Franz Imitator of Hans Holbein the Younger
Sebastien Le Clerc (the Younger) I - L'Ambition 1713
J. Paul Getty Museum -
Landscape with Ceres (Allegory of Earth)
William Holl (the Younger) Raimondi engraving 19th century
William Holl (the Younger) Colbert engraving 19th century
William Holl (the Younger) A. Parc engraving 19th century
William Holl (the Younger) Loyola engraving 19th century
William Holl (the Younger) Descartes engraving 19th century
William Holl (the Younger) W.H. Wollaston engraving 19th century
Janus Lutma the Younger Self-portrait etching and/or engraving 1681
Frans Pourbus the Younger Portrait of a Lady oil on panel 1591
William Holl (the Younger) J.M.W. Turner 19th century
Lucas Vorsterman the Younger The Miser 17th century
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Unidentified Scene Attributed to Jrg Breu the Younger (German, active after 1530, died 1547)Distemper on
Hans Kels the Younger Medallion boxwood 1510 - 1565
David Teniers the Younger Armorial Tapestry circa 1690
David Teniers the Younger Men Gambling (Un Jeu de Morra) oil 17th century
David Teniers the Younger Young man with fur cap ET 17th century
David Teniers the Younger [One of] Three Pilgrims ET 17th century

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
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Metropolitan Museum of Art: Pieter Bruegel the Elder: Drawings and Prints
Culled from European and North American public and private collections, this exhibition presents the largest number of Bruegel's drawings ever assembled and re...

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen: Pieter Bruegel the Elder: Master Draughtsman and Humanist
Drawings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder were last seen in public at an exhibition in Berlin in 1975. Since then, scholarly research has considerably added to our knowledge of Bruegel's prints and drawings. One of the consequences of this research...

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art: The Printed World of Bruegel the Elder
Bruegel's gift for observation combined with his abundant imagination are reflected in prints based on his celebrated Alpine landscapes, as well as his seascapes, depictions of peasants, allegories, satires, and relevant interpretations of the...

Oakville Galleries: Kim Adams: Bruegel-Bosch Bus
Bruegel-Bosch Bus is created from a Volkswagon van that has been cut to expose territories of leisure and industry - each encroaching on the other. Embracing a ...

Van Gogh Museum: Theo van Gogh
The Van Gogh Museum first opened its doors in 1973. The building, designed by Dutch architect Gerrit Rietveld, houses the worlds largest collection of works by Vincent van Gogh: some 200 paintings, 500 drawings ...

University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong: New Phase 2004: The Hong Kong Visual Arts Society 31st Annual Exhibition
Through the work of its individual members in public and community art projects, the VAS is influential in increasing appreciation of the arts in Hong Kong. Many of the artists also nurture the creative potential of the artists of the future th...

J. Paul Getty Center: German and Swiss Drawings from the Permanent Collection
The exhibition will explore the range of German and Swiss draftsmanship of the 16th and 17th centuries through figure and compositional studies, designs for prints and decorative objects, and port...

Catto Contemporary: Simon Marriott: Something Old, Something New
Like his contemporary Dickens, Daumier had a gift of expressing character through the grotesque, whereby the personality is communicated by physiognomy and the essence of satire lies in the power to interpret mental folly in terms of physical absu...

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: New Work: Painting Today, Recent Acquisitions

Oakville Galleries: Susanna Heller: City Watch
I never learned so much about blue until after 9/11. It was so hard to work on capturing the perfect deep blue sky from the fall of 2001... Youre painting the oppressiveness... Youre painting deep space. -- Susanna Heller In 1998, New Yo...

Cafe Gallery Project: Johannes Phokela Re-Working Iconic Images
Phokela links these re-interpretations of Dutch Golden Age painting with the development of the Enlightenment movement, and with the colonisation of the African continent. Whilst Phokela's work weaves a personal history into the canon of Dutch ...

24 HR Art - Northern Territory Centre for Contemporary Art: Dirula: Larrakia Artists
Works on show will range from paintings by the most senior Dariba (lawman) and artist Mitbul - Prince Of Wales, through to other works on canvas and three dimensional pieces by younger Larrakia artists such as Duwun, Gullawan. Topsy Secretary and ...

Belgian Monarchy: Gysemberg Pleases Belgian Queen with a Portrait
One of those paintings is the blue painting of the Queen of Belgium today, her Royal Highness Queen Paola. The portrait reflects a younger woman, when she had been still a princess. The paint of this extraordinary portrait itself has a superior ro...

Museum Alfons Blomme: Shine : Svein Koningen and Jan Duytschaever
Artist: Svein Koningen
Title: Marilyn 1
Year Created: 2009
Medium: Painting Acrylic
Width: 47.3 inches
Height: 47.3 inches
Depth: 2 inches
Price: US$ 6,200

Sheffield Galleries and Museum Trust, Millenium Galleries:
Surveying of the Career of Francis Bacon
The exhibition features the Tate's collection of Bacon paintings and drawings and is complemented by selected works from other ...

National Gallery: TELL ME A PICTURE: An exhibition selected by Quentin Blake
Mysterious, exciting, touching and sometimes disturbing, they are all distinguished by their pictorial inventiveness. Quentin Blake, who is widely known for his illustrations to the books of Roald Dahl, has won an international reputation for ...

Krller-Mller Museum: IKIRO / Be Alive: Contemporary Art from Japan 1980 to the present
Why stage such a wide-ranging show of modern and contemporary art from Japan in a Dutch museum like the Krller-MllerNULL The main reason is that contemporary Japanese art has never been presented on this...

J. Paul Getty Center: PAINTING ON LIGHT: Drawings And Stained Glass In The Age Of Drer And Holbein
This installation explores the creative relationship between artists and their work by uniting preparatory designs with the breathtaking windows that resulted from them. This is a unique opportunity to view the milestones of German and Swiss stain...

National Gallery of Art: A Century of Drawing: Works on Paper from Degas to LeWitt
Examples by great old masters who created some of their most powerful work after the turn of the century--Edgar Degas, Auguste Rodin, and Winslow Homer--are shown side by side with works by the younger generation of artists, such as Pablo Picasso,...

Museum of Fine Art, Houston: Rembrandt to Gainsborough: Masterpieces from England's Dulwich Picture Gallery
Described as Londons most perfect gallery, Dulwich Picture Gallery houses a renowned collection of European painting from ...

Horse Hospital: Unquiet Voices: English and American Visionary Art 1903 - 2003
Obsessively out of time, each artist inhabits a sole focus within the subterfuge of their own dialogue - Vonn Stropp sees pre-raphaelite psychedelia; each world we're privileged to partake of is one we may know - the Freudian nightmares of Laurie ...

De Appel: Dark Mirrors from Japan
The impetus for the exhibition was the celebration of 400 years of relations between the Netherlands and Japan. Yukinori Yanagi and Yoshiko Shimada, both born in 1959, are quite different from the artists of the younger generation. ...

Brooklyn Museum of Art: Committed to the Image: Contemporary Black Photographers
All of the artists in this exhibition were selected by a committee of four people, Anthony Barboza, founder of International Black Photographers; Beauford Smith, one of the founders of the Black Photographers Annual and Candid...

Art Gallery of Hamilton: Humanity Refigured: Henry Moore and Postwar British Sculpture
Dubbed Britain's New Iron Age, the group - which included Kenneth Armitage, Lynn Chadwick, Reg Butler, Bernard Meadows and Eduardo Paolozzi - created expressions of anxiety and disquietude that stood in stark ...

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts: City of Perth PhotoMedia Award
Exhibiting artists include Danica Chappell, Anthony Curtis, Simon Cuthbert, Christian de Vietri, Allison Gibbs, Michael Gray, Siri Hayes, Martin James Hurley, Derek Kreckler, Belinda Mason Lovering, Kate McMillan, Graham Miller, Tony Nathan, Conor...

ART2002 London Art Fair: The 14th London Contemporary Art Fair Opens Today
ART2002, The 14th London Contemporary Art Fair, will run at the Business Design Centre from Wednesday 16 January to Sunday 20 January 2002. There will be a Charity Private View Evening on Tuesday 15 January to raise funds for the Whitecha...

South Presentation Convent: Two-Part Commission Presentation Sisters and the Presentation Windows
Tacita Dean spent a period of time with the sisters during the summer of 2005 and was struck in particular by the communal rituals of eating and praying that highlight their day with a genuine camaraderie. She was particularly drawn to the conti...

City Gallery Wellington: Michael Hirschfeld Gallery Honours Staunch Friend of the Arts
Its appropriate to name this space after Michael because of his passion for the arts, and his support of new talent, says Wellington Museums Trust chair, Sue Driver. The new gallery recognises his extraordinary contribution to the arts in ...

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: Monet, Renoir, and the Impressionist Landscape
The exhibition opens with an early landscape by Claude Monet, Rue de la Bavolle, Honfleur, placed within the context of the Realist landscape style ...

Photomedia Center: Call for Artists : 2009 Open Juried Exhibition
Artists may submit up to 10 pieces for consideration. Entries must be postmarked by June 13, 2009. For submission guidelines,
Art Gallery of New South Wales:
Picasso: The Last Decade
"Picasso was the towering, relentless, rapacious and protean genius of the twentieth century. He remained at the very epicentre of artistic pace throughout the century and even the anxieties of encroaching old age failed to dim his assertive crea...

Cafe Gallery Project: The London Group: Works on Paper
The results are plain to see in the gallery. Each exhibited work has a quality, integrity and inner consistency which has been uncompromised by any extraneous requirements of a theme or commissioning brief. Individual pieces are given plenty of sp...

Catto Contemporary: HONEY, I shrunk the Turner Prize: the Little Turner Prize
Catto Contemporary is proud to confirm a major solo Christmas exhibition of The Little Artists in November 2003 until Christmas Eve. Included in the show will be a brand new piece (which is larger than previous work), presenting a gallery scene fe...

Chinese Arts Centre: Far Away, So Close: Paintings by Guo Wei & He Duoling
Reflecting on his training in drawing Guo Weis work, with its focus on aspects of everyday life, pays close attention to movement and posture. In his latest series he once again takes teenagers as the subject, capturing what he calls their restl...

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art: ALMOST WARM AND FUZZY: Childhood and Contemporary Art
The exhibition features several kinetic and interactive pieces. Among the many captivating installation works are: Sandy Skoglunds Shimmering Madness, a d...

Camden Arts Centre: Roman Signer
Simple objects like balloons, buckets, a canoe, a bicycle, a rifle, water, explosives, are exposed to processes of movement or material transformation (melting, firing, catapulting, sinking, floating). All available expertise, inventiveness and ex...

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation: Call for Artists: International Bauhaus Award
CATEGORIES: 1. Architecture and Urban Design. 2. Art and Design. 3. Scientific and theoretical work. PROJEKTS: realisations, designs, plans, publications, performances, essays, researches, studies, concepts etc. PRIZES: 1st prize 300...

Neuberger Museum of Art: Placing Avery
Milton Avery had a strong, Connecticut Yankee work ethic. He painted for 50 years, some times spending all day for weeks at a time at his easel, and sometimes creating as many as five or six paintings or studies in one day. Hes been quoted as...

Kettle's Yard Gallery, University of Cambridge: Attila Csorgo: Platonic Love
All is not as it would seem. In various works two glasses appear to contain slanting water, two screws rotate to form the image of a glass, and two perforated discs rotate to create a triangle or circle. A tetrahedron, a cube and an octahedr...

Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania: Against Design
This exhibition is made possible by an Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award. The Exhibition Award program was founded in 1998 to honor Emily Hall ...

Further Artwork and Information:

Jan Bruegel the Younger Online
Jan Brueghel the Younger - Olgas Gallery
Jan Brueghel the Younger Jan Bruegel the Younger and Peter Paul Rubens. Christ in the House of Martha and Mary.
Peter Paul Rubens Jan Bruegel the Younger and Peter Paul Rubens Christ in the House of Martha and Mary
Pieter Bruegel the Younger Online
Jan Bruegel the Younger and Peter Paul Rubens. Christ in the House of Martha and Mary. - Olgas Gallery
Babel bruegel jan
jan brueghel
Jan Bruegel the Elder
Jan Bruegel - encyclopedia article about Jan Bruegel. Free access, no registration needed. What does Jan Bruegel ...


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