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Artist: Harry Bush ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Harry Bush.

Harry Bush Interior with Tulips colored pencils circa 1925
Carroll Cloar - Group of People Seen through a Red Bush 1988 ink and pencil on pa Arkansas Arts Center American
Norton Bush Campfire Scene oil on canvas 1885
Norton Bush Finney Peak, Catskill Mountains oil on canvas 1872
Museum of Fine Arts -
© Estate of Jack Bush ; Jack Bush, Canadian, 1909-1977 Striped Column 1964 Oil (blue
Museum of Fine Arts -
© Estate of Jack Bush ; Jack Bush, Canadian, 1909-1977 Diamond Totem 1974 Polyvinyl acetate
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Landscape with Moses and the Burning Bush, 1610-16 Domenichino (Domenico Zampieri) (Italian, Bolognese, 1581-1641)Oil on
Pair of Man’s Oxford Shoes, Nunn Bush , circa 1972, Leather, vinyl
The Burning Bush, Janet Sobel (United States, 1894 - 1968)  (Artist), 1944, Oil on canvas
Pair of Man’s Oxford Shoes, Nunn Bush , circa 1973, Leather, wood
S.L. Bush buy to-day - World War I poster lithograph poster circa 1917 - 1918
Tiger Doll, Kyusen (Rakushiken) (Japan, died N/A)  (Artist), late 19th century, Tea-bush wood
Julius John Pommer Bush and Scott Streets, San Francisco Etching 19th - 20th century
Reginald Edgar James Bush Edinborough Castle Etching 19th - 20th century
Untitled, Andrew Bush (United States, born 1956) , 1993, Chromogenic development (Ektacolor) print
Untitled, Andrew Bush (United States, born 1956) , 1993, Chromogenic development (Ektacolor) print
Anonymous The Oriental, Corner of Battery and Bush Streets, San Francisco wood engraving 19th century
Untitled (Burning Bush), Hannah Borger Overbeck (1870 - 1931) , circa 1915, Watercolor and ink on paper
Three Rabbits amidst Bush Clover, Utagawa Toyohiro (Japan, 1773 - 1828) , circa 1794, Color woodblock print
Untitled, Andrew Bush (United States, born 1956) , 1994, Chromogenic development (Ektacolor) print in wooden printing frame
Bror Julius Olsson Nordfeldt Buvette de Pont Neuf (The Bush, Junifer), Canada DP 1913
Creosote Bush, Todd Walker (United States, 1917 - 1998) , 1980, printed 1980s, Offset lithographic print
Untitled, Andrew Bush (United States, born 1956) , 1994, Chromogenic development (Ektacolor) print in wooden printing frame
Museum of Fine Arts -
Claude Monet, French, 1840-1926 Old Fort at Antibes (I) 1888 Oil on canvas 66 x
Roger Weil San Francisco Rock Poster: Family Dog Productions, "Alligator Bush," YOungbloods; It's A Beautiful Day; Avalon Ballroom, 8/29-31/68 lithograph 1968
Untitled, Andrew Bush (United States, born 1956) , 1993, 2 chromogenic development (Ektacolor) prints in double-sided wooden printing frame
Untitled, Andrew Bush (United States, born 1956) , 1994, Chromogenic development (Ektacolor) print in wood and metal graflex plate holder
Ling Yun-Han (Wu-Yun) Bird on Rose Bush, No.5 from the Volume on Birds - from: The Treatise on Calligraphy and Painting of the Ten Bamboo Studio woodcut 17th century
Ling Yun-Han (Wu-Yun) Bird on Flowering Bush, Head Twisted, No.19 from the Volume on Birds - from: The Treatise on Calligraphy and Painting of the Ten Bamboo Studio woodcut 17th century
Jack Hamilton Bush - Jay Totem 1974 acrylic on canvas Hirshhorn Museum Canadian
Jack Hamilton Bush - Concerto 1975 acrylic on canvas Hirshhorn Museum Canadian
Jack Hamilton Bush - Arabesque 1975 acrylic on canvas Hirshhorn Museum Canadian
Harry Nadler Harry Nadler ...Davison Art Center/ Wesleyan University/ Middletown/ Conn. Feb. 12-Mar. 7, 1971 color screenprint poster 1971
Giovanni Lanfranco (Giovanni di Stefano) God Appearing to Moses in a Burning Bush, from the series of etchings Biblical Scenes, after the frescoes by Raphael in the Vatican Loggia Etching 1607
Man Driving Southwest at Approximately 72 MPH on Arizona Interstate #40 on an Afternoon of the July 4th Weekend of 1989 (Possible Air Conditioner Malfunction), Andrew Bush (United States, born 1956) , 1989, printed 1991, Chromogenic development print
Calligraphy Box and Letter Box with Bush Clover and Pampas Grass Design, Kamisaka Yukichi (Japan, 1886 - 1938)  (Artist), circa 1910, Lacquer with sprinkled gold and silver (maki-e), mother-of-pearl inlay, silver
Calligraphy Box and Letter Box with Bush Clover and Pampas Grass Design, Kamisaka Yukichi (Japan, 1886 - 1938)  (Artist), circa 1910, Lacquer with sprinkled gold and silver (maki-e), mother-of-pearl inlay, silver
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: artist unknown Title: Mallanggan Mortuary Column Date: 19th century Medium: wood, shell, vegetable fiber,
Nicolas Africano Pectoral ornament Wood, boar tusk, fiber, lime, with bush string bag behind 19th–early 20th century
Mary Ann (Toots) Zynsky Miniature mask Pearl, Nassa, Conus, and cowrie shell, dog teeth, woven bush string, wickerwork chain, wood, bindings 20th century
Harry Fritzius Suffer the Little Children... oil, collage, varnish 1987
Harry Roseland Striking the Balance oil on canvas circa 1901
Museum of Fine Arts -
© 1971 Harry Roseman ; Harry Roseman, American, Born in 1945 At the End of
Museum of Fine Arts -
© 1971 Harry Roseman ; Harry Roseman, American, Born in 1945 Back of Cornell 1971
Coverlet, Harry Tyler  (Maker), 1839, Wool and linen doublecloth
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Admiral Harry Paulet (1720-1794), Sixth Duke of Bolton Francis Cotes (British, 1726-1770)Oil on canvas; 50
Harry A. Schary Barn Drypoint 19th - 20th century
Harry A. Schary Wanderer Drypoint 19th - 20th century
Harry A. Schary Noah's Ark Drypoint 19th - 20th century
Harry A. Schary In Old Mexico Drypoint 19th - 20th century
Harry A. Schary Industry Drypoint 19th - 20th century
Harry A. Schary The Peak Drypoint 19th - 20th century
Harry A. Schary Old Farmhouse Drypoint 19th - 20th century
Harry Sternberg Construction Etching and aquatint 1932
Harry A. Schary In the Canyon Drypoint 19th - 20th century
Harry A. Schary Canyon Drypoint 19th - 20th century
Harry A. Schary Abandoned Drypoint 19th - 20th century
Harry A. Schary On the Coast Drypoint 19th - 20th century
Harry Otis Kennedy Old Mother Hubbard color lithograph 1902
Nicolas Africano Magic bundle Bush string bag with seed tassels and bone and nut decorations, containing polychrome bark magic boards and fetish objects 20th century

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Bush

Sculpture Square Limited : Bush Profiles: A Solo Show by Julia Roberts
Roberts moved to Singapore in 1998. In February 2000, she participated in ‘An Affair to Remember’, a group show celebrating the work of thirteen of Australia’s finest young contemporary artists, which was held at the Australian High Co...

Australian Center for Photography: speed: a live satellite installation by Miriam Lloyd
Her exhibitions include Modern Medicine, curated by Damien Hirst and Charles Saatchi. Please note that the satellite link will only be open from Friday 14 March until Sunday 16 March 11am – 6pm. The live satellite link for speed takes place...

Te Manawa Art Gallery: Lorraine Webb: Face Value
The portraits gaze at you. You are drawn to them, and, just when you start to come to grips with the facial features depicted, maybe even sensing someone looking with you, you turn and find one portrait on the opposite wall of the gallery. Georg...

Los Angeles Rectangle Gallery: Paul Tzanetopoulos: Which Green is Our Bush
Tzanetopoulos is a conceptually-based inter-media pioneer who, in 1974, presented a video installation projection and computer-run-inter-media work in Los Angeles at the Ruth Schaffner Gallery. His large-scale inter-active work continues to utili...

Paul Rodgers/9W Gallery: Site Inscription: David Bush, Tim Davis, Ahndraya Parlato, Paul Salveson, Stephen Sollins
Osborne further remarks, "how the traveler's look is also a form of writing, an inscribing of the self on the world, the utterance of a desire to absorb it by visual possession and at the same time to saturate it with consciousness and fill the on...

Canberra Contemporary Art Space: Running Wild: Danielle Thomas and Lorraine Webb
Webbs paintings show the wild animals of the bush, waterholes and tracks. Thomas chooses the traditional animals of her country as themes for her work.

These two young artists were both winners of 5th Indigenous Heritage Art Award....
31 Grand: Fierce by Karen Heagle
>31GRAND was founded in 1999 by Megan Bush and Heather Stephens The gallery exhibits group shows and solo shows featuring a diverse selection of local, national and international contemporary artists. IMAGE:
Karen Heagle
The Great...

Gadfly Gallery: Gerhardt Thompson: The Sun-Drenched Nude (Photography) for FOTOFREO 2008
Thompson comments, "I almost exclusively shoot outdoors. While I have done some studio work, I find very little to challenge me when I can control every aspect of the light and mood. I also find it difficult to create something truly unique in a s...

Brian Gross Fine Art: Robert Arneson: Political Drawings
Arneson addressed the threat of global annihilation and the destructiveness of war, and often caricatured world leaders to highlight their shortcomings.  In the masterful drawings, Club Social, Field Trip, and Special Forces, Arneson depicts night...

Agora Gallery: Abstract Perspectives: Featuring Paintings by Adrien Asselin
Asselin considers himself a simple seismograph, a witness to contemporary events, an interpreter of a life underlying life, where art is defined with each moment, each of which breathes into him a new inspiration. Adrien Asselin has shown in...

City Gallery Wellington, 360-Michael Hirschfeld Gallery: Outdoor People: The Paintings and Prints of Juliet Peter
Now in her 80s, Juliet Peter has long been a fixture in the Wellington art scene. She and her artist husband Roy Cowan were central figures in the 1950s and 60s, inspiring many artists to do what was then considered nearly impossible – to make the...

Frye Art Museum: Rie Muñoz: One Hundred Original Watercolors
Born in Los Angeles, Muñoz began painting scenes of Alaskan native life in the 1950s when she first arrived in Juneau. During a varied career, Muñoz created murals for the University of Alaska and the Alaska State Library, wrote and illu...

Corcoran Gallery of Art: The Eyes of History: The US' Most Distinguished Photojournalists
The photographs were selected from the White House News Photographers' Association annual contest, Eyes of History, which names a photographer of the year and recognizes the work of leading still and video photojou...

Agora Gallery: Collective Exhibition: Contemporary Art at its Best
From November 14 through December 5, 2006, Collective Exhibition: Contemporary Art at its Best features the idiosyncratic art of artists Paul Gu, Helen Lee, Roni Pinto, Miklos Sipos, Mia Gjerdrum Helgesen, Steven Dickey, Michael Misha Kennedy, Pau...

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art: Dreamtime: Works from the Ebes Collection
All stories in the Aboriginals’ images take place in the mythological Dreamtime during which, according to Aboriginal belief, the world was created: This was when the spirits of the ancestors awoke. They founded the law regulating conduct between ...

Monash University Museum of Art: People, Places + Ideas: Celebrating Four Decades of the Monash University Collection
Monash University began collecting art when it was founded in 1961. The Collection, which has always had a strong focus on contemporary art, has expanded over four decades to comprise over 1,200 works by more than 330 of Australia's most renow...

Davis Museum and Cultural Center: Surrounding Interiors: Views Inside the Car
This exhibition features 24 works by 17 contemporary artists in photography, video, sculpture, painting and multi-media who explore the mutable nature of the car interior. Works by artists Andrew Bush, Nan Goldin and Alex Harris (photography);...

The tour led by a Musee du Quebec guide is accompanied by educational material such as stone carving tools including sledges, bush hammers, pitching chisels, rasps. A marble plate, worked to produce certain ...

Polvo Art Studio: Terrorist Art: Protesting War
Propelled by the tensions, anxieties and complexities of war, their collaborative effort will critique and promote awareness of the casualties of war and the benefits of peace. From comical manipulations of homeland security to acute examinations...

gallery twenty-four: Insanity Reigns : Laurel Lueders
Immediate reference to warfare in Afganistan and Iraq notwithstanding, Lueders' overall exhibition reflects world history in general and its tragic universality, making Berlin the perfect backdrop for this impressive and powerful exhibition. The ...

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts: Mark Lombardi: Global Networks
A former librarian, Lombardi culled information from published sources, but made a point of stating that his study did not stem from primary research. Part of the 14,500 index cards upon which he recorded and noted this information will also be on...

24 HR Art - Northern Territory Centre for Contemporary Art: Weathers of the Mind: An Installation by Judy Holding
Judy Holding has been visiting the Northern Territory for almost twenty five years and has spent concentrated periods here on artists camps working in the bush in Kakadu. She has made life long connections with Traditional Owners in the area as we...

Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary: Samuel J. Formica: A New Piece of American History
Recently the painting was honored by the Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary commission and placed in the official Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary exhibit catalogue 'In Search of a Better World" (Yale University Press). The exhibition will travel from P...

South Australian Museum: Culture Shock: Works by Lawry Love
Officially opening the exhibition was George Tongerie, AM, JP, Aboriginal Ombudsman, who was the first child to be put into the Colbrook Home in Oodnadatta. Culture Shock at the South Australian Museum comprises of 18 art works by artist ...

Centro Foscolo: Jerry Ross: A Solo Exhibition
The 'motivazione' for the jury giving Ross the prize was "un naturalismo di matrice novecentesca ed un cromatismo tonale di forte effetto plastico costruiscono un'atmosfera compostamente poetica" ("a sort of naturalism founded upon a twentieth cen...

Mixed Greens Gallery: Rob Conger: Indices
Faced with this array, the viewer is compelled to categorize each subject in light of the show's theme: in other words, to decide where on the abstract, personal index of Good and Evil each subject ultimately belongs. " Look at money: Cash. Inves...

Gold Coast City Art Gallery: SEBASTIAN: Contemporary Realist Painting
The exhibition addresses the lack of contemporary Australian painting shows, by featuring the work of a small selection of practising artists, including Queensland artists alongside interstate colleagues, and will offer emerging artists a chance ...

City Gallery: BILL HAMMOND 23 Big Pictures
Hammond's work tackles social and environmental issues, conveying messages about humanity and its status as an endangered species. He first attracted a...

Toowoomba Regional Gallery: Two Cultures, One Soul: Work by John Weeronga Bartoo
For this exhibition John has brought together 40 paintings that tell stories of his interpretations of the Dreamtime stories, stories of his life and that of his family. John's art is normally to be found on the international stage in Italy,...

Art Gallery of New South Wales: Frank Hodgkinson: European Sketchbook Drawings
This focus exhibition presents sketchbooks and sketchbook drawings made by Frank Hodgkinson between the years 1945 and 1948, when he was in his twenties. Included are three bound sketchbooks as well as a number of loose sketchbook drawings made by...

Red Gate Gallery: Drawing Dust - Altitude: Works by Catherine Woo, Damian Smith, Jayne Dyer, Karen Casey, Martin King, Tony Scott
Evocative of stillness, a slowing down of time, of neglect and decay dust settles, drifts, gathers and protects. Seeking solitude and contemplation, artists have long sought the remoteness of the bush and the desert, their voice and vision trav...

Art Gallery of New South Wales: On the Beach: With Brett Whiteley and Fellow Australian Artists
Whiteley’s unique rendering of his own experiences of the beach provides the focus for the exhibition, and is an ideal context in which to explore the reactions of other notable Australian artists to this aspect of national culture. The images te...

Cecilie D. Keenan Gallery, Bailiwick Repertory: Deva Suckerman: Selected Works
Deva Suckerman is fascinated with the opportunities and challenges involved in creating from found materials. Using wood that is raw, weathered, or flawed in some way, and then transforming these qualities through the female image, is a major focu...

Kunsthaus Bregenz: Jenny Holzer: Truth Before Power
Almost all texts used by Holzer are US government documents – primarily official communications, reports, and letters made available to the public under the landmark legislation, the “Freedom of Information Act.”  Many texts were originally “class...

Cairns Regional Gallery: Earth Dust: Lisa Michl
A close affiliation with her elders and traditional homelands is the inspiration for Lisa’s large paintings. The works are beautifully coloured in earth tones and with a delicate touch Lisa tells the Kokoberrin creation stories, passed to her by t...

LUXE Gallery: Experimental Party DisInformation Center, a state-of-the-art media installation
"We welcome all Convention delegates with open hearts and open minds to inform, transform, and redirect their way of thinking," said Deputy Secretary Jeff Gates. "We are thrilled to bring truth, justice, and the American Way to the Republican Par...

Kettle's Yard Gallery, University of Cambridge: EXODUS: between promise and fulfilment
Photographs from the Ordnance Survey of the Peninsula of Sinai 1869 by Sgt. James McDonald (1822-1885) David Austen
Vija Celmins
Ian Davenport
Helmut Federle
Callum Innes
John McCracken
John Zurier Sgt.McDo...

World Paintings Gallery:  Arndt Tomas: Yes, we can
The artist comments about his work: "Yes, we can!" was this guiding principle with which Barack Obama won over the world during his run for the Presidency. Especially the American youth is hoping for liberation from the rigorous politics of George...

NSA Gallery: Travelling Light: A photographic exhibition and book launch by Paul Weinberg
In his introduction, Weinberg reflects on his photographic journey: "When I began taking photographs it was in the context of a land divided. I now live in a country ostensibly united. Politically at least, we have come a full circle. These photog...

LFL Gallery (Lawrence/Feuer/LaMontagne): Land of Many Uses: Jules de Balincourt
In the sculpture "Global Warming Souvenir", the artist recreates in miniature his old Los Angeles neighborhood, Malibu Lake inside of a large wooden tub. The house- covered valley is bisected by a small stream, but as time passes (approximately 40...

Further Artwork and Information:

Harry Bush
Herald.com | 06/28/2003 | Harry Bush, 85, labor union organizer
Irregular Harry: Bushs agenda
UrbanDictionary.com/Harry Bush
Blog of Death: Harry Bush
General Surgery - Dr. Harry L. Bush Jr MD, Check Surgeon Credentials
Irregular Harry: Bush and the budget
Harrys Place: Bush disappoints me
Remarks by Mrs. Bush at Harry Potter Screening
Harry Browne: libertarian politics, articles, books, & speeches, and investments


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