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Artist: Chuck Cave ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Chuck Cave.

Chuck Cave Nada Mas Lithograph 1974
Chuck Cave Death in the Family Lithograph 1974
P. La Cave or Le Cave Two donkeys, one standing, the other lying down Etching 1800
P. La Cave or Le Cave One ram and two goats, in background buildings Etching 1800
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Edmond Cavé (1794-1852), 1844 Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (French, 1780-1867)Oil on canvas; 16 x 12 7/8 in.
Cave de la maison Cate, Senlis (20e siècle) by HALLO Charles, ALO (dit)
John K. Hillers - Canyon del Muerte, from Mummy Cave 1879 albumen print Spencer Museum of Art American
Arthur Putnam Cave Man bronze 1910
Robert Rauschenberg - Malaysian Flower Cave/ ROCI MALAYSIA 1990 acrylic and fabric o National Gallery of Art American
Cave : dernier coup d'Âœil (1964) by DUPETIT Henri-Georges
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Madame Edmond Cavé (Marie-Élisabeth Blavot, born 1810), ca. 1831-34 Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (French, 1780-1867)Oil on canvas;
BOURGOGNE - CHATEAU DE CORTON-ANDRE - P.-A. ANDRE, PROPRIETAIRE, ALOXE-CORTON (1903 entre ; 1920 et) by anonyme (photographe)
Francois Bonvin Sortie de cave Etching 19th century
Arbre à La Cave au brigand, près de Bourron, en forêt de Fontainebleau (1842 en) by ALIGNY Théodore Caruelle d'
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
David at the Cave of Adullam Giovanni Maldura (Italian, Roman, active by 1810, died 1849)Oil
Entrée d'une cave creusée dans le sol entourée d'arbres (1er quart 19e siècle) by MICHALLON Achille Etna
Charles I. Grignion Edward Cave 18th - 19th century
Portable Cave, John Butke (United States, born 1942) , 1967, Lithograph
Henry Wolf Entrance to the Cave Wood Engraving 19th - 20th century
PLAN DE LA CAVE PERCEE (1806 entre ; 1846 et) by ARNAUD Anne François
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
The Mouth of a Cave, 1784 Hubert Robert (French, 1733-1808)Oil on canvas; 68 3/4 x
William R. A. Daniell In Fingals Cave Staffa 18th - 19th century
The Cave, Pierre Etienne Théodore Rousseau (France, 1812 - 1867) , 1828-1830, Oil on paper mounted on canvas
William R. A. Daniell Entrance to Fingals Cave... Color Aquatint 1816
William R. A. Daniell The Cormorants Cave Stasfa Color Aquatint 1819
Carel Collaert Bear speared by five men in front of cave with three more bears Engraving 17th century
Willem Isaaksz Swanenburg St. Gerome and Lion in a cave engraving 16th - 17th century
William R. A. Daniell Exterior of Finga's Cave Stasfa Color Aquatint 1819
William R. A. Daniell Clam-shell Cave, Stafsa. Color Aquatint 1818
David Teniers the Younger Hermit in cave surrounded by creatures with animal heads, snakes, fishes, etc. ET 17th century
Takagi Toranosuke Tadakatsu Slaying a Demon in a Cave, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (Japan, 1839 - 1892) , 4/1867, Color woodblock print
William R. A. Daniell Stasfa near Fingals Cave Color Aquatint 18th - 19th century
Nitta Shiro Tadatsune Entering a Cave with a Torch, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (Japan, 1839 - 1892) , 1886, 1st month, Color woodblock print
Francois Morellon La Cave Portrait of Dimitry Konstantinovitch Cantemir, Prince of Moldavia 18th century
Cave/Tony Smith with Container Corporation of America, William Richard Crutchfield (United States, Indiana, Indianapolis, born 1932) , 1971, Black ink on paper
7 CHANTELLE LE ROC DE LA CAVE (1909 expédié en) by ROUHER (éditeur, buraliste)
Scène de cave (1925 entre ; 1935 et) by VIGOUREUX Pierre (sculpteur)
Entrance to the Cave at Enoshima Island in Sagami Province, Number 15, Utagawa Hiroshige (Japan, Edo, 1797 - 1858) , eighth month, 1853, Color woodblock print
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Landscape with a Cave Théodore Caruelle d"Aligny (French, 1798-1871)Oil on canvas; 24 1/2 x 18
Greg Irons Bill Graham Presents (193) Chuck Berry; Aum, Fillmore West, 9/25-28/69 lithograph 1969
Luca Bertelli St. Jerome in a Cave Engraving 16th century
Intérieur d'une cave (4e quart 18e siècle ; 1ère moitié 19e siècle) by GERARD François Baron
La cave de Rouvrat (1961) by DUPETIT Henri-Georges (dessinateur)
Jim Blashfield Bill Graham Presents (78) Count Basie; Chuck Berry, Fillmore Auditorium, 8/15-21/67 lithograph 1967
Lee Conklin Bill Graham Presents (135) Chuck Berry; Steve Miller Band, Fillmore West, 9/5-7/68 lithograph 1968
Wes Wilson Bill Graham Presents (55) Chuck Berry; Grateful Dead, Winterland, 3/17-18/67, Fillmore Auditorium lithograph 1967
Polichinelle dans une cave, assis près d'un tonneau (18e siècle) by MARCHIONNI Carlo
J. Paul Getty Museum -
Maquette for April
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Theodosius Arrives at Ephesus (Scene from the Legend of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus), 1200-1205
Bonnie MacLean Bill Graham Presents (99) "Six Days of Sound" Doors; Chuck Berry, Winterland, 12/26-31/67 lithograph 1967
Coastal Cave; ’Haunting at Pirate’s Cove’ episode; the ’Nancy Drew’ series. Stage #29, Robert Cumming (United States, Massachusetts, Worchester, born 1943-10-07) , 1977, Gelatin-silver print
Chuck Arnoldi #1 (scraper), Robert Weingarten (United States, New York, born 1941) , 2004, Color pigment (Epson) print
Chuck Close - Roy II 1994 oil on canvas Hirshhorn Museum American
Wang An-chieh Plum Blossom anf Rocky Cave- from: The Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting, Volume II (on Orchids, Bamboo, Plums and Chrysanthemums) color woodcut 18th century
Large Phil Fingerprint / Random, Chuck Close (United States, Washington, born 1940)  (Artist), 1979, Stamp pad ink on canvasbacked paper
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Chuck Close Title: Frank Date: 1969 Medium: acrylic on canvas Dimensions: H.108 x W.84
Museum of Fine Arts -
Albrecht Dürer, German, 1471-1528 Saint Jerome in a Cave 1512 Woodcut Block: 16.4 x 11.7
Museum of Fine Arts -
Votive double ax Arms and Armor Early Aegean, Minoan Bronze Age, Late Minoan I A

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (39)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Cave

CAVE: Total Eclipse 2005: Paintings and Installation by Naoki Iwakawa
I do not view this as a loss.  Rather, I think it provides us with a chance to reevaluate our relationship with both the spiritual and material worlds. In my art, I attempt to express a more primal state in which we once lived and in whic...

Tate Liverpool: Mark Wallinger: Credo
Wallinger came to prominence in Britain in the 1980s and has since earned an international reputation. He was nominated for the 1995 Turner Prize and recently completed a new piece of work, Ecce Homo, for Trafalgar Square, ...

Courthouse Galleries: Cross-Currents:Maria Barbosa, Nick Cave, Rieneke Leenders, Linda Gissen and Richard Ward.
The mixed-media installations by Maria Barbosa, a native of Brazil, address the issues of cross-cultural perceptions and language barriers. In her artwork, Barbosa addresses the survival of the native cultures living in the Brazilian Rainforest...

Simon Leigh is the first photographer to be given full access to document the Meltdown festival which is now in its eighth year and has grown to become the South Bank's highest-profile and biggest-selling festival. Every year Melt...

Kunstverein Langenhagen: The Sky's The Limit: Fiona Banner, Daniela Brahm, Tobias & Raphael Danke, David Hatcher, Andrew McLeod, Peter Robinson, Yvonne Todd
Yvonne Todd's photograph "Quaalude Eyes" offers an acute image of communication and research - a telescope listening into outer space waiting for a signal to decode. Peter Robinson's body of work "Divine Comedy", presented at the New Zealand Pavil...

Hoxton Distillery: Terry's Studio: John Hanson and Richard Paul
The residual glamour of the 24-hour studio, with its black coffee, black walls and gaffer tape chaos, is teased out and pitched against the perfect world of product images. The photographs of office supplies and their suggestion of 9-5 ...

South Australian Museum: Australia's Richest Natural History Art Prize
Judges Russell Starkey and David Dridan had to sort through an overwhelming 440 entries (photos) which were of an extremely high standard and well represented across the three categories of the exhibition:
A. Oil, Acrylic or mix
B. Wat...

Art Murmur: animal-esque: Interconnections Between Man and Beast
For Animal-esque, these provocative artists blend their diverse styles into an intriguing display of painting, sculpture, origami and performance. Bleicher’s interest in primal emotional states complements both Holyoak’s ecological aversion to an...

Victoria and Albert Museum: V&A Illustration Awards 2004
This year's judging panel was artist Gavin Turk, writer and broadcaster Joan Bakewell, illustrator and RCA senior tutor Andrzej Klimowski and V&A Director Mark Jones. The Illustration Awards were established in 1972. Previous award winners incl...

Art Gallery of Bishop's University: Fabienne Lasserre: The Cave
The imposing atmosphere, which contributes greatly to the magic in this work, is created by the accumulation of the stacks of televisions placed throughout the space of the gallery, which is no longer shared only by the spectator. The electric dro...

New Editions Gallery: Julie Schumer and James George Koskinas
Julie Schumer will be showing new abstract paintings. Schumer’s works have been described as bold and edgy, dynamic, integrating form, line and color. While Schumer works from the classic expressionist tradition, she says, “I don’t start with an...

Cheryl Pelavin Fine Arts: Valentina DuBasky: Mongolian Horses and Siberian Tigers - New Paintings on Paper and Canvas
She has written about these new pieces; "Ancient Mongolians worshiped "the clear blue sky," and in Mongolian and Chinese myth, horses appear as symbols of power, elegance and action. My paintings are inspired by field drawings made of Mongolian h...

Bert Green Fine Art: Visions of Heaven and Hell (and Then Some)
Barker has revealed startling metaphors for our inner dreams and fears; as in Plato's Cave, we fear that which we are not accustomed to experiencing. Fear gives way to erotic fantasy as unusual creatures open doors to our education in a new world...

Menil Collection: Victor Brauner: Surrealist Hieroglyphs
The exhibition brings together over 65 prime examples of Brauner’s work drawn from the core ...

Townhouse Gallery / Factory Space: Palimpsest: Photography by Nermine Hammam
The laying on of hands and the creation of a mark that will speak to its maker are older than either Islam or Christianity, however: echoes and harbingers of these rituals may be found in aboriginal explanations of how the universe came into exist...

Tullie House Museum and Art Services: Eyemusic, the Creators of ColourDome: Fabulous Sound Machines
All of the individual sound sculptures are framed in a world of colour created by artist Peter Jones and composers Lawrence Casserley and Simon Desorgher. Other contributors include Johannes Bergmark, Hugh Davies, Max Eastley, Dan Knight and Will ...

Ohio Art League: The View From Dione: A Collaboration with the Perkins Observatory
From the Chauvet Cave Paintings of 30,000 years ago to the prehistoric zodiac created in the Nasca Lines in Peru, science and art have been forever linked by those who seek to discover. Throughout the recorded history of man, art has been used to ...

Broadway Gallery: Winard Staring: Abstraction In The Elements - On A Water Note
"They walk the invisible line between abstraction and figuration and, given the unpredictable qualities of his subject, he managed to have it both ways... The artist’s works move from tormented reds to chilling Saharan yellows, and through a hu...

National Gallery of Victoria: The World's Greatest Treasures: The Dead Sea Scrolls
Highlights include one of the oldest surviving portions of the Hebrew Bible - a text from the Book of Exodus dating from around 100 BCE, a large and beautifully preserved section of the Psalms with the Holy Name ...

McKinney Avenue Contemporary: Georgeanne Deen: 1992-2002
The result is a peep show into a fierce and fragile comedy of the human psyche that many of us would be loathe to lay open. Past series from which she will be showing key works are The Mother Load, The Vogue Book of the Dead, Un Fuc Me (and l...

Beahan and McPhee share a unique eye for the paradoxes inherent in the social landscape. In Italy, a hillside of prehistoric cave dwellings is being converted to modern apartments; in Hawaii, a garden of mangos and oranges are protected against i...

Grounds for Sculpture: The Sculptors Guild: A Group Exhibition
Sculptures by the following contemporary artists are on view: David Boyajian, Leonard Cave, Ann Chahbandour, Joan Danziger, David E. Davis, Fritz Dietel, Jo o Duarte, Nick Edmonds, Lin Emery, Joseph Fucigna, Don Gale, Irene Gennaro, Lucy Hodgso...

Grounds for Sculpture: Last Chance! The Sculptors Guild: A Group Exhibition

Sculptures by the following contemporary artists are on view: David Boyajian, Leonard Cave, Ann Chahbandour, Joan Danziger, David E. Davis, Fritz Dietel, Jo o Duarte, Nick Edmonds, Lin Emery, Joseph Fucigna, Don Gale, Irene Gennaro, Lucy Hod...
g-module: Michael Rodriguez: Recent Paintings
Michael Rodriguez’s acrylic paintings of the late 1990s were a complex and excessive mixture of seductive orbs, ritualistically painted amidst digital like fissures, colorfield patches of negative space and constructions of lines. The paintings, r...

Cleveland Museum of Art: Jean Dubuffet Lithographs
Dubuffet had made lithographs since 1944, but from 1958 to 1962 he immersed himself in the medium, producing a monumental series of 324 prints, The Phenomena (Les Phénomènes). He planned to systematically study the fascinating effe...

Sculpture Garden Park: nternational Sculpture Symposium - An Giang Hallmark II
An Giang province covers an area of 3,424 km2 with a population of 2,083,571 people. An Giang is situated in the southwestern Vietnam, bordering Cambodia, upstream of the Mekong Delta river with fertile rice paddies in the Tu Giac Long Xuyen regi...

CEART - State Center for the Arts: Ars Latina 07 Features Works by 90 Artists
Although it is almost impossible to make any mentions without committing flagrant injustices, we can emphasize the force and dimensions of the sculpture “Monte”, made by Argentinean artist Raúl Fernández Olivi using as main material a died tree of...

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: Brassai: The Photographer of the Night
After Brassaï died in 1984 his widow, Mme Gilberte Brassaï, presented several hundred of her husband’s original photos, drawings, sculptures, articles and texts to the Centre Georges Pompidou on permanent loan, and it is from this material that ...

Bendixen Contemporary Art: What Goes Around Comes Around: Cecilia Westerberg
The film is seen as if one was lying on the ground, looking up into the sky, and as the film brings the viewer through the day, the cheery sound of signing birds turns to a silent forest night.  As the darkness grows, the abstract yet natural soun...

University of Toronto, Innis College: The 4th Annual Subtle Technologies Conference for Video Screening and Exhibition Exploring the Space Between Science and Art
Some of the many other topics that will be explored during each 50 minute presentation include: artificial intelligence, topology (a field of mathematics), genetic algorithms for creating music, consciousness, interactivity, ancient cave inscri...

Erna Hecey Gallery: Seamlessly Lost : Bingyi
With every character portrayed, the painting gently unveils one "person" universe that is melancholic and idiosyncratic. Over 300 historical figures, strange creatures, deities and animals are buried in the "largescape", making references to cla...

Irish Museum of Modern Art: Francesco Clemente: New Works
Francesco Clemente first came to international attention as part of the Italian Transavanguardia group in the late 1970s and early ‘80s, a period which saw a renewed interest in painting internationally, evident in the success of artists such as J...

Irish Museum of Modern Art: Dorothy Cross: Sculpture, Installation, Performance, Photography and Film
In his foreword to the catalogue IMMA Director, Enrique Juncosa, the curator of the exhibition, describes Cross’s art as “a poetic amalgamation of found and constructed objects; sometimes humorous, sometimes disturbing, always intellectually stimu...

While traditional masks and sculpture have been studied and collected for centuries, since the 1930's world-class works of contemporary fine art ...

Ketterer Kunst: Old and New Masters to be Represented in the 256th Auction
Karl Spitzweg's Vision, the highlight among the New Masters, is estimated at DM 120,000 – 130,000. The Munich painter depicts the impressive moment of the apparition of an angel with an effective lighting. A hermit in his lonesome forest cave is a...

Ars Electronica 2001: TAKEOVER - Who's Doing the Art of Tomorrow
The theoretical encounter with the Festival theme will be presented in a new format this year: A symposium, conferences, panels on virtual reality and the Prix Ars Electronica Forum make up a full calendar of events, an overarching theory-netwo...

Fundament Foundation: Lustwarande 08 - Wanderland
Twenty-seven artists from thirteen countries are taking part in Lustwarande 08 - Wanderland. Most of the artists have created new work for the exhibition. Many of them have never previously exhibited work in the Netherlands.

David Altmejd (C...
Cafe Gallery Project: Reap: 19 artists, 30 installations, 365 days
Mark Anderson, Anne Bean, Lucy Baldwyn, David Chapman, Marcus Coates, Rachel Cohen, Holly Darton, Gail Dickerson, Graham Fagen, Brian Gilson, Illur Malus Islandus, Meg Mosley, Miyako Narita, Lucille Power, Emily Richardson, Harald Smykla, Eden Sol...

ATHICA, Athens Institute for Contemporary Art: Animal Instincts: Allegory and Anthropomorphism
Kenny Aguar (Athens, GA), Matt Blanks (Athens, GA), Jill Carnes (Athens, GA); Andrew Cayce (Athens, GA); Louise Zjawin Francke (Efland, NC); Joe Havasy (Athens, GA); Ellen Jantzen (Valencia, CA); Heidi Jensen (Jackso...

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