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Artist: Marc Chagall (1887 - 1985)
Nationality: Russian
Movement: Surrealism
Media: Painting

Orthodox Jew, Marc Chagall studied in St. Petersburg and Paris before returning to his birthplace in Vitebsk, Russia at the beginning of World War I. He then joined the Knave of Diamond group, and joined their artistic confrontation of classicism in Moscow. Chagall was appointed Director of the Vitebsk Art School and also designed sets for the Jewish Theatre in Moscow. In 1992, Chagall moved to Paris and then immigrated to the United States at the beginning of World War II. There he continued his work in theatre, designing sets and costumes, as well as illustrating books and creating stained glass windows for public buildings such as the UN Building in New York, and the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.

Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
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Marc Chagall Homage to Marc Chagall (New York: Tudor, [1969?]) book with color lithograph 1969
Marc Chagall untitled plate at p. 15 in the book Homage to Marc Chagall (New York: Tudor, [1969?]) color lithograph 1969
Hermann Struck Portrait of Marc Chagall Etching 1920
Marc Chagall Prints from the Mourlot Press ( exhibition catalogue 1964-1965) with cover by Marc Chagall book with color lithograph cover on Arches paper 1964
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Marc Chagall Title: The Poet with the Birds Date: 1911 Medium: oil on canvas
Marc Chagall Chagall Monumental (Paris: SociÈtÈ internationale d*Art XXe SiËcleä, 1973) book with color lithograph 1973
Abraham and the Three Angels, Marc Chagall (Russia, Vitebsk, 1887 - 1985) , 1931-1956, Etching
The Gamblers, Marc Chagall (Russia, Vitebsk, 1887 - 1985) , 1919, Watercolor, tempera, and graphite on paper
Elijah Touched by an Angel, Marc Chagall (Russia, Vitebsk, 1887 - 1985) , 1931-1956, Etching
Jacob Wrestling with the Angel, Marc Chagall (Russia, Vitebsk, 1887 - 1985) , 1931-1956, Etching
Joshua Before the Angel with the Sword, Marc Chagall (Russia, Vitebsk, 1887 - 1985) , 1931-1956, Etching
Painter at His Easel, Marc Chagall (Russia, Vitebsk, 1887 - 1985) , 1931-1956, Watercolor and crayon
Violinist on a Bench, Marc Chagall (Russia, Vitebsk, 1887 - 1985) , 1920 (based on a 1914 original), Oil on canvas
Flowers and Angels, Marc Chagall (Russia, Vitebsk, 1887 - 1985) , circa 1930-1935, Pastel and gouache
Marc Chagall untitled plate in the front of the book Chagall Monumental (Paris: SociÈtÈ internationale d*Art XXe SiËcleä, 1973) color lithograph 1973
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Marc Chagall Title: La Place de la Concord Date: 1960 Medium: color lithograph Dimensions:
Marc Chagall, Hermann Struck (Germany, Berlin, 1876 - 1944) , circa 1923, Drypoint on laid paper
Marc Chagall, Yousuf Karsh (Armenia, 1908 - 2002) , 1965, printed 1983, published 1983, Gelatin-silver print
Marc Chagall Ein alter Jude (An old Jew) Drypoint 1923
Marc Chagall Seiltanzerik mit Viola Etching 1944
Marc Chagall The Rabbi Drypoint 1922
Marc Chagall Moses Color lithograph 1956
Marc Chagall Geburt (Birth) Drypoint 1923
Marc Chagall Der Vater (The Father) Drypoint 1923
Marc Chagall The Trough Lithograph 1924
Marc Chagall Four Seasons Color lithograph poster 1974
Marc Chagall An der Staffelei (At the Easel) Drypoint 1923
Marc Chagall Hochzeit (Wedding) Drypoint 1923
Marc Chagall - I and the Village 1911 oil on canvas The Museum of Modern Art French
Marc Chagall - Birthday 1915 oil on cardboard The Museum of Modern Art French
Marc Chagall - Over Vitebsk 1915-20 oil on canvas The Museum of Modern Art French
Marc Chagall The Lion Grows Old Etching circa 1927 - 1930
Marc Chagall Paysage bleu Color lithograph 1958
Marc Chagall Self-Portrait with black vest Lithograph 1957
Marc Chagall - Dreamer 1945 oil on canvas The Dixon Gallery and Gardens Russian
Marc Chagall - Untitled 1956 Signed pages in a bo Polk Museum of Art French
Marc Chagall - The Praying Jew 1923 oil on canvas The Art Institute of Chicago Russian-French
Marc Chagall - Birth 12/01/1911 oil on canvas The Art Institute of Chicago Russian-French
Marc Chagall Der Talmudlehrer (The Talmud Teacher) Drypoint 1923
Marc Chagall Das Grab des Vaters (The Father's Grave) Drypoint 1923
Marc Chagall Am Grabstein der Mutter (At the Mother's Tombstone) Drypoint 1923
Marc Chagall Femme a l'eventail (Nude with fan) Etching and drypoint 1924
Marc Chagall Mutter und Sohn (Mother and Son) Drypoint 1923
Marc Chagall Eli on Mount Carmel Etching with hand coloring 1956
Marc Chagall Haus in Witebsk (House in Witebsk) Drypoint 1923
Marc Chagall Pokrowastrasse, Witebsk (Pokrowa Street, Witebsk) Drypoint 1923
Marc Chagall Feuer in der Stadt (Fire in the Town) Drypoint 1923
Marc Chagall Joseph and the Wife of Potiphar Etching 19th - 20th century
Marc Chagall Portfolio cover for "Mein Leben" Litho 19th - 20th century
Marc Chagall Liebende auf der Bank (Love Couple on a Bench) Drypoint 1923
Marc Chagall Le petit poisson et le pecheur (The litle fish and the fisherman) Etching circa 1930
Marc Chagall Angel Leading Elijah Etching with hand coloring 19th - 20th century
Marc Chagall Cover, from the book Prints from the Mourlot Press Color lithograph on Arches paper 1964
Marc Chagall - America Windows 1977 stained glass The Art Institute of Chicago Russian-French
Marc Chagall - Musical Clown 1945 Lithograph Arkansas Arts Center Russian
Marc Chagall - The Poet with the Birds 1911 oil on canvas Minneapolis Institute of Arts French
Marc Chagall - White Cruxifiction 1938 oil on canvas The Art Institute of Chicago Russian-French
Marc Chagall - The Circus Rider c. 1927 oil on canvas The Art Institute of Chicago Russian-French
Marc Chagall - The Lovers (Les Amoureux) 1926 gouache on paper Des Moines Art Center French
Marc Chagall - Anniversary Flowers 1947 oil on canvas Norton Museum of Art French

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (37)
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Minneapolis Institute of Arts: Chagall

Appleton Museum of Art: Marc Chagall: The Early Etchings from the 1920s
Les Ames Morts was Nikolai Gogol’s masterpiece, and considered a classic tale of Russian Literature. The series of plates were completed by Chagall in 1927 and delivered to Vollard who stored them in his cellar for the next 20 years, only to be pu...

Fundacao Arpad Szenes - Vieira da Silva: Marc Chagall: Engravings from 1951 to 1964
In addition to the 59 lithographs, among which are Les amoureux, 1951, Couple Ocre, 1952, Nu dans la fenêtre, 1953-54, Notre-Dame en gris, 1955, Derrière le miroir, 1964, also on display will be the original illustrated editions of "Et sur la te...

Historical Museum of Vienna: Chagall, Kandinsky and The Russian Experiment, Drawings and Watercolors from the Puschkin Museum

Most of the Chagall works are on loan from The State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and The State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, while others are being lent by provincial museums and private collections in Russia. The Pen paintings are coming from ...

South African National Gallery: MARC CHAGALL: THE LIGHT OF ORIGINS, paintings, works on paper, tapestries, lithographs 1949-1977
One of the highest profile shows this year, it has been curated for South AFrica and will not tour. It aims to reveall the diversity of Chagall's work and make it accessible to many who may never get the chance to veiw it in other parts of the wor...

Fundação Arpad Szenes - Vieira da Silva: Derriere le Miroir: 35 Original Engravings from the Magazine 1946 to 1982
The magazine, itself designed as an art object sumptuously presented in a large (38 x 28 cm) format, is illustrated with original lithographs as well as a number of reproductions. Poets and writers like Aragon, Beckett, Char, Eluard, Prévert, Quen...

Jewish Museum: Paris in New York: French Jewish Artists in Private Collections
The works in this exhibition are from private collections, supplemented with examples from The Jewish Museum’s collection. The collectors of these works share both an admiration for their beauty and an abidi...

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Marc Chagall: Sole American Venue for this Major Retrospective
Jean-Michel Foray, director of the Chagall Museum in Nice and the Fernand Leger Museum in Biot, France, has organized the retrospective; overseeing the San Francisco presentation is Janet Bishop, SFMOMA curator of painting and sculpture. The exhib...

Pierre Gianadda Foundation: Russian Icons, the Saints
Noted for its outstanding exhibitions the Fondation Gianadda, constructed over Roman ruins, since its opening in 1978, has presented works by such distinguished artists as Chagall, Gauguin, van Gogh, Kahlo, Kandinsky, Lautrec, M...

Christie's: PRINTS CHARMING: 20th Century Prints
Two etchings printed with tone by Lucien Freud will be on offer in the British section of the sale, Man Resting (1988) may fetch up to £4,000 while Two men in the Studio (1989) carries an estimate of £1,000-1,200. An ...

Metropolitan Museum: Painters in Paris: 1895–1950
Painters in Paris: 1895–1950, an exhibition of more than 100 paintings by many of the 20th ...

Columbia Museum of Art: A Body of Work: The Human Figure from Degas to Diebenkorn
“The human figure has been a significant genre throughout the history of art. To examine the human figure and the techniques and styles in its depiction throughout the 20th century is the motivation behind organizing A Body of Work: The Human Figu...

Cleveland Museum of Art: Twentieth-Century Works on Paper from the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Cleveland Museum of Art: Last Chance! Twentieth-Century Works on Paper from the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Takasaki Museum of Art: Reinhardt Sobye: Part of the Tomio Isahai Collection
Reinhardt Sobye states about is work: "The prevailing attitude in modern culture is that every individual is a world in his/her own right, a world from which all other's are excluded. This is a major lie. The truth is that we are each other's worl...

Pharmaka: Venice: Inspiring Artists in Italy and California
Meant to investigate this incomparable sense of place through a variety of media (oil and canvas, mixed media and board, metal and glass), new works and collaborations from this on-going project will be exhibited in both Venice, Italy, and Los ...

Workmens Cirle: A Shenere Velt Gallery: A Jewish Portrait Gallery: Questions of Seeing and Looking
Included works are by Laurel Paley, with her intriguing semi-abstractions, Lucille Dratler and Gabriella Karin, whose art is inspired by Holocaust survivorship, and Ilse Gordon, whose moody faces evoke pre-war Vienna and modern, intellectual Je...

Pushkin Museum at Arbat: Earth: Death-Birth Work by Angel Orensanz
The exhibition consists of a host of strongly poetic sculpture pieces that fly over the three spaces, while hige projections give context to those sculptures and arresting drawings in which Orensanz capture the drama of the Earth as grave and cra...

Stedelijk Museum: Up to now = Tot zo ver
The presentation which is being assembled at the moment by departing director Rudi Fuchs and a number of the Museum's curators will include all of the disciplines in the collection. The emphasis lies on the postwar period, although many familiar (...

Guggenheim Hermitage Museum: Masterpieces and Master Collectors: Impressionist and Early Modern Paintings from the Hermitage and Guggenheim Museums
The exhibition focuses on the point at which the two collections overlap: the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. This period marks the time when Paris’s radical avant-garde was rejecting the finished surfaces, naturalistic colors, realis...

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza: Russian Avantgardes
The exhibition primarily focuses on painting and sculpture, but will also include two special sections, one on photography and another on design. The chronological span of the exhibition runs from 1907 to around 1930. For Russia and what was to be...

Visitors to the exhibition will have a wonderful opportunity to observe a captivating and diverse selection of portraits, some light-hearted and humorous in tone, others more serious and reflective in nature, said Pierre Théberge, Director, Na...

Fondazione Prada: Foujita. A Japanese Artist
The exhibition, designed by Pierluigi Cerri, will be housed in the Event Space on the sixth floor of the Prada Epicenter, which was conceived by Herzog & de Meuron and inaugurated last June. Constituting a foretaste of the celebration...

Festival of Asmat Art and Culture: Eighteenth Annual New Guinea Asmat Art Festival to Get Underway
The Asmat inhabit the swampy jungles of the southwest coast of New Guinea. Having limited but increasing contact with western cultures during recent years, they continue to practice many of their traditional customs. The Asmat are recognized ...

State Russian Museum: Vladimir Baranoff-Rossine: Colour-Musical Kinetism
The name of Vladimir Baranoff-Rossiné is sadly less known in Russia than in the West of Europe, though the artist was born in Russia, got excellent professional training and matured as an avant-garde painter there. After the revolution the artist ...

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art: Family Life and Avant-Garde: Sigrid Hjerten and Isaac Grünewald
In 1909 the two Swedish artists Sigrid Hjertén and Isaac Grünewald went to Paris to attend Henri Matisse's school of painting. Two years later when they returned to Stockholm, they opened a window towards international trends in art and in a manne...

Guggenheim Hermitage Museum: A Century of Painting: From Renoir to Rothko
We are very pleased to present this exhibition of modern masterpieces from the permanent collection of the Guggenheim," said Thomas Krens, Director, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. "Renoir to Rothko offers a sweeping overview of painting from th...

Atelier Grognard: Five Continents Artists Meeting: Cris Orfescu's NanoArt to be Featured
NanoArt is a new art discipline related to the micro or nanosculptures created by artists or/and scientists through chemical or/and physical processes and visualized with powerful research tools like
Frick Collection:
Master Drawings from the Smith College Museum of Art
Among the other artists represented in the exhibition are Northern European masters Matthias Grünewald, Jan van Goyen, Adoph von Menzel, Piet Mondrian, and Paul Klee. Italian artists include Fra Bartolommeo, Rosso Fiorentino, Federico Barocci, Gi...

Halle Saint Pierre: Douglas Padilla: dougieland Paris
Set at the foot of Sacre Coeur, the gorgeous white cathedral in Montmarte, the 18th arrondissement, home at the turn of the century to the likes of Toulouse-Latrec, Van Gogh, Utrillo, and Picasso, Halle Saint Pierre, part of the Paris museum syste...

State Russian Museum: Nature is a Great Magician: Alex Volborth
From 1956 he held a post of mineralogist and professor of geochemistry in Nevada, professor of general geology, geochemistry, engineering geology in universities in California, North Dakota, Canada (Halifax) and Washington. Since 1979 Alex Volbort...

Frick Collection: Michelangelo to Picasso: Master Drawings from the Collection of the Albertina, Vienna
These drawings and watercolors were selected by Dr. Konrad Oberhuber, former Director of the Albertina, Vienna, and Dr. Barbara Dossi, Head of Collections, in collaboration with Dr. Katharine Lo...

Amelia Johnson Contemporary: Global Rescue : Chris Wake
The effect is disturbing but captivating, drawing in the viewer. Characters have Nolanesque eyes that follow the viewer, or look sideways in unease, alarm or guilt. Tilted heads turn away from each other creating a sense of avoidance and denial ov...

Michel Pellus: Florida Artist Michel Pellus Releases the First in a Series of New Lithographs
Artist: Michel Pellus
Title: Single Cherry
Year Created: 2009
Medium: Printmaking Lithography
Width: 17.5 inches
Height: 25 inches
Edition Size: 65
Price: US$ 650

Guggenheim Museum:
Kunsthistorisches Museum, State Hermitage Museum, and Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation Sign Tri-Lateral Agreement in Vienna for the Development of Long- Term Collaborative Programs
The tri-lateral agreement will establish a new level of international collaboration. The broad strategic objectives of the alliance are: to expand international cultural relations; to make each museum's collections accessible to broader audienc...

The Las Vegas cooperation between the Hermitage and the Guggenheim is one of the first concrete projects to result from a larger, long-term collaboration agreement between the Hermitage and the Guggenheim that was signed and an...

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