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Artist: Joseph Cook ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Joseph Cook.

Joseph Cook Rough Sea Drypoint 20th century
Joseph Cook Fishing Boat Drypoint 20th century
Joseph Cook A Three-Master in Full Sail Drypoint 20th century
Joseph Cook Fishing Boat off Jetty Drypoint 20th century
Thomas Eakins - Weda Cook 1891 oil on canvas Columbus Museum of Art American
Edouard Vuillard - The Cook (La cuisiniere) 1899 lithograph The Museum of Modern Art French
Howard Cook The Schooner Etching 20th century
Howard Cook The Station Etching 20th century
Howard Cook The Valley Etching 20th century
Howard Cook Self-Portrait Wood engraving 1931
Howard Cook Chimneys Wood engraving 1930
Howard Cook Little Dolphin Lithograph 1936
Howard Cook Looking up Broadway Lithograph 1937
Howard Cook Rosanna Lithograph 1939
Howard Cook Chrysler Tower Wood engraving 1930
Howard Cook Book Stalls Wood engraving 1931
Howard Cook The Village Wood engraving 20th century
Howard Cook Eagle Dance Wood engraving 1942
Howard Cook Houses in the Snow Wood engraving 1931
Howard Cook Window Plants Wood engraving 1930
Howard Cook Ranchos Lithograph 20th century
Howard Cook Taos Pueblo Wood engraving 20th century
Howard Cook Boat Builders Wood engraving 20th century
Howard Cook Busy Harbor Wood engraving 20th century
Howard Cook The Desert Tree Etching-aquatint 1941
Erastus Salisbury Field - Man with a Tune Book: Possibly Mr. Cook c. 1838 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Howard Cook Fat John, Taos Indian Wood engraving 20th century
Howard Cook Walpi, Arizona (Hopi) Wood engraving 20th century
Jacob Zeitlin, Mariana Cook (United States, born 1955)  (Artist), 1987, Gelatin-silver print
Scène antique avec Hélène devant Priam (4e quart 18e siècle ; 1ère moitié 19e siècle) by NORMAND Charles Pierre Joseph (attribué à) ; COOK Richard (inspiré par)
Gabriel Metsu Une Cuisiniere...(the cook)...thirty fourth plate in the book... Le MusÈe royal (Paris: P. Didot, l*ainÈ, 1818), vol. 2 Engraving and etching 17th century
Konrad Westermayr James Cook 18th - 19th century
Gordon Cook Geraniums Etching 1959
Gordon Cook Jar of Flowers Etching 1973
Thomas Cook Edward V 18th - 19th century
Thomas Cook The Organ Grinder Engraving 1772
J.W. Cook Charles James Fox 19th century
Gordon Cook Headland IV Etching 1963
Gordon Cook M. W. Etching 20th century
Gordon Cook Headland III Etching 1962
Henry R. Cook The Duenna 19th century
Henry R. Cook One Hour Of Joy. 19th century
Henry R. Cook The Slave 19th century
Henry R. Cook Mrs. Woffington 19th century
Thomas Cook Portrait of Samuel Johnson Engraving 1787
Gordon Cook Nude Etching 20th century
Thomas Cook Industrious 'Prentice engraving 18th - 19th century
Sam C. Partridge Photographic Album: Chinatown, San Francisco: A Chinese Cook and Kitchen albumenprint 1889
Thomas Cook Idle 'Prentice engraving 18th - 19th century
Gordon Cook Seated Nude Etching 1974
Anonymous Reverse copy after D¸rer'sThe Cook and the Housekeeper Engraving 16th century
Henry R. Cook The Bull Fight engraving 19th century
Henry R. Cook A Dream Of Life. 19th century
Henry R. Cook The Bull Fight. 19th century
Henry R. Cook Lord Fordwich 19th century
Ernest S. Lumsden The Cook Shop Etching 1914
Gordon Cook Montara Beach Etching and aquatint 1961
I Will Never Be Satisfied, Will I Ever Be Satisfied?, Ashley Cook (Scotland, Edinburgh, born 1964)  (Artist), 1994, Screenprint
Thomas Cook Academy of Science Engraving 18th - 19th century
Gordon Cook Bowl of Twigs Etching 20th century

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Cook

Hirschl Contemporary Art: Changing the Need : Graphites by Christopher Cook
With their extraordinary bloom, sparkle and sedimentation, the graphites blur the distinction between drawing and painting and involve themselves in the ongoing dialogue between painting and photography. In this exhibition, Cooks concern with...

Peabody Essex Museum: Images of Paradise: Views from the Age of Exploration
The prints visually document the cultural exchanges that took place when European explorers Cook, La Perouse, Otto von Kotzebue, and Dumont ...

Colville Place Gallery: The Best Way to View the Past is to Invent it...Alternity by Steven Cook
Alternity began about 5 years ago when I started collecting old photographs and carte de visites of people. I'd be sifting through thousands of the things and every once in a while there would be a ...

Center for Creative Photography: Couples: Photographs by Mariana Cook
The Center is pleased to present this engaging project from Mariana Cook, who has never before exhibited in Arizona, said Nancy Lutz, Acting Director, Center for Creative Photography. This show will have enormous appeal for all generations of vi...

Georgia Museum of Art: Recent Acquisitions of American Works on Paper

Govett-Brewster Art Gallery: The SCANZ Exhibition Raranga Tangata
From an initial call to SCANZ participants for proposals for the exhibition, Mercedes Vicente, Govett-Brewster curator, and Sarah Cook, UK guest co-curator, have selected eight projects by Stella Brennan (NZ), Nina Czegledy/Greg Judelman/Daniel Ba...

Carengie Museum of Natural History: The Art of Nature Photography Symposium
The speakers are: Anthony E. Cook. Cook is a naturalist, artist and author of The Cook Forest, An Island in Time. He has attained international recognition in the wo...

Site Gallery: His Life is full of Miracles Animation Videotheque
Theorist Walter Benjamin saw early animation as a radicalising of film, which offered a release from the constraints of the physical laws of time, space and technology. A chapter of an early version of his essay The work of art in the age of mech...

Kunsthalle Zurich: Three Perspectives and a Short Scenario: Liam Gillick
Between the exhibitions in Europe and the U.S., a new scenario will be produced, performed and filmed in the summer months of 2008 at the Kunstverein Munich. In this play the different protagonists and collaborations that have influenced the art...

Centre for Contemporary Photography: Patrick Pound: The Memory Room
Patrick Pound has exhibited widely throughout Australia and New Zealand and his work is held in the collections of numerous public institutions including the National Gallery of Victoria, the Dunedin Art Gallery and the Museum of New Zealand. Poun...

ArtSpace: DAMP: What we Want, What We'll Do for It
DAMP has been described as the funky squad, the angry mob, the art club, the cult, the choir, the cheersquad and the DAMP team. Their collaborative practice, including performances, exhibitions, memorabili...

Textile Museum of Canada: e-textiles: Work of 11 Prominent Artists from Canada, the United States, Australia and Japan.
Participating artists are Junichi Arai (Japan); Lia Cook (USA); Frances Dorsey (Canada); Emily DuBois (USA); Laura Foster Nicholson (USA); Ruth Scheuing (Canada); Cynthia Schira (USA); Liz Williamson (Australia); Hideo Yamakuchi (Japan); and B...

The applications submitted will be analyzed at a first stage of assessment of merits by a committee of experts formed by: -Lynne Cook, member of the MACBA advisory committee
-Maria de Corral, member of the MACBA advisory committee

ShanghArt: Hu Yang's: Shanghai Living
WEI Yufang (Shandongese, Vendor) We have miserable life. Battercake and salted vegetable for every meal, accompanied by plain water. When the kids cry for meat dishes, I just cook an egg. As long as it is not rainy, I go out and do my busin...

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney: Callum Morton: More Talk About Buildings and Mood
Gas, a new work created for the exhibition, sets an architectural masterpiece - Philip Johnsons iconic Glass House from the late 1940s against its manifestation as a drive-in petrol station. As a 1:10 scale model, Johnsons design is reconstru...

en foco at the Seventh and Second Photo Gallery: Angie Buckley: the In-between Series
She states, each individuals identity is primarily developed in childhood association with family. Habits, stories and traditions are passed from one generation to the next. As an example, while looking at a photograph of my grandmother taken in...

Belsay Hall Castle and Gardens: Picture House, Film, Art and Design
Commissioned artists such as Viktor and Rolf, Mercury prize winner antony (frontman of Antony and the Johnsons) and Tilda Swinton and John Byrne have all re-invented the rooms to breathe life into its empty interior. From silver plated ballgowns t...

Menil Collection: Spirits of the Water: Native Art Collected on Expeditions to Alaska and British Columbia, 1774-1910
Produced by cultures dating back 2,000 years, the various objects in the exhibitionmasks, helmets and clubs, rattles and fishhooks, ...

g-module: Drawing II (Selected)
Choice works included are: Leona Christies curvacious pre-pubescent ballpoint beauties amidst a fantastical female society; Colin Cooks ongoing collaborative pencil drawings with his friend Bill; Amy Jean Porters gouache and ink bilingual, migr...

Museum of Childhood: David Hockney: Grimms Fairy Tales
Fantasy dressing-up clothes and a large scale castle tower will help bring the stories to life and special events throughout the school/summer holidays will have a magical fairy tale theme. The tales are drawn from centuries of folklore. As Hoc...

Pratt Institute: Selections from the Collection Fonds Regional d Art Contemporain du Centre, Orleans, France
Yona Friedman, a French architect known for his intriguing research into architectural form and structure, will give a lecture Thursday, February 8, 2001, at 5:30 p.m., Higgins Hall South, 65 St. James Place, Brooklyn, New York. Following the lect...

S1 Artspace: Call for Artists: S1 Salon 2008 - A Season of Artist Film and Video Screenings
S1 / salon 2008 will be selected by a panel comprised of guest selectors Benjamin Cook, Director of LUX and artist Anja Kirschner; and the S1 / salon 2008 curator, Sophia Crilly. Benjamin Cook is Director and founder of LUX, London; a UK age...

Cairns Regional Gallery: Call to Artists: Community Exhibitions Program
Community Exhibition Program Application Handbooks for 2003/04 are available from Cairns Regional Gallery from Monday February 11th, with the deadline for applications, April 26th. All applications will be assessed by the Community Exhibit...

City Gallery Wellington, 360-Michael Hirschfeld Gallery: John Drawbridge - Wide Open Interior
John Drawbridge has been a leading figure in New Zealand printmaking since his return from study in England and Europe in the mid-1960s. His paintings are less well known but equally impressive. Wide Open Interior is the first exhibition to p...

Cairns Regional Gallery: Terize Formanowski Cascades into Colour
Formanowski, who completed Honours in a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree at James Cook University last year, said her latest exhibition was an extension on previous works, and had been tailored to the space at Cairns Regional Gallery. The majo...

Ico Gallery: Center of the Universe
Visit Kellianne O'Brien's Portfolio www.absolutearts.com/colouriste
and Ella Prakash Portfolio www.absolutearts.com/prakash...

William Traver Gallery:
John Miller: Blue Plate Special
The concept for Blue Plate Special began a couple years ago, with John sketching designs for glass works to execute. Johns prior body of work focused on large scale Venetian goblets, and he wanted to create art of everyday objects in some respe...

Plug In: Archigram: Experimental Architecture 1961-1974 - Warren Chalk, Peter Cook, Dennis Crompton, David Greene, Ron Herron and Michael Webb
Their fresh and cheeky photocollage resonated with pop imagery, revitalizing the way we imagine modern living. All their projects were presented in a colourful pop style which challenged the serious and institutional approach favoured by archit...

Australian Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts: Indigenous Australia Council Appointments
The appointments to the Council's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board are for three years, from August 1999. 'I am very pleased to welcome Leo Akee, Alana Garwood and Yvonne Kopper to the Board,' Federal Minister for the...

NEA, NEH: House Narrowly Defeats Move to Increase NEA/NEH Funds
While the NEA/NEH amendment was defeated, the close vote was a positive development moving Congress away from debating the agencies' survival to restoring them to more healthy levels of funding (historic highs for the agencies were $179.5 million ...

Phoenix Art Museum: Mexico and Modern Printmaking: A Revolution in the Graphic Arts, 1920-1950
Mexico and Modern Printmaking is an exciting display of nearly 150 important lithographs, etchings and woodcuts by 40 artists who came to define a new brand of Modernism, native to Mexico such as Rivera, Orozco, Siqueiros, Tamayo, Kahlo, Dr....

Performing Arts Network of South Africa (PANSA): Call for Artists: First National Arts and Culture Marketing Conference
The aims of the conference are to highlight the importance of marketing within the arts and culture sector; to impart basic skills, insights and marketing knowledge to participants and to launch the Arts and Culture Marketing Association of Sou...

Hyde Park Art Center: Cut, Pulled, Colored and Burnt
Raising issues of representation, cultural identity and assertion through photography, painting, drawing, sculpture and assemblage, the exhibition offers a diverse group of provocative, serious works, tempered by often humorous social critique. D...

Esso Gallery: Julian Dashper: Future Call and Untitled (CV)
Future Call is made by repeatedly ringing a phone in the gallery at various times every day from Dashpers native New Zealand which, being 18 hours ahead, is already well into the next day. A call from the future made at the exact same moment. For...

Harbourfront Cenrtre: Great Lakes: An Exhibition of Artists, Poets and Writers
Participating artists, poets and writers are Shelley Adler, Kemeny Babineau, Joe Blades, Jane Buyers, Scott Childs, Sharon Cook, Michael Davey, Beverley Daurio, Sheila Gregory, C. Herbert, Penn Kemp, Eugene Knapik, Malca Litovitz, Lorna Mills, Dav...

ARTworkSF: American Mythology: 23 Artist Define Their Views
Carmen Wolfs Red Chair highlights the American myth of fame and popularity. In William Mayfields Changing Our Minds the gods see something wrong with the way things are and are doing something about it. Malcom Nicols Bright Sunny Future V exemplifies...

Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford University: Uncommon Legacies: Native American Art from the Peabody Essex Museum
Uncommon Legacies is arranged in five thematic groupings: "Nations Within"; "Pacific Coast Traders"; "The Interior Wilderness: Outposts, Explores, and Sojourners"; "The Interior Wilderness: Missionaries"; and "South American Adventurers." Each...

Peabody Essex Museum: Odyssey Into World Art Spans Time, Place, and Culture

Odyssey: A Journey Into World Art opens to the public October 16 and will run through the fall of 2001.

We want to push the boundaries, says Paula Richter, co-curator for the exhibition. There will be objects in Odyssey that people will be com...
Site Gallery: Intermediate 3: New Art from the North of England
The exhibition is selected from open submission and comprises existing and specially commissioned works. The group exhibition will take place both in Site Gallery and in Sylvester Works, a temporary warehouse venue in Sheffield and will also inc...

Chicago Botanic Garden: Chapungu: Custom & Legend, A Culture in Stone
In association with Chapungu Sculpture Park, Harare, Zimbabwe, the Chicago Botanic Garden and Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance join creative forces to co-present this important exhibition, from May 31 through Oct. 31, 2003. The Chicago Botanic...

Further Artwork and Information:

Joseph Cook
Papers of Sir Joseph Cook - MS 762 & MS 2212
Wikipedia: Joseph Cook
Joseph Cook Civil War Questionaire
Joseph Cook Bunten
Cook, Joseph
Cook, Sir Joseph
Joseph COOK
Joseph Cook
Joseph Cook


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