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Artist: Lorenzo Costa (1460 - 1535)
Nationality: Italian
Movement: Renaissance
Media: Painting,Drawing

Lorenzo Costa was influenced early on by the painters, Cosimo Tura and Ercole de’Roberti and may have studied with either of them. He settled in Bologna in 1483 and painted frescoes for local chapels and canvas pieces. Costa created the altarpiece for Bologna’s San Petronio church in 1492 titled Madonna and Child with Saints. He then received several commissions from the Gonzaga family before moving to Mantua in 1507 to succeed Andrea Mantegna as their court painter. Costa lived there until his death in 1535.

Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Lorenzo Costa.

PORTRAIT DE JEUNE FILLE (4e quart 15e siècle ; 1er quart 16e siècle) by COSTA Lorenzo
SAINTE FAMILLE (1ère moitié 16e siècle) by COSTA Lorenzo
Museum of Fine Arts -
Lorenzo Costa, Italian (Ferrarese), about 1460-1535 Portrait of a Woman with a Pearl Necklace Oil
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: attributed to Lorenzo Costa Title: Portrait of a Cardinal in his Study Date: about
LE REGNE DE COMUS (1506 vers) by MANTEGNA Andrea ; COSTA Lorenzo
J. Paul Getty Museum -
A Thebaid: Monks and Hermits in a Landscape
Lorenzo Costa - A Concert c. 1485-1495 oil on poplar The National Gallery, London Italian
Lorenzo Costa - Portrait of a Lady c. 1490 oil on canvas transf Currier Museum of Art Italian
ALLEGORIE DE LA COUR D'ISABELLE D'ESTE (1504 vers ; 1506 ou) by COSTA Lorenzo
Lorenzo Costa - Portrait of Battista Fiera c. 1507-1508 oil on wood The National Gallery, London Italian
Lorenzo Costa - The Virgin and Child with Saints 1505 oil on wood The National Gallery, London Italian
Lorenzo Costa - The Adoration of the Shepherds with Angels c. 1499 oil on wood The National Gallery, London Italian
Lorenzo Costa - The Story of Moses (The Dance of Miriam) after 1508 glue on linen The National Gallery, London Italian
Museum of Fine Arts -
Lorenzo Costa il Giovane, Italian (Mantua), about 1537-1583 Munificence, Study for lunette in Camera della
Lorenzo Costa - The Story of Moses (The Israelites gathering Manna) after 1508 glue on linen The National Gallery, London Italian
Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes - Dona Amalia Bonells de Costa c. 1805 oil on canvas The Detroit Institute of Art Spanish
Hommes drapés conversant et hallebardiers, vus de dos by COSTA Lorenzo Il Giovane
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Frog Pendant, 11th–16th century; Chiriquí Costa Rica, Puntarenas ProvinceCast gold; H. 4 1/8 in. (10.5
SAINTE VERONIQUE (1508 vers) by COSTA Lorenzo (attribué)
Saint Sébastien debout, de trois quarts vers la gauche (1938) by COSTA Lorenzo le Vieux
Media Madness, Sam Costa  (Artist), 1983, Screenprint
Lorenzo Costa - The Virgin and Child Enthroned between a Soldier Saint and Saint John the Baptist c. 1499 oil and egg tempera The National Gallery, London Italian
La Cène (1793) by COSTA Lorenzo Il Giovane
ALLEGORIE DES VICES (1629 vers ; 1630 ou) by ALLEGRI Antonio, CORREGE (dit)
ALLEGORIE DES VERTUS (1529 vers ; 1530 ou) by ALLEGRI Antonio, CORREGE (dit)
EXPOSITION DE 1900 / PALAIS DE L'AGRICULTURE / COSTA RICA (titre inscrit) (1878 entre ; 1905 et) by LAAS (éditeur)
Portrait du marquis Pantaleon Costa de Beauregard (19e siècle) by MOLIN Benoît
John Stanton Judge Lorenzo P. Latimer black Ink on paper 1882
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Madonna Adoring the Child with the Infant Saint John the Baptist and an Angel Lorenzo
J. Paul Getty Museum -
Madonna and Child
Pietro Perugino - Portrait of Lorenzo di Credi 1488 oil on panel transfe National Gallery of Art Italian
Standing Juchiteca, Francisco Zúñiga (Costa Rica, San Juan, 1912 - 1998)  (Artist), cast 1966, Bronze sculpture
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Portrait of a Young Woman Lorenzo di Credi (Lorenzo d"Andrea d"Oderigo) (Italian, Florentine, 1459-60–1537)Oil on
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
José Costa y Bonells (died l870), Called Pepito Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (Spanish, 1746-1828)Oil
La Guitare (1908 avant) by FABRES Y COSTA Antonio
Vue de Poggio San Lorenzo (1938) by WITTEL Gaspar Adriaensz van
L'ANNONCIATION (17e siècle) by anonyme ; CREDI LORENZO D'ANDREA D'UDERIGO DI (d'après), LORENZO DI CREDI (dit, d'après)
Le clocher de la Dalbade et le marché des Carmes (1er quart 20e siècle) by Costa Emmanuel (?, attribué, dessinateur)
Maisons et chemin (3e quart 18e siècle) by WEIROTTER Franz Edmund
Ambrogio Brambilla A Consistory Showing the Interior of the Sistine Chapel, after the engraving by Lorenzo Vaccari Etching 1582
Lorenzo Lotto Bust of a Bearded Man oil on canvas 1541
Lorenzo Palmer Latimer Landscape oil on canvas 1882
Magda Santonastasio Meinschatz with poems by the artist (San Diego: Tuhana Press, 1987) book with six color etchings and poems by the artist 1987
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
The Nativity, 1409 Lorenzo Monaco (Italian [Florence], ca. 1370-1423)Tempera on panel; 8 3/8 x 12
Buste de femme (1ère moitié 16e siècle) by SCIARPELLONI Lorenzo, CREDI Lorenzo di (dit)
Buste de jeune homme (1480 entre ; 1486 et) by SCIARPELLONI Lorenzo, CREDI Lorenzo di (dit)
Veüe et perspective du Pallais Royal, du costé du jardin (17e siècle) by PERELLE Adam (dessinateur, graveur) ; POILLY Nicolas le Vieux de (éditeur)
Magda Santonastasio The coral necklaceä, plate 4 in the book, Meinschatz with poems by the artist (San Diego: Tuhana Press, 1987) color etching 1987
Magda Santonastasio Black nightä, plate 1 in the book, Meinschatz with poems by the artist (San Diego: Tuhana Press, 1987) color etching 1987
Magda Santonastasio Boiling of the oceanä, plate 6 in the book, Meinschatz with poems by the artist (San Diego: Tuhana Press, 1987) color etching 1987
Magda Santonastasio Spool of tendernessä, plate 5 in the book, Meinschatz with poems by the artist (San Diego: Tuhana Press, 1987) color etching 1987
Veue du Palais d'Orléans du costé du jardin (17e siècle) by SILVESTRE Israël
Lorenzo Bardi Vue de la Pl‡ce du Gran Duc engraving 1825
Lorenzo Bardi Vue du DÙme de Florence engraving 1825
Allegorical Figure of Peace, Lorenzo da Musi (died N/A)  (Artist), Engraving
Veue du Palais d'Orléans du costé du jardin (17e siècle) by SILVESTRE Israël
Giovanni Francesco Costa Veduta verso il Taglio (View beside the Taglio), from the series Delle delizie del fiume Brenta (Some delights of the Brenta river) Etching 1750
Veue du Louvre et de la grande galerie du costé des Offices (17e siècle) by SILVESTRE Israël
Magda Santonastasio The ring-dove fliesä, plate 2 in the book, Meinschatz with poems by the artist (San Diego: Tuhana Press, 1987) color etching 1987

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
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Katonah Museum of Art: Pietro Costa: Conflicts & War
Contained within each cylinder is a single possessive noun in neon that emits a pulsating glow of color. Buried within the ground, these words suggest the motivation behind the artwork and its title. A mirror at the bottom of each cylinder reflect...

Galeria Centro: Metaphors: Enriquillo R. Amiama
Amiama was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1962. His work his been exhibited in Santo Domingo, Montreal, Wsahington DC, Panama and Costa Rica, with work in corporate collections in Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Guadalupe, Honduras,...

Women in Textile Arts: Call for Artists: IV International Biennial - Man + Woman = Creation 2006
Being this the only Biennial of this nature to be held in Latin America – it is the specific aim of the Women in Textile Arts – WTA Organization to be an open window towards the Textile Art of the world. Pilar Tobón – a well known Colombian artis...

Queens Museum of Art: Investigations, an exhibition of photographs by Costa Picadas
Investigations is a unique compilation of photographs with an unusual origin--their initial function was to assess and document the legitimacy of insurance claims in...

Columbus Museum of Art: No Ordinary Land: Encounters in a Changing Environment Photographs by Virginia Beahan and Laura McPhee
In their color pictures the photographers explore how people interact with the landscape in places as diverse as Sri Lanka, Iceland, Costa Rica, and New York City. Approximately 50 photographs, which the photographers refer to as social geographi...

MAC 21: Call for Exhibitiors: International Contemporary Art Fair
Download the Contract of Exhibitor with prices and Rules for participation in MAC21 http://www.mac21.com/PDF/MAC21-I.pdf And we would therefore advise you to send by e-mail or fax your app...

Galeria do Teatro Municipal Baltazar Nunes: Dialogues with Engravings: Angela Costa, Guilhrme Cardoso, Liliana Almeida, Margarida Ransy and Marina dos Santos
Each of the artists exhibiting have their preferences, their tendencies, their obstinacies, their materials of predilection. Each has their own personal quest, search, insistancies and hesitations. Each wants always do the best work possible.
Hungarian Multicultural Center, Inc.: Call for Aritsts: A.I.R. International Artists Residencies and Seminar 07 - 08 Budapest, Hungary PRICE REDUCTION DEADLINE EXTENDED
The program is open to international artists working in all disciplines who are engaged in the research, development or creation of work. For application form or questions regarding the International Artist Residency please write to ...

Alamo Spring Art & Fine Craft Festival: CALL FOR ARTISTS
Featuring the most desirable selections of contemporary arts and crafts available in Northern California, the Alamo Spring Art & Fine Craft Festival celebrates the creative spirit in action. The Mother's Day weekend festival has long provided a...

MacKenzie Art Gallery: Ron Noganosh: It Take Time
Born in 1949 in Magnetawan, Ontario, Ron Noganosh is an Ojibway artist who lives and works in Ottawa. Noganosh studied Graphic Design at George Brown College in Toronto, and Fine Arts ...

Gate Foundation: On(e)Line: On One Line
The global and the international are not opposed to the local or the regional, there is no confrontation. It is just that the one cannot exist without the other. It is better to measure these terms with their own values. This will make way for de...

Witte de With Center for Contemportary Art: Squatters 2: Space in Rotterdam and Porto
Runa Islam (UK) emphasizes the local differences in a side by side screening of two films based on the same script but shot in the resp...

San Bernardino County Museum, Fisk Gallery: Brian Prescott: Photographs from A Bird's Eye View
Prescott has been to five continents to see more than 1,500 species of birds, and he has photographed more than 1,000 of them. He has traveled to the four corners of North America, and into the Yukon and Northwest Territory of Canada. He has visit...

Hang Art: Katherine Valentine: Temperature
Katherine Valentine's figurative paintings flicker on the canvas, saturated with evanescent light, subtle movement, and palpable emotion. Her painting process mimics life itself, with its constant negotiation of boundaries, its cycles of dissoluti...

Design Museum, at University of California, Davis: Beyond the Rainbow: Maguey Textiles of Guatemala
Curator Kathy Rousso will hold a free hands-on workshop on Saturday July 23 from 9 am to 5 pm. She will be demonstrating how to create small net bags using similar techniques to those displayed in the exhibition. All ages are welcomed. Please call...

Museum of the Americas: 7 Women from 7 Countries
The MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAS (MoA) is one of the few art institutions in Florida to foster and promote both established and emerging contemporary artists of every origin. Located in the City of Doral (Miami-Dade County area), MoA serves as an import...

Air Gallery: Drawing on Uncertainty: Works by Jac Saorsa
Drawing is considered by the artist to be at least, and perhaps more communicative in terms of meaning as conventional language. I think that at root, the difference between verbal and visual literacy is that the latter requires visual ac...

g-module: Maureen McQuillan: Mesmerizing Force
McQuillan’s drawings consist of wave-like strands of impossibly thin and vibrating lines, suggesting linear mappings, topologic forms or scientific monitoring. In this current series, she gives yet another dimension to her low-tech process, which ...

PS1 Contemporary Art Center: El real viaje Real / The Real Royal Trip
The contemporary artists in the exhibition are from Columbuss embarkation point, Spain, and the lands he explored, including Cuba, Costa Rica, and Brazil.  El real viaje Real / The Real Royal Trip, which is accompanied by a bilingual catalogue, is...

Hudson River Museum: The Magic of Light: Artists Focusing on Non-Traditional Media
The Magic of Light displays the work of both established and emerging American artists. James Turrell, part of the Light-and-Space movement of the 1960s and 1970s along with Robert Irwin, works with pure light, while his main goal is the viewer...

Museum of the Americas: Women in the Arts 2009
The Museum of the Americas (MoA) celebrates once again the International Women's Month by presenting its 16th annual exhibition of "Women in the Arts 2009" as a tribute to women artists all over the world. The Museum of the Americas has pioneer...

Witte de With Center for Contemportary Art: [based upon] TRUE STORIES
Participating filmmakers and artists: Chantal Akerman, Edgar Arceneaux, Pedro Costa, Maurício Dias & Walter Riedweg, Omer Fast, Peter Friedl, Mark Lewis, Jean-Luc Moulène, Ella Raidel & René Straub, Angela Ricci Lucchi & Yervant Gianikian, Alejand...

Gallery Sigvardson: Roger Cummiskey: Painter
Roger Cummiskey in terms of his ability is able to transform ordinary scenes of human life into moments ripe with dramatic possibility. Roger, from Dublin in Ireland lives and works in Mijas Costa, Spain where he says he is able to find the ...

Michael Dunev Art Projects: Sculpture by Manuel Sola / 20th Century Avantgarde
Their strong verticality recall the totems and ceremonial figures of African and Oceanic cutlures, and like them, give material sense to a spiritual world shared by all humanity. They are prayers to a world that is unravelling, presented with humi...

Pan American Art Gallery: Solo Show of Work by Ronald Moran
Born in Chalchuapa, El Salvador in 1972, Morán studied art at Centro Nacional de Artes San Salvador and Universidad Dr. José Matías Delgado San Salvador. Morán has participated in twelve solo shows in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexic...

Arte Communications, Venice Council's Office for Culture and Entertainment, Lido-Malamocco-Alberoni District Council: OPEN'99 2nd International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations
The participating artists have been selected by a committee of international critics presided over by the French art critic, Mr. Pierre Restany. The artists come from 20 different countries: China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ja...

Teylers Museum: ARTISTS IN THE ZOO: Drawings, paintings, sculptures of animals in ‘Artis’
Artis was founded in 1838, and ranks after those in London and Dublin as the third oldest zoo in Europe. From the very beginning, the Amsterdam zoological garden was an enormous stimulus for artists. Lured by a hitherto unparalleled variety of exo...

Jack Rutberg Fine Art: Francisco Zuniga: Rare Paintings on Canvas and A Survey of Original Graphics
This museum quality exhibition is accompanied by the new publication of "Francisco Zuniga, Catalogue Raisonne: Volume II, Oil Paintings & Original Prints, 1927-1986." This beautifully printed and definitive hardcover book contains 375 illustratio...

Karpio Facchini Gallery: Reality: Francis Acea, Solo Show
A well known work for this period is "taxi-limosina" (1998), a stretched 10 meters long car, made out of three Lada cars welded together, or "Antennas: network transmission" (1998), a hundred and forty four antennas installed upside down. Aft...

Subject Matter Gallery: Collabro: Collaborations by over 68 Artists
The "Collabro" artists have teamed up in groups of two or more to create work all captured and connected in one gallery. Collaborative art pieces will have their artists revealed at the show opening. The show was curated by Poor Al and includes Jo...

Fundacao Arpad Szenes - Vieira da Silva: Carlos Scliar: Painting from 1948 to 1983
Carlos Scliar was born in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, in 1921. He gave the first individual show of his paintings in 1940 in São Paulo. His participation in the war from 1944 as a member of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force in Italy (where h...

Oakland Museum of California: After the Storm: Bob Walker and the Art of Environmental Photography
The exhibition places Walkers work in the context of the history of photography in the environmental movement, demonstrating its relationship to the work of such artist/activists as Ansel Adams, Phillip Hyde, Eliot Porter, the Mono Lake Committee ...

Galeria Lucia: Tripping the Light Fantastic: Work by Roger Cummiskey and Jane Gomis
View more of Roger Cummiskeys work at absolutearts.com/portfolios/a/artroger.>Artist Jane Gomis creates images that sprawl across decades. Like Cezanne before her, she chooses ...

Carengie Museum of Natural History: The Art of Nature Photography Symposium
The speakers are: Anthony E. Cook. Cook is a naturalist, artist and author of The Cook Forest, An Island in Time. He has attained international recognition in the wo...

Beahan and McPhee share a unique eye for the paradoxes inherent in the social landscape. In Italy, a hillside of prehistoric cave dwellings is being converted to modern apartments; in Hawaii, a garden of mangos and oranges are protected against i...

Michael Dunev Art Projects: Estiu 2001, Two Exhibitions: Lluis Vila and Copper, Ink, Paper and Pressure
Born and raised in the province of Girona, Lluís Vilà is a native upon whom the Ampurdanese landscape has left but little impact. His paintings on paper reflect a personal vision imbued with a private language that generates the amorphous shapes h...

Biennial of Ceramics in Contemporary Art: The Happy Face of Globalization
In an homage to the twentieth-century avantgarde tradition, some of the prime examples of which found an outlet in Albisola, the exhibition presents, along with the works of the invited artists, a selection of works in ceramics produced by ...

Trygve Lie Gallery: NANY II: Norwegian Artists in New York
Irene Christensen's art is about painting as a magical act. She has had one person exhibitions at Elverum Skogs Museum, Norway, E.F.T.A., Brussels, Belgium, Bergen Museum & Paterson Museum, New Jersey as well as many cultural centers and galleries...

Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art: Recycled Revisited: Artistic Responses to the Earth Charter
The twelve artists selected by Mr. Dahlsen and Dr. Wexler in this exhibition, weave together environmental, social, and political concerns, to which all must be attended for a sustainable future. By employing a variety of media that range from ...

Gallery C: LA Woman: Lisa Adams, Kim McCarty, Meg Cranston, Jill Giegerich and Becky Guttin
As visual thinkers that truly provoke compelling dialogues, these women epitomize what it means to be an artist.  By pushing the boundaries, creating controversy and inspiring thought, discussion and change, seek to awaken the consciousness of ...

Further Artwork and Information:

Lorenzo Costa (Getty Museum)
Lorenzo Costa Online
COSTA, Lorenzo
Liceo Classico Lorenzo Costa
Lorenzo Costa Nativity
Lorenzo Costa Giovanni Bentivoglio
Painter/Artist: Lorenzo Costa
Lorenzo Costa paintings prints reproductions


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