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Artist: Emil Czech (1862 - 1929)
Nationality: austrian

Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Emil Czech.

Emil Orlik Untitled color lithograph 1911
Emil Orlik The Antipodes Etching 1898
Emil Orlik Edinburgh Color lithograph 1899
Emil Orlik Kurzweil (Pastime) Etching 1896
Emil Orlik Landschaft (Landscape) Etching 1897
Emil Orlik Im Felde (In the Fields) Etching 1896
Emil Orlik Italienische Fahrt Etching 1910
Emil Orlik Selling Toys etching 1898
Emil Orlik W¸rfler (Dice Players) Etching 1896
Emil Orlik Portrati of Hans Thoma Etching 1920
Emil Orlik Nude Woman With A Turban Etching 19th - 20th century
Emil Orlik Alt Prag Color woodcut 19th - 20th century
Emil Orlik Markt in Grodek Etching 19th - 20th century
Emil Orlik Portrait of Count Kalkreuth Etching and mezzotint 1902
Emil Orlik Mecheln color woodcut 19th - 20th century
Emil Orlik Nippon, Ex Libris: Zohyo Society 19th - 20th century
Emil Orlik Self-Portrait (The artist reading) lithograph 19th - 20th century
Emil Orlik Portrait of Max Klinger Etching and mezzotint 19th - 20th century
Emil Orlik Woman in profile, facing left Etching and mezzotint 19th - 20th century
Emil Orlik Portrait of Gustav Mahler etching and mezzotint 19th - 20th century
Emil Orlik Japanese Girl Dressing Another Girl's Hair Etching 19th - 20th century
Emil Orlik The making of a Japanese woodcut - printing reproduction of woodcut 19th - 20th century
Emil Orlik Portrait of Wanda Landowska (Harpsicord artist, died 1959) Drypoint and mezzotint 1917
Emil Orlik The making of a Japanese woodcut - cutting the woodblock reproduction of woodcut 19th - 20th century
Emil Orlik The making of a Japanese woodcut - painting the image reproduction of woodcut 19th - 20th century
Emil Nolde, Emil Nolde (Denmark, Nolde, 1863 - 1956) , 1930, Printed material
Emil Nolde : Gemälde-Graphik, Sonderausstellung, 15. Mai bis 15. Juni, 1918, Emil Nolde (Denmark, Nolde, 1863 - 1956) , 1918, Printed material
Emil Jannings as Rodrigo in ”Pandora’s Box”, Emil Orlik (Bohemia, Prague, 1870 - 1932) , 1918, Lithograph on laid paper
My Back Yard, Emil Kosa (1876 - 1955)  (Artist), 20th century, Watercolor and graphite
My Back Yard, Emil Kosa (1876 - 1955)  (Artist), 20th century, Watercolor and graphite
Emil Nolde : Sonder-Ausstellung, Gemälde, Aquarelle, 8. Februar 1925, Emil Nolde (Denmark, Nolde, 1863 - 1956) , 1925, Printed material on wove paper
Emil Nolde Eva etching on copper 1923
Emil Nolde T‰nzerinnen (Dancers) Woodcut 1917
Emil Nolde’s graphic work to 1910, Emil Nolde (Denmark, Nolde, 1863 - 1956) , 1911, Printed material with twenty-seven woodcuts and one lithograph on wove paper
Emil Nolde Familie (Family) woodcut 1917
The graphic work of Emil Nolde 1910-1925, Emil Nolde (Denmark, Nolde, 1863 - 1956) , 1927, Printed material with thirty-three woodcuts and two lithographs and on wove paper
Emil Nolde Branch of Orchids Watercolor on Japanese paper 20th century
Emil Nolde Lichter Kopf (Radiant Head) woodcut 1917
Emil Nolde Diskussion (Discussion) Color lithograph printed in four colors 1913
Emil Nolde Frauenkopf (Head of a Woman) watercolor on wove paper early 20th century
Emil Nolde ƒltere Herren (Elderly Gentlemen) Color lithograph 1926
Emil Nolde Fischdampfer (Fishing Steamer) woodcut 1910
Emil Nolde Dampfer (gr. hell) (Steamer light background) Etching on iron 1910
A. T. Alex Old Ferry Boat, Czech 19th century
Emil Nolde Frauenkopf (Head of a Woman) Watercolor and black ink on wove paper early 20th century
Emil James Bisttram Abstraction #52 oil on board 1969
Emil James Bisttram Conversation oil on board 1963
Emil Zoir Old Couple 19th - 20th century
Emil Nolde E.N. (Selbstportr‰t) E. N .(Self-Portrait) Etching with tonal effects on iron 1908
Emil Nolde Sibirische Gutsherren (SiberianSquires) Etching with tonal effects on copper on Van Gelder paper 1918
Emil James Bisttram Syncopated Rhythm pastel on paper 1974
Emil Carlsen Still Life with Pheasant oil on canvas circa 1890
Emil Nolde Kniendes M‰dchen (Kneeling Girl) Etching with tonal effects and drypoint on iron plate 1907
Near the sea, Bohumil Kubista (Czech Republic, Vlckovice, 1884-08-21 - 1918-11-27) , circa 1918, Linoleum cut on wove paper
Emil Nolde Zwei Teufel (Two Devils) Etching with tonal effects on copper plate, printed in dark brown ink on handmade laid paper 1906
Emil Flohri Hands Across the Continent color offset lithograph 1906
Head of a Child, Emil Nolde (Denmark, Nolde, 1863 - 1956) , Watercolor
Emil Pottner Ducks Drypoint 19th - 20th century
Emil Rudolphe Weiss Vision of Shakespeare 19th - 20th century
B.J. Falk Portrait of Emil Sauer photograph 1899

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Czech

Riffe Gallery: Metaphor and Irony: Czech Scenic and Costume Design 1920-1999
Metaphor and Irony is curated by Helena Albertova, a faculty member of the School for Applied Arts at Charles University in Prague and former director of the Czech Theatre Institute, and Joe Brandesky, an associate professor of the...

MEO Contemportary Art Collection: FOTOK: Photographs by Young Czech Artists Opens Today
Included in the exhibition are: Patricie Fexova
Alena Kotzmannova
Jan Kadlec
Jolana Rucharova
Filip Turek
Katerina Seda
Marketa Othova and Pierre Daguin
Andrea Cihlarova
Michal Pechoucek
Zbynek Bal...

National Gallery, Prague: An Extensive Part of the Waldes Collection Returns to Heirs
Return of this property represents a general problem since it also involves other properties of claimance still held by the state. In recent years, this issue raised much criticism and discussions about the restitution laws and how the Czech Re...

Manes Exhibition Hall: Fragments 4: Young Progressive Artist
A presentation of installation, film, video, photography, digital design, painting, sculpture, performance, and more, Fragments 4 will historically document the creative expression of this exceptional group of emerging international artists. The ...

Rudolfinum's Small Gallery: Kupka - Waldes, The Artist And His Collector
The Kupka - Waldes exhibition features 24 oil paintings and over 120 smaller works, including illustrations, caricatures, sketches, drawings and a bust of Kupka's wife. Highlights of the exhibition include Cosmic Spring and Winter Reminiscence ...

Lustry Shop: Works by Hana Grosova to be Featured
Featured in the exhibition is "Still Life with Lilies" which is typical representation of Grosova's colors expression. Also shown are her works popular for both theme and style, "Holy Night", "Dreaming Girl" and "Holy Family". View more of ...

Corning Museum of Glass: Glass Behind the Iron Curtain: Czech Design, 1948-1978
The exhibit explores glass design in Czechoslovakia during a time of limited artistic freedom. When the Communist Party gained control of Czechoslovakia in 1948, painters, sculptors, and graphic artists were closely monit...

National Gallery of Prague: Edward Hillel: Dispositions
Edward Hillel was born in Baghdad, grew up in Montreal, and now lives in Paris, New York and Montreal. His multidisciplinary work -- which includes photography, video, audio, text, objects and installations - is widely exhibited and published....

Progress Art Gallery: A Woman's Work is Never Done
Ms. Iverson has been a leader in the online art community, setting a fine example for other artists and encouraging artists to take on the role of philanthropist. She has been featured on MissionFish.com (http://www.missionfish.org/toolsforall...

Museum of Glass, International Center for Contemporary Art: Glass of the Avant-Garde: From Vienna Secession to Bauhaus
Glass of the Avant-Garde: From Vienna Secession to Bauhaus, The Torsten Bröhan Collection from the Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas, Madrid, Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte Secretaría de Estado de Cultura, España is presented under...

Cafe Moskau - Cultural Center: Janinebean Gallery Shows Works by International Artists
A group exhibition with Karsten Krause/Germany, Sebstian Heiner/Germany, Mirko Tzotschew/Bulgaria/Germany, Scott Weiner/USA, Corinna Weiner (winner of the big art prize Berlin)/Germany, Pavel Forman/Czech Republic, Jumping Bean/Germany, Micos Mein...

EuroNanoForum 2009: Winners of the NanoArt International Online Competition to Exhibit
Artist: Cris Orfescu
Title: Shadows From The Past
Year Created: 2008
Medium: Printmaking Giclee
Width: 48 cm
Height: 33 cm
Edition Size: 10
Price: US$ 795

National Gallery, Prague:
Maøák's enclosed world of unspoiled woodland is distinctive for the effective tonality of the greenery and the play of light where sun rays poured down through the branches of the trees and illuminated the natural stage; at o...

Corning Incorporated Gallery at Steuben: Glass Behind The Iron Curtain: Czech Design, 1948 - 1978
The exhibit explores glass design in Czechoslovakia during a time marked by limited artistic freedom. Glass in Czechoslovakia has had a particularly interesting history throughout the 20th century, when it had been closely tied with artistic move...

Bonhams London: The Sovereign European Art Prize 2005
Commenting on the short listing process Sir Peter Blake said ‘This was a tricky business. There were many surprises and new discoveries. If this standard is maintained the Sovereign European Prize will quickly establish itself as an important p...

EE Fine Art: At the Waters Edge : Eugene Ivanov
Eugene Ivanov's landscapes are also very impressive, more subtle than his figurative work they float on the edge of consciousness. He uses the watercolour with outstanding expertise and skill, creating fascinating, delicate landscapes. The texture...

Frissiras Museum: Olympic Cities - Gods Becoming Men: Curated by Edward Lucie-Smith
’Gods Becoming Men’, at the privately owned Frissiras Museum, which occupies two handsomely converted 19th century mansions in the Plaka, in the very heart of Athens, is in many ways a riposte to this - in geographical terms, in exploitation of te...

Neues Museum - Staatliches Museum für Kunst und Design in Nürnberg: Ladislav Sutnar: Designer in Two Worlds
Having immigrated to the United States in 1939, he continued to play a role as one of the foremost personalities in the Euro-American avant-garde. His futuristic vision paved the way for the development of today’s principles of information design....

Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago: Katerina Seda: Exhibition
The Society will present It Doesn’t Matter, a series of over 600 drawings executed by Šedá’s 77-year-old grandmother, cataloging in size and type the various tools and supplies sold through the Brno hardware shop her grandmother managed for over t...

411 Gallery: China Ok: New Work by Irish Artist Clive Murphy
Clive Murphy has also exhibited in the Prestigious Ormeau Baths Gallery in Belfast , Ireland. He has been working with mass produced material such as plastic and cardboard for many years and the cheap chic associated with such materials. The China...

Gandy Gallery: Glass Fab: Three Exhibitions of Artists Working in Glass
matali crasset displays nature flower shower. matali crasset is an industrial designer, but her creations bring her to the unknown: from scenography to furniture, from graphics to interior architecture, she has a new glance on dailylife, whi...

Wooloo Productions: Call for Artists: Re-Branding Acts
The third edition’s focus on the various ways in which art engages with individuals and society is all the more pertinent in the year of the 40th anniversary of the momentous events of 1968, which had a major impact on society and politics thr...

Pretoria Art Museum: China Today: Modern Developement of an Ancient Art
The collection reflects the artistic exploration by contemporary Chinese potters, and many help to illustrate, in one way or another, the current development of this age-old art form in a nation with a long past, open to the world, and towards a n...

Gandy Gallery: A Migration of Energies Part 1 : Clouding Europe
Keeping simplicity and curiosity in mind, the gallery wishes to confront the perspectives and points of view of different artists and initiate a dialog in Bratislava, center of a new Europe. Each artist has has the option of inviting one or two ...

Galerie JCC: Gizela Sabokova: Human Existence
It is a well-known fact about the artist that although she graduated from the most influential Czech glassmaking studio of Professor Stanislav Libensk, she always succeeded in achieving her own expression and message, doing so with intense manual ...

Tatar Gallery: Could Have Been the Weather: Celebrating the Gallery's Tenth Anniversary
The exhibition includes the arresting photography of Czech-born artist Jitka Hanzlová, whose work was short-listed for the Citibank photography prize in 2003; Canadian-born artist Kara Hamilton’s interpretation of storms and their relationship wit...

Gandy Gallery: Glass Fab: Three Exhibitions of Artists Working in Glass
The Context In a country which follows the model of the new international economic order and which will thus certainly loose in the coming years a significant amount of the know-how held by its unique craftsmen. Can we help to safeguard this ...

Art Gallery of Bishop's University: Fabienne Lasserre: The Cave
The imposing atmosphere, which contributes greatly to the magic in this work, is created by the accumulation of the stacks of televisions placed throughout the space of the gallery, which is no longer shared only by the spectator. The electric dro...

Fotogalerie Objektief: Incarceration: Corrie McCluskey Explores Place as a Cultural Artifact
Several of McCluskey's meticulously printed, selenium-toned gelatin silver prints have previously been shown in group exhibitions, including No Exit: Images of Imprisonment, curated by Diana Gaston and Frank Yamrus at SF Camerawork in San Francisc...

Huntenkunst: Huntenkunst 2005 Opens Today
ITALIAN ARTISTS Every year artists from a specific country are being invited. After Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary and France, Italy has been chosen for Huntenkunst 2005. The project is set up in close cooperation wit...

Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art: Faye Claridge : Descendants of the Unfamiliar
Employing techniques from the renaissance workshop and the photographer’s studio, in video and photography, Claridge creates work that forces us to confront the ethics of identity and representation. Claridge is an interdisciplinary artist, ...

Photographer's Gallery: Citibank Private Bank Photography Prize 2000
Within the larger context of contemporary art, the five artists shortlisted for The Citibank Private Bank Photography Prize 2000 are exemplary in that each has demonstrated the ways in which photography continues to be at the forefr...

Dayton Art Institute: Form from Fire: Glass Sculpture by Dale Chihuly
Dale Chihuly has become perhaps the world's best-known glass artist and has, in many respects, single-handedly popularized the studio glass movement in the United States and abroad. He has been creating glass since 1967 and currently has piece...

photo san francisco, Stephen Cohen Gallery: The First Annual San Francisco Photographic Print Exposition Opens Today
Collectors, curators, and photographers will have an extraordinary opportunity to view thousands of images. The fair is organized by Stephen Cohen, organizer of photo l.a., The Lo...

Visual Arts Centre of Clarington: Penelope Stewart: Pulse
Penelope Stewart was born in Montreal, Quebec. She received her BFA from York University, Toronto and since graduating in 1989 has shown her work both Nationally and Internationally. Key exhibitions include; Canopy, Stride Gallery, Calgary; Tracer...

Forest City Gallery: Stories For Grandchildren: Mitch Robertson
Contrasting these ritzy and often humourous texts, two groups of personal photos titled People I Know, test the artist’s memory by acknowledging the people in the photos forgotten over time. In one series, the artist has enlarged every class photo...

Haus der Kunst: !Avant-Gardes!

For those interested in art history, however, it long remained difficult to get a clear picture of the development of the Czech, Slovak, Hungarian or Polish avant-garde. Their isolation, resulting from national traditions and international tension...
Jewish Museum: Tenth Annual New York Jewish Film Festival
Several directors will be in New York during the festival to introduce their fi1ms, including Pierre Grimblat (Lisa), Paula Levine (Convergence), Peter Forglics (The Maelstrom - A Family Chronicle), Gilles Bourdos (Disparus), and Rod Freedman (Unc...

Galleri Riddaren: Gender Equality - ART RAIN
Thompson states, "I am well known in many countries for my aesthetic, innovative art and organizational skills in exhibition management. Through my love for art and artists - who share in my dispositions of truth, innovation, civility and warmth -...

Orange Regional Art Gallery: Visionary Art: Curated by Damian Michaels
All of the artwork exhibited in the show will be from The Collection Art Visionary - 30 to 35 artists representing over 12 countries. A catalogue is available through the gallery as well as through Art Visionary...

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The Virgin
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The Vintagers
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Young Palm Tree
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Flower Head
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