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Artist: Raymond Duchamp-villon (1876 - 1918)
Nationality: French
Movement: Cubism
Media: Sculpture

Brother of Marcel Duchamp and Jacques Villon, Raymond Duchamp-Villon began his education as a medical student at the University of Paris. After a bout with illness in 1898, he was forced to switch career paths and took up sculpture. Self-taught, he worked in a variety of styles before adopting Cubism in 1910. Meetings held in his studio resulted in the formation of the Section d’Or group. Duchamp-Villon enlisted in the army in 1914 as an auxiliary doctor where he contracted typhoid fever in 1916. He struggled with the illness for two years before dying in a military hospital in 1918. HE is remembered for his sculpture, The Horse, which showed great potential as an example of Cubist sculpture.

Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
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Jacques Villon Jacques oil on canvas 1924
Jacques Villon Baudelaire Etching 1921
Jacques Villon After Jacques Villon Lithograph printed in colors (exhibition poster, 1957) 1957
Jacques Villon La Faute Aquatint 1904
Jacques Villon Sur les rochers (On the Rocks) Etching 1927
Jacques Villon Daguerrotype #1 Etching 1927
Jacques Villon Le Peintre (The Painter) Etching 1931
Jacques Villon La Lutte (The Contest) Etching with drypoint 1939
Jacques Villon Le Philosophe (The Philosopher) Etching 1930
Jacques Villon Homme Lisant (Reading Man) Etching 1929
Jacques Villon Nu se coiffant (Nude doing her Hair) Drypoint 1933
Jacques Villon Portrait Etching 19th - 20th century
Jacques Villon Duo Galant Color lithograph 1905
Jacques Villon Girl in a hat and veil Color aquatint 1925
Jacques Villon Nature Morte Color aquatint 1923
Jacques Villon Mariee (The Bride) Color aquatint 1930
Jacques Villon L'Effort (The Effort) Etching with drypoint 1939
Jacques Villon Le Village de Mougins (The Village of Mougins) Drypoint 1934
Jacques Villon Daguerrotype #2 Etching 19th - 20th century
Jacques Villon Devant un Guignol Drypoint in two tones 1909
Jacques Villon Composition (Abstraction) Color aquatint and roulette 1927
Jacques Villon Bal du Moulin Rouge Etching in olive green 1910
Jacques Villon Les Lampes (The Lamps) Etching and aquatint printed in colors 1951
Jacques Villon Kneeling nude girl, leaning over a tableside Drypoint 1908
Jacques Villon Composition (L'Envole) color lithograph 19th - 20th century
Jacques Villon Les Yeux Futiles (The Futile Eyes) Etching and color aquatint 1956
Jacques Villon Les trois ordres (The three orders: The Castle, the Church, the Country) Etching 1939
Jacques Villon Le Potin (The Gossip) Aquatint and drypoint in olive green 1905
Jacques Villon Les Vingt Ans Fiers (The Wild Twenty Years) Etching and drypoint 1930 - 1931
Jacques Villon Two Women on a Terrace by the Sea Color aquatint, etching and roulette 1922
Jacques Villon Coursier (Courser: a spirited horse) Lithograph printed in colors 19th - 20th century
Jacques Villon Autre temps: 1830 (Times Past: 1830) Color aquatint and drypoint 1904
Jacques Villon Plate X from: Hesiode, Les Travaux et les Jours (Hesiodos, The Works and Days) Sugar lift aquatint 19th - 20th century
Le Cheval (1914) by DUCHAMP-VILLON Raymond (dit), DUCHAMP Maurice Raymond (patronyme)
Jacques Villon D'ou l'on tourne l'epaule a la vie (from where one turns the shoulder to life: an allegory inspired by "Fenetres" a poem by Stephane Mallarme) Etching 1939
Raymond Duchamp-Villon - The Horse 1914 bronze The Museum of Modern Art French
Raymond Duchamp-Villon - Baudelaire 1911 Terracotta The Art Institute of Chicago French
Raymond Duchamp-Villon - Horse 1914 bronze The Art Institute of Chicago French
PATIENCE (1933) by DUCHAMP Gaston, VILLON Jacques (dit)
Raymond Duchamp-Villon - Torso of a Young Man 1910 Terracotta The Art Institute of Chicago French
Raymond Duchamp-Villon - Torso of a Young Man 1910 bronze National Gallery of Art French
Marcel Duchamp Le BoÓte en Valise de ou par Marcel Duchamp ou Rrose SÈlavy (The Box in the Valise of or by Marcel Duchamp or Rrose SÈlavy) no. VII from the deluxe edition (Series A) Leather valise containing miniature replicas, photographs,
Marcel Duchamp Obligation Montecarlo - Monte Carlo Bond Color lithograph with photograph 1938
J. Paul Getty Museum -
Duchamp with Water Mill Within Glider
Marcel Duchamp - Box in a Valise (From or by Marcel Duchamp or Rrose Selavy) 1935-41 leather valise conta The Museum of Modern Art French
Autoportrait (1949) by VILLON Jacques
Bernard l'hermite (1935) by VILLON Jacques (dit)
Man Ray - Marcel Duchamp as Rrose Selavy c. 1920-21 gelatin silver print Philadelphia Museum of Art American
J. Paul Getty Museum -
Joseph Stella and Marcel Duchamp
Eve, Jacques Villon (France, Damville, 1875 - 1963) , 1952, Etching
J. Paul Getty Museum -
Marcel Duchamp
LÈopold Flameng Villon au Cabaret de la pomme de pin lithograph circa 1870
Portrait of Mlle. Y. D., Jacques Villon (France, Damville, 1875 - 1963) , 1913, Oil on canvas
Pair of Woman’s Boots, François Villon  (Designer), circa 1967, Cotton canvas, leather
Le Petit Équilibriste, Jacques Villon (France, Damville, 1875 - 1963) , 1914, Drypoint
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Jacques Villon Title: Portrait of Walter Pach Date: 1932 - 1949 Medium: oil on
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Jacques Villon Title: Portrait of Magda Pach Date: 1932 - 1947 Medium: oil on
Yvonne in Profile, Jacques Villon (France, Damville, 1875 - 1963) , 1913, Drypoint
Les Vingt ans fiers, Jacques Villon (France, Damville, 1875 - 1963) , 1930, Etching
Jacques Villon, Sanford H. Roth (United States, 1906 - 1962) , circa 1946-1962, 4 x 5 in. negative

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
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Kunsthalle Wien, Museumsquartier: Tableaux Vivants: Living Pictures and Attitudes in Photography, Film, and Video
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Hayward Gallery: Force Fields: Phases of the Kinetic
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Modern Museum of Art: Modern Starts: Things
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Louvre Musuem: Possess and Destroy. Sexual Strategies in Western Art
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Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery: Surface Invention: Post-1945 Graphic Art
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National Gallery of Art: The Unfinished Print: Works by Rembrandt, Piranesi, Degas, Munch and Others
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Appleton Museum of Art: 20th Century Masterworks from the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Toronto
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Vancouver Art Gallery: The Uncanny: Experiments in Cyborg Culture
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Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona: RAYMOND HAINS
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Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Vassar College: Summer Reading: The Recreation of Language in Twentieth-Century Art
Drawn from the collections of the Loeb Art Center and 14 public and private sources, this international survey unites paintings, photographs, prints, drawings, collages, books and book-objects, poet-artist collaborations, and more by over 50 ar...

Art Gallery of Bishop's University: Fabienne Lasserre: The Cave
The imposing atmosphere, which contributes greatly to the magic in this work, is created by the accumulation of the stacks of televisions placed throughout the space of the gallery, which is no longer shared only by the spectator. The electric dro...

Organized by the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, and drawn from its extensive collection of photographs, the exhibition focuses on Man Ray’s photographic work and includes 100 vintage prints spanning the period from 1916 to the...

Chatham Cultural Centre, Thames Art Gallery: War Stories for Children and Art Stories for Adults: Recent Paintings and Sculptures byTony Calzetta
This exhibition has been organized by the Thames Art Gallery and will circulate to galleries in the Yukon, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. A 24 page catalogue with color plates and essays by Liz Wylie and Kate Regan is available. Excerpt f...

John Elder Gallery: Tetsuya Yamada, CHANT: Beyond the Ready-made
Never content to ride on past successes, Yamada has broken new ground with a fantastic body of cast and glazed porcelain works.  Each form is repeated and then placed in rows of varying length, and placed on simple wooden constructions.  When Duch...

National Gallery of Art: Deceptions and Illusions: Five Centuries of Trompe l’Oeil Painting
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Modern Museum: Rosemarie Trockel
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Malmo Konsthall: Jacob Dahlgren and Katarina Lofstrom: Visual and Emotional
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ART6 Gallery: Totemic Magic: Suzanna Biro and Frederick Chiriboga.
Suzanna Biro studied and traveled in Colombia, S.A. for more than three years learning weaving, pottery and painting from artists in villages throughout the country. She also studied sculpture and drawing in New York City. Her mixed media ...

Tate Gallery: Abracadabra: International Contempory Art
Another crucial characteristic which these artists share is that they address the real world and everyday life, and their art is therefore further distinguished by its combination of the real and the imaginat...

Art Gallery of New South Wales: Len Lye: Experimental Filmmaker, Sculptor, Photographer and Writer
'the least boring person who ever lived' Poet Alistair Reid As an experimental filmmaker, sculptor, photographer and writer, Len Lye was a diverse original, eccentric and celebrated artist. Commemorating the centennial year of his birth, ...

Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago: Sky-Wreck, a Large Site-specific Textile work by Chicago-based Conceptual Artist Helen Mirra
For her exhibition at The Society, Mirra has created Sky-Wreck, a work based on the geodesic designs of Buckminster Fuller, utopian engineer, inventor, cartographer and architect, best remembered for the geodesic dome. Sky-Wreck consist of 110 ...

Deutsche Guggenheim: Douglas Gordon‘s The VANITY of Allegory
For The VANITY of Allegory, Gordon turned to the histories of art and film for his source material, appropriating existing works as so many readymades with which to articulate his theme. His installation — which houses its own cinema — includes lo...

Tate Gallery, Liverpool: Figurative Art at the End of the Century
Many of these works have only just been acquired by the Tate and are on show in Liverpool for the first time. Together, they create a powerful spectacle and raise issues ...

Michael Dunev Art Projects: Sculpture by Manuel Sola / 20th Century Avantgarde
Their strong verticality recall the totems and ceremonial figures of African and Oceanic cutlures, and like them, give material sense to a spiritual world shared by all humanity. They are prayers to a world that is unravelling, presented with humi...

Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery: Moments in Time: Master Photographs from the Currier
I think there is enough variety in this exhibit to pique people's interest,'' says Maureen Ahern, director of the Thorne-Sagendorph. Photographs range from portraits of scientists Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin to artists Andy Warhol and...

Walker Art Center: Quartet: Barney, Gober, Levine, Walker
For this exhibition, Barney will create a room focused on the diverse sculptural and photographic elements of Cremaster 2, which premiered at the Walker in 1999. Since the early 1980s, Robert Gober has developed a body of work informed by cult...

MENIL COLLECTION: Remembering Saul Steinberg
Exhibition curator Walter Hopps was already at work selecting some twenty drawings for a Steinberg show when the artist died last May at the age of 84. “Steinberg was not just a cartoonist,” says Hopps, “but the wittiest member of the New ...

Visitors to the exhibition will have a wonderful opportunity to observe a captivating and diverse selection of portraits, some light-hearted and humorous in tone, others more serious and reflective in nature, said Pierre Théberge, Director, Na...

The Jewish Museum will present Alias Man Ray: The Art of Reinvention from November 15, 2009 through March 14, 2010, a major exhibition considering how the artist‚s life and career were shaped by his turn-of-the-century American Jewish immigrant ex...

Computer Arts Gallery: Animal Nature : Powerful Paintings, Drawings and Digital Prints by Hyacinthe Kuller-Baron
Hyacinthe's masterful Drawings in charcoal capture images of animal subjects in what Marcel Duchamp described as "a drawing technique so succinct the artist proves she is one of the finest draughtsmen alive today." Digitally rendered prin...

Jen Bekman: The Girl's Room: By The Dreier Project
It allows for the viewer to see the work without the material being the message. The artwork itself will be the message and perhaps answer some questions about the place of women’s artwork in the art world. Questions such as: What sort of work a...

Frick Collection: When is a Work of Art Complete: Prints by Rembrandt, Piranesi, Degas, Munch and More
In the process of printmaking, an artist will normally take proof impressions as he makes changes to his plate. These proof states, as will be apparent through many groupings in the exhibition, can establish an exact record of the image in the pr...

Royal Academy of the Arts: Joseph Beuys: The Secret Block for a Secret Person in
Beuys selected the drawings for the mysteriously-named The Secret Block for a Secret Person in Ireland himself, from his output between 1936 and 1976, adding to the block throughout his career until it reached a total of 456 sheets. For B...

Museum of Modern Art: Collaborations with Parkett: 1984 to Now
Founded in Zurich in 1984, the contemporary art journal Parkett has taken an innovative approach to magazine publishing. For each volume, artists are chosen to collaborate in the publishing process: they suggest authors to write on their work, con...

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