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Artist: John Arthur Fraser ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by John Arthur Fraser.

John Kay Major Fraser (d. 1795); Hon. Andrew Erskine (d. 1793); Sir John Whitefoord (d. 1803); Miss Burns, Meg Murray Etching 1785
Juliette May Fraser Camoflage Weaver linoleum cut 1943
John Sell Cotman Architectural Antiquities of Normandy (John and Arthur ArchäJ. S. Cotman, 1822) book with etchings 1822
Juliette May Fraser Hoonanea (Means quiet chat between old friends) Drypoint 1944
Arthur Pond Dr. John (?) Bentley 18th century
Juliette May Fraser Wahine workers. Kaliki camoflane factory color plate 1946
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe Burning Off 1930
Arthur Pond The Virgin and Child with St. Anne and St. John 1735
John Sell Cotman Castle of Arques, plate at p. 1 in the book Architectural Antiquities of Normandy (John and Arthur ArchäJ. S. Cotman, 1822), 2 vols. in 1 etching 1822
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe Caulking etching 1928
Arthur Pond [John the Evangelist, holding the Eagle] 18th century
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe The Seine Net etching - old paper 1925
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe The Roaring Forties etching 1926
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe Heavy Canvas etching 1931
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe The Three Barges etching - old paper 1925
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe The Beacon etching - old paper 1926
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe The Bowsprit etching - old paper 1928
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe The Winkle Picker etching - old paper 1926
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe Up Channel etching 19th - 20th century
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe Bending the Foresail etching - old paper 1928
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe Brixham Trawlers 19th - 20th century
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe An Act of God etching - old paper 19th - 20th century
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe The Shadow of the Mainsail 19th - 20th century
Arthur Devis - Portrait of Sir John van Hatten 1753 oil on canvas The Fitzwilliam Museum British
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe Gravesend Reach etching 19th - 20th century
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe Refitting etching - old paper 19th - 20th century
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe The Storm etching - old paper 19th - 20th century
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe The Fore T'Gallant Sail etching - old paper 1927
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe Overhauling the Net etching - old paper 19th - 20th century
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe On the mainyard etching - old paper 19th - 20th century
Unidentified artist St. Bridget, first plate, opposite page 86 in the book, the An Inquiry into the Origin and Early History of Engraving upon Copper and Wood by William Young Ottley (London: John and Arthur Arch, 1816), vol. 1 Woodcut 1816
John Singer Sargent - Betty Wertheimer Salaman (Mrs. Arthur Ricketts) c. 1910-1912 watercolor and penci Hirshhorn Museum American
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe Furling the Foresail etching - old paper 19th - 20th century
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe Mending the Trawl etching - old paper 19th - 20th century
Arthur-John-Trevor Briscoe We're bound for the Rio Grande etching - old paper 19th - 20th century
Unidentified artist An Inquiry into the Origin and Early History of Engraving upon Copper and Wood by William Young Ottley (London: John and Arthur Arch, 1816), vol. 1 Book with 3 full page woodcuts, 6 full page engravings, additional woodcuts and engra
Arthur Frank Mathews John Zeile oil on canvas 19th - 20th century
Unidentified artist An Inquiry into the Origin and Early History of Engraving upon Copper and Wood by William Young Ottley (London: John and Arthur Arch, 1816), vol. 2 Book with 4 full page wood engravings, 9 full page engravings, additional woodcuts a
Cathedral of St. John the Divine, 100 Years, Robert Rauschenberg (United States, Texas, Port Arthur, 1925 - 2008-05-12) , 1993, Lithograph
Museum of Fine Arts -
John Bernard Johnston, American, 1847-1886 Cow at Ease 1870s–1880s Oil on paperboard 21.27 x 22.22
Arthur Rothstein - John Marin in his Studio Hoboken, New Jersey 1949 gelatin silver print Cleveland Museum of Art American
Wall to Wall John Cage and Friends, Robert Rauschenberg (United States, Texas, Port Arthur, 1925 - 2008-05-12) , 1982, Offset lithograph
Museum of Fine Arts -
John La Farge, American, 1835-1910 Wood Interior 1864 Oil on panel 25.08 x 30.8 cm
Ward, Leslie Matthew (Spy) "The Marlborough Street Solicitor" (Mr. Arthur John Edward Newton) Men of the Day No. 574, from Vanity Fair, September 21, 1893 Lithograph 1893
John Wood Landscape 1744
Etude pour un tableau d'église, avec un ange montrant la Croix à un saint (1793) by PASSERI Giuseppe
John Saccaro Ballet Chinoise oil on canvas 20th century
Museum of Fine Arts -
Arthur Clifton Goodwin, American, 1864-1929 Strand Theatre about 1919 Oil on board 43.5 x 53.97
Museum of Fine Arts -
John Appleton Brown, American, 1844-1902 Brook in Summer 1890s Oil on canvas 50.8 x 68.58
Museum of Fine Arts -
Arthur Clifton Goodwin, American, 1864-1929 The Spotlight 1919 Oil on canvas 35.88 x 46.04 cm
Museum of Fine Arts -
Arthur Clifton Goodwin, American, 1864-1929 Copley Square, Boston about 1908 Oil on canvas 76.83 x
Museum of Fine Arts -
Arthur Clifton Goodwin, American, 1864-1929 Broadway Burlesque 1923 Pastel on paperboard 43.18 x 53.66 cm
Museum of Fine Arts -
Arthur Clifton Goodwin, American, 1864-1929 Down Mt. Vernon Street, Boston 1915 Pastel on paperboard 43.18
Museum of Fine Arts -
Arthur Clifton Goodwin, American, 1864-1929 The Barnstormer, Old South Theater, Boston 1918 Oil on paperboard
Museum of Fine Arts -
Arthur Clifton Goodwin, American, 1864-1929 Custom House Tower from the Public Garden, Boston about 1914
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Arthur B. Davies Title: Study of a Young Girl Date: about 1920 Medium: black
Nicolas Africano Dance ornament Wood, pearl shell, pigment C-14 dating: 1520–1810 (95.2% probability)
Unknown artist or artists Mask Marine turtle shell, wood, trade cloth, human hair, feathers - cassowary, shell - mussel - cowrie, beeswax, seedpods, fiber, pigment - red, white -lime 19th century
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Arthur Clifton Goodwin Title: Gloucester Harbor Date: about 1910 Medium: oil on board Dimensions:
Arthur John Elsley - Portrait of Pickle 1893 oil on canvas Brighton and Hove Museums English

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
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Fraser Gallery: Art and Technology
The exhibition includes work by Kathryn Cornelius, Claire Watkins, Scott Hutchison, Thomas Edwards, David Page and others. "We seek to explore and to show," says Fraser, "what happens when talented and creative individuals, with a proven reco...

Fraser Gallery: Catriona Fraser and Malcolm Sharp: Landscapes of Scotland
Art critic J.W. Mahoney wrote about Fraser's work in the Washington Review: "The single eye of Catriona Fraser's camera has been directed toward the timeless world of her Celtic ancestors for many years ...

New Museum of Contemporary Art: Jacqueline Fraser: A Portrait of the Lost Boys
The beauty and fragility of the materials contrast sharply with the harsh subject matter of the work. Through the story of the premature death of a local New Zealand boy, accompanying texts address the disenfranchisement of youth in society today....

Cambridge Galleries: Natural Constructions
Kevin Fraser is a native of Oakville, Ontario. He received his BFA from McMaster University in 1997. Most recently Fraser's work has been featured in a solo exhibition at the Dofasco Gallery at the Dundas Valley School of Art. This past spri...

Fraser Gallery: Georgetown International Fine Arts Competition
Ms. Kendall Hull reviewed nearly one thousand entries from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Latin America, Canada and every state in the U.S. before selecting 23 artists from various parts of the United States, Canada, Lithuania a...

Niurka Inurrieta's work had just been exhibited in Portugal, says Catriona Fraser, owner of the Fraser Gallery and co-curator of the exhibition, and when I saw it for the first time I was very impressed by her imagery and technical...

Photographers' Gallery: Citigroup Photography Prize 2004
Paul Wombell, Director of The Photographers' Gallery says of this year's short-list: "Over the last 30 years Robert Adams, Peter Fraser, David Goldblatt and Joel Sternfeld have created important bodies of work that have been a major influence on g...

Second Street Studio: Call For Entries: Creative Vision Television
The deadline for open call is August 15. We are going to identify all featured artists for 1999-2001 seasons from this pool. Initial reviews will by performed through slide selection by committee. Head judges are Catriona Fraser, renowned fine ...

Grassroots Arts Facility: Introversions: An Exhibition of New Paintings by Gordon Fraser
Gordon Fraser was born in Boston, MA in December 1975. Shortly after, his family moved to Stamford, CT and then later to Princeton, NJ. Early on he wanted to be an architect and studied mechanical drawing and architectural drafting. Gordon went on...

Denise Bibro Fine Art: Gone to the Dogs
Artists include:
David Barnett
Sophie Blackall
Boyce Cummings
Peter Drake
Katherine Fraser
Eric Ginsburg
Lauren Grabelle
Catherine Hnatov
Serge Hollerbach
Brooke Jacobs
Michel Keck
Susan ...

Gallery West: Creative Visions: A Multimedia Collaboration
Established in 1979, Gallery West is the oldest artist-operated gallery in Northern Virginia. It represents established and emerging artists working in a broad spectrum of paint media, as well as photography, sculpture, ...

Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Concordia University: Adad Hannah. Recast and Reshoot
This line of study would continue with Burghers of Seoul, which gives us a video reconstruction of Auguste Rodin's The Burghers of Calais (1884-1895). In the Museum Stills series, the camera remained still while the characters held their poses; wi...

Fraser Gallery: Mark Jenkins: Tape All Over Town
For this coming show, provided that he can fit it through our front door, Jenkins will have the lifesize 1995 tape Honda Civic in the gallery, and will also exhibit photographs about some of his other tape projects. Additionally, Mark will h...

Fraser Gallery: Photographs of Scotland
The mounted naked warrior looked behind him and examined his own smaller army, made up of both men and women tattooed in designs and symbols like the ones on his scarred body. His name was Bridei and he was the King of the Northern Picts, th...

Canada House Gallery: Exotica: Don Li-Leger
Don has experienced a rich and varied life. He traveled around the world in 1971 before studying plant ecology at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia. In 1975 he studied painting with Terry Frost at the Banff Centre School of Fine...

Royal Over-Seas League: Travel Scholarships 2000 for Artists
Eligibility citizens of the United Kingdom up to and including the age of 35 as at 31 December 2000. Media oil or comparable media, watercolour, drawing, mixed media, mono print or semi-relief. Free-standing work, multiple edition prints ...

SCA Project Gallery, Pomona Art Colony: Inverse and Brush with Weight and a Dance: Painting, Sculpture and Sound
Artists participating in Inverse express their views on the complex phenomenon of being reciprocal, opposite or reverse in relationships existing in the worlds of natural and unnatural, macro or micro or ethnic or social. SCA Project Gal...

KZNSA - KwaZulu Natal Society of Arts: MINE : Works by 9 Artists
The provocative manipulation of matter and materials defies the traditional, adds depth to the contemporary, and re-defines the artists within the context of their highly specific lives. MINE presents bodies of work in a sweeping variety of ...

Leslie Sacks Fine Art: Sam Francis Prints : The Last of Their Kind
Lastly, this show contains two limited edition letterpress books of poetry and aquatints: Wanted Female, poem by Pierre Guyotat (text in French and English) and aquatints by Sam Francis, edition of 35, 1993; and Boundayr, poem by Kathleen Fraser a...

Art Gallery of Ontario: Uniform: Robin Pacific - Collaboration with Protection Services Officers
Their collective desire to make the unique personalities and opinions of fellow PSOs both audible and visible at the AGO is realized in UNIFORM, a series of photographic, audio and video installations throughout the galleries. The PSOs are: ...

Presentation House Gallery: Getting It Together in the Country: Rodney Graham
The large photo diptych, Fishing on a Jetty, is -to use the artist’s words- a not-too-scrupulous reconstruction of a shot in Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief, wherein Cary Grant (here played by me), hiding from the p...

The exhibition has been drawn from the Chartwell Collection, started in the 1970s by Hamilton businessman R B K Gardiner as a way of bringing contemporary art to Hamilton at a time when the city was without an art gallery. Now numbering aroun...

Crafts Council Gallery: Contemporary Japanese Jewelery

Until the 20th century, Japan had no historical tradition of jewellery making in the Western sense and the practice of jewellery art within Japan is a recent development that has been strongly influenced by Western styles.

There will be a ric...
Atlanta Contemporary Art Center: What Business Are You In?
Artists’ relationships with the corporate and academic worlds are complex and often contradictory. Far from the myth of the romantic outsider, most artists depend on the support of institutions and corporations, much as they did on the aristocracy...

Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington: Make Your Own Life: Artists In and Out of Cologne
This exhibition assembles the work of these figures alongside their American counterparts who exhibited in Cologne with them—Mike Kelley, Andrea Fraser, and Christopher Williams, among them. The art on view encapsulates a critical, independent eth...

OBORO: Judy Radul: Proposal for Ghost Pass Rehearsal Park
This parallel between spatial regimes ushers in questions of time and performance. As space and images are variously allocated, sound, objects, and the presence (or absence) of other viewers further dis-tribute roles, offering an ever-changing num...

La Petite Mort Gallery: RIDE ME / The Art of Urban Transport
In artfully, delicious ways La Petite Mort in union with local and not so local artist is bringing the environment, custom design and the beat of urban culture to a pavement near you. From August 1st to August 31st 2008 La Petite Mort will be fea...

Dia Center for the Arts: Rodney Graham and Bruce Nauman: ...the nearest faraway place...
Born in 1949 in Masqui, British Columbia, Rodney Graham studied art history at the University of British Columbia from 1968 to 1971 and at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver from 1978 to 1979. Beginning with a series of solo shows in the late...

Fraser Gallery: Flower Photography by Andrzej Pluta
His unique work is created by using Sinar P2 8x10 inch cameras. For some compositions, Carl Zeiss Mirotar lens (one of the world's rarest) is used on the Sinar 8x10, making it the only camera construction of its kind. Using a unconventional and co...

Tullie House Museum and Art Services: Stranger than Fiction: Photographs, Video and Film by Artists Living in Britian
Jananne Al-Ani explores Western perceptions of women in the Middle East; Zineb Sedira's triptych of life sized veiled figures confounds common prejudices about veiled women. The self is a readily available subject for art investigating identity...

Fraser Gallery: Passion for Frida: 27 Years of Frida Kahlo Artwork
In 1975 my parents took their first vacation ever, at least in my memory. As Cuban exiles, the American tradition of yearly vacations was as removed from their routine as the Cuban tradition of Nochebuena is from American Christmas holiday customs...

Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane: Your place or mine?: Fiona Foley and Simryn Gill
Fiona states, "It’s about putting Indigenous people up front in the world in every way – in fashion, in exhibitions, and in the gallery system." In the series "Badtjala Woman" & "Native Blood" Fiona directly addresses the way her ancestors...

Gallery 128, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts: Juried Alumni Exhibition to Feature Work by Ruslan Khais
Ruslan Khais states about his work, "For the last four years the landscape has been the predominant subject in my art. Shimmer of sunlight, coming trough the leaves and its ever-changing reflections in the water become the subject of my paintings....

Tate Liverpool: Marc Quinn
The Tate Liverpool exhibition presents a large body of new work and will highlight the multi-faceted nature of Quinn’s practice, bringing together a wide variety of painting, sculpture, drawing and photography. The exhibition will explore a number...

City Gallery Wellington: Telecom Prospect 2004: New Art New Zealand
From an 18 metre long glistening glitter carpet by Hamilton artist Mark Curtis to Ralph Hotere's White Drip: from a working ice-skating rink by Wellington artist Maddie Leach to a new interactive work by Ronnie van Hout, Telecom Prospect 2004 has ...

Vancouver Art Gallery: Expanding Horizons : Painting and Photography of American and Canadian Landscape 1860-1918
"The revolutionary approach of Expanding Horizons makes a major contribution to the understanding of landscape art in North America," said Kathleen Bartels director of the Vancouver Art Gallery. "The Gallery is proud to offer visitors the first op...

Fruitmarket Gallery: Somewhere Everywhere Nowhere: Collections sans Frontieres III
Somewhere Nowhere Everywhere is an exhibition selected from the holdings of five of the FRACs, the FRACs du Grand Est – Alsace, Bourgogne, Champagne-Ardenne, Franche-Comté and Lorraine. In recognition of the FRACs’ particular status as regionally-...

Delaware Art Museum: An American Century of Photography: From Dry-plate to Digital, The Hallmark Photographic Collection

BAWAG Foundation: Elke Krystufek: The Rich Visit the Poor, the Poor Visit the Rich
Artists, gallery owners, collectors, curators - Krystufek falls back on the entire art scene yakuza, making them appear against a backdrop of slums and palaces, in chic salons and trashy saloons, in pink Cadillacs, designer chairs, and high-gra...

Art Basel Miami Beach: Art Projects: Art from the Gallery to the Street, to the Parks, on the Ocean and in the skies
The encouragement of young art has a long tradition at Art Basel - a tradition which is being consistently continued in Miami Beach. The special "Art Statements" sector encourages the youngest generation of artists by way of one-person shows; "A...

Further Artwork and Information:

John Fraser - Artist Painting Prices, Art Appraisal, Artist Paintings [AskART.com]
John Arthur Fraser (1786 - 1865) Biography, Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
Grove Art Online
Fraser, John Arthur
Elliott Louis Gallery Presents John Arthur Fraser
John Arthur Fraser / At Nahant, Mass. / unknown
John Arthur Fraser artwork from Elliott Louis Gallery
John Arthur Fraser / The Heart of Scotland / unknown
John Arthur Fraser [1838-1898]
Oz-Boer Database - Names Index


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