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Artist: Christopher Gonzalez ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Christopher Gonzalez.

Les arbres agité : arbres et buissons au feuillage vert (1969) by GONZALEZ Joan
Portrait de femme, en buste, tournée vers la gauche (1969) by GONZALEZ Joan
Nuage et tâche de rouille : un chemin serpente entre deux collines boisées (1969) by GONZALEZ Joan
Autoportrait : en buste, une courte barbe au menton (1969) by GONZALEZ Joan
Paysage dit les Murets (1969) by GONZALEZ Joan
L'Arbre aux grosses racines (1969) by GONZALEZ Joan
D'épais nuages gris au-dessus d'une maison (1969) by GONZALEZ Joan
Nu aux rochers : jeune femme nue, assise sur un rocher (1969) by GONZALEZ Joan
Paysage au petit nuage mauve : jeune fille assise sur un rocher (1969) by GONZALEZ Joan
Jeune fille ocre et bleu, vue à mi-corps, la poitrine à moitié nue (1969) by GONZALEZ Joan
Des arbres dans un paysage caillouteux (1904 en) by GONZALEZ Joan
Arbres et rochers bordant un chemin (1969) by GONZALEZ Joan
Cinq arbres au feuillage dense dans un paysage caillouteux (1969) by GONZALEZ Joan
Paysage aux tons nacrés: groupe d'arbres au feuillage dense dans une plaine (1969) by GONZALEZ Joan
Hans Memling - St. Christopher c. 1479-1480 oil on panel Cincinnati Art Museum Flemish
Fritz Eichenberg - St. Christopher n.d. wood engraving Meadows Museum of Art at Centenary College American
Viva la Vida, Carlos Gonzalez Castro  (Artist), 1996-1998, Screenprint
Viva la Vida, Carlos Gonzalez Castro  (Artist), 1996-1998, Screenprint
Juan Antonio Gonzalez Indiscretion Etching 1881
Francisca Gonzalez Monterey 1860 hand colored photograph 1860
Juan Antonio Gonzalez Chez l'Impressario Etching 1879
Juan Antonio Gonzalez The Singer Etching 19th century
Juan Antonio Gonzalez Indiscretion Etching 19th century
Juan Antonio Gonzalez Chez l'impressario Etching 1879
Sergio Gonzalez-Tornero Twelve Chambers Intaglio 1964
Sergio Gonzalez-Tornero A Tree color etching 1964
Lucas Cranach the Elder - Saint Christopher 1518-20 oil on linden panel The Detroit Institute of Art German
Ruines d'une cathédrale (1782) by GONZALEZ Antoine
Johann Christopher Winkler St. Christopher Bearing the Christ Child red chalk on cream paper 18th century
Lucas Cranach the Elder - St. Christopher and the Christ Child c. 1518 Oil on panel The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens German
Frederick Kemmelmeyer - First Landing of Christopher Columbus 1800-1805 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Eugene Delacroix - Christopher Columbus and His Son at La Rabida 1838 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art French
All of the Horsemen Accompanying the Infantes are Slain, as Well as the Infante Fernan Gonzalez, Antonio Tempesta (Italy, Florence, 1555 - 1630) , 1612, Etching
Jan Mandyn - Saint Christopher and the Christ Child c. 1550 oil on panel Los Angeles County Museum of Art Flemish
Francisco Aguera Bustamante Untitled (Our Lady of Guadalupe), a page accompanying a thesis submitted to the law faculty in Guadalajara by Joseph Turibius Gonzalez et Ramirez Engraving 1796
Ruy Velazquez Orders the Death of Nuño Salido, Gonzalez Gomez Comes to His Aid and Kills the Knight Gonzalo Sanchez, Antonio Tempesta (Italy, Florence, 1555 - 1630) , 1612, Etching
Portrait de Lamartine (19e siècle) by GONZALEZ N (graveur)
Charles Christopher Hill Armstrong color lithograph 1977
Christopher Grubbs Vida's Seat pencil 1983
Sir David Wilkie - Christopher Columbus in the Convent of La Rabida Explaining His Intended Voyage 1834 oil on canvas North Carolina Museum of Art British
Johann Christopher Sysang Woldemar, etc. 18th century
Christopher Wren New Albion 17th - 18th century
Leading by Example, Christopher Ramirez (born 1965) , no date, Screenprint
Salvador Dali - The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus 1958-59 Oil on canvas Salvador Dali Museum Spanish
Christopher Park 50,000 ! polaroid photograph 1994
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Saint Christopher, 1400-1425 French; Made in ToulouseSilver, silver-gilt; 25 5/8 x 11 3/4 in. (65.1
Julio Gonzalez - Woman with Hair in a Bun c. 1930 iron on stone base The Art Institute of Chicago Spanish
Antonio Gonzalez Velazquez - The Birth of the Virgin 1755-57 oil on canvas The Detroit Institute of Art Spanish
William Holl (the Younger) Sir Christopher Wren engraving 19th century
Johann Christopher Sysang Christophorus Starcke 18th century
Johann Christopher Sysang Augustinus Balthasar, etc. 18th century
Johann Christopher Sysang Victor Fridericus 18th century

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Gonzalez

Il Ramo d'Oro: Naif Venezuelan Artists: Daniel Garcia Volcan, Edgar Vega, Vidalia Gonzalez, Jose Dudamel
Edgar Vegas developed in the same time his work as naf painter and that of trainer of paintings in different situations he participated to 11 collective exhibitions and two solo exhibitions. His paintings with religious and social subjects got po...

Beyond the Proscenium Productions: Villa Art Ann Foot
Villa is a noted muralist, painter, poet, and musician as well as being a retired art professor at CSUS. He continues to teach at his studio. Gonzalez is noted for his printmaking as well as concrete poetry-where words make up part of the ...

Artsonje Center: Less Ordinary: Curated by Sungwon Kim
Artists included in the exhibition are Alain Bublex, Pierre Joseph, Dominique Gonzalez Foerster, Koo Jeng A, Natacha Lesueur, Marine Hugonnier, Bruno Serralongue, Matthieu Laurette, Mathieu Mercier, Mlik Ohanian, Valry Grancher, Xavier Veilhan et ...

JAMES A. & DOROTHY PORTER (WESLEY) ARCHIVES & GALLERY EXHIBITION 600 E. LAS OLAS BLVD., FT. LAUDERDALE., FL. 954/4637880 FEBRUARY 11-APRIL 2, 2000 Tu-Sat: Noon to 8pm; Sat: noon to 10pm Sun: Noon to 6pm...

Baltimore Museum of Art: BodySpace
From a full-scale silk replica of a traditional 18th-century Korean home to a beaded curtain that evokes shimmering water as well as the swinging '60s, these large three-dimensional works blur the boundaries between art and craft, industrial and h...

Fort Wayne Museum of Art: Mary Ellen Mark: American Odyssey
Aperture, a not-for-profit organization devoted to photography and the visual arts, has organized this traveling exhibition and produced the accompanying publications. Aperture gratefully acknowledges the ...

Art Gallery of Hamilton: The Gift: Generous Offerings, Threatening Hospitality
"This exhibition provides a unique and rare opportunity to see some of the most remarkable international artshakers in the world, artists who are highly influential and work with ideas of communication through giving," says AGH Chief Curator Sh...

Neuberger Museum of Art: Welded! Sculpture of the Twentieth Century
Welding will be shown in all of its variations as cut, bent, crushed and painted metal that is stable or that moves, that includes sound and water, that is r...

Il Ramo d'Oro: The sign and the Dream/Il Segno e il Sogno
It gives a synthesis of the artists of Il segno e il sogno (the sign and the dream) whose works of small size we are showing , in October, November and December 2005, collected in the elegant box-frame projected by the architect Gianfranco Erba...

Tate Liverpool: At Sea: Works in All Media that Examine the Sea
Artists such as Vija Celmins and Hiroshi Sugimoto see the sea as conducive to quiet contemplation. For others, the sea evokes scenes of danger or disaster. Shipwrecks, drownings and other tragedies are hauntingly alluded t...

Americas Society Art Gallery: ICON + GRID + VOID, Art of the Americas from the Chase Manhattan Collection
Icon denotes the representational image, often central and indelible, that has been a mainstay of contemporary art from Pop to Postmodernism. Grid is the modernist trope of intersecting perpendiculars that formally underlies diverse artistic conce...

Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College: Three Exhibtions Celebrate 10th Anniversary: The Arch of Desire-Women in the Marieluise Hessel Collection -- Re(f)use -- Text, Texture, Touch
The Center for Curatorial Studies was founded by Marieluise Hessel as a center for the study of late-20th-century art. It offers an innovative, interdisciplinary graduate program in curating and criticism of contemporary art. In the 10 years since...

ARCO 2003: 22nd International Contemporary Art Fair Features Young Swiss Art
A total of 280 galleries, including some of the worlds most important, representing Europe (214), North-America (27), Latin-America and the Caribbean (27), Asia (8) and Oceania (4), will furnish the ARCO'03 official program with content, offering...

Tate Liverpool: Liverpool Biennial: International 2002
Artists for Liverpool Biennial / International 2002 are Chiho Aoshima, Olaf Breuning, Elizabeth Dadi & Iftikhar Dadi, Guillermo Gmez-Pea, Dominique Gonzalez Foerster, Juan Fernando Herrn, Christine Hill, T...

Centre pour limage contemporaine: 8th Biennial of Moving Images
Cinema-like works (video screenings and installations requiring a dark space) have been numerously shown in museums and art spaces these last years. This now current habit operates a transformation in the ...

Guggenheim Museum: The Mexperimental Cinema
The series moves from the countercultural works of the 1960s to the newest generation of noncommercial, formal experiments and also features works by U.S. experimental filmmakers for whom Mexico was a site of exploration and a source...

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston: The Inward Eye: Transcendence in Contemporary Art
The exhibition features twenty-nine works created between 1970 and 2001 that capture the viewer's attention in a variety of ways. From perceptual work like that of Charles Ray or James Turrell that allows us to see ourselves seeing, to ...

Michael Dunev Art Projects: Sculpture by Manuel Sola / 20th Century Avantgarde
Their strong verticality recall the totems and ceremonial figures of African and Oceanic cutlures, and like them, give material sense to a spiritual world shared by all humanity. They are prayers to a world that is unravelling, presented with humi...

Caladan Gallery: Contemporary Icons: Artists Explore Modern Iconography
The exhibition presents a coherent atmosphere, however, due to the thoughtfulness and passion of the artists involved. Also on view for the month of May is an addendum to Contemporary Icons entitled The Marketing of Che by photographer Ruth Turne...

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: SUPERNOVA: Art of the 1990s from the Logan Collection
The exhibition takes its title from Takashi Murakamis tour de force painting Super Nova, 1999, which depicts the destruction of an earthly terrain by atomic weapons whose mushroom clouds are rendered in ravishingly colorful detail, according to...

Joan Miro Foundation: False Innocence: Exploring the Fundamental Issues of Contemporary Art
The title of the exhibition is an attempt to catch the visitors attention and predispose him to explore the contents of the works on show beyond their innocent physical appearance, reviving the idea of a committed art generating doubt and confusi...

Michael Werner Gallery: Recent Paintings by Georg Baselitz
All of the works in the exhibition have direct sources in paintings the artist made as a teenager during the 1950s, and in fact certain works bear the dates 1953, 1954 or 1955 as part of their iconography. This combination of personal histo...

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza: Mimesis. Modern Realism 1918-1945
Despite this, and in contrast to other tendencies such as Surrealism and geometrical Abstraction, which came about in a homogenous and organised manner, Realism was a varied and plural trend which acquired different characteristics depending on so...

Claremont Museum of Art: Velocity 2007: Contemporary Art Auction to Feature Work by Ellen Jantzen
Artists, who generously contributed artworks for this event:

Fumiko Amano
Dawn Arrowsmith
Ellen Babcock
Karl Benjamin
Barbara Beretich
Enrique Castrejn
Steve Comba
Hollis Cooper
Zoe Crosher

Museum of Contemporary Photography: The Edge of Intent : Utopian Aspirations of Urban Planners
The Edge of Intent exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Photography coincides with the centennial celebration of Daniel Burnhamʼs 1909 plan for the city of Chicago. The exhibition will reflect the centennial celebrationʼs statement...

Hudson River Museum: The Magic of Light: Artists Focusing on Non-Traditional Media
The Magic of Light displays the work of both established and emerging American artists. James Turrell, part of the Light-and-Space movement of the 1960s and 1970s along with Robert Irwin, works with pure light, while his main goal is the viewer...

Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College: Assemblance; If it's not love, it's the bomb
The selected works attempt to reconcile difficult histories through the resurrection of personal and cultural memories. This survey crosses experiential divides and examines the artists' continued proximity to the events they depict. Artists inclu...

Complejo Cultural La Rinconada,: The Politics of Barro / IV Barro de America Biennale
Venezuelan as well as Brazilian artists will present their projects that articulate themes such as violence, territorial prejudices, discrimination, male chauvinism, political divisions, and expressions from the urban world and the artificial natu...

The Studio: Winter Solstice Exhibition Feartures Works by 25 Artists
Works by twenty-five artists will be on display. Many of the artists are in Museums and Galleries nationally as well as internationally and in the New York Metropolitan area. Sculptures in aluminum, steel, bronze and ceramic are featured i...

San Diego Museum of Art: Jos Clemente Orozco in the United States, 1927-1934
The Museum is delighted to be able to present such a significant exhibition of works by Orozco who, along with Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, and David Alfaro Siqueiros, is counted among the most important Mexican artists of the twentieth century. Wit...

el museo del barrio: 2002 (S) Files, the biennial of El Museo del Barrio
The exhibition is co-curated by Deborah Cullen, Curator, and Victoria Noorthoorn, Curator of Museo de Arte Latinoamericano, Coleccin Costanini, Buenos Aires . Works include traditional media, such as painting, drawing, sculptural works,...

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen: Sarah Morris: Artist in Focus IFFR
Seductive and inviting To Morris, making films and making paintings are two sides of the same coin. She is using both media to hold the codes of the urban environment, and the communication strategies behind them, up against the light. Her film A...

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art: Bull's Eye: Works from the Astrup Fearnley Collection
The artists employ objects and images from reality directly in their works. Jeff Koons has manufactured a gigantic piece of kitsch in fragile, gilt porcelain a sculpture portraying the pop star Michael Jackson with his favourite chimpanzee, Bubb...

Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College: First-year graduate students curate exhibitions: I Need You To Be There, Angles of Incidence, and The Volatile Real
The three exhibitions, I Need You To Be There, Angles of Incidence, and The Volatile Real were conceived in collaboration between curatorial teams of first-year graduate students and visiting curator, Maria Hlavajova, artistic director of the Bega...

Modern Museum: Projekt Philippe Parreno
In this work, and its specific context - cinema advertising - Parreno continues his investigation and questioning of different conditions of production and generalized forms of communication. Shot in a remote and seldom visited location a fj...

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg: Lets Entertain: Kunst Macht Spass
The exhibition is devoted to the ubiquitous theme of the fun society and its effects on the work of contemporary artists. In an entertainment-oriented consumer society, we are surrounded by a vast range of visual stimuli; television, magazines, co...

Americas Society: Picturing Guatemala: Images From the CIRMA Photography Archive, 1870-1997
Many of the photographs on view will be rare vintage prints, including a number of nineteenth-century cartes ...

Contemporary Arts Center: Nothing Compared to This: Ambient, Incidental and New Minimal Tendencies in Current Art
Nothing Compared to This looks at the works of artists who occupy and control space by subtle, often indirect, means.The most salient distinction of todays art in this vein, however, is that it is often not meant to be contemplated, or even dire...

Photofusion Photography Centre: Eulogy to Beauty:
The concern here is not with nudity for its own sake, but with the aesthetics of beauty. However, it is a commonplace that the male - and indeed often female - gaze finds its target for this aesthetic in the feminine form, and the erotic represent...

The Studio: Annual Winter Group Exhibition - Winter Solstice III
A short video by Robert Federico, Energy: Returning, incorporates natural phenomena and digital technology to suggest the mysterious forces that govern the cosmos. Laurel Garcia Colvin uses the encaustic medium and a variety of imagery in her Noct...

Further Artwork and Information:

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