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Artist: John Graham-gilbert ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by John Graham-Gilbert.

John Singleton Copley - Baron Graham 1804 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
John Gilbert Moliere 19th century
John Gilbert The Woodman and his dog. 19th century
Gilbert Stuart - John Jay 1794 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Norman Orr Bill Graham Presents (248) Santana; Dr. John, Fillmore West, 9/10-13/70 lithograph 197
John Graham Knonle Park. 19th century
John Rogers Gilbert Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury 19th - 20th century
Gilbert Stuart - John Adams c. 1800-1815 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Gilbert Stuart - John Randolph 1804-1805 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Gilbert Stuart - Sir John Dick 1783 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Gilbert Stuart - John Adams c. 1821 oil on wood National Gallery of Art American
John H. Myers Bill Graham Presents (33) Yardbirds; Country Joe and the Fish, Fillmore Auditorium, 10/23/66 lithograph 1966
Leighton Bros. Cardinal Wolsey, From a painting by Sir. John Gilbert. 19th century
John Leech The Comic History of England by Gilbert Abbott ‡ Beckett (London: Bradbury, Agnew, & Co., [ca. 1880]), vol. 2( of 2) book with 10 color plates and 80 wood engravings 1880
John H. Myers Bill Graham Presents (23) Jefferson Airplane; Grateful Dead, Fillmore Auditorium, 8/12-13/66 lithograph 1966
John Leech The Comic History of England by Gilbert Abbott ‡ Beckett (London: Bradbury, Agnew, & Co., [ca. 1880]), vol. 1( of 2) book with 10 etchings with hand coloring and 120 wood engravings 1880
John Leech The Comic History of Rome by Gilbert Abbott ‡ Beckett ([London]: Bradbury, Agnew & Co., [ca. 1850]) book with 10 engravings with hand coloring, and with 98 wood engravings 1850
Gilbert Stuart - Mrs. John Thomson Mason c. 1803-1805 oil on canvas Cleveland Museum of Art American
Gilbert Stuart - John Bill Ricketts 1795-1799 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Gilbert Stuart - Counsellor John Dunn c. 1798 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
David Singer San Francisco Rock Poster: Bill Graham Presents, The Kinks; Elton John; 11/12-15/70 color lithograph 1970
John Thompson The Family Dog and Bill Graham Presents (120) "Spaghetti Hair Lady" Youngbloods; Kaleidoscope Avalon Ballroom, 5/24-26/68 lithograph 1968
John H. Myers Bill Graham Presents (27) The Mothers; Oxford Circle, Fillmore Auditorium, 9/9/66; Scottish Rites Temple lithograph 1966
Stanley Mouse Bill Graham Presents (106) John Mayall and the Blues Breakers; Arlo Guthrie, Fillmore Auditorium, 2/8-10/68 lithograph 1968
John H. Myers San Francisco Rock Poster: Bill Graham Presents, B.B. King; Moby Grape; Fillmore Auditorium, 2/26/67 color lithograph 1967
John H. Myers San Francisco Rock Poster: Bill Graham Presents, Blues Project; Jimmy Reed; Fillmore Auditorium, 2/10-12/67 color lithograph 1967
Andy Warhol - Rod Gilbert 1977 acrylic and silkscre The Art Gallery University of Maryland American
Duncan’s Horses, John Graham Lough (England, Shotley, 1798 - 1876)  (Artist), 1832, Plaster on original wood base in original glass bell
Gilbert Stuart - Abigail Smith Adams (Mrs. John Adams) 1800-1815 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Rick Griffin Bill Graham Presents (105) Jimi Hendrix, John Mayall, and Blues Breakers, and Albert King, 1968, Fillmore/Winterland Color offset lithograph 1968
David Singer San Francisco Rock Poster: Bill Graham Presents, John Mayall; Mother Earth; Fillmore West, 8/19-21/69; Golden Gate Park, 8/22-24/69 color lithograph 1969
John D. Graham - Two Sisters 1944 oil, enamel, pencil, The Museum of Modern Art American
Museum of Fine Arts -
John Singleton Copley, American, 1738-1815 Gilbert DeBlois late 1770s Oil on canvas 91.76 x 71.12
John D. Graham - Toreador 1937-1947 oil on canvas University of California, Berkeley Art Museum American
Atlanta, John McWilliams  (Artist), 1973, Gelatin-silver print
Man’s Tie, Gilbert Adrian (United States, 1903 - 1959) , circa 1950, Silk twill, lined in silk crepe
Thomas Gainsborough - The Hon. Mrs. Thomas Graham c. 1775-1777 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art British
Museum of Fine Arts -
Gilbert Stuart, American, 1755-1828 John Adams 1823 Oil on canvas 76.2 x 63.5 cm (30
John Kay Dr. James Graham Going along the North Bridge in a High Wind, pl. 11 in the book, A Series of Original Portraits and Caricature Etchings (Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, 1877), vol. 1 Etching 1785
Rigby Graham åJames Joyce*s Tower* Sandycove by Rigby Graham ([Wymondham]: Brewhouse Press, [1975]) book with reproductions of drawings and paintings 1975
LF-F4-93/1 Chair, John Luebtow (United States, born 1944) , 1992, Stainless steel, plate glass, aluminum
Death Valley, Graham Howe (Australia, born 1950) , Gelatin-silver print
Japanese Poster, Graham Nash (England, born 1942) , 1989, Ink-jet (Iris) print
Amy, Graham Nash (England, born 1942) , 1973, printed 1989, Ink-jet (Iris) print
Neil Young, Graham Nash (England, born 1942) , 1989, Ink-jet (Iris) print
Philip Gilbert Hamerton The Art of the American Wood-Engraver by Philip Gilbert Hamerton (New York: Charles Scribner*s Sons, 1894) book with text only 1894
Philip Gilbert Hamerton The Sylvan Year by Philip Gilbert Hamerton (London: Seeley, Jackson, and Halliday, 1876) book with 20 etchings 1876
1976, Burns, Michael John (United States) , 1976, Gelatin-silver print
1976, Burns, Michael John (United States) , 1976, Gelatin-silver print
Reclining Nude, Burns, Michael John (United States) , Gelatin-silver print
The Observer, Graham Nash (England, born 1942) , 1981, printed 1989, Ink-jet (Iris) print
The Man Jan Sees, Graham Nash (England, born 1942) , 1969, printed 1989, Ink-jet (Iris) print
Barbara Morgan - Martha Graham Letter to the World 1940 gelatin silver print Williams College Museum of Art American
David’s Dream, Graham Nash (England, born 1942) , 1969, printed 1989, Ink-jet (Iris) print
Graham Sutherland Old Cottage Etching 1924
Graham Sutherland May Green Etching 20th century
Museum of Fine Arts -
John Neagle, American, 1796-1865 Gilbert Stuart 1825 Oil on canvas 68.9 x 56.2 cm (27
Cream Soda Crackers, Jacob & Co., Graham Howe (Australia, born 1950) , Gelatin-silver print
Mary Nash, Graham Nash (England, born 1942) , 1983, printed 1989, Ink-jet (Iris) print
Bonnie MacLean Graham San Francisco Rock Poster: Bill Graham Presents, Moody Blues; Richie Havens: Berkeley Community Theatre, 4/2, 11/70 lithograph 1970

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Graham-Gilbert

Photofusion Photography Centre: Dennis Gilbert: Modern Equations
Placing two or three photographs together within a frame, Gilbert creates a visual line of enquiry by shifting the focus from viewing an image on its own, to looking at it in terms of its relationship to another. Although his work largely co...

Mixed Greens Gallery: Susan Graham: New Photographs and Sculptures
"Much of my work over the last few years has had to do with insomnia, or with the fears (of guns, of tornadoes, of isolation) that contribute to insomniac musings. The condition of insomnia is in opposition to the state of dreaming—or insomnia ...

Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, K21 Kunstsammlung im Ständehaus: Rodney Graham: A 5 Part Exhibition
The exhibition will place the earlier, sometimes spectacular works in context with the older works, in order to illustrate the conceptual dimension and depth of his works. The exhibition was organised in cooperation with Whitechapel Art ...

Presentation House Gallery: Getting It Together in the Country: Rodney Graham
The large photo diptych, Fishing on a Jetty, is -to use the artist’s words- a not-too-scrupulous reconstruction of a shot in Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief, wherein Cary Grant (here played by me), hiding from the p...

Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art: Gilbert and George: Twenty-Three Haunts
This newly acquired piece is part of a series of works entitled; ‘Twenty London East One Pictures’, which depict the common motifs that exist in the area of London where the artists have been living and working for over thirty-five years. The rece...

Monterey Museum of Art: Graham Nash to be Honored as Pioneer in Photography

Art Gallery of the South Okanagan: Let There Be Light: Works by Graham A. Scholes
Making arrangements with the Canadian Coast Guard, he was able to visit the lighthouses so he can, as he puts it, create his portraits of the lights. Scholes needed to touch his subjects, as it is a way of interpreting and getting in close contac...

Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art: Graham Nickson: Dual Natures
Posed singly and in groups, his figures provide a meditation on the light and open space encountered at the shore. Their theatrical postures offer a contrast between human nature and the natural setting of ocean and sky....

Henry Moore Institute: Sir Alfred Gilbert: Maquettes for the Sam Wilson Chimneypiece c.1908-14.
The bodies of idealised youthful naked women represent pure and innocent love, winged Eros figures stand for erotic love, a...

Bartley Nees Gallery: Graham Fletcher: Wish-landscapes
Thus these wish-landscapes, conceived by the imagination of the artist, represent the search for a landscape of virtual perfection. In this exhibition, Fletcher's numerous experiments with paint and surface have manifested a diverse range of wish-...

Kröller-Müller Museum: Dan Graham: Works 1965-2000
This most comprehensive Dan Graham retrospective hitherto presents a wide range of his rich and surprising output. Approximately sixty works will reflect every facet of his oeuvre: phot...

Kröller-Müller Museum: Dan Graham: Works 1965-2000

Art Gallery of Ontario: Rodney Graham: A Little Thought
This first major North American tour of works by Rodney Graham is jointly organized by the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and the Vancouver Art Gallery. Graham’s works have been widely shown throughout Canada ...

Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art: MAKING TIME: Considering Time as a Material in Contemporary Video & Film
Time in art had for centuries been connected to the idea of permanence, and then, since the 1960s, performance. But where is time nowNULL In an age when global ...

Bartley Nees Project: Jungle Paintings: Graham Fletcher
Fletcher has recently been noted as an artist of great potential by art commentator John Daly-Peoples in a National Business Review article discussing collecting art. His successful exhibition, Bad Medicine which was on at Bartley Nees Gallery las...

Dia Center for the Arts: Rodney Graham and Bruce Nauman: ...the nearest faraway place...
Born in 1949 in Masqui, British Columbia, Rodney Graham studied art history at the University of British Columbia from 1968 to 1971 and at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver from 1978 to 1979. Beginning with a series of solo shows in the late...

Tate Modern: Performing Bodies
Artists include Yoko Ono, Derek Jarman, Laurie Anderson, Gilbert and George, Sam Taylor-Wood, Sarah Lucas, Yves ...

Mattress Factory: Gestures
“You will not find any other art museum that would take a risk like the Mattress Factory. We step out of the gallery and ask ‘who would we like to see create an installation’. Sometimes it is a photographer, sometimes a chef, sometimes a tattoo ...

Dia Center for the Arts: Time Traced: Rodney Graham and Vera Lutter
Born in Kaiserslautern, Germany, in 1960, Vera Lutter is best known for monumental black-and-white photographs of cityscapes. Her unique silver gelatin prints are negatives made by transforming a room into a pinhole camera obscura chamber. Direc...

Edinburgh Printmakers: FRESH: Contemporary British Artists in Print
The exhibition includes works by YBA’s such as the Chapman brothers, Gary Hume and Chris Ofili with leading innovators from Scotland such as Toby Paterson, Graham Fagen and Moyna Flannigan. The graphic quality and wide range of subject matte...

womenphotographers.com: Website for Women Photographers Launched
Women photographers are being offered a page on the website, which enables them to include four images of their choice, 50 words of text, plus a portrait of themselves. If they have their own website, a link is provided. To have a page on the webs...

Monash Gallery: RE-TAKE : Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Photography

Axiom Gallery: Peter Cramond, Bryce Brown and Graham Grow Bare Their Figures
After spending time working on complex paintings that focused on surface rather than image, Crow is excited about his return to his artistic roots. His latest mixed media drawings show a distinct return to basics with the human form being the pr...

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Adrian: American Glamour
Drawn from the Museum's Costume Institute, The Brooklyn Museum, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, among others, the exhibition will present a comprehen...

Somerset House: Quentin Blake: Fifty Years of Illustration
Rough designs, preliminary drawings and finished originals as well as the final publications will appeal to adults and children alike, providing a unique insight into the working methods of one of Britain's best-loved illustrators. IMAGE
Bishop's University Art Gallery: Beyond Words: Gilbert Boyer, Ruth Cuthand & Elizabeth MacKenzie, Paul de Guzman, Nelson Henricks, Kelly Mark. Nadia Myre, Sylvia Ptak, Rober Racine
Some artists utilize language to impart a social or political message. Native Canadian Nadia Myre has hidden every single letter on the 56 pages of the Indian act, a document which she detests, behind a white bead. The remainder of each sheet is ...

New Gallery: Sara Graham: Bromleys Bluff
"The city is an ever present component within my artistic practice. The city is a collective of things, ideas, spaces and times in perpetual transformation. These things are always moving,  and fluid. The body of work that I have been developing o...

Focal Point Gallery: Persistence of Vision: Manuel Acevedo, Semonara Chowdhury, Richard Flint, Graham Gussin
This exhibition brings together artists whose work explores the relationship between moving image and text, both through the physical means by which an image is passed from our eye to our brain and also through the relationship of text to narrativ...

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Seeing Time: Selections from the Pamela and Richard Kramlich Collection of Media Art

Courtyard Gallery: Wang Qingsong: Romantique
The results of these latest efforts are lush portraits, "living sculptures" in the tradition of Gilbert and George, where Wang may insinuate himself as sideline observer, poised a diffident distance from his subject tableaux of mainly female and m...

Renishaw Hall: Paintings by Stuart Robinson, Terence Bennett, and Martin Decent
Terence Bennett is an accomplished watercolour artist from Doncaster in the county of Yorkshire. His works have been exhibited at many prestigious locations, including The Royal Academys and The National Museum of Wales.Stuart Robinson is als...

Museum of Modern Art, Oxford: Enclosed and Enchanted
United by an interest in architecture and how the outside world can be reconfigured in the context of the gallery, these artists examine the duality in man-made, yet natural, spaces. The result is a kind of double enclosure, in which the appropria...

Detroit Institute of Art: Postponing the opening of ART UNTIL NOW
While The Detroit News reported Monday that the exhibit was canceled, Graham Beal (the museum’s new director of less than two months) said it was postponed. DIA spokeswoman Annmarie Erickson told the newspaper: The museum has a responsibility to ...

Gasworks Gallery: Dead of Night: John Beagles and Graham Ramsay
Dead of Night will take these long running concerns into a new direction with work that extends their interest in theatrical self-portraiture, and the grotesque doppelganger. For the duration of the exhibition the gallery will be transformed into ...

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: After the Beginning and Before the End: 222 Drawings from Picasso to Yoko Ono
The exhibition After the Beginning and Before the End - 222 Drawings from Picasso to Yoko Ono is about these beginnings. In 222 examples of the artist’s first steps toward the finished product, this exhibition s...

Kettle's Yard Gallery: A Measure of Reality: Dan Graham, Mona Hatoum, Lizzie Hughes, Richard Long, Robert Morris, Euan Uglow, Gary Woodley

Location, a wall piece by the American Robert Morris, literally records its own location in the gallery. His fellow minimalist, Dan Graham lists measurements from the edge of the known universe to the distance between his cornea and retinal ...

Kunstverein Hannover: On Stage: Video, Installation, Sculpture and Photography
Among the artists taking part are Birgit Brenner, Christoph Büchel, Janet Cardiff/George Bures Miller, Björn Dahlem, Stefan Exler, Rodney Graham, Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Ross Sinclair, Teresa Hubbard/Alexander Birchler, Stephan Wissel.IMAGE:...

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art: Patricia Piccinini: We Are Family
Might these be a warning against the unbridled development of biotechnology? The artist invites us to step away from socially imprinted ideas concerning “normality” and to bring a humorous and radical perspective in considering the large ethical q...

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts: New Australiana
So I set out to find some more contemporary images of Australian popular culture and this exhibition is the result. The range is eclectic, reflecting the method of accumulation and the diversity of background of the various artists, who hail from ...

Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt: Change of Scene XVIII
New works / New rooms by:
Gilbert & George (*1943 & 1942), Katharina Fritsch (*1956), Felix Gonzales-Torres (*1957-1996), Franz Gertsch (*1930), Rosemarie Trockel (*1952), Markus Raetz (*1941), Barbara Klemm (*1939), Robert Gober (*1954), An...

Further Artwork and Information:

John Graham-gilbert
Grove Art Online
18th- and 19th-Century British Portraits - Sir Walter Scott
Memoirs and portraits of one hundred Glasgow men: John Graham Gilbert, 1794-1866
artnet.com: Resource Library: Graham-Gilbert, John
Wikipedia: Jack Gilbert Graham
Encyclopedia: John Graham
Memoirs and portraits of one hundred Glasgow men: James Young,
Glasgow , DE/012 , Monument To John Graham Gilbert


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