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Artist: Chimei Hamada ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (1)
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Chimei Hamada Camp Etching and aquatint 20th century

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (5)
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Australian Center for Photography: PHOTO TECHNICA AWARD for NEW AUSTRALIAN PHOTO-ARTIST of the YEAR

This year's judges will be Isobel Crombie, Senior Curator of Photography, National Gallery of Victoria, Jonathan Morris, Publisher, 3D World Publishing and Alasdair Foster, Director, Australian Centre for Photography. Artists included are:

Ikspiari, Tokyo Disney Resort: Breathe of Heaven: A Solo Exhibition by Satoshi Matsuyama
Twenty works of art are displayed. Among those is a new piece entitled "Only Heaven Can Know", which is 124" x 88". Satoshi comments, "I compose my images by putting them together with photographs which were taken by myself with my Hasselblad...

Cairns Regional Gallery: Thancoupie: Spherical Forms, Clay Murals anThrown Stoneware
While clay has always been incorporated in the aboriginal culture through body decoration, wall paintings and in ceremony, it was never actually harnessed as a tool for ceramic moulding. Indeed, when Thancoupie ventured south from her home...

University of Kentucky Art Museum: A Ceramic Continuum: Fifty Years of the Archie Bray Influence
The exhibition also includes work from the Foundation’s former resident directors—Rudy Autio, David Cornell, Ken Ferguson, Carol Roorbach, David Shaner, Kurt Weiser, and Peter Voulkos—as well as by Josh DeWeese, the current resident director. ...

Kettle's Yard Gallery, University of Cambridge: Starting at Zero: Black Mountain College 1933-57
Founded in North Carolina in 1933 by John Andrew Rice, a dissident Classical academic, it attracted a star-studded cast of teachers and students who forged a dramatic shift from a Eurocentric art world to a distinctly American one. Rice invited Jo...

Further Artwork and Information:

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La Jettee Du Havre
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Weeping Woman
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Woman in Garden
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