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Artist: Juan Hamilton ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Juan Hamilton.

John Joseph Barry San Juan Mission Drypoint 19th - 20th century
George Romney - Sir William Hamilton 1783-1784 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art British
John Trumbull - Alexander Hamilton c. 1806 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
John Trumbull - Alexander Hamilton c. 1792 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Alexandra Exter Don Juan and Death (Rostand's Last Night of Don Juan), pl. 8 from the set, DÈcors de thÈ‚tre Color pochoir 1930
Thomas Gainsborough - Lady Anne Hamilton c. 1777-80 oil on canvas The Detroit Institute of Art English
Sir Joshua Reynolds - Lady Elizabeth Hamilton 1758 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art British
George Romney - Lady Hamilton as 'Nature' 1782 oil on canvas The Frick Collection British
Francisco de Goya - Don Juan Antonio Cuervo 1819 oil on canvas Cleveland Museum of Art Spanish
Alfred T. Agate - John Church Hamilton c. 1840 watercolor on ivory Smithsonian American Art Museum American
BartolomÈ-Estaban Murillo San Juan Bautista Nino...eleventh plate in the book...El Real Museo de Madrid y las joyas de la pintura en Espana ([Madrid]: Juan JosÈ Martinez, [1857]) Lithograph 17th century
Dolce far Niente, Hamilton Revelle (United States)  (Artist), circa 1922, Gelatin-silver print
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Pietà, probably 1657-60 Juan de Valdés Leal (Spanish, 1622-1690); Juan Carreño de Miranda (Spanish, 1615-1685),
Benjamin West - Maria Hamilton Beckford (Mrs. Willam Beckford) 1799 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Salvador Dali Title: Portrait of Juan de Pareja, the Assistant to Valezquez Date: 1960
Personnages dans une barque en mer (19e siècle) by DELACROIX Eugène
Salvator Dali - Portrait of Juan de Pareja, the Assistant to Velazquez 1960 oil on canvas Minneapolis Institute of Arts Spanish
Hamilton J Hay The Encased Statue Drypoint 1913
Domenico Cunego Andromache Bewailing the Death of Hector, after the painting by Gavin Hamilton Etching and engraving 1764
Percy Thomas La Belle Hamilton 1827
George Cattermole Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh lithograph 19th century
John Collier T. Hamilton Crawford 19th - 20th century
Vertigo, Juan Perez  (Artist), 1986, Screenprint
Henry Wolf Alexander Hamilton 1898
Untitled, Ed Hamilton (United States, born 1941) , 1996, Lithograph in yellow
James Hamilton Sailing Ships in San Francisco Harbor oil on canvas 1877
Portrait de Juan de Silveira (1852 en) by CHASSERIAU Théodore
Multiple Artists La Flaca (Barcelona: Juan Vasquez, [1869?]-1871), nos. 2-98 in 1 vol. book with color lithographs 1869 - 1871
Richard Hamilton Kent State Screenprint 1970
Hamilton J Hay The New Lion, British Musuem, London Drypoint 1913
Untitled, Ed Hamilton (United States, born 1941) , 1996, Lithograph in yellow and green
Juan Gris Still Life with Book oil on canvas 1925
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Sir David Wilkie Title: The Hamilton Children Date: 1835 Medium: black and red chalk
Alice Child Hamilton Silkscreen Study I color screenprint 1972
Alice Child Hamilton Silkscreen Study IV color screenprint 1972
Untitled, Ed Hamilton (United States, born 1941) , 1996, Lithograph in yellow, green and blue
T.A. Dean James, Marquis of Hamilton 19th century
Henry Meyer Lady Hamilton with Her Dog Mezzotint 18th - 19th century
Lord Douglas Hamilton (1965) by anonyme
La danseuse (1924) by GRIS Juan (dit), GONZALES PEREZ Jose Victoriano (patronyme)
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Henry Hamilton Bennett Title: Waiting for the Royal Family at Entrance to the Palace,
Guillaume-Philippe Benoist Hamilton, Earl of Orkney 18th century
Juan Fuentes Goldweight with box design brass 20th century
Henry Wolf Portrait of Alexander Hamilton wood engraving 1898
Juan Dolivar Valencienne 17th century
Untitled, Ed Hamilton (United States, born 1941) , 1996, Lithograph in yellow, green, blue, purple and red
Untitled, Ed Hamilton (United States, born 1941) , 1996, Lithograph in yellow, green, blue and purple
Hans Meid Don Juan 19th - 20th century
Untitled, Ed Hamilton (United States, born 1941) , 1996, Lithograph in black, red, green and dark green
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
María Teresa (1638-1683), Infanta of Spain, 1644-45 Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo (Spanish, born about
J. Paul Getty Museum -
Henry Hamilton Bennett with his Family
How to Make a Good Print, Ed Hamilton (United States, born 1941) , 1996, A suite of eight color lithographs
Anthony van Dyck - Lady Mary Villiers, later Duchess of Richmond and Lennox, with Charles Hamilton, Lord Arran c. 1636 oil on canvas North Carolina Museum of Art Flemish
Timothy Cole Portrait of Alexander Hamilton 19th - 20th century
Untitled, Ed Hamilton (United States, born 1941) , 1996, Lithograph in yellow, green, blue, purple, red and orange
I Know it When I See it, Practical Printmaking from the Ground up, Ed Hamilton (United States, born 1941) , 1996, Lithograph in black and light gray
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Henry Hamilton Bennett Title: Into Palace at South Entrance, by Electric Light, St. Paul
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Julian Scott Title: Study for the Duel of Burr and Hamilton Date: 19th century

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Hamilton

Art Gallery of Hamilton: Atelier: Christianne L'Esperance
Rich patterning and exquisite forms that resonate with qualities of transformation and metamorphosis are a constant in her work. The Atelier Series is an ongoing programme at the Gallery that features recent work by Canadian artists from Hami...

BANG the Gallery: Alex Hamilton: Mandals at AZARA
AZARA - the restaurant, is located in the same rooms where Hamilton first opened his own BANG the Gallery four years ago. AZARA has built a fantastic reputation for exquisite food and a striking contemporary interior and is an ideal location and b...

Art Gallery of Hamilton: Contemporary Art Project Series: Millie Chen
In this project, conceived for the exhibition space at the Art Gallery of Hamilton , Chen explores the relationship between seeing and hearing, the shifting from one sense to another. Through hand constructed instrument-like ...

Art Ireland: Hamilton Sloan

Art Gallery of Hamilton: Atelier: Carolyn Samkova, Tree of Life
Carolyn Samkova can easily be considered one of Canada's most innovative young artists, says AGH Senior Curator Shirley Madill. With an acute understanding of history and its ramifications, Samkova consciously pushes painting beyond traditional b...

Portland Museum of Art: Hamilton Easter Field Art Foundation Collection

Art Gallery of Hamilton: Contemporary Art Project: Martin Creed
Creed is invited to produce an installation in residency for the AGH that will resonate in a space of his choosing. He will also be asked to talk about his musical compositions as expressed in his band Owanda. ...

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: California Pottery: From Mission to Modernism
Drawn exclusively from California collections, the approximately 180 pieces in the exhibition are a selection from producers throughout the state. IMAGE:
May Hamilton de Causse and Geneviève Hamilton
Platter, Rippled...

Speed Art Museum: Two Shows Celebrating Abraham Lincoln
In Beyond the Log Cabin, the Commonwealth’s signature Lincoln bicentennial exhibition, the untold story of Lincoln’s lifelong engagement with Kentucky and Kentuckians is revealed. Through engaging imagery, art, historical objects, portraits, and L...

Sunrise Gallery: Spring Thaw: Abstract Works by Linda Joyce Ott, Wendy Ferguson, Anita Weitzman
Linda's work offers a visceral, visual representation of the tensions, disturbances and swirling forces that inform her perception of internal and external realities. Linda Joyce Ott is a mixed media artist producing conceptual and abstract ...

Art Gallery of Hamilton: Jade, The Ultimate Treasure of Ancient China
Bringing together over 120 individual pieces and sets of jade, the exhibition - presented by JNE Consulting Limited and Turkstra Lumber -- is a rare opportunity to experience firsthand the stone that has played such a central and revered role i...

Art Gallery of Hamilton: Marian Dale Scott, 1906 - 1993: Pioneer of Modern Art
This retrospective exhibition brings together over sixty paintings and works from experiments in a figurative modern language to pure abstraction. Particular attention is paid to Scott's work from the thirties and ...

Christian art, painted in a contemporary expressionist/realist style is sometimes difficult to comprehend for both the religious and secular minds. The painter tries by expressing his faith in composition and colour, to bridge the gap between a...

Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford University: Horrible Imaginings of John Hamilton Mortimer
Mortimer depicted monsters, Shakespearean subjects, and picturesque banditti. He also produced imaginary portraits of famous artists and more conventional images, such as seascapes. Mortimer's interest in emotionally charged subjects, such as Deat...

McMaster Museum of Art: LANDeSCAPES: Simon Frank and Reinhard Reitzenstein
Simon Frank b. 1968, Glasgow, Scotland Frank is a self-taught artist, poet and rustic furniture maker. He obtained his Honours BA in English from the University of Guelph in 1991. Recent exhibitions include Future Cities (2004 Art Gallery o...

Cambridge Galleries: Natural Constructions
Kevin Fraser is a native of Oakville, Ontario. He received his BFA from McMaster University in 1997. Most recently Fraser's work has been featured in a solo exhibition at the Dofasco Gallery at the Dundas Valley School of Art. This past spri...

Art Gallery of Hamilton: Humanity Refigured: Henry Moore and Postwar British Sculpture
Dubbed Britain's New Iron Age, the group - which included Kenneth Armitage, Lynn Chadwick, Reg Butler, Bernard Meadows and Eduardo Paolozzi - created expressions of anxiety and disquietude that stood in stark ...

Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts Gallery: Bruno Capolongo Invitational 2009
Claudette Losier comments about her work: "One of my bodies of work explores the concept of Paradise as something sought after by modern society. My search centres on gardens--as near as our own backyard and as far away as other continents or the ...

Art Gallery of Hamilton: Phenomenon of the Ukrainian Avant-garde, 1910 - 1935
Between 1937-39, some 2,000 works were confiscated by the Soviet government and placed in the secret underground vaults of the Spetsfond (special collection) created especially for works of art deemed harmful and ideologically hostile. Countle...

Waikato Society of Arts: Waikato National Art Award, Summer 2005
Clay Bodvin's work was initially composed and rendered digitally for a limited-edition of inkjet prints and was the first of Bodvin’s work in 2004 to undergo a Maroflage-type process that transfers the digital image onto prepared panels. The proce...

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery: Surface Invention: Post-1945 Graphic Art
Visitors will be able to make connections with artists such as Joe Tilson, Richard Hamilton, Henry Moore and John Salt who are exhibiting in both these events. Tilson's Transparency, The Five Senses ? Taste, a stylised version of Marilyn Mon...

Art Gallery of Hamilton: Magnetic North: Canadian Experimental Video
Many of the tapes are very challenging, says AGH curatorial intern and independent video producer Steve Loft. They tell stories: some are very funny, others are hard-hitting and compelling. All are in a format that’s very accessible. Acco...

Cambridge Galleries: Tom Bendtsen: Argument No.6 (b)
Initially, his book works may seem to be simply a pile of books, skilfully arranged to create a sculptural, architectural form. Upon closer inspection, however, one identifies the titles of the books, the different types of books, the relations...

Arts Hamilton: Claudette Losier : Body Voyage – Return To The Sacred
“Body Voyage – Return to the Sacred” is a continuation of my journey of self-discovery of identity since graduating from Brock University in 1989. This body of work explored the notion of identity as it relates to the body, femininity, home, cons...

BANG the gallery: Words of Art
His first show, Indirect Confessions, was staged at The Coffee Lounge in early 1998 and he was then granted a sponsorship to perform the same show at the Grahamstown Arts Festival the same year. Indirect Confessions was voted one of the top ten sh...

Waikato Museum of Art - ArtsPost: Seeing New Directions - And the Luxurious: Clay Bodvin
This collection of photomedia inkjet-paintings and prints is described by the artist as being “at the intersection of the message and the medium” and is based upon the conceptual platform of Object:Desire/Result:Luxury. In this exhibition Bo...

Art Gallery of Hamilton: Trevor Gould: Posing for the Public
The next time you enter a natural history museum, after experiencing Gould's work, you may view it with a different perspective, a critical eye perhaps and an acute understanding of the extent of post-colonialist attitudes in these spaces, says...

Irish Museum of Modern Art: Ann Hamilton at hand
The exhibition encompasses installation, video and photography, creating emotive spaces through a combination of sight, sound and touch and spanning her practice f...

Art Gallery of Hamilton: Modern Woman: Women Artists between the Wars
Recently discovered but in serious need of repair, a stunning painting has been restored to its former glory and added to the Art Gallery of Hamilton's permanent collection.  A Northern Railway Town, Lake Superior c. 1935 by Rody Kenny Courtice (C...

The exhibition has been drawn from the Chartwell Collection, started in the 1970s by Hamilton businessman R B K Gardiner as a way of bringing contemporary art to Hamilton at a time when the city was without an art gallery. Now numbering aroun...

By relying on humor, audacity, color and several new technologies, these artists redefined and broadened the spectrum of art. This exhibition surveys the accomplishments...

Art Gallery of Hamilton: Reverence: Concepts of the Sacred in Contemporary Art
Included in Reverence are off-site installations: * St. Pauls Presbyterian Church, located at 70 James Street South, will host an installation by Christianne LEspérance. Members of the public are welcome to view her work from 9 am - 4 pm on...

MASS MoCA: Largest Gallery to Re-Open with an Installation by Ann Hamilton
“Ann is probably the best known maker of site-specific installations in this country, if not the world,” said Joseph Thompson, Director of MASS MoCA. “Being in one of her evocative installations engages all the senses: they are experiential, immer...

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen: Out of Senses: Seven Exhibitions where Artists Use the Museum as a Laboratory
Maurizio Cattelan

This enigmatic artist places a sculpture, which stands in direct confrontation with the permanent collection of 19th century art. Cattelan was recently present at the Venice Biennial with the pope knocked down by a stone and ...
Blue Angel Gallery: Where Beauty Lies 2009… Work by Claudette Losier
Please call the Gallery for hours of operation at 905-522-8735. The exhibition is open to the public. “Where Beauty Lies 2009…” represents “a breathtaking splendor of pure colours in the abstract form of Flowers, created with richly patter...

Art Gallery of Hamilton: Audubon's Wilderness Palette: The Birds of Canada
Audubons Wilderness Palette presents an impressive and engaging cross section of prints from the folio that focus for the first time on the artists Canadian excu...

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston: The Inward Eye: Transcendence in Contemporary Art
The exhibition features twenty-nine works created between 1970 and 2001 that capture the viewer's attention in a variety of ways. From perceptual work like that of Charles Ray or James Turrell that allows us to see ourselves seeing, to ...

Susan Hobbs Gallery: New Work by Brian Groombridge: 12 minute 48 seconds
Latitude and longitude are imaginary lines running horizontally and vertically around the globe. Geographical co-ordinates do not describe a place, they only locate it. Undeliverable space (ie. the area between two fixed points), though less tang...

Metropolitan Museum of Art: About Face: Selections from the Department of Prints and Illustrated Books
Contemporary artists have found increasingly inventive and conceptual approaches to this traditional genre. This exhibition of approximately fifty works draws from the Museum's unparalleled holdings of modern and contemporary prints and...

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art: Humid

Humid - as an attitude rather than a weather condition - refers to the sometimes petulant, sultry, even sexy, feminine unconscious and its physical manifestations. Humid is hot, sweaty, oppressive, uncomfortable, but also languid, sensual and t...

Further Artwork and Information:

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Georgia OKeeffe : Art and Letters by Jack Cowart, Juan Hamilton
Georgia OKeeffe [Published in English] by Jack Cowart , Juan Hamilton ISBN: 0821216864
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