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Artist: Mary Hart ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Mary Hart.

Mary Hart Sampler calico cat and verse; inscribed, "Mary Hart 1800" Polychrome silk on linen 1800
Museum of Fine Arts -
Phebe Hart, American Sampler United States, early 19th century Linen plain weave embroidered with silk
MARJORIE (1924) by TUDOR-HART Percyval ; HEBRARD A A (fondeur)
Simon Alexander Hart Buffon 19th century
George Overbury "Pop" Hart Marie watercolor 1903
William Hart Cream pitcher silver 1810 - 1816
Thomas Hart Benton Sunset Lithograph 1941
George Overbury "Pop" Hart The Champion (for book only) Lithograph 1928
George Overbury "Pop" Hart My Friend Soloi watercolor 1903
George Overbury "Pop" Hart Springtime in New Orleans (Self-Portrait) Lithograph 1925
Mort du duc d'Orléans (1842) by HART
George Overbury "Pop" Hart The Poultryman Aquatint and soft ground 1926
Robert Hart Buffon engraving 19th century
Robert Hart La Grange engraving 19th century
Museum of Fine Arts -
Leather great chair Armchair (upholstered) Massachusetts, (Boston), 1665-80 Wood; oak; maple; original upholstery foundation of
Mary Hart Jabot, double tier embroidered batiste with lace edging 19th century
George Overbury "Pop" Hart Bathers (Englewood Brook, New Jersey) Drypoint 1925
George Overbury "Pop" Hart The Call of the South Seas watercolor 1903
George Overbury "Pop" Hart Athesie and Child watercolor over graphite 1903
Thomas Hart Benton Back from the Fields Lithograph 1945
William Hart Sugar bowl with cover silver 1810 - 1816
Thomas Hart Benton Planting Lithograph 1940
Thomas Hart Benton Threshing Lithograph 1941
Thomas Hart Benton Aaron Lithograph 1941
George Overbury "Pop" Hart Early Morning Market Drypoint and sandpaper 1923
George Overbury "Pop" Hart Omar Khayyam Drypoint 19th - 20th century
George Overbury "Pop" Hart Picnic Party Soft Groung Etching 1925
James Ackerman The Charm: a Series of Elegantly Colored Groups (Philadelphia: Carey and Hart, [1848]) Book with two lithographs with hand coloring 19th century
George Overbury "Pop" Hart Hawaiian Cowboy, Manuel Kudava watercolor 1903
George Overbury "Pop" Hart Personal Christmas Card, Season 1924-25 Etching 1925
George Overbury "Pop" Hart Untitled Drypoint and sandpaper in color 19th - 20th century
Thomas Hart Benton Island Hay Lithograph 19th - 20th century
Robert Hart Sir John Ross 19th century
Thomas Hart Benton I Got a Gal on Sourwood Mountain Lithograph 1938
Thomas Hart Benton Jessie James Lithograph 1935
Thomas Hart Benton Cradling Wheat Lithograph 1939
Thomas Hart Benton Huck Finn Lithograph 1935
Thomas Hart Benton Shallow Creek Lithograph 1939
Mary Cassatt - Miss Mary Ellison c. 1880 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Thomas Hart Benton Kansas Farmyard Lithograph 1936
George Overbury "Pop" Hart Sea Waves Aquatint and soft ground etching printed in color 1926
George Overbury "Pop" Hart Self-Portrait Soft ground etching and drypoint 19th - 20th century
James Ackerman Untitled frontispiece (two women) in the book, The Charm: a Series of Elegantly Colored Groups (Philadelphia: Carey and Hart, [1848]) Lithograph with hand coloring 1848
Thomas Hart Benton Letter from Overseas Lithograph 19th - 20th century
Thomas Hart Benton Wreck of the Old "97" Lithograph 19th - 20th century
The Kentuckian, Thomas Hart Benton (United States, Missouri, Neosho, 1889 - 1975) , 1954, Oil on canvas
George Overbury "Pop" Hart Atlantic City Boardwalk conte crayon, transparent and opaque watercolor circa 1900
George Overbury "Pop" Hart Recto:A Sweetheart~Verso: Sketch of a Young Boy r: watercolor over graphite~v: graphite 1903
John Francis Hart War-Time Block print 1933
George Overbury "Pop" Hart Landscape, Santo Domingo, No. 2 Aquatint and soft ground etching, printed in color 1926
Thomas Hart Benton Susanna and the Elders oil and tempera on canvas mounted on panel 1938
Thomas Hart Benton Morning train Lithograph 19th - 20th century
Thomas Hart Benton The Wood Pile Lithograph 19th - 20th century
John Francis Hart Peace-Time Block print 1929
John Francis Hart Will he go in? Block print 19th - 20th century
John Francis Hart Youth - VS - Age Block print 19th - 20th century
Cotton Pickers, Thomas Hart Benton (United States, Missouri, Neosho, 1889 - 1975) , 1931, Watercolor, ink, and graphite
Polidoro di Bartolomeo - Crucifixion with Saints (St. Francis of Assisi, Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, St. John the Apostle, and St. Anthony of Padua) c. 1480 fresco transferred t Utah Museum of Fine Arts Italian
John Francis Hart Old King Greed Block print 19th - 20th century
John Francis Hart Peace or Comfort? Block print 19th - 20th century

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (34)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Hart

Experimental Art Foundation, Lion Arts Centre: The Cloak Room: Anton Hart and George Popperwell
The Experimental Art Foundation curates its exhibition program to represent new work that expands current debates and ideas in contemporary art and culture. The EAF incorporates a gallery space, bookshop and artists studios. The Experiment...

Govett-Brewster Art Gallery: Terry Urbahn: The Sacred Hart
Urbahn’s video installation reunites a handful of White Hart protagonists for one night of remembrance and celebration. The video pans a laden table, tracing characters and plots as the guests revisit old lives, rituals, memories and what a commun...

bitforms gallery: BRAINGIRL + E + PUSSY WEEVIL: Work by Claudia Hart, Larry Bercow / Marina Zurkow, Julian Bleecker
Marina Zurkow presents "Braingirl" created in Flash animation, which is usually experienced online. The animated character and story "Braingirl" is a hybrid of the adolescent girl's exaggerated sense of self and the artist's viewpoint of teens' ...

Leonardo Gallery: Fragments of the Imagination
Marjolyn van der Hart is currently based in Toronto. She studied painting at Parsons School of Art and Design in New York City and received a BFA from Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. She also holds a BA with honours degree ...

RM Galleries: Madeleine Ekeblad: Freeform
Madeleine studies with renowned Australian artist Don Waters, and recognition of her art came in 2001, when she was invited by the late Pro Hart to be listed with his World Heritage Art organisation. Australian art gallery RM GALLERIES is si...

Walker Art Gallery: George Romney 1734-1802: British art's forgotten genius
At the height of his career he was more fashionable than Sir Joshua Reynolds and Thomas Gainsborough as a society portraitist, but all his life he wanted to paint elevated historical and literary subjects. He lacked the confidence to carry out ma...

Oakland Museum of California: Portrait of an Estuary: San Francisco Bay
This bit of historical trivia hints at the significance of the bay to the surrounding communities. The importance is highlighted in Portrait of an Estuary: San Francisco Bay, an exhibition of thirty color photographs on view from January 14 throug...

Canberra Contemporary Art Space: Call to Artists: Inaugural Contemporary Art Award
The award will be judged by Ms Deborah Hart, Senior Curator, Australian Painting and Sculpture, NGA; Mr Pepe Ianniello, Proprietor, The Art Store; and Ms Lisa Byrne, Director, CCAS. The exhibition and award opens 6pm Thursday 23 October 2003...

Camera Club of New York: Call for Artists: 2003 Small Print Photography
Fee is $25.00 for first 5 slides, $7.50 for each additional slide. Deadline for receipt of slides is January 15, 2003. Chosen artists will participate in a group exhibition at the Camera Club of New York's Lowenhertz Gallery. Send self add...

Camera Club of New York: Call for Artists: 2003 Small Print Photography Competition
Fee is $25.00 for first 5 slides, $7.50 for each additional slide. Deadline for receipt of slides is January 15, 2003. Chosen artists will participate in a group exhibition at the Camera Club of New Yorks Lowenhertz Gallery. Send self addr...

Tampa Museum of Art: Transatlantic Dialogue: Contemporary Art In and Out of Africa
Included are the works of seven African artists: Skunder Boghossian, Sokari Douglas Camp, Rashid Diab, Amir Nour, Moyo Ogundipe, Moyo Okediji, and Outtara—and seven African American artists: Jean-Michel Basquiat, John B...

Saint Louis Art Museum: Art in Bloom: A Weekend of Flowers
This year's arrangements are being created by area garden clubs. Free docent-led tours will be available to give visitors a better understand of the artworks and their relationship to each flower arrangement. The honorary...

Davis Museum and Cultural Center: Bridging the Border: Shared Themes in Mexican and U.S. Art 1900 – 1950
Four themes: The City, Rural Traditions, Responses to European Modernism, and Protest and Persuasion break the show into sections that highlight areas of exchange during the first fifty years of the 20th century. Each category compares works by ...

Corcoran Gallery of Art: Encouraging American Genius: Master Paintings from the Corcoran Gallery
A number of outstanding individual works complete the selection, including well-known examples by early masters like John Singleton Copley and Joshua Johnson and striking modernist compositions by Maurice Prendergast, Thomas Hart Benton and Aar...

Pablo's Birthday: Multiple Partners: Curated and Organized by Carla Gannis
 "Women can't add," he said jokingly.
When I asked him what he meant, he said,
"For them, one and one and one and one don't make four."
"What do they make?" I said, expecting five or three.
"Just one and one and one and one," h...

Philadelphia Museum of Art: Adventures in Modern Art: The Charles K. Williams II Collection
The collection is marked by a passion for color, strong compositional designs, and occasionally eccentric images, with an emphasis upon several favorite artists, among them Joseph Stella, Oscar Bluemner, Charles Demuth, and Arthur Dove, each of w...

Frye Art Museum: Heartland: The Paintings of Bo Bartlett
Bartlett’s powerful and engaging paintings fall well within the tradition of 20th-century American realism. Like American masters such as Thomas Eakins, Thomas Hart Benton and Andrew Wyeth, Bartlett has looked at the people and land around him and in...

Los Angeles County Museum of Art: Color, Myth, and Music:Stanton Macdonald-Wright and Synchromism
Among his many accomplishments, Stanton Macdonald-Wright, along with fellow American painter Morgan Russell, fathered the Synchromism movement. Convinced that color and sound were equivalent phenomena and that one could o...

Frye Art Museum: Hudson River Paintings from the Hersen Collection
The richly painted landscapes reflect a time when the American landscape was relatively unmarred by development. At first glance, the paintings seem simply to represent beauty, repose, and rest. At a deeper level, however, the paintings ev...

Crafts Council Gallery: On Paper - New Paper Art
On Paper will showcase the work of forty international artists diverse in their practice but united by their enthusiasm for paper as a material.  Divided into four sections, the exhibition will exemplify how both unexpected and beautiful this oft...

Agora Gallery: Tripping the Light Fantastic: The Fine Art Photography Exhibition
Growing up in the picturesque French alpine village on the shores of Lac d’Annecy, Mary Mansey has had a life-long devotion to exploring the beauty of natural world. Her crisp photographs features rugged cliffs and peaceful reeds, grasses, and for...

Cube at Beco: Extra/ordinary: Fiber Artists Rethinking Art and Everyday Life
Since the Industrial Revolution began blurring the lines between industry and handicraft, as well as the upper- and lower-classes, artists have subsequently taken great pleasure in using such developments to similarly dissolve the centuries-old ba...

A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery: Dick Anthony : Recent Works from the 'Just So' Series
Dick Anthony
Title: Just So, Series IV
Year Created: 2009
Medium: Mixed Media
Width: 18 inches
Height: 18 inches
Depth: 1.5 inches
Price: US$ 2,250

Portland Museum of Art:
Leonard Baskin: Monumental Woodcuts
Monumental woodcuts--fashioned from multiple blocks joined together--were made as early as the Renaissance by artists such as Jacopo de Barbari, Hans Schufelein, and Albrecht Durer. The subjects were usually grand views, narrative compositions, or...

South Shore Art Center: Photography Now: Juried by Henry Horenstein
Artists include in Photography Now are by:
Markam Keith Adams
Christopher and Amy Allen-Baker
Jeff Amberg
Tony Andrade
Johnny Arguedas
Mindy Baughman
Meg Birnbaum
Garrett Bonetti
Myron Brenton
Lora Brody
Dayton Art Institute: Scenes of American Life: Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum
Rockwell Kents Snow Fields (1909), the earliest work in the exhibition, portrays women, children and dogs playing on a sunny winter day and captures the new spirit of the time. Likewise, paintings by William Glackens, Agnes Tait and Paul Cad...

Corcoran Gallery of Art: Picturing the Banjo
"For more than two centuries, the banjo has played an integral role in American history and culture and has inspired an eclectic array of artists," said Sarah Cash, the Corcoran's Bechhoefer Curator of American Art. "A highlight of the Corcoran...

Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum: John A. and Margaret Hill Collection of American Western Art AND Silver Blossoms, Turquoise Mountains: Southwest Indian Jewelry
As a connoisseur of American art, John Hill collected what he believed in, which was the myth of the American West. It is a myth that has shaped this nation more than any other. From it, comes our sense of magisterial landscapes dwarfing human a...

Portland Museum of Art: Murray Hantman: From Image to Abstraction
Like many of his contemporaries, Hantman’s work was shaped by the times in which he lived—by the exhilarating sense of the potential of art in the modern era coupled with the harsher realities of American life during the Great Depression and World...

Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Renwick Gallery: USA Clay: Recently Acquired Ceramics
We are delighted to showcase the diverse ways clay has been used by artists over the last 50 years, said Elizabeth Broun, the museum's Margaret and Terry Stent Director. 'USA Clay' also provides us with a wonderful opportunity to show ...

Castello Estense di Ferrara: Traces of Memory
An illuminated cross point in the sign of Renaissance , between Wechsler’s paintings and the fascinating Castle d’Este. It was then Renaissance of the senses and the truth of beauty; they were then re-discovering the traces of authenticity in...

Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art: Marsden Hartley: First Retrospective in over 20 Years
Widely acknowledged as the greatest of the early American modernists, Marsden Hartley (1877-1943) belonged to a circle of artists promoted by photographer and gallery owner Alfred Stieglitz that included Georgia O’Keeffe, John Marin, Arthur Dove, ...

Columbus Museum of Art: Illusions of Eden: Visions of the American Heartland
The exhibition and its national tour are sponsored by Philip Morris Companies Inc. Illusions of Eden is one component of The Heartland Project, a series of three traveling museum exhibitions and an interactive website that will evaluate t...

National Museum of Chinese Revolution History: Dong Kingman: Watercolor Master
In addition to commemorating Kingman’s extraordinary career, Kingman’s second major exhibit in China coincides with and commemorates 30 years since relations between United States and China resumed. His prior exhibition in China in 1981 was the f...

Further Artwork and Information:

Mary Hart: Entertainment Tonight
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AnyBook4Less.com - Author: Mary Hart
Mary Hart
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Mary Hart calligraphy Winchester Mass
Mary Hart - TV Tome
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Hart, Mary
Spun.com: Music: Mary Hart: Sings Lullabies from the Heart


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Kimiko Powers 1981
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The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum, Arles, at Night, 1888
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La Capeline Rouge
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