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Artist: Robert Hunter ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Robert Hunter.

Mr. Hunter Receives, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Paul Manship - Indian Hunter with his Dog 1926 bronze on marble bas Dayton Arts Institute American
DeWitt Clinton Boutelle - The Indian Hunter 1846 oil on canvas Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester American
John Quincy Adams Ward - The Indian hunter 1860 bronze Los Angeles County Museum of Art American
Winslow Homer - Hound and Hunter 1892 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Museum of Fine Arts -
John Joseph Enneking, American, 1840-1916 Breaking Up of Winter 1904 Oil on canvas 57.15 x
C.L. Woodhouse - Hunter and Indian Guide 1869 oil on canvas Cleveland Museum of Art American
Svarupa Rama A Hunter Kills a Lion Ink, wash, and watercolor circa 1800
Andrea Badami - Saint Rosalia and the Hunter 1970-1973 oil on canvas Smithsonian American Art Museum American
John Singer Sargent - Portrait of Isabella Young (Mrs. Colin Hunter) 1896 oil on canvas Utah Museum of Fine Arts American
Wilhelm von Kobell - Hunter and Lord at the River Isar with View of Munich 1823 oil on wood panel Cleveland Museum of Art German
Landscape & Hunter, J. D. Llewelyn (England, 1810 - 1882) , 1852 circa, printed 1852 circa, Salt print from glass negative
Hunter and animals, Oskar Kokoschka (Austria, Pöchlarn, 1886 - 1980) , 1906-1908, Color lithograph mechanically transferred to stone, on white board
Surf’s Up, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
D. George Thompson The Bee Hunter engraving 19th century
Hunter and animals, Oskar Kokoschka (Austria, Pöchlarn, 1886 - 1980) , 1976 reprint (original 1907-08), Color photolithograph on postcard
Simon Lissim Russian Hunter watercolor 1970
Tamarind, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Eat Up, America, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
June Wayne The Hunter Lithograph 1952
Going Hollywood II, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Fiji, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Going Hollywood X, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Going Hollywood IV, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Going Hollywood III, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Going Hollywood IX, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Going Hollywood V, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Going Hollywood VII, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Going Hollywood VI, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Thomas Hill The Hunter oil on panel 19th - 20th century
J. Paul Getty Museum -
Slab with Relief of a Young Hunter
John Hoppner Mrs. Hunter oil on canvas 18th - 19th century
At the Honey Bunny, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
The Day the Kids Finally Took Over, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Greedy Toadies, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Proud Livery, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
June Wayne The Hunter (state 2) Lithograph 1952
The Fuzz on the Strip, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Strangers in the Night, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Melrose & Vine, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Going Hollywood VIII, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Sheldon Williams Stilton, A Hunter... Color Litho 1876
Title Page, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Charles William Cain The Hunter drypoint 19th - 20th century
Charles William Cain The Hunter 19th - 20th century
An Affectionate Portrait of Sam Francis, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Your Hour of Stars/Entertainments, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Virgil Solis Hares Roasting a Hunter Engraving 16th century
International High Life Society, John Hunter (born 1934) , 1969, Lithograph
Covered Container ’Moonrise’, Marianne Hunter (United States, born 1949)  (Artist), 1982, Ebony, ivory, enamel, sterling silver, fine silver, 24 karat gold foil, silver foil
Covered Container ’Moonrise’, Marianne Hunter (United States, born 1949)  (Artist), 1982, Ebony, ivory, enamel, sterling silver, fine silver, 24 karat gold foil, silver foil
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Jean-Baptiste Greuze Title: The Return of the Young Hunter Date: about 1765 Medium: brush
B.C. Overland. April (Hunter) poster 19th - 20th century
Yucatecan Hunter (Cazador yucateco), Jean Charlot (France, Paris, 1898 - 1979) , circa 1929, Ink on paper
George Cruikshank The search for Herne the Hunter 18th - 19th century
A Woman Asleep, Tom Hunter (England, born 1965)  (Artist), 1997, printed 2000, Silver dye-bleach (Cibachrome) print
Ann Sothern/Ian Hunter, Clarence Sinclair Bull (United States, 1895 - 1979) , Gelatin-silver print
Whirlwind, William Hunter (United States, California, Long Beach, born 1947) , circa 1994, Cocobolo
Seascape #678, William Hunter (United States, California, Long Beach, born 1947) , 1986, Red ivory wood
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
A Hunter with a Dog, 1794-95 Mortier (French, active about 1790-1800)Ivory; Octagonal, 2 3/4 x

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Hunter

Mint Museum of Art: Tom Hunter: Contemporary Narratives
VantagePoint VI Tom Hunter: Contemporary Narratives, will present the first international artist to be featured in the Mint Museum of Art’s ongoing series of contemporary art. Ten large-format photographs from 1997 to 2005 will be shown in the exh...

Yorkshire Sculpture Park / Longside Gallery: Kenny Hunter: Natural Selection
Features and attributes are immediate, recognisable and precisely defined. The ultra-smooth form does not simply recreate a classical mode, but alludes to children’s toys and cartoons. Recent work features seemingly ordinary, young people. They...

AMERICAN DANCE GUILD: Chamber Pieces: (Solos, Duets, Trios)

Walker's Point Center for the Arts: Radioactive Biohazard: Dr. Hunter O'Reilly, Ph.D. and Electric Eye Neon
Dr. Hunter O'Reilly obtained a Ph.D. in genetics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and graduated cum laude from the University of California, Berkeley. Contemporaries such as Damien Hirst and Eduardo Kac have provided inspiration for ...

Buzzer Thirty: Tokoha Matsuda: Propositions of Desire - Contours of Erotic Ambiguity
“In my most recent project, Propositions of Desire: Contours of Erotic Ambiguity, I explore the life-death-sex relationship with food as the dominant element. I have a long-held interest in "life and death," of which sex/eroticism is an extensio...

Guild of Boston Artists: The Boston Lineage: Transmission Of Knowledge - A Tribute to Robert Douglas Hunter
Phaneuf's two paintings on exhibit, J'ai la Pêche, and Relics of the Sea are both decorative and allegorical. “These paintings were chosen because compositionally they emulate Hunter's decorative arrangements, which appeal to a refined aesthetic a...

Johanson Charles Gallery: Call for Artists: Third Annual Threads Show
There will be three main Themes to choose from: 1) Detroit - Reflect our city; 2) Environment - Nature and ones surroundings; 3) Future - What's ahead for all of us. Within these themes, artists can choose to create Accessories (bags, footwear,...

Woodstock Art Gallery: A Week to Peek - Oxford Studio Tour Artists
Michael Hunter states, "My primary concern is to paint things that I am passionate about. The environment is something we all depend on and use to our advantage, either to make a living as a farmer, or manufacturer, or to sustain our own lives. Ho...

University of Kentucky Art Museum: MODERN FICTION AND ART: Prints by Contemporary Authors
Modern Fiction and Art has been developed in coordination with the university’s English department. The Fall 1999 class, Studies in the Modern American Novel, will specifically feature the exhibition as part of the students’ analysis of Kurt Vonnegu...

Pan American Art Gallery: Natural Contrast: Paul Hunter, Isabelle du Toit and Lari Gibbons
LARI GIBBONS Lari Gibbons creates poignant works through the fine art of drawing and printmaking. Whether she is investigating the impact of urban development on the native woodlands or studying the relationship between seemingly disparate...

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art: 2008 Fall National Exhibition: Realities and Illusions
The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art was established by the members of the Art League of Northern California.IMAGE
Hunter/Gatherer by Patricia Blau
2nd Place Award Winner 2007

Housatonic Museum of Art: A Retrospective: Large oils 1985-2003 by Michael Hafftka
Some have seen that work as depicting a deeply disturbing, chaotic world of existential suffering and despair mitigated only by the unflinching compassionate eye of the artist and the beholder. Others have seen it as revealing, amid that very suff...

Transition: E8: The Heart of Hackney
Tom Hunter is an E8 resident and is showing a haunting image of his local park - London Fields. Hunter was recently the first photographer to show his work at The National Gallery. Walkwalkwalk are producing a specially tailored walk around ...

Menil Collection: SAM FRANCIS: PAINTINGS 1947-1990

University of Iowa Museum of Art: Acting Out: Invented Melodrama in Contemporary Photography
Artists in the exhibition: Tina Barney, Gregory Crewdson, Philip Lorca-diCorcia, Anna Gaskell, Tom Hunter, Simen Johan, Justine Kurland, Laura Letinksy, Sharon Lockhart, Adi Nes, Cindy Sherman, Yinka Shonibare, Janaina Tschape, Jeff Wall. The exh...

Irish Museum of Modern Art: The Rowan Collection: Contemporary British and Irish Art
The exhibition, in the New Galleries, includes paintings, photographs, sculpture, installations and graphic works. The subject matter is equally diverse embracing abstraction, figure ...

Zenith Gallery: INAUGURAL INSPIRATION: Commemorating a Momentous Occasion
Works will be included by: Jerry Berta, Cheryl Derricotte, Drew Ernst, Robert Freeman, Siobhan Gavagan,  Aziza Gibson-Hunter, Cassandra Gillens, Julie & Ken Girardini David Glick Margery E. Goldberg    Brenda Gordon   Sofia Gower-Fische, Step...

Swope Art Museum: Call for Artists: 59th Annual Wabash Valley Exhibit
Larry Rinder has curated numerous art shows including exhibits by renowned artists Louise Bourgeois, Richard Diebenkorn, and the prestigious Whitney Biennial. Widely published and respected, Rinder has taught at both Columbia University and the Un...

Holland Tunnel: Melissa Dadourian: Awakening
Dadourian innocently wanders through images of female figures from 70s Playboy magazines, seen as an adolescent, that serve as inspiration for the paintings. From these magazines surface early memories and dreams about erotic images of the female...

Art Institute of Chicago: Optical Delusions: Jokes, Puns, and Sleights-of-Hand in Photography
The photographers featured in this exhibition share a desire to both amuse and confuse the viewer. The sense of humor involved can range from the whimsical and frivolous to the dry and ...

Center for Photography at Woodstock: Managing Eden
The artists presented in Managing Eden shed light on the complexity of environmental "intervention", stewardship, and detachment. Addressing a broad spectrum of environmental concerns, including animal habitat management, land preservation, miner...

Brunei Gallery, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London: After Hiroshima: Nuclear Imaginaries
After Hiroshima: Nuclear Imaginaries is timed to commemorate the 60th anniversary of this tragic time of man’s inhumanity to man and when the USA used Japan to test the power of a newly created weapon of mass destruction. The date was 6 August ...

San Bernardino County Museum, Fisk Gallery: The Duck Stamp Competition
Public awareness that waterfowl populations were threatened led Congress to enact the Migratory Bird Conservation Act in 1929. This law was largely symbolic, since it contained no fu...

Creative Arts Guild: Call for Artists: Long-term Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition
A native of Lexington, KY, Henry is perhaps most frequently associated with Chicago, where several of his mammoth outdoor works of art add beauty to the cityscape, and where the annual sculpture exhibit at Navy Pier, which he helped organize, con...

Paolo Curti / Annamaria Gambuzzi and Co. Gallery: American Artist Dan Walsh
The evolution of his works, from the early 1990s to the present, has led him to abandon the concept of the "ideal" in abstract painting, which in the history of art is always somehow connected with a "psychological condition", in an attempt to giv...

Museum of Modern Art: Van Gogh and the Colours of the Night
"It often seems to me that the night is much more alive and richly coloured than the day." (Vincent van Gogh, Arles 8 September 1888) Long before he became an artist, Van Gogh evinced a great love for the mood conjured up by evening and night, wh...

Art Gallery of New South Wales: Rajput: Sons of Kings
Drawn from the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria, the exhibition presents a window into a world of elaborate processions, deer hunting, elephant fights and political intrigue, centred around the maharana (the highest of the hereditary...

Jonathan Cooper - Park Walk Gallery: Ben Henriques : New Paintings
Henriques reminds us of the impermanent status of objects with his ability to capture moments of stillness, change and inevitable fading. Despite their immediate beauty, compositions of falling flower petals and a tentatively balanced glass high...

Figureworks: Jacquelyn Schiffman: Sitting on Air
Ms. Schiffman entitled this show Sitting on Air. She says "Sitting on air is tricky, you don‚t know if you're about to fly or to fall down." Her figurative imagery is based on real people, some famous, some familial, some models. These introspe...

Modern Museum: Organising Freedom - Nordic Art of the 90 s
Something has been happening in the North: artists have become a driving force behind a vital network of collectors, gallery owners, exhibition halls, museums, biennials...

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery: Egypt Revealed: Life and Death in Ancient Egypt
One of the exciting discoveries on show will be 'Gingerella', who will be exhibited for the first time ever in a UK city outside London. The naturally dehydrated body of this early ancient Egyptian woman was buried in the desert around 3,200 BC...

Gibbes Museum of Art: Ancestry and Innovation : African American Art from the American Folk Art Museum
Comprising nine quilts and nearly thirty works of art in various media, Ancestry & Innovation includes paintings by an elder generation of creators, such as David Butler, Sam Doyle, Bessie Harvey and Clementine Hunter; works by contemporary master...

Fort Mason Foundation: Nocturnes: Fort Mason & Environs
"Nocturnes: Fort Mason & Environs," curated by Tim Baskerville of the San Francisco-based Nocturnes, launches a month-long celebration of night photography at Fort Mason. The next event will be a weekend night photography workshop to be held on ...

Kentucky Museum of Arts and Design: The Body Adorned: Art for the Body
Participating artists from Kentucky and across the U.S. include Bonnie Aitken, Clara Ines Arana, Stephanie Lindsey, Robin L. Bergman, Bonnie Blincoe, Elisa Bongfeldt, Jamison Brumm, Karen Chu, Sandra Clark, Terri L. Corkhill, Lisa and Scott Cylind...

Haunch of Venison, London: Uwe Wittwer
A major installation entitled “The Class of Beauty” shows various table vitrines, each dedicated to an iconic artist that Wittwer treasures: Friedrich, De Hooch, Kalf, Klee, Poussin, Ruisdael, Titian and Warhol. In a loose and associative manner, ...

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa: Signs and Wonders - He Tohu He Ohorere
Some of Te Papa’s greatest treasures are included: sacred images by European masters such as Dürer, Rembrandt, Cantarini, Blake, Rouault, Matisse, Masson, and Rosetti; and iconic works of art by major New Zealand artists such as Colin McCahon, Rit...

Photographer's Gallery: Gary Lee Boas: Starstruck
Through his work, which inhabits an area between fantasy and reality, we can start to examine our fascination with fame. His subject is the complete spectrum of popular media celebrity from porn stars and pageant queens to politicians and ...

Kimbell Art Museum: Stroganoff: The Palace and Collections of a Russian Noble Family
The exhibition will draw upon the collections of The State Hermitage and The State Russian Museums to assemble works of art acquired, sponsored, or commissioned by ...

Neuberger Museum of Art: Acting Out: Invented Melodrama in Contemporary Photography
“The photographs gathered for the exhibition contain all the elements for feature-length, no-holds-barred movies to unfold in the imagination of the viewer,” notes Ms. Edwards. “The contexts of the photographs were preconceived by the photographer...

Visual Arts HALL of FAME: Announcing the 1999 Visual Arts Hall of Fame honorees . . .
Jean Sartor, Painter, one of the pioneer artists in Shreveport, exhibited internationally, was a founding member of almost every local and regional art institution, served on many boards including Meadows Museum and the Barnwell Art Center.


Further Artwork and Information:

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Grateful Dead Family Discography: Robert Hunter
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