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Artist: Rodolphe Julian ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Rodolphe Julian.

Rodolphe Julian Two wrestlers on the ground Etching dry point 19th - 20th century
Rodolphe Julian Negro and white man wrestling Etching dry point 19th - 20th century
Gentile da Fabriano - Madonna and Child, with Sts. Lawrence and Julian c. 1423-25 tempera on panel The Frick Collection Italian
MM Duport, Vachon, Rodolphe, Provers, Vernier (1765 entre ; 1770 et) by CARROGIS Louis, CARMONTELLE (dit)
Mon rêve (4e quart 19e siècle) by BRESDIN Rodolphe
Portrait de Rodolphe Bresdin (1865 en) by REDON Odilon
Charles Gillot To Madame Rodolphe Salis. Gillotype 19th - 20th century
Fisherman in a Fantastic Landscape, Rodolphe Bresdin (France, Le Fresne, 1822 - 1885)  (Artist), 1868, Pen and black ink on card with embossed border
Julian Rix Landscape oil on panel 19th - 20th century
Julian Rix Landscape oil on panel 19th - 20th century
Julian Rix Landscape oil on panel 19th - 20th century
Julian Rix Landscape oil on panel 19th - 20th century
Julian Rix Landscape oil on panel 19th - 20th century
Julian Rix Landscape oil on canvas late 19th century
Julian Rix Landscape oil on panel 19th - 20th century
Julian Rix Landscape oil on panel 19th - 20th century
Mimosa (2e quart 20e siècle) by ERLANGER Rodolphe François d'
Texte d'une poésie (2e moitié 19e siècle) by BRESDIN Rodolphe
Village de pêcheurs (2e moitié 19e siècle) by BRESDIN Rodolphe
Episodes historiques de villes célèbres, Rodolphe de Habsbourg prend possession de Vienne (en 1276) (titre inscrit) (1909) by anonyme ; LIEBIG (commanditaire)
Julian Rix Landscape oil on panel (probably redwood) 19th - 20th century
Julian Rix Landscape watercolor 19th - 20th century
Julian Rix Landscape oil on panel 19th - 20th century
Julian Rix Landscape oil on panel 19th - 20th century
Julian Rix Landscape oil on panel 19th - 20th century
Julian Rix Landscape oil on panel 19th - 20th century
Scène de bataille d'hommes nus (2e moitié 19e siècle) by BRESDIN Rodolphe
Rodolphe de Habsbourg recevant l'hommage de ses vassaux (1ère moitié 17e siècle) by ROSSELLI Matteo
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Saint Julian the Hospitaler (with Saint Nicholas of Bari), part of an altarpiece Martino di
Le bon Samaritain (1863) by BRESDIN Rodolphe
Abords d'une ville animée ; soldats ; croquis (2e moitié 19e siècle) by BRESDIN Rodolphe
Le pavillon au pigeonnier (2e moitié 19e siècle) by BRESDIN Rodolphe
Etudes d'arbres dans une végétation inextricable (2e moitié 19e siècle) by BRESDIN Rodolphe
Julian Ritter Bachelor's Housekeeping watercolor and chalk 1939
Julian Rix Landscape, A Secluded Nook oil on panel 19th - 20th century
Caricature : la déroute des Kabyles (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by CHAM ; BOULANGER Gustave Clarence Rodolphe (inspiré par)
Frontispice pour L'Amante du Christ de Rodolphe Darzens (4e quart 19e siècle) by ROPS Félicien
Citadins au balcon regardant défiler des soldats sur un pont, au moyen-age (2e moitié 19e siècle) by BRESDIN Rodolphe
Daniel Garnier endormi (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by BOULANGER Gustave Clarence Rodolphe (d'après)
Regenerative Forces, Julian Stanczak (Poland, Borownica, born 1928)  (Artist), 1965, Oil on canvas
J. Paul Getty Museum -
Christ in Glory with Four Saints
Rivière passant devant une ville (4e quart 18e siècle ; 1er quart 19e siècle) by GAUTIER Jean Rodolphe
Le Repos de la Sainte Famille (2e moitié 19e siècle) by BRESDIN Rodolphe
Julian Barrow Portrait of Whitney Warren's Living Room oil on canvas 20th century
Femme voilée marchant vers la gauche (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by BOULANGER Gustave Clarence Rodolphe
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Julian Scott Title: Study for the Duel of Burr and Hamilton Date: 19th century
COMBAT DU PONT DE LA CHIUSELLA.26 MAI 1800 (1802) by GAUTIER Jean Rodolphe
Figure nue tenant une massue, reliée à un fil (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by BOULANGER Gustave Clarence Rodolphe
Rodolphe Bresdin Le ruisseau etching 1880
Rodolphe Bresdin The Good Samaritan Lithograph 1861
Karl-Ernest-Rodolphe-Heinrich-Salem Lehmann - Calypso 1869 oil on canvas Minneapolis Institute of Arts French
Ville en gradins au bord d'un golfe (4e quart 18e siècle ; 1er quart 19e siècle) by GAUTIER Jean Rodolphe
Femme nue assise au bord de l'eau, près d'un crâne : sainte Madeleine (?) (2e moitié 19e siècle) by BRESDIN Rodolphe
Rodolphe Bresdin La Comedie de la Mort lithograph 1854
Une mansarde d'artiste (2e moitié 19e siècle) by BRESDIN Rodolphe
Jean-Rodolphe Perronet (1708-1794), premier Ingénieur des Ponts et Chaussées du Royaume, Fondateur et Directeur de l'Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées (1764 en) by anonyme
Rodolphe Bresdin Pavillon de ferme etching 1861

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Julian

Dahesh Museum: Overcoming All Obstacles: The Women of the Acadmie Julian
The core of the exhibition includes works never before shown publicly from the collection of the successor school, the Acadmie Julian Del...

Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Manuka: Retroactive: Julian Laffan
Responding to their work respectively are Karena Keys, Trevelyan Clay, Bernie Slater and Julian Laffan. Retroactive is the culmination of conversation, reflection and reaction between artists thereby creating a dialogue that cross issues and...

Leopoldo Carpinteyro Gallery, Instituto Mexicano Norteamericano de Relaciones Culturales: Call for Artists: Prints for Peace - International Printmaking 2008, Monterrey Mexico
For a complete prospectus and information please contact: Guadalupe Victorica,
Art/Human Development Workshop,
Casa Hogar El Refugio, Youth Center

or Julian Nava,
Cultural Promot...

Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami: Time Trial: Julian LaVerdiere's First Solo Museum Exhibition
Among the works in the exhibition is Imperial Dragster Napoleon Rebuilt, 2002, a sardonic large-scale sculptural work that is a "funny car" hybridization of Viscontis 1841 design of Napoleons monumental red porphyry sarcophagus and Lamborghini...

Black and White Gallery: To Know The Spiders by Julian Montague
Since his graduation from Hampshire College in 1996 with a BA in Media Studies, Julian Montague's photographs and other works have been exhibited in solo and group shows at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in Buffalo, NY, Real Art Ways in Hartfo...

West Hollywood City Hall: Rob Wilson and Julian Siminski: Culture, People, and Places
The artworks will be based on the culture, people, and places that make up the city. West Hollywood Recreation Administrator, Nancy Beard, is thrilled about the upcoming exhibit. "The art of Rob Wilson and Julian Siminski will be a wonderfu...

Esso Gallery: Julian Dashper: Future Call and Untitled (CV)
Future Call is made by repeatedly ringing a phone in the gallery at various times every day from Dashpers native New Zealand which, being 18 hours ahead, is already well into the next day. A call from the future made at the exact same moment. For...

ccnoa: Painting, Site-specific Installation, Video: Julian Dashper (NZ), Kyle Jenkins (AUS), Ben Judd (GB)
Arguably one of New Zealand's most known international artists, Julian Dashper has been exhibiting regularly for the past 20 years both nationally and internationally. Crisp, minimal, and clean in look, Dashper's works contain an underlying sense ...

bitforms gallery: BRAINGIRL + E + PUSSY WEEVIL: Work by Claudia Hart, Larry Bercow / Marina Zurkow, Julian Bleecker
Marina Zurkow presents "Braingirl" created in Flash animation, which is usually experienced online. The animated character and story "Braingirl" is a hybrid of the adolescent girl's exaggerated sense of self and the artist's viewpoint of teens' ...

Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen: Magnus von Plessen
The pictures analyse the peculiarity and special quality of painting and confronts this quality with the world dominated by other media. The artist depicts his idea by means of concrete human experiences and emotions. P>Including 20 paintings of t...

MAK Center for Art and Architecture: TRESPASSING: Houses x Artists
The projects engage the house as subject, investigating its forms, functions and significance while imagining a wide variety of prototypes for living. Presenting renderings, models, video and an interactive installation, the artists and architects...

Auckland Art Gallery: Pressing Flesh: Skin, Touch, Intimacy
The show includes Maria Abramovic and Ulay, Pat Brassington, Steve Carr, Derrick Cherrie, Julian Dashper, Jae Hoon Lee, Luise Fong, Lucio Fontana, Douglas Gordon, Terrence Handscomb, Heavy Industries, Andrea Low, Fiona Pardington, Peter Peryer, An...

Raid Projects: PS 1999 - 2003
PS aims to provide a platform for the work of upcoming international artists in an environment that exists between the conventions of an artist-run space and a commercial gallery. PS stands for Post Scriptum, Project Space, Public Space or P...

Tate Britian: Intelligence: New British Art 2000
Intelligence means both information gathering (intelligence as in MI5) and the faculty employed to process information into something new. Many artists today can be seen as intelligence agents at large in society, gathering, siftin...

Royal College of Art: The 20th Century British Art Fair
It is the only fair to cover British art from 1900 to the present day and for five days, under one roof, art lovers can enjoy and marvel at the talent and diversity of painting, sculpture, photography and ceramics which incorporate 20th Century Briti...

31 Grand: New York Mutation Project
Works included are expressive figurative sculptures by Stefanie Rocknak, drawings by Fritz Chesnut, and video and memorial installation by Jeph Gurecka. Artists/Participants: Fritz Chesnut, Jeph Gurecka, Douglas Kelley, Stefanie Rockna...

Rebecca Ibel Gallery: Robin Bruch: Eye Play
Bruch continues to work in an abstract tradition, where geometry and color define the picture. Bruchs recent group of paintings are playful, energetic and colorful. The work stimulates the viewers eye to dance around the painting as wind blow...

Tate Modern: Between Cinema and a Hard Place
Ranging from film and video to sculpture, the exhibition features works by the following artists: Miroslaw Balka, Matthew Barney, Christian Boltanski, Janet Cardiff and George Bures-Miller, James Coleman, Stan Douglas,...

Mildura Arts Centre: Call for Artists: Mildura Palimpsest #5 May 2003, Site-specific Installation Works
The project will be grant dependent and up to six concepts will be selected if applications are successful. It is anticipated that a notional budget of up to AU$10,000 will be available for each successful concept (including artist's fee). ...

AVA - Association for Visual Arts: SCRATCHING THE SURFACE Vol.1: An Exhibition in Partnership with Spier
Scratching the Surface Vol. 1 serves as experiential experiment in exhibition making across continuously blurring artistic disciplines. Much like the dated experience of scratching lesson notes onto a slate, the curatorial process becomes a loop ...

National Museums Liverpool: Call for Artists: John Moores 23 Exhibition of Contemporary Painting
Judges will be Contemporary Art Society director Gill Hedley, former John Moores prizewinner Callum Innes and Walker curator of fine art Ann Bukantas. The fourth and fifth judges have yet to be announced. Julian Treuherz, keeper of galleries, say...

Unisa Art Gallery: Unisa Reflects on its Collection of Resistance Art
Works on display include Julian Motau's torturous portraits, Leonard Matsoso's tribute to Kipie Moketsie and the super realist portraits of Keith Dietrich, Mmopeng, Mmamule and Mmathabeng. The curators are Meredith Randall and Jacob Lebeko....

Groundfloor Gallery: The Trinity: Third Year Anniversary Exhibition
The Trinity Exhibition includes new works by Frank Boyle, Phillip Briant, Patrick Donohoe, Barbara Doran, Amanda Dumas-Hernandez, Jane Eyles, Janet Haslett, Katherine Hattam, Christina Khumari, Vivan Massry, Suvira McDonald, William Millward, Made...

Sheffield Galleries and Museum Trust, Graves Art Gallery: Tate Sculpture: The Human Figure in British Art from Moore to Gormley
Tate Sculpture will display 20 major works focussing on the human form, by internationally renowned masters such as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth, alongside contemporary artists such as Sarah Lucas, Ron Mueck and Antony Gormley. Tate Sculptu...

McKinney Avenue Contemporary: Visions, Vows and That Old Time Religion: Paintings by John Alexander
John Alexander is among the most internationally recognized artists from Texas. Like other post-war giants -- Robert Rauschenberg and Julian Schnabel come to mind -- he has made his reputation outside of Texas, all the while maintaining longst...

Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art: American Impressionists Abroad and at Home: Paintings from the Collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The American impressionists were among the most thoroughly trained, widely traveled and cosmopolitan painters in the history of our nations art. Many artists ...

FACT Gallery: Darkly Comic: Marina Zurkow and Eddo Stern
Zurkow and Stern mix arti-fact and fiction in an exhibition that betrays a curious interest in teen culture. Zurkow's colourful, interactive videos reflect the dark undercurrents of sugar-coated teen comix culture on a grand scale, while Stern use...

Frye Art Museum: Celebrating Women in the Arts Features a Juried Photography Exhibition: Contemporary Northwest Women Photographers:
The Washington State Convention and Trade Center (WSCTC), in collaboration with the Frye Art Museum, will also host an exhibition of selected works from the entries to promote the Celebrating Women in the Arts event. The WSCTC exhibition will take...

Louisiana Musuem of Modern Art: Andy Warhol and His World
The exhibition opens with photographic documentation of the environment that grew up around Andy Warhols studio the Factory and the Studio 54 nightclub in New York. The more than one hundred photos were taken b...

Museum der Moderne Mnchsberg: ein-leuchten
"Light" in this sense is derived from the Greek concept of "phainomenon" - the appearance - something which is emerging in the process of becoming and metamorphosis. For a brief period of time, "ein-leuchten" articulates the stage of emergence...

20th Century Art & Design Fair: Fair Opens Tomorrow in the National Hall Olympia
Exhibitors who have committed already to this years fair include Country Seat and Morgan Greenwood with the finest furniture and objects from eminent and international designers such as Aalto and Bertoia, The Loschs from Germany, specialising in ...

Urban Exposure brings together the work of established and less well-known filmmakers from a diversity of cultural backgrounds in a compelling and varied exploration of city life, both lived and imagined. While the bleak and hard-hitting La Haine (M...

Art Gallery of New South Wales: Late Landscape Paintings of Horace Trenerry
Trenerry was born in 1899 in Adelaide, son of a butcher descended from Cornish immigrants who arrived in South Australia some time earlier in the nineteenth century. There he grew up and studied at various private art schools, and briefly the Sout...

Gallery at Willesden Green: Nature and Landscape in Art
Linda Duffy explores structures in nature through abstracted systems mimicking the forces at play in natural environments. The drawings exhibited in Nature and Landscape in Art evidence the process of their creation and result from following a ...

Eyebeam: Beta Launch: Artists in Residence 03
The exhibition is open Tuesday Saturday, 12 6pm at Eyebeams Chelsea facility located at 540 W. 21st Street, between 10th & 11th Avenues, and is free to the public with a suggested donation. Beta Launch 03 will consist of two consecutiv...

Stephen Cohen Gallery: Edmund Teske: Images Out of Time
A pioneering visual artist, Teske was born in Chicago in 1911, where his childhood interest in photography grew into a 60-year pursuit of artistic freedom. His early training at Taliesin with Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1930s offered Teske import...

Moscow Museum of Modern Art: PAUL STEINITZ : God Only Knows Why My Trip Never Ended
Many friends of Paul Steinitz have already passed away, including artists Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, designers Stephen Sprouse and Willie Smith, and DJ Larry Levan. Likewise, the notorious New York hangouts have disappeared Palladium...

Fortune Cookie Project: William Wegman : Man with the Dogs
William Wegman was born December 2, 1943 in Holyoke, Massachusetts. He received a BFA in painting from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston in 1965 and an MFA from the University of Illinois Champagne-Urbana in 1967. From 1968 to 1970 he tau...

Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art: Call for Artists: Second Annual Summer Residency Program
Residents of The Cooper Union Summer Residency Program have the option of participating in a wide range of seminars and events, including critiques. A staff of master technicians, who are also practicing artists, provide valuable technical supp...

Tate Liverpool: Remix: Contemporary Art and Pop
The technique of remixing has been used since the mid 1960s when King Tubby and Lee Perry first started to experiment with Dub music in Kingston, Jamaica. The bringing together and reconfiguring of a wide range of sources is now at the heart of t...

Further Artwork and Information:

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Article - Overcoming All Obstacles: The Women of the Acadmie Julian
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Rutgers University Press
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