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Artist: Bohumil Kafka ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (11)
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Near the sea, Bohumil Kubista (Czech Republic, Vlckovice, 1884-08-21 - 1918-11-27) , circa 1918, Linoleum cut on wove paper
June Wayne Kafka Symbols #1 Lithograph 1948
Vredaparis (Frieda Paris) Homage to Franz Kafka Collagraph 1961
June Wayne The Sanctified - Kafka Series Lithograph 1950
June Wayne Quiet One - Kafka Series Lithograph 1950
June Wayne The Hero from the Kafka Series Lithograph 1949
June Wayne The Retreat - Kafka Series Lithograph 1950
June Wayne Sad Flute Player - Kafka Series Lithograph 1950
June Wayne Kafka Symbols "Second Version" #2 Lithograph 1949
Cerven, 1, no. 11/12 (1 August 1918), Bohumil Kubista (Czech Republic, Vlckovice, 1884-08-21 - 1918-11-27) , 1918, Printed material and two linoleum cuts on wove paper
Franz Kafka, Gerhard Richter (Germany, Dresde, born 1932) , 1998, Gelatin-silver print mounted on aluminum, and transverse mounted onto plexiglas, with accompanying name plate

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (10)
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Bryce Gallery Contemporary Fine Art: Keith Morant : A Dream of Dark Colors
A DREAM OF DARK COLOURS is a feature film base on ‘The Trial’ by Franz Kafka and is produced by Shaun Garea and Keith Morant. (Estrata Productions). “Art flies round the truth, determined not to get burnt”.
Franz Kafka (Apho...

Embassy of Israel: Conversations with Kafka: Works by Jacob Porat
The longer one looks at the paintings, the more details are discovered and layers excavated, the complexity of the worlds depicted proliferates and deepens. The viewers bring themselves to the paintings. However, the more versed they are in Porat’...

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium: Drawings: Armand Simon
He rarely leaves his house in Pâturages and remains an odd recluse within the movement. Thanks to purchases, but principally to his widow's legacy of a thousand of his works (in 1987), completed with another legacy by Irčne Hamoir, the Museum n...

Smart Museum of Art: Martin Kippenberger: Hotel Drawings and The Happy End of Franz Kafka s Amerika
Called an autobiography in sketches, this series of drawings on hotel stationery includes doodle-like drawings, highly finished compositions and sketches that relate to his paintings, sculptures and installations. The...

Kunsthalle Bern: Pavel Büchler Absentmindedwindowgazing
Büchler’s work evolves around two fundamental concerns: time and the manipulation of found materials. Concerned with the distortions of language, he gives a critical attention to the gaps in communication, fascinated as he is with the limits of th...

Fruitmarket Gallery: Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller: The House Of Books Has No Windows
The six installations in the exhibition entice the viewer into six new worlds, each using whatever means it needs to transport us somewhere else. In one room, we peer into a mini cinema, screening a five-minute mid-western film noir. As we w...

Jewish Museum: Warhol's Jews: Ten Portraits Reconsidered
The Jewish Museum initially showed three sets of paintings and an edition of prints in the fall of 1980. While Jewish audiences tended to embrace Warhol’s series, several leading art critics dismissed it as crass and exploitative. In the twenty-ei...

Andrew Mummery Gallery: Maria Chevska : Can't Wait (Letters R.L.)
The voice is Rosa Luxemburg's, Blutige Rosa - Bloody Rosa, the revolutionary most often portrayed as socialist heroine and the victim of her assassins. Having alighted on her subject, Chevska was drawn to a specific quality of language in Luxembur...

Ketterer Kunst: Self-portrait by Albert Birkle is Highlight of Auction Moderne and Gegenwart
Classic modern art is headed by Emil Nolde’s Schiff im Dock (Ship in a Dockyard). The engraving and shaded etching of 1910 is accompanied by an authenticated photograph signed by Prof. Dr. Martin Urban. It is estimated at DM 20,000 – 24,000. ...

Renaissance Society at The University of Chicago: Mark Manders: Isolated Rooms
Born in 1968, Manders belongs to a generation of post-minimal sculptors whose work is unabashedly grounded in narrative. In this respect, his significant precursors include Robert Gober, Juan Munoz, Kiki Smith, and Miroslaw Balka, to name a few. ...

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Bohumil Kafka (1678 - 1736) Biography, Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
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