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Artist: Gyokudo Kawai ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (6)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Gyokudo Kawai.

Landscape, Uragami Gyokudo (Japan, 1745 - 1821)  (Artist), circa 1785-1790, Hanging scroll; ink and light color on paper
Three-Colored Jar, Kawai Kanjiro (Japan, Shimane, 1890 - 1966) , circa 1960, Stoneware with glaze
Bamboo in Moonlight, Kawai Kenji (Japan, Kyoto, 1908 - 1995)  (Artist), 20th century, Color woodblock print
Square Jar with Abstract Floral Decor, Kawai Takeichi (Japan, Okaya, 1908 - 1989)  (Artist), 20th century, Stoneware; persimmon glaze
Square Vase, Kawai Takeichi (attributed to) (Japan, 1908 - 1989)  (Artist), 20th century, Stoneware with dragged persimmon glaze decor
Square Vase with Floral Design, Kawai Kanjiro (Japan, Shimane, 1890 - 1966) , 1950s, Stoneware with white glaze, iron, copper red and blue underglaze

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (3)
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Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington: Akio Takamori: The Laughing Monks
This exhibition is one of an occasional series where contemporary artists explore the resources of the Henry Art Gallery collections. At the same time it complements the artist's mid-career survey at the Tacoma Art Museum, Between Clouds of Memor...

gallery twenty-four: Art Interview 2007 International Award Exhibition
Original and digital contemporary artworks from the following artists will be presented: Akiva Huber - ( Israel )
Amanda van Gils - ( Australia, absolutearts.com Premiere Portfolio )
Jen Bekman: The Girl's Room: By The Dreier Project
It allows for the viewer to see the work without the material being the message. The artwork itself will be the message and perhaps answer some questions about the place of women’s artwork in the art world. Questions such as: What sort of work a...

Further Artwork and Information:

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