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Artist: Lee Krasner ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (14)
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Primary Series, Lee Krasner (United States, New York, New York City, 1908 - 1984) , 1969, Lithograph
Primary Series, Lee Krasner (United States, New York, New York City, 1908 - 1984) , 1969, Lithograph
Primary Series, Lee Krasner (United States, New York, New York City, 1908 - 1984) , 1969, Lithograph
Primary Series, Rose Stone, Lee Krasner (United States, New York, New York City, 1908 - 1984) , 1969, Color lithograph
Lee Krasner - Untitled 1949 oil on composition b The Museum of Modern Art American
Lee Krasner - The Springs 1964 oil on canvas National Museum of Women in the Arts American
Lee Krasner - Primeval Resurgence 1961 Oil on canvas The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Desert Moon, Lee Krasner (United States, New York, New York City, 1908 - 1984) , 1955, Collage of oil on paper on canvas, and oil on canvas
Museum of Fine Arts -
© Pollock-Krasner Foundation/ Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York ; Jackson Pollock, American, 1912-1956 Number
Lee Krasner - Black and White Collage 1953 collage and oil on p Des Moines Art Center American
Museum of Fine Arts -
© Pollock-Krasner Foundation/ Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York ; Jackson Pollock, American, 1912-1956 Troubled
Jackson Pollock Untitled etching and engraving circa 1944
Giorgio Cavallon Untitled (Abstract), fromThe American Abstract Artists Portfolio: Exhibition April 3-17, 1937 black and white offset lithograph 1937
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Autumn Rhythm (Number 30), 1950 Jackson Pollock (American, 1912-1956)Oil on canvas; H. 105, W. 207

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
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Brooklyn Museum of Art: Lee Krasner
While Krasner has been indelibly associated with Pollock, this show places her work in a larger context of painterly influences - including Hans Hofmann, Willem de Kooning, Henri Matisse, and Piet Mondrian - and chronicles her approach to pushi...

Akron Art Museum: Lee Krasner
The traveling exhibition comprises sixty paintings, collages, and drawings on loan from major collections around the world. Together, these works-many of them not publicly exhibited in decades-present the complete trajectory of Krasner's work. ...

Pollock-Krasner Foundation: Derek Culley Awarded a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant
Culley did his masters degree in marketing through Brunel University, 1992-94, his dissertation subject being “Marketing of the visual arts in Britain – are there lessons to be learned from Europe?” Culley was a founder member and chairman ...

Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts: Women and Paper

State Museum of Pennsylvania: ART OF THE STATE, 2004: the 37th Annual Juried Exhibition
Mr. Di Falco is featured in the 2004 and 2005 editions of WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA, because of his thirty year career in art. He is also the recipient of: a Artist's Residency in 2003 at The Philadelphia Museum of Art; a $30,000 Fellowship Award from ...

Show of Hands Gallery: The Midas Touch: Works by Gerard Di Falco
DiFalco won this year’s prestigious Pollock-Krasner Fellowship in Painting, and was awarded the highest monetary amount by the internationally renowned foundation. This award was established from the estates of American painters, Jackson Pol...

Los Angeles County Museum of Art: Exhibition Reveals Lee Krasner’s Crucial Contributions to Modern Art
Organized by Independent Curators International, this revealing exhibition demonstrates Krasner’s lifelong refusal to settle on a single style with which to express her artistic and personal concerns, and examines her position as one of the most...

Brian Gross Fine Art: Chad Buck: LYHT / LHUDE / NU
The vibrant palette of deep blues, radiant reds, ghostly greys, and soft whites lend an optical intensity and structure to the strong color and formal composition. Buck's reductive paintings are extraordinarily contemplative and render a powerful...

First Street Gallery: THE FOUNTAINS - Lisa Zwerling
The Fountain of Youth is dedicated to the memory of the five Robinson brothers: the artist's father David and her four uncles Samuel, Julius, Irving, and Ephraim. Irving appears in The Fountain of Youth as the old man carried by the young man o...

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: Art at Midcentury: Spotlight on the Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
The exhibition opens with art by European and Latin American artists such as Max Ernst and Matta, whose work was to play a defining role in shaping the New Yor...

University Art Museum, California State University, Long Beach: The UAM Diaries: 1973-2004 The Glenn Years
In addition, a number of exhibits that the UAM has traveled to museums throughout America, including The Great American Pop Art Store: Multiples of the Sixties; Time Dust, James Rosenquist; The Complete Graphics 1962-1992; Frederick Sommer at Seve...

Free Gallery: Majority Rulles! Part Two Opens
absolutearts.com Premiere Portfolio Artist and 2002 Pollock-Krasner Fellow, Gerard Di Falcó, is one of the eleven artists chosen for the exhibition at the Free Gallery in Glasgow, Scotland. His acrylic on canvas painting, "Bambine della Mezzan...

Brian Gross Fine Art: Willy Heeks: Recent Works
Bright, quirky shapes and playful lines hover over romantic ethereal spaces, referencing nature and hinting at narrative that quickly dissolves. With Heeks' practiced hand, an underlying framework grounds the chaotic, variegated marks, and this st...

Art Gallery of Mississauga: Ryszard Litwiniuk: Structures
The transformation that Litwiniuk refers to is exemplified in the dynamic wooden structures he creates from blocks or stumps of wood. He has breathed new life into the wood by cutting the centre free from it's natural restraints and allowing it to...

Anderson Gallery, Drake University: Fallout: A New Site-specific Installation by Chuck Nanney
For his new Anderson Gallery show, however, Nanney veers in a new direction. "FALLOUT" presents no "throwaway" materials and instead is a total transformation of the Anderson Gallery into a dimly-lit bubblegum pink space. The installation is a med...

Conversion of Manners is a Benedictine vow that Roman Catholic monks take when they leave secular life and enter monastic life. The vow signals changes in spiritual beliefs as well as in physical manners – behavior and demeanor. Through a seri...

Rebecca Ibel Gallery: Works by Stephen Mueller and Rob Wynne
Since 1970, New York based Stephen Mueller’s work has been widely exhibited in galleries and curated exhibitions with a retrospective in 2003 at the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, Nebraska and the Whitney Biennial in 1995. Mueller has been recognized...

Heather Marx Gallery: Timothy Nolan: Amalgumate
In his paintings and drawings, Nolan copies outdated textile patterns onto pristine fabricated surfaces of mylar and cast acrylic panels. It is this union between the readymade and the artist’s hand that occupies much of Nolan’s work, and intrigui...

William Havu Gallery: Works by John Himmelfarb, Lauri Lynnxe Murphy and Bernice Strawn
Chicago-based artist John Himmelfarb presents his paintings from the on-going Inland Romance series, a sequence depicting the artist‚s romantic attachment to the city of Chicago and its industrial forms and structures. The romantic attachment t...

g-module: Michael Rodriguez: Recent Paintings
Michael Rodriguez’s acrylic paintings of the late 1990s were a complex and excessive mixture of seductive orbs, ritualistically painted amidst digital like fissures, colorfield patches of negative space and constructions of lines. The paintings, r...

Enclaves Gallery: L’Image Mystique/Les Vues Sacrees (Sacred Image/Sacred Views)
Author of the book, Vodou Visions, Sallie Ann Glassman has lectured extensively on Vodou and visionary art, and has performed rituals nationally and internationally. In 1997 she was invited on a two-week lecture tour of Australia, where she gave ...

Everson Musuem of Art: Francisco Alvarado-Juárez: Canto a la Fauna
The creatures emerge from gallery walls that are covered with approximately 4,000 individually cut and painted supermarket bags that overwhelm the eye with vivid col...

Center for Photography at Woodstock: Three New Exhibitions: AT A REMOVE, curated by William Stover; MEDIA(TION): FRAGMENTATION AND ACCELERATION curated by L. Halsey Brown; and EYE WITNESS, an installation by TATANA KELLNER
Stover, an independent curator and the Curatorial Administrator and Publications Manager at the New Museum of Contemporary Art (NYC), has worked on a wide array of exhibitions including Alternative: Alternative (Brooklyn, NY), Picturing the Modern...

Mint Museum of Art: Creighton Michael: Patterns of Perception
Exploring the fusion of elements taken from painting, sculpture and drawing, the artist incorporates such ideas as Surrealist automatism, chance theory and the aesthetics of Japanese gardens. Michael’s paintings at times resemble underwater life f...

Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery: Bill Burns: Safety Gear for Small Animals
Safety Gear for Small Animals is about animal rescue, relocation and rehabilitation. It presents a survey of Burns' work over the past 10 years. Currently touring across Canada and into the United States, the exhibition opens June 25 at the Tom Th...

Los Angeles County Museum of Art: Gestures: Postwar American and European Abstraction from the Permanent Collection
Abstract Expressionism and art informel emerged independently of one another in the mid-1940s and flourished during a redefining period. After World War II, the cultural environment in the United States was, by today’s standards, extremely natio...

UB Art Gallery: Patricia Cronin, The Domain of Perfect Affection, 1993-2003
Cronin’s erotic watercolors from the early 1990s invite the viewer to witness intimate moments between herself and her partner. Her larger than life-size, three ton Carrara marble mortuary marker, Memorial to a Marriage (2002), uses classical scul...

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Hans Hofmann at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Kept out of the army during World War I because of a lung ailment, Hofmann opened an art school in Munich in 1915. For the next 53 years, Hofmann supported himself primarily through his teaching. ...

Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami: Frankenthaler: Paintings on Paper (1949 – 2002)
Frankenthaler: Paintings on Paper (1949 – 2002) is organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art and is curated by MOCA Director Bonnie Clearwater. Following its MOCA presentation, the exhibition will be on view at Edinburgh’s Royal Scottish Academ...

American Art Dealers Association (ADAA): 16th Annual Exhibition to be Held at the Seventh Regiment Armory
This year The Art Show highlights a group of solo-shows that are ambitious and not to be missed. Continuing their tradition of showing a single artist at The Art Show for the last several years, PaceWildenstein will present recent works by the Abs...

Jonathan O'Hara Gallery: BRENDA ZLAMANY Facing Family
Since her last one-person show, in 1999, Zlamany has produced a series of personal paintings depicting herself; her daughter, Oona; and her parents. These pictures, done for her own collection, are assembled in Facing Family. Exquisitely painted, ...

Holy Family University: Spiritual Works by Gerard Di Falco
The public may obtain visit information by calling the gallery's director, Professor Pamela Flynn, at 215- 637-7700, ext. 4381. Information may be obtained by visiting the universityís website at www.holyfamily.edu . Gerard (Jerry) DiFalco e...

Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum: Mercedes Matter: A Retrospective Exhibition
When the Matter retrospective was recently shown at Baruch College in Manhattan, the Wall Street Journal declared it "one of the best New York painting exhibitions" and said it gives us "the monumental achievement of a monumental, but sadly overlo...

Williams College: Jackson Pollock at Williams College
Jackson Pollock at Williams College will feature Number 2, 1949, from the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute Museum of Art; Number 13A, 1948: Arabesque, from the Yale University Art Gallery; and Number 7, 1950, from New York’s Museum of Modern...

Pan American Art Gallery: Natural Contrast: Paul Hunter, Isabelle du Toit and Lari Gibbons
LARI GIBBONS Lari Gibbons creates poignant works through the fine art of drawing and printmaking. Whether she is investigating the impact of urban development on the native woodlands or studying the relationship between seemingly disparate...

Saint Louis Art Museum: Action-Abstraction: Pollock, de Kooning and American Art, 1940–1976
Beginning in the 1940s, Pollock and de Kooning created paintings and sculptures that catapulted American art onto the international stage. In magazines as diverse as Partisan Review, The Nation, ARTnews and Vogue, Greenberg and Rosenberg wrote inc...

Cheryl Pelavin Fine Arts: Valentina DuBasky: Mongolian Horses and Siberian Tigers - New Paintings on Paper and Canvas
She has written about these new pieces; "Ancient Mongolians worshiped "the clear blue sky," and in Mongolian and Chinese myth, horses appear as symbols of power, elegance and action. My paintings are inspired by field drawings made of Mongolian h...

Guggenheim Museum: Hugo Boss Prize 2000 - Marjetica Potrec - Kagiso: Skeleton House Features Two Architectural Installations, Photographs, and Text
We are delighted to present the work of Marjetica Potrc as the winner of the HUGO BOSS PRIZE: 2000, said Thomas Krens, Director, Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. Her textual and sculptural investigations into the notion of sh...

San Diego Museum of Art: Vital Forms: American Art and Design in the Atomic Age, 1940-1960
With more than 265 items, the exhibition comprises every category of object imaginable including paintings, sculpture, architectural photography, fashion, textiles, ceramics, jewelry, furniture, glass, toys, and graphic design. Among the highlight...

Gallery C: LA Woman: Lisa Adams, Kim McCarty, Meg Cranston, Jill Giegerich and Becky Guttin
As visual thinkers that truly provoke compelling dialogues, these women epitomize what it means to be an artist.  By pushing the boundaries, creating controversy and inspiring thought, discussion and change, seek to awaken the consciousness of ...

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