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Artist: Frantisek Kupka (1871 - 1957)
Nationality: Czech
Movement: Abstract Art
Media: Painting

Frantisek Kupka was born in Czechoslovakia, but worked mostly in France. He studied in Prague and Vienna before settling in Paris around 1895. He began working as an illustrator while creating Symbolist and Fauvist paintings on the side. His lifetime interest in spirituality inspired his concern with color and he made it his goal to pick colors for their rhythmic effects. After 1909, Kupka began experimenting with motion similar to the Futurists. His abstract series, Amorpha: Fugue in Two Colors was completed in 1912 and caused commotion at the Salon d’Automne of that year. Kupka served in the military during World War I and also designed propaganda posters. Post war, the Prague Academy gave him the position of professor in Paris, where his job was to introduce Czech students to France. In 1931, he helped found the Abstraction-Creation group, taking on a more geometrical style in his later life.

Artworks in Museum Collections: (10)
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TRAITS ANIMES (1957) by KUPKA Frantisek
Irregular Forms: Creation, Frantisek Kupka (Czechoslovakia, Opocno, Bohemia, 1871 - 1957) , 1911, Oil on canvas
Concentration Intense, Frantisek Kupka (Czechoslovakia, Opocno, Bohemia, 1871 - 1957) , 1912, Pastel on paper mounted on backing board or paper
Frantisek Kupka - The First Step 1910-13 oil on canvas The Museum of Modern Art Czech
Frantisek Kupka - Reminiscence of a Cathedral 1920-23 Oil on canvas The Art Institute of Chicago Czech
Object III, Frantisek Vizner (Czechoslovakia, born 1936)  (Artist), 1989, Glass
Frantisek Vízner Smoked Bowl cast glass 1992
Frantisek Vízner Gold Bowl cast glass 1993
Meteor, Frantisek Bilek (Bohemia, Chynov, 1872 - 1941) , circa 1916, Woodcut on wove paper
Die Aktion 6, no. 18/19 (1916), Frantisek Bilek (Bohemia, Chynov, 1872 - 1941) , 1916, Printed material and one woodcut on wove paper

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (3)
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Rudolfinum's Small Gallery: Kupka - Waldes, The Artist And His Collector
The Kupka - Waldes exhibition features 24 oil paintings and over 120 smaller works, including illustrations, caricatures, sketches, drawings and a bust of Kupka's wife. Highlights of the exhibition include Cosmic Spring and Winter Reminiscence ...

National Gallery, Prague: An Extensive Part of the Waldes Collection Returns to Heirs
Return of this property represents a general problem since it also involves other properties of claimance still held by the state. In recent years, this issue raised much criticism and discussions about the restitution laws and how the Czech Re...

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: O'Keeffe's O'Keeffes
The exhibition can thus be seen as Georgia O’Keeffe’s artistic self-portrait. It includes all aspects of her work – flowers, abstractions and landscapes – from New York City and Lake George as well as from her beloved New Mexico. Georgia O’Kee...

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