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Artist: Jim Love ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Jim Love.

J. Paul Getty Museum -
Hope Nourishing Love
Elizabeth Murray - Careless Love 1995-1996 oil on shaped canvas National Gallery of Art American
Bernardino da Asola - The Garden of Love c. 1535-1550 oil on canvas The National Gallery, London Italian
William-Adolphe Bouguereau - Whisperings of Love 1889 oil on canvas New Orleans Museum of Art French
Jean-Honore Fragonard - The Progress of Love 1771-73 oil on canvas The Frick Collection French
Francois Boucher - The Love Letter 1750 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art French
Giorgio de Chirico - The Song of Love 1914 oil on canvas The Museum of Modern Art Italian
Correggio - The School of Love c. 1525 oil on canvas The National Gallery, London Italian
Paul Cezanne - The Battle of Love c. 1880 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art French
Augustin Pajou - Fickle Love 1787 marble Cleveland Museum of Art French
Nicolas Lancret - Declaration of Love c. 1720 oil on canvas Cleveland Museum of Art French
Thomas Rowlandson Dying for Love (or Kissing for Love) Etching with watercolor 1810
J. Paul Getty Museum -
The Fountain of Love
Edouard Bernard Debat-Ponsan - Love Dies in Time 1872 oil on canvas Minneapolis Institute of Arts French
Eanger Irving Couse - Love Song (a.k.a Moonlight) n.d. oil on canvas Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art at The University of Oklahoma American
Jean-Baptiste Mallet - Venus and a Sleeping Love c. 1810 oil on canvas Los Angeles County Museum of Art French
Jean-Baptiste Mallet - Venus and a Sleeping Love c. 1810 oil on canvas Los Angeles County Museum of Art French
Peter Paul Rubens - The Triumph of Divine Love c. 1625-1626 oil on panel The Fitzwilliam Museum Flemish
Stanley Mouse San Francisco Rock Poster: Family Dog Productions, "Love Lady," Love; Congress of Wonders; Avalon Ballroom, 3/8-10/68. lithograph 1968
Francois Boucher - Venus Consoling Love 1751 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art French
Joan Miro - Two Personages in Love with a Woman 1936 Oil on copper The Art Institute of Chicago Spanish
Gilbert Stuart - Portrait of Dr. Prentis Love of Vermont c. 1809-1816 oil on canvas Brooks Museum American
Joan Miro - Ciphers and Constellations in Love with a Woman 1941 gouache and watercol The Art Institute of Chicago Spanish
Auguste Rodin - Fugit Amor (Love Flees) c. 1887 bronze Portland Museum of Art French
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
The Love Song, 1868–?1873 Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones (British, 1833-1898)Oil on canvas; 45 x 61
Etienne Maurice Falconet - French Fidelity Crowning Love c. 1760 marble The Frick Collection French
Paulus Moreelse - A girl with a mirror, an allegory of Profane Love 1627 oil on canvas The Fitzwilliam Museum Dutch
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Edouard Bernard Debat-Ponsan Title: Love Dies in Time Date: 1872 Medium: oil on canvas
Auguste Rodin - Venus Astarte (Semitic goddess of fertility and love) c. 1900 plaster Cleveland Museum of Art French
J. Paul Getty Museum -
Molded Dish with an Allegory of Love
Museum of Fine Arts -
Master of the Gardens of Love, Netherlandish, active in 1440-1450 The Little Garden of Love
Arthur Putnam Tiger Love bronze 19th - 20th century
Jean Baptiste Huet Fan, "Led by Love" ivory, and paint and gilt etching on paper circa 1780
W. H. Mote The Love Letter. 19th - 20th century
Sir Robert Strange The Offspring of Love ENG 18th century
Georges Braque - Poster for the Love Letter (Affiche pour la Lettera Amorosa) 1963 poster Arkansas Arts Center French
Mother Love (Madonna and Child), E. Weyhe , 1920, Relief print
Mother Love (Madonna and Child), E. Weyhe , 1920, Relief print
Ernest Freed Garden of Love Engraving 1960
Piat Joseph Sauvage The Triumph of Love oil on canvas 18th - 19th century
Weyman Lew A Time for Love Screenprint 1966
Georg Pencz The Triumph of Love Engraving 16th century
Love Potion #9, Alex Alferov (Yugoslavia, born 1946) , 1992, Screenprint
The Innoculation of Love, Noel Le Mire (France, Rouen, 1724 - 1801) , 1776, Engraving
The First Kiss of Love, Noel Le Mire (France, Rouen, 1724 - 1801) , 1773, Engraving
Charles Surendorf Love Story, 1941 Wood engraving 1930 - 1940
William Croxford Edwards Love. 19th century
Johann Gottfried Haid The Love Letter Etching and roulette 18th century
GIFTS/I LOVE YOU/BEL-AIR MENTHOL, Ilene Segalove (born 1950) , 1975, Vintage color photographs
Yanagawa Shunsui Couple making love color woodcut 1770 - 1780
C.W. Love If You Can't Go Across with a Gun - World War I Poster lithograph poster circa 1917 - 1918
Mercury Conquered by Love, Lucas Kilian (Germany, Augsburg, 1579 - 1637) , no date, Engraving
Happiness of Love, Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki (Germany, Danzig, 1726 - 1801) , 1795, Etching
Paul Gavarni Voyons! j*aime Clara, si c*est face; si c*est pile, j*aime Augustine., (Look! I love Clara, if it*s heads; if it*s tails, I love Augustine) from the series La vie de jeune homme, plate 23 in the book Oeuvres choisies de Gavarni ä Etud
Gabriel Scorodomoff The Trimph of Love St. engraving 18th century
Martial Deny A Love Tryst Revealed 18th - 19th century
Thomas Nast The Lion (U.S.G.) Not in Love. Went To Clip, But Was Clipped Wood engraving 1876
Sugimura Jihei Couple making love color woodcut 1680 - 1690
Making Love, Larry Clark (United States, born 1943) , 1981, Gelatin-silver print
Wes Wilson Bill Graham Presents (21) Love; Everpresent Fullness, 8/5-6/66, Fillmore Auditorium lithograph 1966

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Love

Zg Gallery: With Love, Beth Reitmeyer: New Paintings & Interactive & Evolving Installation
Viewers will enter a room strung with handmade valentine postcards and are invited to express their feelings to a loved one through the selection of a "love" drawing. In return, they are asked to leave behind another card expressing something abou...

Indianapolis Museum of Art: What Does Love Have to Do with It - A look at love form the permentant collection
The exhibition includes works from across the globe such as Picasso's painting - MKa Jolie; an ancient earthenware jar which acts as a farewell gift from China; a Zulu neck ornament or love letters; 18th century European porcelain sculptures that...

Hong Kong Arts Centre: True Love: Paintings by Francesca Judd
Francesca Judd
True Love, 2001

The Brickyard: Love Hurts

Harvard University Art Museums, Arthur M. Sackler Museum: The Sensuous and the Sublime: Representations of Love in the Arts of the Middle East and Southern Asia
Inspired by a wealth of sacred literature, lyric poetry, and folk tales, artists often created paintings and sculptures that could be read alternately as visualizations of overt sensuality or as symbols of spiritual union. In these beautiful works...

World Fine Art Gallery: Holy Moments - Part 1, Transitioning from Love to Death & God
The new show will feature a collection of paintings on Death, God and Faith. There will be two installation pieces. The first one called the "Trouble Bubble", a modern day confessional, and the "The G Spot" (G stands for God). She uses bright c...

Kabat Wrobel Gallery: Holy Moments - Part 1, Transitioning from Love to Death and God: Work by Kate Hollett
The new show will feature a collection of paintings on Death, God and Faith. There will be two installation pieces. The first one called the Trouble Bubble, a modern day confessional, and the The G Spot (G stands for God). She uses bright colou...

Reverse Garbage: Call for Artists: 'JUNK LOVE' Art and Design Competition
Narelle Mantle, the Community Relations and Education Manager, said 'Last years exhibition was really encouraging, there was some really thoughtful, innovative and beautiful works. There are so many artists and designers using our materials and Ju...

Association of Photographers Gallery: L.O.V.E - A Brand New Show from the Independent Photographers Agency Growbag
From wedding chapels in Vegas to lover’s beds in England, L.O.V.E takes an innovative and exciting look at what society thinks about love. Talking about the inspiration for the show, Christine Cowdell (Agent/Producer) at Growbag said "We are...

South Australian Museum: Culture Shock: Works by Lawry Love
Officially opening the exhibition was George Tongerie, AM, JP, Aboriginal Ombudsman, who was the first child to be put into the Colbrook Home in Oodnadatta. Culture Shock at the South Australian Museum comprises of 18 art works by artist ...

Para/site Art Space: I Have a Beautiful World Because I Love You: Works by Tse Yim On
For the past five years, Tse has been creating “artist books”, and more recently has been focusing on “series paintings”. His acrylic paintings and photo transfers take inspiration from contemporary popular culture and reflects underground aesthet...

Albright Knox Art Gallery: Gerrit Engel: Buffalo Grain Elevators

Haunch of Venison: Bill Viola: LOVE/ DEATH -The Tristan Project
LOVE/DEATH: The Tristan Project is a museum-scale exhibition showing across two venues and will present over ten new works. Like Viola’s previous works, they range from room-sized video projections of image and sound to small, silent flat panel sc...

UCR California Museum of Photography: Laurie Long: Dating Surveillance Project

The DSP is inspired by the actual circumstances of my life as an artist. Like most artists, I am working another job to finance my art career. I am so busy working two jobs that ...
Collingwood Gallery: Perspectives on Love: Work by 50 Male Japanese Artists
Here is a short example of a profile of Hidesawa Sudo: one of the 50 Japanese male artists. Hidesawa Sudo’s Profile: Born in 1973. Fine art photographer from Osaka, Japan. Attended a workshop by Magnum Photos and inspired by Chris Ste...

MG Gallery: The Wild and The Tame: The Gestation of Mature Love
The viewer and all the attending visual effects participate as witnesses together making the spectacle. All is in a kind of poised waiting, a waiting full of wild desire and at the same time of tame deference. "I am interested in embodyin...

Red Gate Gallery: Shen Ling: Pink Bed
" Milan Kundera once said,'What is flirtation? One might say that it is behavior leading another to believe that sexual intimacy is possible, while preventing that possibility from becoming a certainty.' Today, flirtation has become quite a luxury. ...

Reverse Garbage: Junk Love: 25th Birthday Celebrations Exhibition
Reverse Garbages General Manager Heidi Freeman says Wed like to show everyone the amazing things our customers create. Some of our customers are working at the cutting edge of contemporary art and design, and wed like to see that acknowledged in ...

Henry Moore Institute: Sir Alfred Gilbert: Maquettes for the Sam Wilson Chimneypiece c.1908-14.
The bodies of idealised youthful naked women represent pure and innocent love, winged Eros figures stand for erotic love, a...

Oakville Galleries: Weathervane: Curated by Karen Love
The exhibition features works by Marlene Creates, Paterson Ewen, Rodney Graham, Tania Kitchell, Mark Lewis, Richard Rhodes, Seifollah Samadian, Alan Storey, T & T (Tyler Brett and Tony Romano), Diana Thater, Lawrence Weiner and Chris Welsby. ...

2000 Foundation: Internation Art Contest: The Millineum Art Collection
The 2000 Foundation selected over 1900 professional artists out of 104 countries. Therefore some 100 artists are still welcome to complete the amount of 2000. The deadline is January 31, 2000. The task of the artist is to contribute a work of art...

Sharon Truax Fine Art, A Meta-Arts Space: Kevin Fuermann: The Waiting Room
In the mid 1990's, during a period when the Fuermann felt increasingly imprisoned by life in ways he could not escape - social breakdown, loss of faith, loss of hope, and finally catastrophic loss of health - the chair re-emerged as a metaphor for...

Free Art Tomorrow: Call for Artists: For the Love of Art Contest
Winners will be announced in the first week of January. January, 2009 Please visit our web site at www.IcoGallery.com to learn more about Ico Gallery. You MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE to enter this contest. International applicants are encour...

Centre for Contemporary Photography: Love at First Sight: Chris Barry, Pat Brassington, Janina Green, Siri Hayes, Rebecca Ann Hobbs, Selina Ou, Sanja Pahoki, Kimberly Roxburgh, Julie Rrap, Anne Zahalka
'from the first moment that I handled my lens with a tender ardour... it has become to me as a living thing, with voice and memory and creative vigour' - Julia Margaret Cameron, 1874 Love at First Sight celebrates women in front of, behind and...

Minneapolis Institute of Arts: The Metamorphosis to Freedom
Robert 0. Fisch is a native of Budapest, Hungary, and a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp. After the war, Dr. Fisch returned to Hungary and completed medical school, and then went to America in...

Portland Museum of Art: Love and the American Dream: June 25 through October 17, 1999
Although Robert Indiana came to prominence during the 1960s as a Pop artist, his concerns have always differed greatly from those of his contemporaries. National and cultural identity ...

John Connelly Presents: Bonds of Love: A Project by Lisa Kirk
Interestingly enough, when we do succeed in reaching that enhanced state of awareness, it is often in a context of sharpened awareness of others of their unique particularity and independent existence. The reciprocal relationship between self and ...

Throckmorton Fine Art: Diego y Frida: Photographs by Various Photographers
Diego Rivera (1886 – 1957) is not only the most outstanding of contemporary Mexican painters, an artist of unequaled vastness of conception; he is also the most prolific. He stands as the example of a painter who, having assimilated and utilized ...

Bell-Roberts Art Gallery: Myself.write MyCode - Peet Pienaar, Heidi Pietersen, Stacy Hardy, Dror Eyal and Gareth Chisholm

Hey daddy 'o, did you just open an attachment and release a malicious WORM onto your computer system? Now the sleazy thing is wiggling around your hard drive and replicating it's ooey-gooey self every chance it gets! Eeeuuuw! Relax, it's nothing y...
Chelsea Gallery, Punta del Este: Daniel Bottero: The Structure of Love
View more of Daniel Botteros work in his Portfolio at absolutearts.com. IMAGE
Artist: Daniel Bottero
Title: Sweet Dreams of Love
Year Created: 2006
Medium: Painting ...

South African National Gallery: MARC CHAGALL: THE LIGHT OF ORIGINS, paintings, works on paper, tapestries, lithographs 1949-1977
One of the highest profile shows this year, it has been curated for South AFrica and will not tour. It aims to reveall the diversity of Chagall's work and make it accessible to many who may never get the chance to veiw it in other parts of the wor...

Index - Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation: Johanna Billing: You Don't Love Me Yet
The project's second part, Johanna Billing's film "You Don't Love Me Yet", produced in June 2003, reunited the participants only this time the individual performance is replaced by a common effort at Atlantis recording studios in Stockholm, wher...

Cambridge Galleries: That Obscure Object of Desire: A Group Exhibition of Visions of Delight, Fascination and Desire
It is said that the desire to connect goes back to the infant's separation from the mother's breast. From that grows a life-long search for love and the creation of a system of language and symbols to express that desire. Prose and poetry, music a...

Katonah Museum of Art: I Love the ’Burbs: Modern Day Suburban Life
“Vistors to I Love the ’Burbs will have an opportunity to view exciting, contemporary art about the suburbs in a frankly suburban setting,” says Executive Director Neil Watson. “The majority of works in this exhibition have been created by young,...

Morley Gallery: Tokyo GlamRock: Art and Rock Featuring GORGEROUS Rock Band from Tokyo
These ruptures become more marked when they are enacted in artistic practice. Tensions emerge within the performative aspects of the work: the acting out by artists of fractured identities in relation to the normative discourses which they par...

photoza: Photographics by Bruce Mortimer
Bruce believes in a balanced approach to his work, remaining directly involved in the production and marketing of his photographs, and spending time doing both professional and personal activities which often involve his wife and family. His three...

Prestige Gallery: Dream Time, You Nishiogi's first solo exhibition
From the artist's statement, "I love the nature, landscapes in Australia. It's really amazing. I also love the Wild Flowers in Australia, so I've been keeping visiting Australia. These unique flowers which only can be seen in Australia fascina...

Art Gallery of New South Wales: LOVE & DEATH: Art in the Age of Queen Victoria
Rich in elaborate detail, sumptuous in colour and texture, and extravagantly emotional, the paintings were drawn from classical mythology and literature, ancient and modern history, contemporary life and morals. Fledgling art museums in the Br...

Art Fusion Gallery: Esoteric Ilusions
Sheila Fraga
Year Created: 2009
Medium: Painting Oil
Width: 24 inches
Height: 36 inches
Price: US$ 980
Sheila Fraga explains, "Woman figure is the main theme of this series ...

Modern Culture At The Gershwin Hotel: Alberto Garcia-Alix: Tell Me Words Of Love In Spanish
Tell Me Words Of Love In Spanish will include portraits of Rossy de Palma (star of the films of Pedro Almodovar), Johnny Thunders, and Martin ...

Further Artwork and Information:

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