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Artist: Charles Martin ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Charles Martin.

Pierre Charles Baquoy Frederic et Voltaire Engraving circa 1796 - 1798
Charles Simonneau Mre. Martin de Charmois... 1706
Charles Thevenin Abbaye de St. Martin de Sees (Orne) oil on canvas circa 1810
California Martin, Charles Christian Nahl (Germany, Kassel, 1818 - 1878) , Watercolor
California Martin, Charles Christian Nahl (Germany, Kassel, 1818 - 1878) , Watercolor
CHARLES X, / Roi de France et de Navarre, né à Versailles, le 9 Octobre 1757, sacré et couronné à Reims, le 29 Mai 1825. (titre inscrit) (1828 entre ; 1830 et) by Martin-Delahaye Henri Alexandre Joseph (éditeur) ; Martin-Muiron Louis César Joseph (
Charles John Watson Rue St. Martin Etching 19th - 20th century
Saint Martin partageant son manteau (15e siècle) by FOUQUET Jean
S. M. CHARLES X, / Jetant l'Eau-bénite sur le corps de Sa Majesté LOUIS XVIII, son frère (titre inscrit) (1824 entre ; 1829 et) by Martin-Delahaye Henri Alexandre Joseph (éditeur) ; Martin-Muiron Louis César Joseph (imprimeur)
Nº15 - Fontaine nº1 de la rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin (fonte), (10ème arrondissement, Paris) (1858 entre ; 1878 et) by MARVILLE Charles
Saint Laurent, saint Etienne et saint Martin partageant son manteau (2e moitié 16e siècle) by MAITRE DES RONDS DE COBOURG
Sports et Divertissements, Charles Martin (France, 1884 - 1934) , commissioned 1914, published 1925, Pochoir on paper
Louis-Charles Maigret (1793) by DROLLING Martin
Anonymous A Manual of Lithography, translated by C. Hullmandel(London: Rodwell and Martin, 1820) Book with 2 lithographs 1820
Madame Louis-Charles Maigret (1804) by DROLLING Martin
Ruines d'une église, Noël Saint Martin (titre factice) (1846) by FRERE Charles Théodore (?), FRERE BEY (dit)
L'Assommoir d'Emile Zola, théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin (1900) by VERNEAU Charles (imprimeur) ; STEINLEN Théophile Alexandre
Anonymous Untitled (lithography tools), first plate in the book, A Manual of Lithography ( London: Rodwell and Martin, 1820) Pen lithograph 1819
Victor Hugo (2e moitié 19e siècle) by GILBERT-MARTIN Charles (caricaturiste)
HENRI ET CHARLES BEAUBRUN (3e quart 17e siècle) by LAMBERT Martin
Fashion Plate (Martin Tapezier), Jügel , 18th century, Colored engraving on paper
John Martin The Paradise Lost of Milton (London: Charles Tilt, 1838) book with 24 mezzotints 1838
Soissons - Rue Saint-Martin (1913 expédié en) by C L C ; CHARLES L'HOPITAL & Cie (éditeur)
John Martin The Paradise Lost of John Milton (London: Charles Whittingham, 1846) book with twenty-four mezzotints 1846
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Salviati (Francesco de" Rossi ) and Giovanni Stradano and Jan Rost and workshop Title:
Woman’s Profile Hat, Martin Soules (Argentina, Buenos Aires) , circa 1950, Straw, velvet
L'Amour triomphant d'Hercule (1767 vers) by GREUZE Jean-Baptiste
Fletcher Martin Mexican Girl Woodcut 1935
Heinrich Aldegrever - Martin Luther 1540 engraving Arkansas Arts Center German
Jean-Francois Millet - Monsieur Martin 1840 oil on fabric Cleveland Museum of Art French
Harrington Mann - Portrait of Mrs. C. J. Martin 1919 oil on canvas Minneapolis Institute of Arts British
HENRI MARTIN (1810-1883) (1850) by SCHEFFER Ary
Vue de la ville et du château de Fontainebleau depuis le parterre du Tibre en 1722 avec au premier plan chasse au cerf de la princesse de Conti et du duc de Bourbon (19e siècle) by LAMBINET Charles Emile ; MARTIN Pierre Denis (d'après)
Profil de côtes de la Terre de Diémen (Tasmanie) (1800 entre ; 1804 et) by LESUEUR Charles Alexandre (?) ; PETIT Nicolas Martin (?)
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Circle of Michiel Coxie Title: Joseph Ruler over Egypt Date: about 1548 - 1555
Woman’s Toque, Martin Soules (Argentina, Buenos Aires) , circa 1935, Wool felt, feather, silk net
Nº3 - Urinoir (Système Jennings) Plateau de l'Ambigu, vue prise vers l'ouest, boulevard Saint-Martin (10ème arrondissement, Paris) (1871 entre ; 1878 et) by MARVILLE Charles
MICHEL-MARTIN DROLLING (1786-1851) (1ère moitié 19e siècle) by DROLLING Michel Martin
Charles Martin Les Cerises (Cherries) pl. XI from Modes et Manieres d'Aujourd Hui (Fashions and Manners of Today) pochoir 1913
Engagement d'Ida Ferrier au Théâtre de la Porte Saint-Martin à Paris, le 6 janvier 1836 (1836) by HAREL Charles Jean
Henri Martin (19e siècle) by LEMOINE Auguste Charles (lithographe) ; MAYER ET PIERSON (photographe) ; LEMERCIER & Cie (imprimeur)
Woman’s Gloves, Maison Martin Margiela , circa 2003, Leather
Woman’s Gloves, Maison Martin Margiela , circa 2003, Leather
Hommes s'exerçant avec des lances en Nouvelle-Hollande (Australie) (1801 entre ; 1803 et) by LESUEUR Charles Alexandre (?) ; PETIT Nicolas Martin (?)
SIEGE DE LA VILLE DE MONS.1691 (4e quart 17e siècle) by MARTIN Jean-Baptiste (attribué) ; Martin DES BATAILLES (dit, attribué)
John Martin [Satan Tempting Eve] Book 9 line 780, bound at p. 265 in the book, The Paradise Lost of John Milton (London: Charles Whittingham, 1846)[Creation of Light] Book 7, line 339, bound at p. 203 in the book, The Paradise Lost of John Milton (Lond
Martin Lewis Subway Steps Drypoint 1931
Everett Shinn - Caf Martin, formerly Delmonico's 1876-1953 oil pastel on paper The Mint Museums American
Woman’s Skirt, Maison Martin Margiela , circa 2003, Wool
Woman’s Skirt, Maison Martin Margiela , circa 2003, Wool
Allan Ramsay - Portrait of Mrs. Mary Martin 1761 oil on canvas Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery British
Francis Hayman - The Masters Martin Atkin c. 1740-1742 oil on canvas The Fitzwilliam Museum British
Louis Galloche - A Scene from the Life of St. Martin c. 1737 oil on canvas Los Angeles County Museum of Art French
John Martin [Pandemonium] BOOK 1. LINE 710, bound at p.25 in the book, The Paradise Lost of John Milton (London: Charles Whittingham, 1846) mezzotint 1825
La charité de Saint-Martin (4e quart 16e siècle ; 1er quart 17e siècle) by FREMINET Martin
Martin Hardie Corfe Castle etching 1913
El Greco - Saint Martin and the Beggar 1597-1599 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art Spanish
El Greco - Saint Martin and the Beggar 1600-1614 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art Spanish
John Neagle - Martin Luther Hurlbut 1840 oil on canvas Cleveland Museum of Art American
John Martin [The Courts of God] Book 3. line 365., bound at p.79 in the book, The Paradise Lost of John Milton (London: Charles Whittingham, 1846) mezzotint 1825

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Martin

Zest Cafe Gallery: Cyberart to the Dining Table: Works by Fifteen International Artists
Participating artists are: Shankar Barua/INDIA
Mike Butler/CANADA
Dr. Rodney Chang*(Pygoya)/USA
Wayne J. Cosshall/AUSTRALIA
Andrew Cottingham/NEW ZEALAND
Bert Green Fine Art: Exhibitions of Works: Wayne Martin Belger, Jonathan Martin, Jon Tarry, Shannon Lambert, and Richard Ankrom
Wayne Martin Belger creates pin hole cameras from specially chosen found materials. These cameras are sculptures that make a statement about the materials of which they are constructed, yet function perfectly to produce photographs. Some of his ca...

Tate Gallery: Art Now: Martin Creed
The work reflects the dialogue at Tate Britain between the art of the past and that of our own time, and emphasises the gallery's strong commitment to the contemporary....

Art Gallery of Hamilton: Contemporary Art Project: Martin Creed
Creed is invited to produce an installation in residency for the AGH that will resonate in a space of his choosing. He will also be asked to talk about his musical compositions as expressed in his band Owanda. ...

Renishaw Hall: Paintings by Stuart Robinson, Terence Bennett, and Martin Decent
Terence Bennett is an accomplished watercolour artist from Doncaster in the county of Yorkshire. His works have been exhibited at many prestigious locations, including The Royal Academys and The National Museum of Wales.Stuart Robinson is als...

Cairns Regional Gallery: Ugunja, Kenya: Picturing Community
Picturing Community is a work of love for Martin who first travelled to Ugunja in 1998, when he was volunteering with the Kenyan Institute of Organic Farming. Whilst there Martin met and worked with the Ugunja Community Resource Centre (UCRC), wh...

Dia:Beacon: A Field of Vision: Paintings from the 1980s by Agnes Martin
A Field of Vision focuses on an exceptionally productive decade in Martins career. During the 1980s, she experimented to an unprecedented degree with the boundaries of geometric abstraction. Living again in New Mexico, where she had first sett...

Memphis Brooks Museum: In the Spirit of Martin: The Living Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
"It is an honor for the Brooks to be selected as a venue for this important and moving Smithsonian exhibition," said Kaywin Feldman, Director of the Brooks. "We hope that no child in our community will miss this unique opportunity to experience Ki...

Site Gallery: Martin Sastre: American as well
The Foundation highlights a set of values regarding status and fame that have become the local currency of the contemporary art world. (www.martinsastre.com) For his first show in the UK, Sastre will be showing his most recently commissi...

King County Public Art Program: Call for Artists: 2003 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration
King County Office of Civil Rights One artwork will be selected that can be featured on items produced for the celebration including the calendar, public display boards, award certificates, the OC...

Dia:Beacon: Agnes Martin: Homage to [a] Life: Paintings 19902004
Homage to [a] Life features works from the prolific years in Martins late career. Exploring both horizontal and vertical fields, Martin remained dedicated to pushing the formal possibilities of her luminous compositions. Adopting a smaller, fiv...

New Image Gallery: Call for Entries: 10th Annual New Images Exhibition - A Juried Photo Competition for the Mid-Atlantic States

Dia:Beacon: Agnes Martin: Unknown Territory
Shown in the diffused natural light of Dia's galleries, this exhibition makes available classic works rarely seen due to their fragility and rarity. Closing November 7, 2005, "unknown territory" will be followed in December 2005 by an installation...

Smart Museum of Art: Martin Kippenberger: Hotel Drawings and The Happy End of Franz Kafka s Amerika
Called an autobiography in sketches, this series of drawings on hotel stationery includes doodle-like drawings, highly finished compositions and sketches that relate to his paintings, sculptures and installations. The...

Irish Museum of Modern Art: Martin Puryear: 15 Works of Large Sculpture
Martin Puryear uses a vocabulary of simple reductive forms to create works with a strong and direct physical presence. Process and materials are crucial to his work, which is predominantly based around traditional craft techniques of woodworking,...

Fort Worth International Center: OTHER VIEWS
THE ARTISTS Monte Martin, while new to our area, has exhibited his world travel orientated photography throughout the Midwest. The view and presentation is conceptual and intriguing. Martin is the manager of the Arlington Art Museu...

fototeka: Photographs By Martin Elkort
In Elkorts New York, people and their surroundings the streets, buildings and signage -- seem to belong to the same organic entity. He not only shows us the vitality and drama of the city, he clearly is an element of it. The people in his im...

Location One: Somnambulic: Recent Sculpture, Videos and Photographs by Martin Beauregard
Wake Up Teddy! is a giant stuffed toy whose fur is made from the real skin of a bear: reality and fiction coming together in one object. Jewel in the Head shows a trophy-like moose whose horns have been plated in silver, namely the materializati...

Getty Center: Martin Puryear: Commission for the Getty Center
A marvel of artistry and engineering, the sculpture is an elegant, airy structure of welded, sandblasted stainless-steel tubes, bound at the joints by thick ...

John Martin Gallery: JEFFAR KHALDI: With you, Without Ever Seeing You
Khaldi was born in Lebanon in 1964 and spent 8 years amongst the chaos of the Lebanese civil war. Sent to Texas at the age of 16 to escape coercion into one of the militias, Khaldi worked his way through design school, whilst gaining notoriety a...

Laing Art Gallery: Laing Art Solo Award and Commission: Gordon Cheung - Paradise Lost
Cheungs work can be seen in the Laings new exhibition, Laing Solo: Gordon Cheung Paradise Lost. The exhibition includes 24 new works, which have never been shown before and have been commissioned by the Laing Art Gallery. Julie Milne, curator ...

Index - Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation: Old Stockholm, Gamla Stockholm: Martin Karlsson
. From the Swedish National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images, the artist has retrieved a couple of the very first moving images to be made in Sweden, a consequence of the Lumires brothers' visit to the Stockholm Exposition. The vintage...

Physica Room: A Painting and A Sculpture, Martin Creed and John Nixon, curated by Nicholas Chambers AND A Painting and A Photograph, Reuben Keehan and Darren Sylvester, curated by Nicholas Chambers
A Painting and A Sculpture is one of a series of exhibitions Chambers has developed, wherein very established artists are approached with a view to exhibiting their work not in a museum or biennial but in a more local context such as artist-r...

Oakland Museum of California: Fred Martin: A Retrospective, 1948-2003
A prolific painter throughout his life, Martin has been an influential figure in the West Coast art scene since the 1940s. "Few individuals have exerted more influence on the post-World War II generation of young artists than Fred Martin," states...

Tate Liverpool: At Sea: Works in All Media that Examine the Sea
Artists such as Vija Celmins and Hiroshi Sugimoto see the sea as conducive to quiet contemplation. For others, the sea evokes scenes of danger or disaster. Shipwrecks, drownings and other tragedies are hauntingly alluded t...

Martin-Gropius-Bau: Gnther Uecker: Watercolors
One highlight is the installation Friedensgebote (Commandments of Peace). Uecker created this work investigating the three world religions especially for the exhibition in the Martin-Gropius Building. The show will be supplemented by a comprehensi...

Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art: South Florida Cultural Consortium 2001 Fellowships
The South Florida Cultural Consortium is an alliance of the arts councils of Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe and Martin Counties. The 2001 recipients received fellowships of $15,000. Recipients of the awards and exhibiting artists will ...

Parsons Exhibition Gallery, Parsons School of Design: Ben Fernandez: A Retrospective
Subjects for his historical work includes ghetto children, New York's Hispanic community, the protest movement of the 60's. a dramatic photo essay on Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr., a serieas on bikers and a documentary series on China....

During the years 1987 1999 many different projects have been realized inside the barn as well as outside in the park. The focus is on sculpture and site specific installations. THE PARK houses several permanent works...

Sorenson Center for the Arts at Babson College: ph15: Eyes of the Hidden City
The project began in 2000 when photographer, Martin Rosenthal, met a group of kids from the barrio who wanted to learn photography. The group meets every Saturday at the Conviven Youth Center run by Valmir S. Vieira. Martin Rosenthal and Moira Rub...

Centraal Museum: WOMAN by Vivienne Westwood, Christian Dior Couture, Maison Martin, Margiela, Junya Watanabe, Ann Demeulemeester, Veronique, Leroy, Bernhard Willhelm, Viktor & Rolf and Hussein Chalayan
In the Centraal Museums Stallen, nine fashion designers will present their vision of femininity anno 2003 in the form of an installation, each of which will occupy a space of some 100 square metres. Christian Dior Couture will show eight spectacu...

Red Gate Gallery: Drawing Dust - Altitude: Works by Catherine Woo, Damian Smith, Jayne Dyer, Karen Casey, Martin King, Tony Scott
Evocative of stillness, a slowing down of time, of neglect and decay dust settles, drifts, gathers and protects. Seeking solitude and contemplation, artists have long sought the remoteness of the bush and the desert, their voice and vision trav...

Sheffield Galleries and Museum Trust, Graves Art Gallery: Jeremy Moon: A Retrospective Exhibition
He made large, bright, abstract canvasses of great simplicity and ingenuity using flat blocks of intense, pure color in regular, geometric shapes and patterns. His work, however, had ready wit and playfulness that gives it a startling contemporary...

McNay Art Museum: Joel Shapiro: Sculpture
Curated by Martin Friedman, former director of the Walker Art Center, the exhibition features 17 objects ranging in height from five to 24 feet installed throughout the McNay's 23 acres of landscaped...

Photographer's Gallery: John 'Hoppy' Hopkins - From the Hip: The 1960s
Later, Hoppy documented peace marches, poetry readings with a naked Allen Ginsberg, and photographed twentieth century icons such as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. For Hoppy the Sixties were, Just a...

Neues Museum - Staatliches Museum fr Kunst und Design in Nrnberg: Sand in the Vaseline: Artist Books 1980-2002
It perhaps comes as a surprise that the artist's book managed to survive the extraordinarily rapid development of new technologies in this period, but in fact artists publications are now more diverse than ever, whether as independent pieces or a...

National Museum of Photography, Film & Television: Martin Parr: Photographic Works 1971 - 2000
A significant portion of Parrs early black and white work from the 1970s was created in West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester Hebden Bridge, Todmorden, Mytholmroyd, Elland, Halifax, Rochdale and Salford and provides both a fascinating record ...

310 Art Gallery: Winter Elements : Elizabeth Lasley-Thompson
View more of Elizabeth Lasley-Thompson's artwork at absolutearts.com/portfolios/l/lasley/....

Center for Photography at Woodstock: MADE IN WOODSTOCK and SOLO: JURI KIM/ SILENT VOICE

Israel Museum: Present Tense 4

In the exhibitions first gallery, Damian Hearsts canvases project images from horror movies ranging from Frankenstein to The Silence of the Lambs. The second gallery showcases works of skewed perspective, including

Further Artwork and Information:

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Midsummer Eve
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Artist's Garden At Giverny
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Danae (Foil)
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Street in Auvers, 1890
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