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Artist: Grandma Moses (1860 - 1961)
Nationality: American
Movement: Naive Art
Media: Painting

Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Grandma Moses.

Anna Mary Robertson ("Grandma") Moses Belvedere oil on hardboard 1945
Marvin Spohn Grandma Bulmer's Quilt Etching/Drypoint 1969
Gustave Baumann Grandma Battin's Garden Color Woodcut 19th - 20th century
James Ensor - The Finding of Moses 1924 oil on canvas University of California, Berkeley Art Museum Belgian
Veronese - The Finding of Moses 1570-1575 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art Italian
Sebastien Bourdon - The Finding of Moses c. 1650 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art French
Ralph Earl - Moses Seymour, Jr. 1789 oil on canvas Cleveland Museum of Art American
Alexandre Cabanel - The Death of Moses 1851 oil on canvas Dahesh Museum of Art French
Salvator Rosa - The Finding of Moses 1660--65 oil on canvas The Detroit Institute of Art Italian
Laurent de La Hyre - The Finding of Moses 1640-45 oil on canvas The Detroit Institute of Art French
Anonymous Moses Receiving Tablets of Stone on Mt. Sinai (from Moses and Aaron series) wool, cotton, silk (?) early 16th century
Anonymous Gathering Manna: Moses Directing Aaron to keep an Omer of it (from Moses and Aaron series) wool, cotton, silk (?) early 16th century
Anonymous Moses informing Aaron of God's Message to Pharoah (from Moses and Aaron series) wool, cotton, silk (?) early 16th century
Larry Bell - Moses Xing the Delaware 1990 mixed media on canva Minneapolis Institute of Arts American
Ed Moses E M G-5 B drypoint 1980
Giovacchino Assereto - Moses Striking the Rock 1630 oil on canvas Los Angeles County Museum of Art Italian
Joachim Anthonisz Wtewael - Moses Striking the Rock 1624 oil on panel National Gallery of Art Dutch
William Jennys - Portrait of Moses Kimball, Jr. c. 1808 oil on canvas Minneapolis Institute of Arts American
Bartholomeus Breenbergh - The Finding of the Infant Moses 1636 oil on oak The National Gallery, London Dutch
A.C.M., Ed Moses (United States, California, Long Beach, born 1926) , 1996, Acrylic on canvas
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: William Jennys Title: Portrait of Moses Kimball, Jr. Date: about 1808 Medium: oil on
Ed Moses Portrait Drypoint 1982
Ed Moses P-M Color monotype 1980
David Burliuk - Moses Soyer and Ida Soyer in the Studio 20th century watercolor on paper Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester American
Raphael Soyer - Portrait of Moses Soyer c. 1962 oil on canvas Los Angeles County Museum of Art American
Lorenzo Costa - The Story of Moses (The Dance of Miriam) after 1508 glue on linen The National Gallery, London Italian
Sebastien Bourdon - Moses Defending the Daughters of Jethro 17th century oil on canvas Minneapolis Institute of Arts French
Edgar Degas - Copy after 'The Finding of Moses' by Veronese late 1860's oil on canvas The Fitzwilliam Museum French
Bruno Goldschmitt Moses verwandelt Wasser in Blut (Moses Changes Water into Blood) - Plate 9 from the Portfolio Die Bibel (The Bible) Wood engraving 19th - 20th century
Ed Moses Bite-Head I drypoint 1982
Ed Moses Noh-bu Wall C Etching and photoetching 1982
Lorenzo Costa - The Story of Moses (The Israelites gathering Manna) after 1508 glue on linen The National Gallery, London Italian
Ed Moses Bite-Head II color drypoint 1982
Ed Moses Untitled Color lithograph on two sheets 1983
Jakob Steinhardt Moses Woodcut 1955
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
The Finding of Moses Tintoretto (Jacopo Robusti) (Italian, Venetian, 1518-1594)Oil on canvas; 30 1/2 x
Anonymous Moses crossing the Red Sea 19th century
Museum of Fine Arts -
Moses Wight, American, 1827-1895 Baron Alexander von Humboldt 1852 Oil on canvas 70.8 x 60.64
Henry Moses Calliope engraving 18th - 19th century
Jakob Steinhardt Moses Woodcut 19th - 20th century
Ed Moses Noh-Bu Wall A color etching, photoetching, and viscosity printing 1982
Ed Moses Untitled Color lithograph, partially on chine collÈ 1983
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Landscape with Moses and the Burning Bush, 1610-16 Domenichino (Domenico Zampieri) (Italian, Bolognese, 1581-1641)Oil on
Henry Moses Dante Alighieri engraving 18th - 19th century
Henry Moses Lodovico Ariosto engraving 18th - 19th century
Henry Moses Torquato Tasso engraving 18th - 19th century
Henry Moses Francesco Petrarca engraving 18th - 19th century
Ed Moses Noh-bu Wall B Etching, photoetching, color viscosity printing and drypoint 1982
J. Paul Getty Museum -
The Israelites Dancing around the Golden Calf
The Finding of Moses, Battista del Moro (Italy, circa 1515 - 1573)  (Artist), Etching
Hans Meid Auffindung Mosis (The Finding of Moses) Drypoint 1916
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Moses Striking the Rock, 1596 Abraham Bloemaert (Dutch, 1564-1651)Oil on canvas; 31 3/8 x 42
Augustin Hirschvogel Moses with his Face Veiled Etching 1548
Richard Read Moses in the Bulrushes Engraving 18th century
Anonymous Moses Striking Water From a Rock Engraving 16th century
H.B. (John Doyle) The Finding of the Infant Moses 18th - 19th century
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh: An Allegory of the Dinteville Family, 1537 Master of the
Thomas Waterman Wood Moses, The Baltimore News Vendor oil on canvas 1858
Albert Henry Payne Moses going to the Fair. 19th - 20th century
Cynthia with Glass, Moses Soyer (Russia, Borisoglebsk, 1899 - 1974) , 1969, Oil on canvas

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (24)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Moses

Brian Gross Fine Art: Ed Moses: New Paintings
Poured and visibly dragged across the canvas, the layers of paint reveal a distinct intuitive gesture and a continuous spacial rhythm.  Moses’ 40-year concern with abstract painting has yielded an array of styles and distinct bodies of work and in...

National Museum of Women in the Arts: Anna Mary Robertson: Grandma Moses and Her Place in History
Moses, a farmer and homemaker from upstate New York who became one of the most respected folk artists of the pre-World War II period, was also one of the first artists to become a media superstar and probably the best known woman artist of her...

San Diego Museum of Art: Grandma Moses in the 21st Century
Grandma Moses is one the great icons among 20th century folk artists, and it is with great pleasure that the San Diego Museum of Art now makes her lively paintings available and accessible to our community, says the Museum’s executive director, Do...

London Business School: The First Annual London Art Investment Conference
Theme of this year's conference is "The Rise of Art as an Alternative Asset Class". The conference discusses the characteristics and dynamics of this emerging alternative asset class, why it should be considered in asset allocation decisions...

Louvre Museum: Heka: Magic and bewitchment in Ancient Egypt
As for this formula, it must not be revealed to anyone, no one must know of it. Never reveal it to common mortals! ...

AfricanColours: Time Works Sent by Artists through the World Wide Web:Time Works sent by artists to the World Wide Web: WWW.RT-IT.COM
We are here, we cannot get away from our time regardless of who we are, where we come from, wherever we might travel to, we are here, all together, right now, here in this womb of time. Time is making you what you are, time is telling you where yo...

Forest Lawn Museum: From Ararat to America: Works from 17 Contemporary Armenian Artists
The exhibit is a celebration of Armenian art and artists in Los Angeles and a memorial to persecution of Armenians over the years. While memories of hardship and persecution are an integral part of the Armenian cultural, so is a rich collection o...

Aspex Gallery: Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson
The artists say, "We use the idea of things in twos as a kind of organising principle to frame a wide range of interests. So the work might be about human relationships, delinquency, faith or sex but the pieces all work through this method of pre...

San Diego Art Institute: 45th Annual International All Media Visual Awards Exhibition
Over $5,000 will be awarded to the artist in this international show, including a Grand Award of $2,000, two Awards for Excellence of $1,000 and the John McKee Memorial Award for Figure Drawing / Painting. Returning to the show is Catherine ...

Workmens Cirle: A Shenere Velt Gallery: A Jewish Portrait Gallery: Questions of Seeing and Looking
Included works are by Laurel Paley, with her intriguing semi-abstractions, Lucille Dratler and Gabriella Karin, whose art is inspired by Holocaust survivorship, and Ilse Gordon, whose moody faces evoke pre-war Vienna and modern, intellectual Je...

Pharmaka: LA Ethos: On Location at Pharmaka
The participating artists include: Fumiko Amano, Don Bachardy, Jeff Britton, Randall Cabe, Christopher Cousins, Stanley Dorfman, Tim Forcum, GERMS, Shane Guffogg, Laura Hipke, Doro Hofmann, Patricia Howard, Tim Isham, Donald Krieger, Campbell Lair...

Fenimore Art Museum: Being Indian: The 6th Contemporary Iroquois Art Biennial
Peter B. Jones (Onondaga-Seneca) is a renowned potter and sculptor from the Beaver Clan, Onondaga Nation. Jones, who resides on the Cattaraugus Territory of the Seneca Nation of Indians, studied under Hopi artist Otellie Loloma while attending the...

Kettle's Yard Gallery, University of Cambridge: EXODUS: between promise and fulfilment
Photographs from the Ordnance Survey of the Peninsula of Sinai 1869 by Sgt. James McDonald (1822-1885) David Austen
Vija Celmins
Ian Davenport
Helmut Federle
Callum Innes
John McCracken
John Zurier Sgt.McDo...

BAT Centre: Ipopeng Project: UNDER COVER
The current tension and diverging statements in art challenges us to re-evaluate our personal criteria in the composing of visual concepts. Each artist's individual work can only affirm itself in the wider context of concurrent developments. Ac...

NSA Gallery: Start: The Nivea Art Award
To enter "START. THE NIVEA ART AWARD" artists had to submit photographs of three to four of their existing two-dimensional works. Over 200 artists submitted entries for the competition, which closed 20 January 2005.    On 23 January, the jud...

Centre of Attention: Gypsies, Jews, Blacks and Queers and other free radicals (Nu Elementz in Performance Art at Notting Hill Arts Club)

I want some of your attention; give it to me. Chrisse Hynde. This work is new and valuable: in dealing with culture, with desire, with Being, with incongruity, with misplaced, mis-shaped, look at me, look what I done, mentality, sensuality: broken...
Smithsonian American Art Museum: Earl Cunningham’s America
“I am delighted that the Smithsonian American Art Museum is presenting the remarkable paintings of Earl Cunningham, an artist whose works combine the charm of memory painting with the vivid colors of early modernism,” said Elizabeth Broun, The...

Box Heart Gallery: The 10th Annual Sacred Art Exhibition
Artists participating in the exhibition are: Alleman, Carol  -  Sculpture  -  Arizona
Almarza, Alberto  -  Painting  -  Chili
Blondell, Tina -  Painting  -  Minnesota
Catale, Sharon  -  Textile, Mixed Media  -  Pennsylvania

Workmens Cirle: Curating a Better World: Tenth Anniversary Show
Many artists-those shown here and others who appreciate the ongoing project-have expressed their eagerness to help the celebration and have generously donated works for our Tenth Anniversary Show. "Curating a Better World" will run from ...

Dayton Art Institute: Scenes of American Life: Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum
Rockwell Kents Snow Fields (1909), the earliest work in the exhibition, portrays women, children and dogs playing on a sunny winter day and captures the new spirit of the time. Likewise, paintings by William Glackens, Agnes Tait and Paul Cad...

Yeshiva University Museum: TESTIMONY and MEMORY : Carole Smollan
Smollan’s Torah mantles exhibit an extraordinary range of decorative variation. She employs a variety of stitching techniques and other embellishments, such as applied lace, linking this body of work to her early career in lace and linge...

Reflect-arts, Inc. at Gallery 27+: Strange Cities: the Unique and the Unusual in the Urban Landscape
The opening event for Strange Cities will take place on Thursday, October 19, 2006, 6-9 pm. The opening will include live improvisational electronic music by the vibrant duo pico fermi, and a surreal, over the top interactive art performance by Th...

Ketterer Kunst: Spring Auctions Begin With Modern Art on Paper in Hamburg
Nu pour Cleveland was made 14 years earlier. This signed engraving of 1932 by Henri Matisse is more than just an appreciation of femininity. It is estimated at DM 15,000 - 17,000. Another outstanding work of the auction is Marc Chagalls Piro...

San Jose Museum of Art: Carmen Lomas Garza: A Retrospective
Awakened to the Chicano movement in 1965 when a group of the United Farm Workers marched through her hometown ...

Further Artwork and Information:

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