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Artist: Charles Olivier Murray ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Charles Olivier Murray.

Charles Olivier Murray Jedburgh Abbey 19th - 20th century
Charles Olivier Murray St. Marc's Venice 19th - 20th century
Charles Olivier Murray Thomas Hobbes 19th - 20th century
Charles Olivier Murray The church of St. Pierre, Caen 19th - 20th century
Charles Olivier Murray Burgos Cathedral, Spain Etching 19th - 20th century
Charles Olivier Murray The Tiger, plate 9 in the book, The Etcher (London: Sampson Lowä, 1880), vol. 2 [bound in same volume as vol. 1, 1879] etching 1880
Charles Olivier Murray A Water-mill, seventh plate from the portfolio Sketches Made on the Lithography Night 14 April 1905 by Member s of the Art Workers Guild, Clifford Inn Hall and Published for the Benefit of the Chest lithograph 1905
Museum of Fine Arts -
Charles Hopkinson, American, 1869-1962 Portrait of Josephine L. Rantoul Oil on canvas 76.2 x 71.12
Unidentified artist The Anatomy and Philosophy of Expression As Connected with the Fine Arts by Charles Bell, 4th ed. (London: John Murray, 1847) book with engravings 1847
Mather Brown - William Vans Murray 1787 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
CHARLES RENE MAGON, CONTRE-AMIRAL (1763-1805) (1846) by PICHAT Olivier
LE DUC D'ORLEANS CHASSANT A COURRE AU BOSQUET DE SYLVIE EN 1841 (4e quart 19e siècle) by PENNE Charles Olivier de
Equipage du duc d'Aumale (19e siècle) by DE PENNE Charles Olivier (d'après) ; LEMERCIER & Cie (imprimeur)
Relais de chiens (1860 entre ; 1897 et) by DE PENNE Charles Olivier
Piqueux de la vénerie impériale faisant son rapport au baron Lambert, capitaine des chasses de Napoléon III (titre factice) (1935) by DE PENNE Charles Olivier
Portrait d'Anna Murray Vail (1897) by DENMAN Herbert A
Charles Fairfax Murray - The flaming heart 1863 oil on panel The Fitzwilliam Museum British
HALLALI DU CERF DANS L'ETANG DE SYLVIE (CHASSE DU DUC D'AUMALE EN 1880) (4e quart 19e siècle) by PENNE Charles Olivier de
Etude de draperie (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by MERSON Luc Olivier
Feuille d'études de tête de femme (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by MERSON Luc Olivier
OLIVIER DE SERRES (titre inscrit) (1877 entre ; 1907 et) by ROMANET (éditeur)
Museum of Fine Arts -
Possibly by Charles Murray, American, 1783-1859 Unidentified artist, 19th century New Orleans from the Battleground
Croquis d'un bras (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by MERSON Luc Olivier
Museum of Fine Arts -
Jacopo d"Arcangelo del Sellaio, Italian, about 1441-1493 Story of Psyche Tempera and oil on panel
OLIVIER PATRU (1604-1681) (17e siècle) by anonyme
Olivier van Deuren The Geographer oil on wood panel 17th - 18th century
Museum of Fine Arts -
Formerly attributed to Charles Murray, American, 1783-1859 Unidentified artist, 19th century Syracuse, Onondaga County wash
Portrait de Madame Olivier (1829 en) by HEIM François Joseph
Tête d'adolescent, de profil à droite (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by MERSON Luc Olivier
Feuille d'études de nu féminin, à mi-corps (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by MERSON Luc Olivier
Etudes pour une religieuse étendue, les bras en croix (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by MERSON Luc Olivier
Jeune garçon assis, de face, en costume médiéval (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by MERSON Luc Olivier
Museum of Fine Arts -
Arthur Clifton Goodwin, American, 1864-1929 Boats at T Wharf about 1915 Oil on canvas 40.96
Antoine Masson Portrait of Olivier Lefevre d'Ormesson Engraving 1665
Renaud combattant un dragon et Dudon et Olivier emportés par leurs chevaux (4e quart 16e siècle ; 1ère moitié 17e siècle) by CASTELLO Bernardo
Femme nue, debout, le bras droit levé (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by MERSON Luc Olivier
Tête de jeune femme, de face (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by MERSON Luc Olivier
Nicolas de Larmessin Olivier, De, La, Marche 17th - 18th century
Feuille d'études de bras et de mains (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by MERSON Luc Olivier
Projet de vitrail pour Gargantua de Rabelais (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by MERSON Luc Olivier
Femme nue, debout, un bras tendu devant elle (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by MERSON Luc Olivier
Projet de vitrail pour Gargantua de Rabelais (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by MERSON Luc Olivier
Frank Murray Untitled (landscape) pastel on paper 1919
Le pont vu de face, 11h ; Le pont tournant de Dieppe (2002) by MERIEL Olivier (photographe, tireur)
LA VISION (1872) by MERSON Luc Olivier
Pont vu de loin, 15h ; Le pont tournant de Dieppe (2002) by MERIEL Olivier (photographe, tireur)
Le pont avec passerelle, 16h ; Le pont tournant de Dieppe (2002) by MERIEL Olivier (photographe, tireur)
Olivier Lefèvre seigneur d'Ormesson, vers 1595 (1595) by LAGNEAU
Deux études de mains ; draperie (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by MERSON Luc Olivier
Reginald Murray Pollack Actor: Profile Lithograph 20th century
Les trois lumières, 12h ; Le pont tournant de Dieppe (2002) by MERIEL Olivier (photographe, tireur)
L'Incorruptible, frégate (1795), Dieppe (1819) by COLIN Olivier (dessinateur)
Deux études de femme, debout, les bras tendus (2e moitié 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by MERSON Luc Olivier
Port, 16h ; Le pont tournant de Dieppe (2002) by MERIEL Olivier (photographe, tireur)
R. F (titre inscrit) (1875 entre ; 1888 et) by PINOT Olivier (imprimeur, éditeur)
LE LOUP DE GUBBIO (1877) by MERSON Luc Olivier
Vue de Besse (Puy-de-Dôme) (4e quart 19e siècle) by WISMES Olivier de

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Murray

Bishop's University Art Gallery: No Safety Zone: An Installation by Robert Holland Murray
The delicate and precarious equilibrium of this wooden constellation seems at odds with its threatening physicality, one of many contradictions that pervade, rendering the act of apprehension complex and compelling. The unsettling impression resul...

South African National Gallery: White Like Me: Brett Murray
Emma Bedford, Head Curator for Iziko Art Collections says: With sculptural cartoons accompanied by satirical text, white is simultaneously the normative paradigm as well as volatile ethnic category. This award-winning artist, variously descr...

3RD i GALLERY: InterActive Art Works

Campbell Works: On Trust: Gallery, Curator and Artist
Of these ideas provided by the artists, some are very specific and others more open. The commissioners formed interpretations and responses to these ideas, examining the politics of their gained authorship in the creation of the work. ON ...

Rose Korber at The Bay Hotel: 11th Art Salon at the Bay - New Directions
Included will be familiar names such as Willie Bester, Sam Nhlengethwa, Walter Oltman, Nina Romm, Jenny Stadler, Francine Scialom Greenblatt, Penny Stutterheim, Robert Slingsby, John Kramer, Paul Blomkamp, Louis Jansen van Vuuren and Walter Meyer....

Portland Museum of Art: Murray Hantman: From Image to Abstraction
Like many of his contemporaries, Hantmans work was shaped by the times in which he livedby the exhilarating sense of the potential of art in the modern era coupled with the harsher realities of American life during the Great Depression and World...

FranklinFest: Fourth Annual FranklinFest Tribeca Art Walk

The artists are Roseanne Bartley, Lisa Carroll, Susan Cohn, Karen Ferguson, Tony Hanning, Hamish Hill, Ruth Hutchinson, Sharon Muir, Miyuki Nakahara, Humphrey Poland, David Ray, Alex Selenitsch. The curator is Kevin Murray....

Jessica Murray Projects: Moron by Scott Teplin / Spin Cycle by Jeff Scher

E. Gordon Gallery: Maria Winiarski: Secrets Whispered in the Night
Mystery also exudes from Maria Winiarski's artwork through the echoes of un-told secrets that rest beneath the surface. Winiarskis adept use of color creates a dreamlike setting where we are transported to be voyeurs into a world that only exists...

Shire Pottery Gallery and Studios: Enchanted Places: Four Leading Contemporary Scottish Painters
REINHARD BEHRENS RSW SSA "My drawings, etchings, paintings and installations contribute to an ever increasing body of evidence for the existence of the parallel world of Naboland in which normal limits of time and space are dissolved
Australian Center for Photography: The Lake
Narelle Autio, Jane Burton, Rebecca Dagnall, Murray Fredericks, Alexander James, David Mackenzie and Craig Bender, David McDowell, Troy Ruffels and Martin Walch The Antipodes was a world of reversals, the dark subconscious of Britain. It...

University of South Australia, Art Museum: Water Medicine: Eleven Artists Explore Aspects of Water
Artists included in the exhibition are Robert Baines, Ros Bant, Clare Belfrage, Bronwyn Goss, Jacqui Gropp, Adrian Jones, Janie Matthews, Anne Neil, Susan Pury, Sue Saxon, and Liz Williamson. The show is curated by Kevin Murray. The preciousn...

Bell-Roberts Art Gallery: Picnic: A Summer Show - Curated by Andrew Lamprecht
Artists included in the exhibition are Usha Seejarim, Kathryn Smith, Doreen Southwood, Kevin Brand, Matthew Hindley, Ed Young, Christian Nerf, Sanell Aggenbach, Geoff Grundlingh, Zen Marie, Vuyisa Nyamende and Cameron Platter, Brett Murray, and Sv...

Jessica Murray Projects: The Prince Project: Dust - by Bonnie Collura and Royale - by Mark Dean Veca
Bonnie Collura embarks on a new series of exhibitions called "The Prince Project." Collura's latest endeavor, comprised of sculptures, drawings and video, begins with the legend of the Golem. According to the story, the Golem is a magical creatu...

Art Gallery of New South Wales: Parallel Visions: Affinities within the Australian Collection
Some of the most revered landscapes in the Art Gallery of New South Wales collection are included: from Hans Heysen's beautiful watercolour Summer, 1909 to Jeffrey Smart's Truck and trailer approaching a city, 1973; figurative compositions ...

Artists are Robert Baines, Ros Bandt, Clare Belfrage, Brownyn Goss, Jacqui Gropp, Adrian Jones, Janie Matthews, Anne Neil, Susan Purdy, Sue Saxon, Liz Williamson. Curated by Kevin Murray The exhibition opened at John Curtin Gallery, Perth, on 1...

NSA Gallery: Bitterkomix, i-jusi, Boogie Lights
Bitterkomix is South Africas only independent satirical comic magazine. Since its inception in 1992 Bitterkomix has vehemently attacked white South African ideology, in particular that of the Afrikaner. The comic magazine is originally in Afrikaa...

Gallery C: See California Now: Unpredictability of California's Vast and Varied Landscape
Gallery C has transformed the soaring spaces of the 1923 Bijou Theater into a dynamic new gallery. With nearly 6,500 square feet of exhibition space and ceilings that soar up to 28 feet, Gallery C has a luxury of space and light not often offered ...

Project 4: Cornelia Schulz
Continuing also in the footsteps of artists such as Barnett Newman and Frank Stella, she sought to redefine the rectilinear orientation of the art object. In this exhibition, Schulz presents some of her most recent paintings where abstract, biomo...

Association for Visual Arts: Third Cape Town Public Sculpture Competition
A sum of R120 000 from the J.K.Gross Trust has been made available for this competition, the third of its kind for the city. R80 000 has been set aside for the making and installation of the winning piece and R40 000 is the prize money for the win...

Museum of Modern Art: Lee Bontecou: A Retrospective
Bontecou's powerful constructions incorporate a variety of figurative, organic, and mechanistic references, suggesting states of transformation between the natural and the man-made, order and chaos, delicacy and ferocity. The exhibition is...

Throckmorton Fine Art: Diego y Frida: Photographs by Various Photographers
Diego Rivera (1886 1957) is not only the most outstanding of contemporary Mexican painters, an artist of unequaled vastness of conception; he is also the most prolific. He stands as the example of a painter who, having assimilated and utilized ...

en foco at the Seventh and Second Photo Gallery: Angie Buckley: the In-between Series
She states, each individuals identity is primarily developed in childhood association with family. Habits, stories and traditions are passed from one generation to the next. As an example, while looking at a photograph of my grandmother taken in...

Belsay Hall Castle and Gardens: Picture House, Film, Art and Design
Commissioned artists such as Viktor and Rolf, Mercury prize winner antony (frontman of Antony and the Johnsons) and Tilda Swinton and John Byrne have all re-invented the rooms to breathe life into its empty interior. From silver plated ballgowns t...

Wagner Rosenbaum Gallery: Folk Art From the Maritimes: A Group Collective
Folk Art paintings by Beatrice McFadden, Yvonne Murray, E. Joyce Comisky; impressionistic paintings by Tootsie Emin from Yarmouth, N.S and realistic paintings by Patti Durkee and Roseann Fine, originally from Yarmouth will also be shown. Pa...

Helsinki City Art Museum: David Bailey: Birth of the Cool
Born in London in 1938, Baileys career took off in the 1960s when he began to shoot for the Vogue magazine at the tender age of 22. He went on to become the magazines most prolific contributor of the decade. As a fashion photographer, ...

Campbell Works: Pimpstallation Led by Artist Neil Taylor
Popular modern British youth culture has long succumbed to the influences of East and West Coast of American Rap woman are bitches, kids carry guns and there's one solution to any problem. Violence. Forty 'fire arms' incidents every day, if yo...

Bay Hotel: The 15th annual Art Salon at the Bay
Previously somewhat neglected, these arenas are being taken seriously by museum directors and international curators, and works in these spheres are being snapped up by savvy buyers. With her expertise in this area, Rose Korber has curated the 15t...

Kentucky Museum of Arts and Design: Susan Pfeiffer: Wooden Treasure Boxes
By focusing on form as well as the patterns that can be created by combining different woods, Susan creates pieces that are simultaneously elegant and fun. Her goal is to achieve a look of "playful elegance." Pfeiffers work will be featured at t...

Glen Eira Arts Complex: Backmasking: The Art of Stieg Persson
This exhibition displays the artists eclectic interest in illustration, heavy metal iconography and Dutch still life painting. Persson uses collage to bring together popular and fine art sources in a collision of ideas. In the early 1980s he, li...

In Betterland, a veteran schoolteacher, faced with dismissal, discovers that her principles are no longer valued by the institution she serves. Her enlightenment is triggered by the arrival of the first genuine student shes had in years. Th...

Association for Visual Arts: Three Exhibitions at the Metropolitan Gallery: Godfrey Setti, Masha du Toit and John Murray
Godfrey Setti was born in Kitwe, Zambia, in 1958. Before his untimely death earlier this year (2002), Setti was studying for his PHD in Fine Art at Rhodes University in Grahamstown. He obtained his Masters degree in Fine Art from Rhodes in 2001. ...

Association for Visual Arts: Call for Artists: Third Public Sculpture Competition for the City of Cape Town
The site for this competition has been identified as the corner of Shortmarket Street and St Georges Mall, in the center of the city of Cape Town. Entry is open to all, and registration forms (Form A) should reach AVA by 29 June 2002. The maquet...

Kentucky Museum of Arts and Design: The Body Adorned: Art for the Body
Participating artists from Kentucky and across the U.S. include Bonnie Aitken, Clara Ines Arana, Stephanie Lindsey, Robin L. Bergman, Bonnie Blincoe, Elisa Bongfeldt, Jamison Brumm, Karen Chu, Sandra Clark, Terri L. Corkhill, Lisa and Scott Cylind...

Cairns Regional Gallery: Utopia: Ancient Cultures - New Forms
At this time, under the tutorship of Jenny Green and Julia Murray, the Utopia residents also began working with batiks; a medium for which the small community was to become renowned. The batik, which is originally a Javanese medium, was adapte...

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts: Tactical Intervemtion Strategies: 19 Works at Many Sites
Loosely defined, intervention may be described as being 10 interfere with intent (divine +/or other-wise). How the intent is applied (and to what/ where/ whom} is where tactical maneuvers and strategic play enters the big picture. As a...

Bell-Roberts Art Gallery: 10 Years 100 Artists: Art in a Democratic South Africa
The new premises at 89 Bree Street (between Shortmarket and Hout Streets) was originally built in 1752. The space is elegant and spacious , with a touch of old world charm about it. The gallery will now be situated on two floors and a roof top gar...

Woman Made Gallery: 9th International Open - Group Exhibition
"Thus the show is weighted to the figure and even in the abstract works to the organic, the animal, the psychological, the biomorphic and in some cases the cellular. I've chosen 40 works, trying to make a cohesive - but not too boringly homogeneou...

La Petite Mort Gallery: RIDE ME / The Art of Urban Transport
In artfully, delicious ways La Petite Mort in union with local and not so local artist is bringing the environment, custom design and the beat of urban culture to a pavement near you. From August 1st to August 31st 2008 La Petite Mort will be fea...

Further Artwork and Information:

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Charles Murray (1618 - 1682) Biography, Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews
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