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Artist: Barnett Newman (1905 - 1970)
Nationality: American
Movement: Abstract Expressionism
Media: Painting

Born in New York City, Barnett Newman studied in his hometown at the Art Students’ League and the City College simultaneously during the early 1920’s. He began painting in the Abstract Expressionist style in 1930, but later developed a unique, regimented technique and adopted a monochromatic palette. A ten-year period beginning in 1952 marked Newman’s height of minimalism, when he only painted in black and white. However, later in his career he renewed his interest in color and also began creating steel sculptures.

Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
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Dan Flavin - untitled (to Barnett Newman to commemorate his simple problem, red, yellow, and blue) 1970 red, yellow, and blu National Gallery of Art American
Barnett Newman - The Name II 1950 magna and oil on can National Gallery of Art American
Here I (to Marcia), Barnett Newman (United States, New York, New York City, 1905-01-29 - 1970-07-04)  (Artist), 1950, Bronze cast; sculpture with base
Barnett Newman - Covenant 1949 oil on canvas Hirshhorn Museum American
Barnett Newman - Dionysius 1949 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Barnett Newman - Two Edges 1948 oil on canvas The Museum of Modern Art American
Barnett Newman - The Wild 1950 oil on canvas The Museum of Modern Art American
Barnett Newman - Abraham 1949 oil on canvas The Museum of Modern Art American
Barnett Newman - The Voice 1950 egg tempera and enam The Museum of Modern Art American
Barnett Newman - Achilles 1952 oil and acrylic resi National Gallery of Art American
Barnett Newman - Be I (second version) 1970 acrylic on canvas The Detroit Institute of Art American
Barnett Newman - Twelfth Station 1965 acrylic on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Barnett Newman - Vir Heroicus Sublimis 1950-51 oil on canvas The Museum of Modern Art American
Barnett Newman - Pagan Void 1946 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Barnett Newman - Yellow Painting 1949 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Costume Plate, Newman & Co. , 19th century, Lithograph
Costume Plate, Newman & Co. , 19th century, Lithograph
Costume Plate, Newman & Co. , 19th century, Lithograph
H. Walter Barnett Jan Kubelik, violinist photograph 20th century
Orbiter, John Newman (United States, born 1952)  (Artist), 1986, Bronze
John Cochran Reverend Newman Hall 19th century
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: John Newman Title: Untitled Date: 1986 Medium: colored chalk, oil crayon and graphite Dimensions:
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: John Newman Title: Fold-Out Date: 1985 Medium: color lithograph, drypoint, and aquatint Dimensions: H.40-1/8
Stravinsky, Arnold Newman (United States, New York, New York City, 1918-03-03 - 2006-06-06) , 1970s, Gelatin-silver print
Alphonse Legros Portrait of Cardinal John Henry Newman (1801-1890) Lithograph 19th - 20th century
Paul Newman, Sid Avery (United States, Ohio, Akron, 1918 - 2002) , 1958, printed later, Gelatin-silver print
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Ensemble, 1967 Designed by Rudi Gernreich (American, born Austria, 1922-1985)Americanwool, plastic, nylon; a) L. at
Henry Geldzahler, Arnold Newman (United States, New York, New York City, 1918-03-03 - 2006-06-06) , 1978, Gelatin-silver print
Museum of Fine Arts -
Sarah Barnett, British Marking sampler Britain, 1738 Linen plain weave embroidered with silk 33 x
Museum of Fine Arts -
Thomas Haxby, English, 1729-1796 Spinet England, (York), 1764 Mahogany 84.3 x 68.6 x 184.8 cm
Memorial Crazy Quilt, Harriette Adelaide Sheppard Newman (United States, 1828 - 1924)  (Artist), 1890, Pieced and embroidered silk and velvet
Costume Sketch of Melissa Newman as Charlotte Langdon in the 20th Century Fox Production, ’The Undefeated’, Bill Thomas (United States, Illinois, Chicago, 1921-10-13 - 2000-05-30) , 1969, Pencil, gouache on board, cotton
Museum of Fine Arts -
Henry Roderick Newman, American, 1843-1917 Gulf of Spezia 1884 Oil on canvas 145.73 x 202.25
Museum of Fine Arts -
Henry Roderick Newman, American, 1843-1917 Mt. Everett from Monument Mountain in April 1867 Watercolor over
Arnold Newman - Igor Stravinsky c. 1946 silver gelatin print Dennos Museum Center American
Museum of Fine Arts -
Henry Roderick Newman, American, 1843-1917 Wild Flowers 1887 Watercolor over graphite Sheet: 39.0 x 26.5
Museum of Fine Arts -
Henry Roderick Newman, American, 1843-1917 Wall Enclosing the Mausoleum of Ieyasu at Nikko, Japan 1897
Herbert Barnett - Still Life with Mexican Figure 1938 oil on canvas Smithsonian American Art Museum American
Barnett Freedman - The Barn at Fingest, Buckinghamshire (1933) 1933 oil on canvas The Fitzwilliam Museum British
Museum of Fine Arts -
Unidentified artist, American, 19th century Musicians in the Snow 1876(?) Oil on canvas 76.52 x
Sargent Claude Johnson Chair wood, velvet and brocade circa 1885
Joseph Goldyne Tulip Procession Monotype 1981
William Unger Self-Portrait 19th century
William Unger Crucifixion etching 19th century
William Unger A la cÙte de Dieppe etching 19th century
William Unger Pharisien etching 19th century
William Unger Idylle etching 19th century
William Unger Richard Wagner 19th century
William Unger Logement et nourriture etching 19th century
William Unger Boutique de tailleur a Venice etching 19th century
William Unger Hugo Graf Abensperg-Traun 19th century
William Unger Portrait of Frank Duveneck (aft. Wm. M. Chase) etching 19th century
William Unger Foreign Etchingsäfrom Paintings (London: Sampson Lowä, [ca. 1890]) book with etchings 1890
Codex Artaud IX, Nancy Spero (United States, born 1926)  (Artist), 1971, Typewriting and painting collage on paper
Conspiracy, Edward Biberman (1904 - 1986) , circa 1955, Oil on board
Deux bateaux dans la tempête (17e siècle) by GELLEE Claude
Amuse & Amaze, Roland Reiss (United States, born 1929) , 1975-1976, Mixed media, wood Plexiglas, plastic objects
Paysage au toit rouge ; Dit aussi le pin à l'estaque (1876 vers ; ?) by CEZANNE Paul
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
White Flag, 1955 Jasper Johns (American, born 1930)Encaustic, oil, newsprint, and charcoal on canvas; H.
Museum of Fine Arts -
Giovanni Baglione, Italian, 1571-1644 Seated Male Nude about 1600 Drawing: pen and brown ink Sheet:

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (38)
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Philadelphia Museum of Art: Barnett Newman (1905-1970)
It will trace the dramatic shifts in Newman's practice from his Surrealist- inspired drawings of the 1940s, through his development of the trademark vertical stripe ...

Newman Popiashvili Gallery: Lynne Gelfman: Resist and React
Gelfman plays with the reaction of the resist to create movement across the image. Patterns of small spheres evoke associations with foam, spindrift, bubbles and hover over a sub-painting that suggests animal-like skins. Gelfman has often explored...

Strand on Volta: Meat and You: Works by Graham Caldwell, Frank Day, Stephen E. Lewis and William Newman
Graham Caldwell’s work captures perfectly the mystery of being in a natural history museum for the first time. Using glass, he transforms organic forms – objects that are lightweight, gentle, and organic – into objects that are heavyweight, massiv...

National Gallery of Art: A Century of Drawing: Works on Paper from Degas to LeWitt
Examples by great old masters who created some of their most powerful work after the turn of the century--Edgar Degas, Auguste Rodin, and Winslow Homer--are shown side by side with works by the younger generation of artists, such as Pablo Picasso,...

SCA Project Gallery, Pomona Art Colony: Inverse and Brush with Weight and a Dance: Painting, Sculpture and Sound
Artists participating in Inverse express their views on the complex phenomenon of being reciprocal, opposite or reverse in relationships existing in the worlds of natural and unnatural, macro or micro or ethnic or social. SCA Project Gal...

Neuberger Museum of Art: Welcome Home Milton!
Milton Avery brought together simple, spare forms and harmonious colors to build patterns of flat, interlocking shapes reminiscent of French artist Henri Matisse. He frequently ...

Project 4: Cornelia Schulz
Continuing also in the footsteps of artists such as Barnett Newman and Frank Stella, she sought to redefine the rectilinear orientation of the art object.  In this exhibition, Schulz presents some of her most recent paintings where abstract, biomo...

Michael Dunev Art Projects: Jordi Teixidor: Painting
Characterised by a reductionist aesthetic and a limited chromatic range, the paintings of Teixidor dig deeply into the unconscious, with bands of colour ranging from sombre blacks to expressive gestural marks that underline the complexity of the...

Pharmaka: Dear Mr. Saltz: Photography in Painting
The article, as one might expect, provoked heated discussions within artist communities in regards to the meaning of painting and representation in an age of mass media visual saturation. Conversely, Mr. Saltz then calls for the „celebration of ...

Center for Photography at Woodstock: Woodstock Photography Workshop Internships
Since 1979 the Center has presented the renown WOODSTOCK PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP ANO LECTURE SERIES, an educational offering, presented each year, June - October, where national/international artists serve as teachers and lead intensive, hands-on cla...

Victoria Park Art Centre: Michelle Wardley: Tidal
Michelle has recently appeared with her progressive art exhibition "Tidal" at the ACDC Art Gallery in Geraldton, Tom Price nameless Festival, Newman Fortescue Festival, Kalgoorlie Art Centre & will be taking her works throughout the south west ove...

gallery twenty-four: Art Interview 2007 International Award Exhibition
Original and digital contemporary artworks from the following artists will be presented: Akiva Huber - ( Israel )
Amanda van Gils - ( Australia, absolutearts.com Premiere Portfolio )
Pelham Art Center: Pictures are the Problem: Curated by Walead Beshty
"Using models drawn from sources as seemingly disparate as contemporary film, photo-journalism, 19th century salon painting, and advertising, the exhibition emphasizes various means by which the ubiquity of the pictorial composition can be disrupt...

Forum for Contemporary Art: Ando Constructed: Photographs of the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts by Robert Pettus, Curated by Mel Watkin
For three years prior to its completion, Pettus spent weekends roaming the construction site analyzing every detail. Alone, without the construction crew's presence, he shot hundreds of images that reflect the minimalist elegance of ...

Camera Club of New York: Call for Artists : 2009 NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION
CCNY is dedicated to continuing its long tradition of welcoming both photographers and devotees of photography and encouraging their participation through memberships, classes, lectures, exhibitions and a residency program. Since its founding CCNY...

Heather Marx Gallery: Timothy Nolan: Amalgumate
In his paintings and drawings, Nolan copies outdated textile patterns onto pristine fabricated surfaces of mylar and cast acrylic panels. It is this union between the readymade and the artist’s hand that occupies much of Nolan’s work, and intrigui...

Kunsthaus Bregenz: Fragmente Bregenz 2003: Gerhard Merz
Gerhard Merz, born in 1947, studied painting at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. Today he lives in Pescia near Lucca, Italy, and in Berlin; he teaches at the Düsseldorf Academy of Art. Since the mid-seventies he has been developing a concept...

Monash University Gallery: Avant-gardism fo Children
avant-gardism for children is not a celebration of childrens or naïve art. It is concerned with teasing out further possibilities of spontaneous and improvisational artmaking whilst extending notions of moder...

Chinati Foundation: Open House Celebration to Inaugurate Large-Scale Work in Fluorescent Light by Dan Flavin
Artist Donald Judd (1928-1994) founded the Chinati Foundation, an independent museum for contemporary art in far West Texas, in 1986. Chinati's mission is to present ...

Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art: ALMOST WARM AND FUZZY: Childhood and Contemporary Art
The exhibition features several kinetic and interactive pieces. Among the many captivating installation works are: Sandy Skoglund’s Shimmering Madness, a d...

Neuberger Museum of Art: Placing Avery
Milton Avery had a strong, “Connecticut Yankee” work ethic. He painted for 50 years, some times spending all day for weeks at a time at his easel, and sometimes creating as many as five or six paintings or studies in one day.  He’s been quoted as...

van Gogh Museum: Go(gh) Modern
The presentation is subdivided into four sections, each featuring a different aspect of Van Gogh's affect on contemporary art, and includes paintings, sculptures and videos by various artists and movements - from Appel and Kiefer to Nauman and War...

Laguna Art Museum: California Holiday: The E. Gene Crain Collection
Support for the exhibition has been provided by the Festival of Arts Foundation, the City of Laguna Beach, the Fieldstone Foundation, Jim and Martha Newkirk, John and Barbara Bing, the late Rex Brandt, Gerald and Bente Buck, Mary and Matt Lawson, ...

Frick Collection: Master Drawings from the Smith College Museum of Art
Among the other artists represented in the exhibition are Northern European masters Matthias Grünewald, Jan van Goyen, Adoph von Menzel, Piet Mondrian, and Paul Klee. Italian artists include Fra Bartolommeo, Rosso Fiorentino, Federico Barocci, Gi...

Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum: Jimmy Ernst: Transcending the Surreal
This retrospective exhibition features over 35 major paintings. It covers five decades of his art and looks at how he absorbed and transcended Surrealism to create his own unique mode of abstract painting. Jimmy Ernst’s paintings were influenced...

Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami: Frankenthaler: Paintings on Paper (1949 – 2002)
Frankenthaler: Paintings on Paper (1949 – 2002) is organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art and is curated by MOCA Director Bonnie Clearwater. Following its MOCA presentation, the exhibition will be on view at Edinburgh’s Royal Scottish Academ...

City Gallery Wellington: Stephen Bambury
I use the allure of beauty of surface, colour and space to provide a runway into the work., says Bambury. This offers people a 'painting experience', something you don't have with anything else in the world. Stephen Bambury is one of New ...

Center for Photography at Woodstock: Call for entries: Put yourself in the picture

B/ Step into someone elses shoes: What do you see from hereNULL Can you picture a room with a view - eye-spy and visualize a world unknown or far too familiar - like Goldilocks and the three bears - what feels just rightNULL Dress up in a mask,...
Florence Lynch Gallery: Minimalpop: A Joint Effort with CCNOA, Brussels and PS, Amsterdam
The exhibition minimalpop is a joint effort of CCNOA center for contemporary non-objective art, Brussels, and the Amsterdam-based artist-run gallery PS. Both places share a history of exchange of artists as well as curated exhibitions. The conc...

Gallery Neubacher: INMYSOLITUDE
The works are presented in collaboration of the following individuals or institutions:  Shauna McCabe and Confederation Centre Art Gallery (PEI), The Power Plant (Toronto), and MRI Foundation (Milan). ABOUT THE ARTISTS: Alison Norlen, th...

Mobile Museum of Art: Women of Our Time: 75 Women Challenged and Changed the US
“This collection of photographs features women whose lives redefined America,” said Marc Pachter, director of the National Portrait Gallery. “Women of Our Time” includes photographs of activists and artists, designers and dancers, politici...

Haus der Kunst: Gerhard Richter. Abstract Paintings
The series "Cage" from 2006 and "Wald" (Forest) from 2005 - the latter on view for the first time in Europe - serve as the show's point of departure. The exhibition traces Richter's artistic development - represented in these series - to its roots...

Camera Club of New York: Call for Artists: National Photography Competition
During a 40-year career, photographer Larry Fink has explored the human condition from myriad angles—and always with a human touch. Among his publications are Somewhere There's Music (Damiani, 2006), The Forbidden Pictures (powerHouse, ...

Vincent Pepi: First Generation Abstract Expressionist Offers Limited Editions through absolutearts.com
View and order Rome 507M at: 507M. "As ongoing research enriches the already remarkable story of mid-20th-century painte...

Saint Louis Art Museum: Action-Abstraction: Pollock, de Kooning and American Art, 1940–1976
Beginning in the 1940s, Pollock and de Kooning created paintings and sculptures that catapulted American art onto the international stage. In magazines as diverse as Partisan Review, The Nation, ARTnews and Vogue, Greenberg and Rosenberg wrote inc...

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Treasures of Modern Art: The Legacy of Phyllis Wattis at SFMOMA
Treasures of Modern Art: The Legacy of Phyllis Wattis at SFMOMA is an exclusive SFMOMA presentation; the exhibition is co-organized by Madeleine Grynsztejn, the Elise S. Haas Senior Curator of Painting and Sculpture, and John S. Weber, the Leanne ...

San Diego Museum of Art: Vital Forms: American Art and Design in the Atomic Age, 1940-1960
With more than 265 items, the exhibition comprises every category of object imaginable including paintings, sculpture, architectural photography, fashion, textiles, ceramics, jewelry, furniture, glass, toys, and graphic design. Among the highlight...

Delaware Art Museum: An American Century of Photography: From Dry-plate to Digital, The Hallmark Photographic Collection

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