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Artist: Neon Park ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Neon Park.

Neon Park Family Dog Presents Blues Project; Genesis; Taj Mahal and the Blue Flames~Avalon Ballroom, 3/1-3/68 lithograph 1968
Untitled (Light Encasement), Doug Wheeler (United States, born 1939) , 1968, Adapted neon and plastic
Lunatique Or ne ment n° 2, François Morellet (France, Cholet, born 1926-04-30) , 1999, Gold leaf on wood, neon, two transformers
Human Nature/Life Death/Knows Doesn’t Know, Bruce Nauman (United States, Indiana, Fort Wayne, born 1941-12-06) , 1983, Neon
The Best of All Possible Worlds, Allen Ruppersberg (United States, Ohio, Cleveland, born 1944) , 1997, Silkscreened plastic, neon, and metal fittings
Untitled, Mary Corse (United States, California, Berkeley, born 1945) , 1968, Plexiglas, neon fixtures, and high frequency transformers
Last Chance Lost, Jack Pierson (United States, Massachusetts, Plymouth, born 1960) , 2007, Metal, neon, wood, and plastic
Eliptical Shields Series (IV), Keith Sonnier (United States, Louisiana, Mamou, born 1941-07-31)  (Artist), 1994, Corrugated aluminum, neon, transformer, expanded metal
Gustav Klimt - The Park 1910 oil on canvas The Museum of Modern Art Austrian
Abraham Walkowitz - In The Park 1915 watercolor over penc Hirshhorn Museum American
Abraham Walkowitz - The Park 1915 watercolor on paper Hirshhorn Museum American
George Wesley Bellows - In The Park 1916 lithograph on paper Hirshhorn Museum American
Jan Matulka - In the Park c. 1912-1915 watercolor with grap Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester American
Maurice Prendergast - Park by the Sea 1922 watercolor and graph Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester American
Vernon Fisher - Basutoland 1986 Neon coil, umbrella, Arizona State University Museum
Armin Buchterkirch - Seneca Park n.d. watercolor on paper Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester American
William Merritt Chase - A City Park c. 1887 oil on canvas The Art Institute of Chicago American
Larry Connatser - Winter Park 1995 Acrylic on Wood Telfair Museum of Art American
Richard Diebenkorn - Ocean Park #83 1975 oil on canvas Corcoran Gallery of Art American
Richard Diebenkorn - Ocean Park No. 70 1974 oil on canvas Des Moines Art Center American
Milton Avery - Amusement Park c. 1929 oil on canvas The Maier Museum of Art American
Leon Kroll - The Park-Winter 1923 oil on canvas Cleveland Museum of Art American
Auguste Renoir - Woman in a Park 1866 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art French
J. Paul Getty Museum -
A Corner of the Park at Versailles
Keith Sonnier - New Orleans Dyad I E 1989 aluminum, neon, mirr The Detroit Institute of Art American
Anonymous Red Cat, Villa Park Orchards Assn. Inc., Villa Park, Orange Co., California, U.S.A. color lithograph circa 1930 - 1940
Maurice Prendergast - Central Park, New York c. 1901 watercolor and penci Williams College Museum of Art American
John Ferneley - Heaton Park Races 1829 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art British
John Constable - Wivenhoe Park, Essex 1816 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art British
Jacob van Ruisdael - Country House in a Park c. 1675 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art Dutch
William Glackens - The Drive, Central Park c. 1905 oil on canvas Cleveland Museum of Art American
Hubert Robert - The Park of Saint-Cloud 1768 oil on canvas New Orleans Museum of Art French
Thomas Gainsborough - The Mall in St. James's Park 1783 oil on canvas The Frick Collection British
Anonymous Three Arches Brand Valencias, The Villa Park Orchards Assn. Inc., Villa Park, Orange Co., California color lithograph circa 1930 - 1940
Anonymous Banana Belt Brand Valencias, The Villa Park Orchards Assn. Inc., Villa Park, California color lithograph circa 1930 - 1940
Interval I, Park Jae Young (Korea, born 1964)  (Artist), 2002, Woodblock
Anonymous Alphabetical Brand Valencias, Sunkist, The Villa Park Orchards Assn., Villa Park, Orange Co., California color lithograph circa 1930 - 1940
Anonymous Big Ben Brand Valencias, Sunkist, The Villa Park Orchards Assn. Inc., Villa Park, Orange County, California color lithograph circa 1930 - 1940
Roger Fenton - Terrace and Park at Harewood House 1860 albumen print from w The Royal Photographic Society English
Federigo Andreotti - Study of Costumed Fete in a Park c. 1885-1890 oil on panel Los Angeles County Museum of Art Italian
Richard Diebenkorn - Untitled, The Ocean Park Series 1972 gouache Arkansas Arts Center American
Armand Charnay - Park of Sansac (Indre-et-Loire) 1885 oil on canvas The National Gallery, London French
Joseph Cornell - Central Park Carrousel, in Memoriam 1950 construction in wood The Museum of Modern Art American
John Martin - Landscape: View in Richmond Park 1850 oil on paper marofle The Fitzwilliam Museum British
Mather Brown - Master Charles William Park 1785-90 oil on canvas The Detroit Institute of Art American
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: probably Aubusson Title: Dances in a Park Date: about 1782 - 1800 Medium: warp-undyed
William Ashford - View in Mount Merrion Park n.d. oil on canvas The Fitzwilliam Museum British
William Ashford - View in Mount Merrion Park n.d. oil on canvas The Fitzwilliam Museum British
Plum Blossoms, Park Seung Hwan (Korea, born 1938)  (Artist), no date, Ink on paper
Count de Montizon - The Hippopotamus at the Zoological Gardens, Regent's Park 1852 salted paper print f The Royal Photographic Society French
Eugene Atget - The Park at Sceaux (April 1925, 7 a.m) 1925 arrowroot print, gol Cleveland Museum of Art French
Hubert Robert - Stair and Fountain in the Park of a Roman Villa c. 1770 oil on canvas Los Angeles County Museum of Art French
Arthur Devis - Members of the Maynard Family in the Park at Waltons c. 1755-1762 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art British
George Wesley Bellows - Bethesda Fountain (Fountain in Central Park) 1905 oil on canvas Hirshhorn Museum American
Mark Rothko - Untitled (figure lying on park bench) c. 1936 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
J. Paul Getty Museum -
Thurlow Lodge, Menlo Park - Lawn and House
Roi (Roy) Partridge In Glacier Park ET 1929
Roi (Roy) Partridge Park Scene ET and drypoint 1914
Harold Altman Park Conversation etching 20th century
Ansel Adams - Mount McKinley and Wonder Lake, Denali National Park, Alaska 1948 gelatin silver print The Mint Museums American

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Park

Brad Brace: Dead-Artist Desert Trailer-Park offers scholarships and studio-space
No application fees, slides, references, or resumes are required or desired. A questionnaire is sent to all applicants. The current residents will invite new applicants to visit. APPLICATIONS FOR THE NEXT SEASON ARE BEING PERUSED NOW; an electronic ...

Landscape and Arts Network: Call for Artists: Land Art and Land Use II, New Landscapes / New Art
Speakers include award winning architect Edward Cullinan, Katy Hallett, Director of Arts Programming, Sustrans, Tony Beckwith, Arts Development Manager for Lee Valley Regional Park Authority on Gunpowder Park and Hannah Sofaer, Director of Portland S...

I-Park: Call to Artists: Artist Enclave 2005 Residency Program
Accommodations include comfortable private living quarters in an 1850’s farmhouse, shared bath and a private studio on the grounds. An electric kiln and modest music and library facilities are provided. I-Park is a 450-acre natural woodland ret...

Freedom Park: Call for Proposals: Art in Freedom Park 2006
The AiFP Task Force encourages proposals for sculptures and site-specific installations from the environmental, social, historic, architectural, geographic, political, visual, theatrical and whimsical side of public art. See the website http...

Radek Associates: New Artist Community Offering Residencies at I-Park
As a first, though unofficial, step in the realization of the I-Park vision, the Artists' Enclave will be hosting a small group of individuals interested and challenged in being involved in the birthing phase of a new artists' community. I-Park w...

Brooklyn Coalition of Artists in Park Slope: Bernie Springsteele - The Old City in Watercolor
His paintings are distinctive in their ability to effectively capture the emotional essence of the place with a thorough, yet not overstated, representation of light and shadow, bringing resonance similar to the work of Winslow Homer and Edwar...

Design Museum, at University of California, Davis: Reality to Fantasy: The Evolution of Theme Park Design
Theme park attractions begin with a mythology, or established story, and are designed around that theme, with enhancements that involve theatrical design; graphics; interior and architectural design; mechanical engineering; even marketing and adve...

International Fine Print Dealers Association: Ninth Annual Print Fair

Outlook Studio and Arroyo Arts: Holiday Greetings from Highland Park Featuring Edem Elesh
Per his modus operandi, these studies are done "plein air", but approached with a contemporary "outlook". Their relatively small size both resists dabbling and encourages spontaneity and focus, capturing not only place but time. All are we...

I-Park: Call for Artists: Residency Opportunity at Artists Enclave
I-Park is a 450-acre natural woodland retreat in rural East Haddam, Connecticut. Accommodations include comfortable private living quarters in an 1850‚s farmhouse, shared bathroom facilities and a private studio on the grounds. An electric kiln,...

I-Park: Call for Aritsts: 2006 Residency Season at the Artists’ Enclave
There is a $20 application processing fee required and artists are responsible for their own transportation to the area. They also provide for their own food and work materials. The facility is otherwise offered at no cost to accepted artists. ...

Laumeier Sculpture Park: Soo Sunny Park’s Bio-Structure: Metra Geo
Soo Sunny Park’s work is informed by the cyclical nature of life, her analysis of childhood memories, her cultural and scientific explorations, and her incredible inclination to intrigue audiences. Soo Sunny Park’s site-specific installation creat...

Brooklyn Coalition of Artists in Park Slope: Rupert Howard - New Work
His subjects - primarily images of drunken nightlife and sexual situations, permeates the series. The scenes he paints are fantastic; fantastic that the night can be so graphic and colorful; fantastic in the depths his subjects take. These se...

Broadway Gallery: Shin-Hye Park: A Solo Exhibition
Tchera Niyego continues, "In the images of the very meeting point of the shore in close-ups where we see the water blending into dry land a nd there are no open deep seas or an air of the skies, the foam of the sea is ever so close to that breath...

Yorkshire Sculpture Park / Longside Gallery: Helen Escobedo at Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Escobedo's interest in the cylindrical form of baled hay, its monolithic presence in fields across Europe and traditional pastoral connections within British landscape art, has informed the development of a new site-specific piece at the Scu...

Broadway Gallery: Apple: 10 Artists Examine Temptation
Shin-Hye Park states about her work: "An Artistic expression is for me an act of confirming what I have perceived, namely what I have to know while seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling endlessly in the midst of daily life. "What is esp...

Renwick Gallery: Unveiling the Refurbished Renwick Gallery Salon
Among the 170 paintings and sculpture on view from the American Art Museum (now closed for renovation) are a suite of three stunning views of Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon by Thomas Moran, two on loan from the U.S. Department of Interior. The a...

The Pavilions, Mile End Park: The Bold and The Beautiful
The Bold and The Beautiful showcases some of the best young artists in London and celebrates its incredible diversity and energy. The Bold and The Beautiful is a picture of London in 2002. The Bold and The Beautiful will take place in The ...

Nagasawa Art Park: 2001 Artist-in-Residence: Workshop Program for Japanese Woodblock Printmaking
To be eligible for the Artist-in-Residence Program, applicants must: A. be artists or printers working in the field of contemporary art or art education. B. be preferably between 30 and 50 years of age. C. have the desire and ability ...

During the years 1987 – 1999 many different projects have been realized inside the barn as well as outside in the park. The focus is on sculpture and site specific installations. THE PARK houses several permanent works...

Soho MultiMedia Festival: September Song - OPEN EXHIBITION AND PRINT SALE
Osterley Park was extensively remodelled by Robert Adam from 1760-1780 and is considered to be the finest example of his work. The Jersey Galleries still have many of their original features inclusing fireplaces, shutters and a 19th Century...

Nagasawa Art Park: Call for Artists: Artist-in-Residence Printmaking Program
The village of Nagasawa is in Awaji City on a scenic hillside covered with rice terraces and dotted with farmhouses. Nagasawa Art Park (NAP) project started here in 1997 as a pilot scheme for the revitalization of the area. NAP Community provides ...

Cart Cemetery Sculpture Park: Call for Artists: Third Sculpture Symposium in Putaendo, Chile
The Cart Cemetery Sculpture Park: the concept of public art: The sculptures contained in the Sculpture Park are located on an open terrace, where they share their space with herds of goats, on the outskirts of the town of Putaendo, a farming comm...

The Art Pavilion: Call for Artists: 2006 Exhibition Proposals Being Accepted
Application forms and supporting information are available from the Director of Mile End Park on 020 7364 4147email Michael.Rowan@towerhamlets.gov.uk The Art Pavilion Forum will select shows from all the submitted proposals in order to create...

Rockaway Artist Alliance: Call for Artists: Bodyscapes
Not Eligible: work previously displayed in an RAA exhibit. $35 (members - $25)/ Submissions: up to 6 slides, photographs or CD. Digital Art: up to 6 high resolution 8.5x11 inch digital prints. Sculpture: 2 views of each work (up to 12 slides...

Seattle Arts Commission: Call for Artists: Projects for Three Parks
Applications and the Pro Parks art plan are available on the Arts Commission Web site at www.cityofseattle.net/arts (select "Funding Opportunities) or by calling 206-615-1801. Applications must be at t...

Beaverton Arts Commission: Call for Artists : Request for Qualifications - City Park
* Deadline: September 30, 2009
* Installation to be completed fall of 2010.
* Artist and artist teams must apply using the CaFÉ (www.callforentry.org) application system. There is no application fee to use the system ...

John Michael Kohler Arts Center: Midsummer Enchantments: The Teapots of Eunjung Park

University of Maryland at College Park: Call for Entries: Global Women Project Exhibition
The concept of the whole piece is what represents woman for each culture, traditional techniques of each country will be given a preference, but all techniques and styles are welcome. Women artists are still needed in the following countries: ...

Brooklyn Museum of Art: William Merritt Chase: Modern American Landscapes, 1886-1890
Organization: Barbara Dayer Gallati, Curator of American Painting and Sculpture at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, is curator of the exhibition and author of the book accompanying it. Publication: William Merritt Chase: Modern American Landscap...

Rockaway Artist Alliance: Call to Artists - In and Around: A Juried Exhibition of Original 3-D Works
NOT ELIGIBLE: WORK PREVIOUSLY DISPLAYED IN AN RAA EXHIBITION  $25 (members - $20) / up to 6 entries (2 views of each work - up to 12 slides, photographs or CD files). ORGANIZERS: Rockaway Artists Alliance (RAA) (Non-Profit) in partnershi...

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park: Henry Moore: The Imaginary Landscape
This is an exhibition for which the Gardens is uniquely suited, an exploration of the interrelationship of sculpture and nature. Universally regarded as one of the most important and influential sculptors of the 20th century, Moore constantly drew...

Kansas City Jewish Museum: Call to Artists: Under The Chuppah - Celebrating The Jewish Wedding, Fundraising Exhibition and Auction 
The competition is open to all amateur and professional artists. Any medium is eligible, so long as it is original work created by the artist within 12 months of submitting slides. Artist's collaborations are permitted. Slide entries are due in...

Barn Gallery, Ringwood State Park: RMAA 44th Annual Fall Juried Exhibition
Terry S. Mollo, sculptor, is showing one piece of stone sculpture at this year's RMAA Fall Show. It has been awarded first prize for sculpture and will remain in the show until October 14, 2009. The name of the piece is ORIGINS. Created in the sha...

Wellington City Gallery: BACK ON EARTH: A Mural for Marz Cummings
The exhibition celebrates his contribution to the city’s urban environment, and remembers his generosity as an artist and friend. One of the participating artists is l...

Helsinki City Art Museum: The Japanese Art of Tea: Modern teaware from the collections of the Tanabe Art Museum
In connection with the exhibition, the Shimane Prefectural Committee for Helsinki 2000 will bring to Helsinki 15 practitioners of the Japanese art of tea ceremony, who will be offering tea to the public in the traditional way in a tent in ...

Sanford L. Smith and Associates Ltd.: Modernism: A Century of Art and Design
The Brooklyn Museum of Art/MODERNISM Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented prior to the benefit preview for the Brooklyn Museum of Art on Wednesday evening. Past winners of the Design ...

Laumeier Sculpture Park: Cromlech Glen By Beverly Pepper to Reopen
The restoration project began in May, 2002, and continued for nearly a year. The labor-intensive work of restoring this magnificent piece involved re-installing the steps, replacing much of the pathway around the top of the mounds, using 90 tons ...

Victoria Park Art Centre: Michelle Wardley: Tidal
Michelle has recently appeared with her progressive art exhibition "Tidal" at the ACDC Art Gallery in Geraldton, Tom Price nameless Festival, Newman Fortescue Festival, Kalgoorlie Art Centre & will be taking her works throughout the south west ove...

FNB Vita Art Prize 2002: Call for Nominations: Prestigious Art Prize
This year's exhibition was held for the first time in Durban at the NSA Gallery and saw Moshekwa Langa emerge as the winner. It then had a second showing at the Market Theatre Gallery, giving art fans in Johannesburg the opportunity to engage...

Further Artwork and Information:

Neon Park and the ALS Association
Neon Park Tributes
Buy Little Feat Live From Neon Park at Wal-Mart Music
neon park
Dodge Neon Park Lights - Dodge Park Lights
Dodge Neon Park Light - Dodge Park Light
TC1418GR-713 NEON Park Full
Neon Park - ACME Studio
Live From Neon Park by Little Feat


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Laundry Maids
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