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Artist: Paulus Potter (1625 - 1654)
Nationality: Dutch
Movement: Baroque
Media: Painting

Paulus Potter was the son of a painter and entered the Delft Guild of Saint Luke in 1646. He later moved to The Hague where he spent time in the Dutch countryside, sketching farm animals and the landscape. Dr. Nicolas Tulp persuaded Potter to moved to Amsterdam and became his mentor. During this period, he began etching and his prints were as successful as his paintings.

Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
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TROUPEAU (1652) by POTTER Paulus
Vache et taureau by POTTER Paulus (d'après)
Cinq études de vaches et de porcs by POTTER Paulus (manière de)
LE BOIS DE LA HAYE (1650) by POTTER Paulus
Paulus Potter [Two cows] 17th century
Paulus Potter The Cowherd Etching 1649
Paulus Potter The Herdsman Etching 17th century
LE CHEVAL PIE (1653) by POTTER Paulus
Paulus Potter Bull Etching 17th century
Paulus Potter The Bull Heliogravure 17th century
Paulus Potter La Mazette Etching 17th century
Paulus Potter Le courtaud Etching 17th century
Paulus Potter Le cheval hennissant Etching 1652
Quatre taureaux dans une prairie, près de deux arbres (1653 en) by POTTER Paulus (d'après)
Paulus Potter La Vache qui pature Etching 17th century
Paulus Potter The piping Shepherd Etching 17th century
Paulus Potter Le cheval de la Frise Etching 17th century
Paulus Potter La Vache a la corne crochue Etching 17th century
View of a Meadow, Paulus Potter (Holland, Enkhuizen, 1625 - 1654)  (Artist), 1649, Etching
Taureau vu de trois quarts (1878) by POTTER Paulus
Paulus Potter La Vache debout pres de celle qui est couchee Etching 17th century
Paulus Potter La Vache couchee pres de la barriere de quatre planches Etching 17th century
Porc et vache couchée (1654) by POTTER Paulus
Corne by POTTER Paulus (d'après)
La prairie (1652) by POTTER Paulus
Etude de truie, vue de profil by POTTER Paulus
Trois pourceaux couchés by POTTER Paulus (d'après)
Chèvre couchée by POTTER Paulus (d'après)
Etude de chèvre by POTTER Paulus (d'après)
Deux cochons tournés vers la gauche by POTTER Paulus
Bouc couché by POTTER Paulus (d'après)
Une truie (1912) by POTTER Paulus (genre de)
Chèvre et son chevreau, dans un paysage by POTTER Paulus (d'après)
Deux têtes de vaches (1912) by POTTER Paulus (genre de)
Vache couchée, tournée de profil à droite, les yeux clos by POTTER Paulus (manière de)
Paysan gardant un troupeau de vaches et de moutons (1968) by POTTER Paulus (manière de)
Le porcher (1644) by POTTER Paulus
La Porcherie (1938 acquis ; 1937 entrée matérielle) by anonyme
Un paysan conduisant sa femme montée sur une mule, avec un enfant (1912) by POTTER Paulus (genre de)
Paulus Potter Le Chasseur (the huntsman )...seventh plate in the book...[Titles in Russian and French]... Imperatorskaya Ermitazhnaya Galereya ä GalÈrie ImpÈriale de l'Ermitage (Saint Petersburg: Gohier Desfontaines, 1847) Color Lithograp
Paulus Potter La LaitÈre..(The Dary Farm)...forty seventh plate in the book... [Title in Russian and French] Imperatorskaya Ermitazhnaya Galereya ä GalÈrie ImpÈriale de l'Ermitage (Saint Petersburg: Gohier Desfontaines, 1847) Color Li
Paulus Potter - A Farrier's Shop 1648 oil on panel National Gallery of Art Dutch
J. Paul Getty Museum -
The Piebald Horse
Charles Mercier Dupaty - Mme Potter, nee Vaublanc c. 1820 plaster Dahesh Museum of Art French
Anders Leonard Zorn - Mrs. Potter Palmer 1893 oil on canvas The Art Institute of Chicago Swedish
Quatre chevaux dans des positions diverses (17e siècle) by anonyme
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Paulus Verschuur (1606-1667), 1643 Frans Hals (Dutch, born after 1580, died 1666)Oil on canvas; 46
Un pâtre conduisant un troupeau by VELDE Adriaen van de
Marcus de Bye Two Cows near a Tree etching 17th century
Marcus de Bye One of a set of 8 Lions (Plate 4) Etching 17th century
Marcus de Bye One of a set of 8 Lions (Plate 3) Etching 17th century
Marcus de Bye One of a set of 8 Lions (Plate 2) Etching 17th century
Marcus de Bye One of a set of 8 leopards: Plate 1 Etching 17th century
Marcus de Bye One of a set of 8 leopards: Plate 4 Etching 17th century
Marcus de Bye One of a set of 8 Lions (Plate 7) Etching 17th century
Marcus de Bye One of a set of 8 Lions (Plate 8) Etching 17th century
Marcus de Bye One of a set of 8 Lions (Plate 6) Etching 17th century
Marcus de Bye One of a set of 8 Lions (Plate 5) Etching 17th century
Marcus de Bye One of a set of 8 leopards: Plate 5 Etching 17th century

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (38)
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Mark Winslow Potter (1929-1995) is perhaps best known for his brilliantly lit landscapes and scenes of rural life in New England, and in the Adirondacks, where he spent summers throughout his entire life. He received a B...

Center for Photography at Woodstock: Put Yourself in the Picure
Artists include Kelley Badham (Princeton, NJ), Pam Berridge (Wales, UK), Nicholas Gaffeny (Brooklyn, NY), Marcia Reid Marstead (Canton, CT), Patricia McDonough (NYC), Clayton Miller (Chicago, II), Jamie Nicholl (Philidelphia, PA), Chloe Potter ...

Anderson Gallery, Drake University: Syntagm :: Paradigm | Wade Carter :: William Porter
For Jakobson these were two fundamental inclinations of the creative mind; he associated similarity disorders with mastery of the paradigmatic axis of language and the literary figure of metaphor, and contiguity disorders with the sytagmatic axis ...

National Gallery of Victoria: Call for Artists: 2002 Contempora Fellowship Award for Australian Visual Arts
"The Fellow will also act as an ambassador for the Gallery and travel to regional galleries to assist with outreach programs associated with the Fellowship and contemporary art," she said. "This is part of the Bracks Government's commitmen...

Binney and Smith Gallery, Banana Factory: Native American Potter Lawrence Namoki
Lawrence uses only clay native to Hopi land, natural dyes for the painted surface of his works and the traditional Hopi firing process using sheep dung, says Banana Factory Director Diane LaBelle.Anyone who visits the Banana Factorywhile he...

Cafe Gallery Project: Story Telling Narrative Paintings by Debbie Lee
It seemed already the vision of an undying child, endowed with an awkward grace that was utterly compelling. Could she hold onto that raw creativity even in mature adulthoodNULL
- Timothy Hyman Debbie Lee graduated with a first class...

Geelong Gallery: Shearing the Rams Touring Regional Galleries
The painting will be shown as part of the National Gallery of Victorias Centenary of Federation celebrations. Dr Vaughan said the exhibit was a fantastic opportunity for people in regional Victoria to view the much-loved artwork without ha...

ArtSpace: DAMP: What we Want, What We'll Do for It
DAMP has been described as the funky squad, the angry mob, the art club, the cult, the choir, the cheersquad and the DAMP team. Their collaborative practice, including performances, exhibitions, memorabili...

Xiem Gallery: Yakimono: 11 Japanese American Ceramic Artists
The artists featured in the Yakimono exhibition are 2nd and 3rd generation Americans of Japanese ancestry, most of whom live in Southern California. Each of the selected artists is individually established in the field of fine art ceramics. They a...

National Gallery of Australia: 2004: Emerging Trends in Contemporary Australian Art
2004 - unbounded by media or thematic parameters - shows how artists, crafts workers, game-designers, networked media creators, architects and moving image makers are confronting rapid change in new and old media. It draws individual artists into...

Centre for Contemporary Photography: 2004 Nikon Summer Salon: Open Entry Photomedia Exhibition
Celebrating the latest developments in photomedia practice, the Salon is an annual national event, now in its twelfth year. An open-entry exhibition and competition, the Salon is supported by leaders in the photographic industry and over $5500 wor...

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museumand Fundacin Caja Madrid: The Shadow: Projected Shadow in Western Art
A classical tale recounted by Pliny the Elder (died 79AD) locates the origins of painting in Corinth when a young woman, daughter of the potter Butades of Sicyon, drew the outline of her beloved on a wall, helped by the light of a candle. The ...

National Gallery of Victoria: Seeing the Centre: The Art of Albert Namatjira 1902 1959
"As traditional custodian for the land he painted - the Western Aranda country in central Australia - Namatjira's personal and spiritual attachment flows through every work. "It is hard for anyone to view these works without sensing the powerful ...

Centre for Contemporary Photography: Leica/CCP Documentary Photography Award
In recognising the key influence of photography on our lives, it examines the power and effect of the medium through works presented in essay format. Bringing together a diverse collection of works, the fourth Leica/CCP Documentary Photography Awa...

Art Adventures New Zealand: Call for Artists: Nominate a New Zealand Artist for an Icon Award
The 2003 Icon Artists were Len Castle potter; Janet Frame writer (1924-2004); Maurice Gee writer; Ralph Hotere visual artist; Russell Kerr choreographer; Sir Donald McIntyre opera singer; Milan Mrkusich painter/visual artist; Diggere...

Centre for Contemporary Photography: Call for Artists : National Indigenous Photographers' Forum 2009
The keynote address will be delivered by Dr Brenda L. Croft, Lecturer, Indigenous Art, Culture and Design, University of South Australia, at the conference dinner on Monday 12 October, 7pm at Tjanabi @ Fed Square, The Atrium, Federation Square, Fl...

Clay Art Center: Andrew Coombs : I want to show you something
Andrew Coombs thoughtful pots harmoniously combine opposites: spontaneity and precision, humor and sincerity, cool and warm. This subtle push-pull makes his work a delight to see, handle, and use. His use of text on the work is often a pla...

Silent Space: Broad Thinking: A Group Project with Chris Twomey and Peggy Cyphers
Using economic, social, and historical themes, these artists creatework through the filter of their gender and propose direction.Ethnically diverse, young and old, the ideas can be subtle and theforms elusive, but "female" is at the core of thi...

University of New South Wales, School of Anatomy: Call to Artists: Step into Leonardo's Shoes...Draw Human Anatomical Specimens at this 5-day Intensive Workshop
Personalized teaching is provided for all levels in a non-competitive atmosphere with a limit of 18 participants. The ...

Shire Pottery Gallery and Studios: Andrzej Klimowski: Day for Night
Head of Illustration at the Royal College of Art, Klimowski is enthusiastic about bringing his work up to Northumberland, indeed he has produced paintings especially for this exhibition. This artistic coup for the region is due in the main to an ...

Cairns Regional Gallery : Torres Strait Exhibition starts national tour
The exhibition includes rare 19th century artefacts from Australian and overseas collections alongside the work of contemporary artists from the Torres Strait Islands. This major exhibition highlights the unique culture and artwork of Australia...

National Gallery of Victoria: Peter Booth: Human / Nature
Booth was born in Sheffield, England, in November, 1940. The Booth family migrated to Australia in 1957, and settled in Altona. He worked in the steel mills alongside his father until he went to the National Gallery School in 1962 to study paintin...

National Academy of Design: Challenging Tradition: Women of the Academy, 1826-2003
A strength of this exhibition is the numerous self-portraits by women artists. One membership requirement of newly elected Academicians is that all must donate a portrait of themselves to the museum's permanent collection. This has provided the Ac...

Walker Art Center: Dirt on Delight: Impulses That Form Clay
Ranging from modestly scaled pots to figurines to large sculptures, the 88 works on view cross a spectrum that includes fine art, craft, and outsider practices. Collectively they suggest that clay appeals to basic impulses, starting with the delig...

Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft: Master Makers: Stephen Rolfe Powell, A Retrospective
Stephen began working with KMAC when he first arrived in Kentucky to teach at Centre College in 1983. I will always remember the Museums support in the early days when I was feeling my way around the art world and trying to understand what it mi...

Mountclair Art Museum: Paris 1900: The American School at the Universal Exposition
Works of art exhibited in Paris have been lent by museums across the United States and Europe, including Whistler's Symphony in White No. 2 from the Tate Gallery ...

University of New South Wales, School of Anatomy: step into Leonardo's shoes... WORKSHOPS in DRAWING from HUMAN ANATOMICAL SPECIMENS
The workshops are generally held once a month on weekends. Personalized teaching is provided for all levels in a non-competitive atmosphere with a limit of 18 participants. The workshops are open to anyone under 100! The workshops fill a ga...

University of New South Wales, School of Anatomy: Artist Opportunity - Step into Leonardo's Shoes...Workshop in Drawing from Human Anatomical Specimens
The workshops are generally held bimonthly on weekends. Personalized teaching is provided for all levels in a non-competitive atmosphere with a limit of 18 participants. The workshops are open to anyone under 100! The workshops fill a gap ...

Bates College Museum of Art: Cryptozoology: From Nessie to yeti,
The exhibition is curated by Bates museum director Mark H.C. Bessire and Raechell Smith, director of the H&R Block Artspace at the Kansas City Art Institute, where it opens in late October. "It really has been an artist-driven project," sa...

Pallant House Gallery: Colin Self: Art in the Nuclear Age
Simon Martin, curator of the exhibition, said: The subjects of war and nuclear threat which Colin Self has been addressing in his work since the 1960s are as pertinent to todays society as they have ever been. His work, both in terms of ...

College of the Atlantic, Blum Gallery: A Place to Take Root: The History of Flower Pots and Garden Containers in America
In the same way Linnaeus was organizing the plant kingdom to fit a scientific system, flower pot forms were designed to "work" for horticulturists with ever greater efficiency. Individualized terra cotta items such as seed pans, graduated pots and...

GO Gallery: Pleasant: Suspended Thoughts
Pleasants grandfather David Carter was a widely recognized sculptor who exhibited at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC during the 1940s. Artist Pleasants father was a recognized regional painter in the Savannah area. Pleasant has perfo...

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Vermeer and the Delft School
The exhibition has been organized by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, in collaboration with The National Gallery, London. Philippe de Montebello,...

Fenimore Art Museum: Being Indian: The 6th Contemporary Iroquois Art Biennial
Peter B. Jones (Onondaga-Seneca) is a renowned potter and sculptor from the Beaver Clan, Onondaga Nation. Jones, who resides on the Cattaraugus Territory of the Seneca Nation of Indians, studied under Hopi artist Otellie Loloma while attending the...

Crow Collection of Asian Art: Treasures From an Unknown Reign: Shunzi Porcelain
Until the 1980s, Shunzhi's reign had been neglected by scholars and researchers in China and the West. During this era, exports were greatly reduced and Imperial porcelain was not produced. However, scholarly findings and a series of exhibiti...

York Quay Centre: Aftertaste: Ten Young Designers
Other exhibitions include Sleepwalking at The Photo Passage and Flutter at Canada Quay. York Quay Gallery presents Aftertaste, an exhibition by thenewthis design collective. Ten young Canadian designers working in industrial, furniture, cerami...

Chi Contemporary Fine Art: Tea Bowls and tea bowls Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony Bowls by Peter Callas, Joe Campbell, Kristin Muller, Takao Okazaki, and Shane Sellers
The exhibit consists of a minimum of 30 bowls, at least 6 from each artist, and will explore both the traditional styles and techniques, and the not so traditional. All 5 of the artists work, at times, within the relatively tight constraint...

Kimbell Art Museum: Gauguin and Impressionism
The exhibition and its scholarly catalogue deal with the full range of the artists participation in the Impressionist movement: the paintings he submitted to the Impressionist exhibitions, the ways in which his extensive private collection inspi...

Further Artwork and Information:

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Paulus Potter Screensaver
Paulus Potter (Getty Museum)
Wikipedia: Paulus Potter


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