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Artist: August Sander (1876 - 1964)
Nationality: German
Media: Photography

August Sander began working with the medium while serving in the military and working in a photographic studio in Trier. After two years of working in other studios, he opened his own successful studio in Linz, Austria in 1904. Five years later, Sander moved to a suburb of Cologne and began producing images of rural life. He devoted himself to his lifelong project, “Man of the Twentieth Century,” which documented the inhabitants of his native area of Westerwald. He produced an anthology of over six hundred portraits of German citizens. Despite the Nazi ban on his work during the 1930’s, Sanders continued to photograph turning to mostly nature and architectural studies

Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Arbeitslos, 1928 August Sander (German, 1876-1964)Depicted: GermanyGelatin silver print; 23 x 17 cm (9 1/16
Severinstrasse, August Sander (Germany, 1876 - 1964) , 1930s, Gelatin-silver print
Karin Sander - Karin Sander 1:10 1998 plastic and paint The Museum of Modern Art German
Farmer’s Wife, August Sander (Germany, 1876 - 1964) , circa 1912, Gelatin silver print
Die Altstadt, Blick über Alter Markt und Messeturm, August Sander (Germany, 1876 - 1964) , 1935-1937, Gelatin-silver print
Young Man, August Sander (Germany, 1876 - 1964) , 1920 circa, printed 1920 circa, Gelatin-silver print
August Sander - Recipient of Welfare Assistance 1930 gelatin silver print National Gallery of Art German
August Sander - Young Farmers (Jungbauern) c. 1926 Gelatin Silver print Norton Museum of Art German
August Sander - Peasant Girls, Westerwald 1928 silver print Spencer Museum of Art German
August Sander - The Painter Gottfried Brockmann, Cologne 1924 gelatin silver print Corcoran Gallery of Art German
Gottlieb August Liebe August Keppel 18th - 19th century
Fashion Plate (London Fashions for August), I. W. H. Payne  (Publisher), August 1, 1814, Hand-colored engraving on paper
Gregory Amenoff - Light in August 1996 oil on canvas Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art American
Robert Wray Manning - August Still Life 1941 oil on board Cleveland Museum of Art American
Edward Hopper - August in the City 1945 oil on canvas Norton Museum of Art American
B. v. F. Vor Paris (Hannover: August Curtze, [ca. 1870]) book with chromolithographs 1870
Jacob van Huysum - Twelve months of flowers: August early 18th cent oil on canvas The Fitzwilliam Museum Dutch
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: Berenice Abbott Title: Waterfront, from Pier 19, East River, New York City Date: August
Anders Zorn August Strindberg Etching with drypoint 1910
Rineke Dijkstra - Tiergarten, Berlin, August 13, 2000 2000 C-print Miami Art Museum Dutch
Woman’s Dress, Emilio Pucci (Italy, Emilia, 1914 - 1992) , circa 1960s, Printed silk jersey
Woman’s Dress, Emilio Pucci (Italy, Emilia, 1914 - 1992) , circa 1960s, Printed silk jersey
George Catiln - First Sailing of the Griffin on Lake Erie. August 7, 1679 1847-1848 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
Woman’s Two-piece Pantsuit, Emilio Pucci (Italy, Emilia, 1914 - 1992) , circa 1960s, Printed cotton
A. K. Moe Harvard Lampoon August 1895 Poster 1895
Woman’s Two-piece Pantsuit, Emilio Pucci (Italy, Emilia, 1914 - 1992) , circa 1960s, Printed silk jersey
Anonymous Overland Monthly, August 1895 poster 1895
Gottfried August Grundler J.M. Gasser 18th century
Fashion Plate, Mariton , August, 1856, Colored engraving
Fashion Plate, Mariton , August, 1859, Colored engraving on paper
Fashion Plate, Mariton , August, 1859, Colored engraving on paper
Kriegszeit, no. 52 (31 August 1915), August Gaul (Germany, Grossauheim, 1869 - 1921) , 1915, Printed material and four lithographs on wove paper
Kriegszeit, no. 52 (31 August 1915), August Gaul (Germany, Grossauheim, 1869 - 1921) , 1915, Printed material and four lithographs on wove paper
Crab, Nakano Goro (Japan) , August 25, 1933, Color woodblock print
Frederic August von Kaulbach Self-Portrait Drypoint 1916
Parasol, Tsukamoto Magoe (Japan) , August 25, 1933, Color woodblock print
Summer Day, Urata Giichi (Japan) , August 25, 1933, Color woodblock print
Landscape, Nagayama Goho (Japan) , August 25, 1933, Color woodblock print
Karl August Schwerdgeburth Karl V 18th - 19th century
Gottfried August Grundler Campejus Vitringa, etc. 18th century
Helen Hyde August color woodcut 1914
Helen Hyde August Color woodcut 1914
J.S.L. Halle August von Hoff 18th - 19th century
Fashion Plate, Mariton , August, 1857, Colored engraving on paper
Bradley & Rulofson Portrait of August Wilhelm photograph circa 1880
August, Thea Spangenberg , circa 1921, Woodcut on laid paper
Karl August Schwerdgeburth Regula Swingli 18th - 19th century
Karl August Schwerdgeburth Franz von Siekingen 18th - 19th century
Karl August Schwerdgeburth The Three Electorates from Saxony 18th - 19th century
Karl August Schwerdgeburth Ulrich von Rutten 18th - 19th century
Hanamichi, Nagayama Goho (Japan) , August 25, 1933, Black and white woodblock print
Dream of Summer, Masumi Tadao (Japan) , August 25, 1933, Color woodblock print
Summer Insect (I), Masumi Tadao (Japan) , August 25, 1933, Color woodblock print
Daniel Beyel D. Johan August Noesselt 18th - 19th century
August Gaul Horns Riff Lithograph 1916
Joseph Christian Leyendecker The August Century Color lithograph 1896
Clare Leighton August - Harvesting Wood engraving 20th century
J.S.L. Halle August Wilhelm Hupel 18th - 19th century
Untitled, Nicholas P. Brigante (Italy, Padulla, 1895 - 1989) , August 1961, Brush and ink wash
August: Fishing, Antonio Tempesta (Italy, Florence, 1555 - 1630) , Etching

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (31)
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Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea: Karin Sander.1:9
This is how Sander updates and radically transforms the classical theme of portrait, which was one of the main activities in European painting and sculpture. The artist renounces to any subjective attempt of interpretation. The person chooses the ...

Finally the figures are airbrushed. So the results are really a hybrid of sculpture, photography, painting and computer art. Sander has so far invited friends, associates, and virtual strangers to be scanned, and the results are intensely and ...

Colored Pencil Society of America: Call for Artists: Gloria Williams Sander to Jury Exhibition
Juror: Juror: Gloria Williams Sander
Curator, Norton Simon Museum of Art, Pasadena, California For Prospectus send #10 SASE to:
Cynthia Haase
8156-E South Wadsworth Blvd. #184
Littleton, CO 80128 For more information c...

Minneapolis Institute of Arts: Human Nature
Human Nature features three main architectural components—Fishhouse, Bathhouse and Beaverhouse—each a distinct, symbolic, sensory experience that reflects the artist’s belief ...

J. Paul Getty Center: August Sander: German Portraits (1918-1933)
August Sander (1876- 1964) is revered in Germany as a father of modern photography. Since the 1920s, his work has had an enormous influence on generations of artists around ...

Metropolitan Museum of Art: August Sander: People of the Twentieth Century, A Photographic Portrait of Germany
In an analytical style often associated ˜for better or for worse˜ with the Germanic temperament, August Sander set about to construct a comprehensive study of his fellow citizens by creating photographic portraits of the various social "types" of ...

Seattle Art Museum: Anselm Kiefer and Germanic Tradition
This exhibition combines paintings, works on paper, and sculpture from SAMs permanent collection along with key loans. The other artists include Max Beckmann, Josef Breitenbach, Marcel Breuer, Lyonel Feininger, Markus Lüpertz, Albert Renger-Patzs...

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Stranger Passing: Collected Portraits by Joel Sternfeld
Organized by SFMOMA, Stranger Passing presents 60 large-format color photographs that reveal the complexities of contemporary American society with rare wit and insight. IMAGE
Joel Sternfeld

Friedrichshain Galerie: Berlin Survey Exhibition
Mr. Danson will exhibit portraits from 5 bodies of his work which were first exhibited in Toronto during the 1970's. Featured in the exhibition will be self-portraits taken by Ca...

Museum of Contemporary Art, LA: Street Credibility: Photographs from the 1940s to the 1970s
Focusing on the similarity of this generation's subjects and approaches, the exhibition is organized around visual tropes, such as people inside their homes, the equation of individuals with their possessions, couples, entertainers, and specta...

Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery: Empty Bowls 10th Anniversary National Exhibition
Another part of this show will be a display of Heroes bowls decorated by our heroes, role models and mentors active in social justice work. The list of heroes participating thus far includes Joan Baez, Grace Lee Boggs, Jim Bristah, Dr. Helen Ca...

Fuller Museum of Art: Painting Zero Degree: A Contemporary Trend in Painting
The exhibition explores radical painting of the 1960s and its reinterpretation by contemporary artists. The exhibition traces a trend in painting that began with such visionaries as Robert Ryman (US), John McCracken (US), Daniel Buren (France) and...

Laurence Miller Gallery: German Photography: From the Bauhaus to the Bechers
German photography in the 1920's and 1930's evolved through two highly articulated but divergent approaches: the school of objectivity, and the school of experimental possibilities. The objective approach will be represented by the landscapes o...

Art Gallery of New South Wales: World Without End - Photography and the 20th Century
World Without End brings together some 200 works of acclaimed ...

Haines Gallery: Multiple Personalities: An Onsite / Online Group Exhibition of Artist Multiples and Editions
Multiple Personalities comments on the history of the multiple and addresses the reasons behind this art form's development over time. Simply, a multiple can be defined as an art object that is produced in a quantity of more than one copy. Howe...

Kunstihoone: CAPITAL (It Fails Us Now)
The exhibition in Tallinn is the second half of a two-fold project, with the first part taking place at UKS in Oslo, Norway 8 Oct 6 Nov 2005. Curated by Simon Sheikh. Produced by NIFCA, Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, in collaboration...

Contemporary Arts Center: Nothing Compared to This: Ambient, Incidental and New Minimal Tendencies in Current Art
Nothing Compared to This looks at the works of artists who occupy and control space by subtle, often indirect, means. The most salient distinction of today’s art in this vein, however, is that it is often not meant to be contemplated, or even dire...

Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona: Universal Archive. The Condition of the Document and the Modern Photographic Utopia
Thus the creation of Universal Archive. The Condition of the Document and the Modern Photographic Utopia, an exhibition that brings together nearly 2,000 documents (of which the almost 1,000 vintage photographs and prints are of particular interes...

Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art: The Nude in Contemporary Art The Nude in Contemporary Art
According to Harry Philbrick, the chief curator, The exhibition gives us an opportunity to see how artists from America, Europe, and Japan - some young, some old - confront one of the greatest challenges in art: depicting the nude. The work in the ...

Mobius: CONSUMER: I am the Consenting Part of the Fashion System - An installation by Sand T
As art revolves around fashion and politics, it is always burdened by predictability, repetition and conservatism. In addition, economics has forced much of art to pander to attention grabbing and celebrity marketing to compe...

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg: Richard Avedon in the American West
He introduced a new emphasis into portrait photography by unveiling unexpected facets of well-known and unknown individuals against a plain white background. A portrait is not a likeness. The moment an emotion or fact is transformed into a ph...

Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford University: The Artist Observed: Portraits and Self-Portraits
Included are works by such influential artists as Anthony Van Dyck, Rembrandt van Rijn, Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, James McNeill Whistler, Auguste Rodin, Oskar Kokoschka, and Ansel Adams. Their observations create a lively narrative across fo...

Phillips Auctioneers: Phillips, de Pury and Luxembourg to Auction Hoener Collection of 20th Century German Art
Phillips, de Pury and Luxembourg will auction the Diethelm Hoener Collection of 20th Century German Art on Monday, November 5 at 11:00 am. Among the highlights of the collection are two rare beach scenes by Max Liebermann, which illustrate...

Art Institute of Chicago: FOCUS: Rineke Dijkstra
Rineke Dijkstra (b. 1959) is a photographer and video artist who has, in a brief time, developed an international reputation as one of the most visibly and highly regarded Dutch artists of her generation. Her large-scale photographs possess not o...

J. Paul Getty Center: Photographers of Genius at the Getty
From Hippolyte Bayard to Diane Arbus, the influential pioneers presented here span more than a century of photography, from the earliest years of the new art form in the late 1830s to the late 1960s. Each photographer featured in the exhibition ad...

Sprengel Musuem: How you look at it: 20th-century Photography
The exhibition How you look at it. 20th-century Photography offers a chance to take stock. It starts by showing how photography has greatly increased in popularity in recent years, mainly obvious by its growing presence in museums w...

De Pont Foundation for Contemporary Art: Fiona Tan: Akte 1 - Film and Video Projects
In one of her letters from a correspondence with the well-known British art critic John Berger, Fiona Tan writes, “A certain blindness (...) is very desirable.” This appears to be a rather curious statement for someone who makes such sharp observa...

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: 01.01.01: Art in Technological Times
Organized by four of SFMOMA’s curatorial departments—Painting and Sculpture, Architecture and Design, Media Arts and Education—01.01.01 will chart recent work by some 35 artists, architects and designers who are responding to a world altered by th...

Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art: SUPERMODEL
The artists in SUPERMODEL rely on the tradition of architectural photography advanced by such artists as Eugène Atget, August Sander, Bernd and Hilla Becher and Thomas Struth. They also draw from photography's surrealist and fictional forms, f...

Haus der Kunst: Partners: Collector and Curator Ydessa Hendeles' View of 20th Century Art
Because of the metaphorical and allegorical approach of the curator, the exhibition offers insight in the way that personal and national identity is formed in the context of the history. It asks questions and leaves questions unanswered as well ...

Dahesh Museum of Art: First Seen: Photographs of the World's Peoples (1840-1880)
From the moment an image could be fixed on paper, photographers and adventurers sought to capture and record both the familiar and exotic aspects of their world. Although landscape, antiquities, architecture and objects of all description came b...

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