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Artist: Lucien Simon ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Lucien Simon.

Deux bretonnes (2e quart 20e siècle) by SIMON Lucien
Lucien J. Simon Scene on a Quay in Holland--Men and Boats etching 19th - 20th century
Jeanne Lucien Simon [Portrait of two young girls] - from the Portfolio Les Cartons D'Estampes GravÈes Sur Bois, Ouvrage Corporative (Portfolio of wood engravings after works of various French artists) wood engraving 1919
Woman with Black Cape, Lucien J. Simon (France, Paris, 1861 - 1945)  (Artist), circa 1920, Watercolor
Lucien J. Simon [Interior with people sitting at a table] - from the Portfolio Les Cartons D'Estampes GravÈes Sur Bois, Ouvrage Corporative (Portfolio of wood engravings after works of various French artists) wood engraving 1919
Museum of Fine Arts -
Lucien Simon, French, 1861-1945 Brétonnes Breton Women Watercolor on brown cardboard 76.2 x 56.8 cm
Gilbert Stuart - Mr. Simon Walker and Mrs. Simon Walker c. 1802 oil on canvas Utah Museum of Fine Arts American
FIGURE COUPEE AUX GENOUX (1er quart 19e siècle) by SCHNEGG Lucien
Vision du prêtre Lucien (2e quart 17e siècle ; 3e quart 17e siècle) by LA HYRE Laurent de
La Place d'Armes de Valenciennes en ruines (1946) by JONAS Lucien
Museum of Fine Arts -
Lucien Simon, French, 1861-1945 Breton Peasants Seated beside a Menhir Oil on canvas 98.1 x
Mlle P. Les cheveux séparés (1903) by SCHNEGG Jacques Lucien
Portrait de madame Jane Poupelet (1906) by SCHNEGG Jacques Lucien
DEUX SOEURS (4e quart 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by SCHNEGG Lucien
Lucien Fugère de l'opéra-comique, la Basoche (titre inscrit) (1er quart 20e siècle) by anonyme
344 VICHY - LE PAVILLON DE LA SOURCE DES CELESTINS (M. LUCIEN WOOG, ARCHITECTE) (1903 entre ; 1920 et) by LL ; LEVY Fils & Cie (imprimeur) ; Woog Lucien (architecte)
TORSE D'APHRODITE (1900 entre ; 1909 et) by SCHNEGG Lucien
223 VICHY - LE PAVILLON DE LA SOURCE DES CELESTINS (M. LUCIEN WOOG, ARCHITECTE) (1903 entre ; 1920 et) by LL ; LEVY Fils & Cie (imprimeur) ; Woog Lucien (architecte)
Vue de Wolxheim en hiver (1939) by HAFFEN Lucien
Anonymous Lucien Bonaparte 19th century
La rue Royale (1921) by ADRION Lucien
331 VICHY - LA SOURCE LUCAS (CHARLES LE COUR ET LUCIEN WOOG, ARCH.) (1921 entre ; 1950 et) by LE COUR Charles (architecte) ; WOOG Lucien (architecte)
Femme nue, de dos (4e quart 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by SCHNEGG Lucien
Femme nue, de dos (4e quart 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by SCHNEGG Lucien
VUE DE MOUSTIERS (1944 avant) by GUEY Fernand Léon Lucien
La Rue de Paris vue de la Place d'Armes (1946) by JONAS Lucien
Anonymous Portrait of Lucien Capet photogravure 19th century
Femme nue, de dos, étendue (4e quart 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by SCHNEGG Lucien
Femme nue assise (4e quart 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by SCHNEGG Lucien
Femme nue, de dos (4e quart 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by SCHNEGG Lucien
327 VICHY - LE PALAIS DES SOURCES (CHARLES LE COUR ET LUCIEN WOOG ARCH.) (1933 expédié en) by LEVY & NEURDEIN REUNIS (imprimeur) ; Le Cour Charles (architecte) ; Woog Lucien (architecte)
Enfant suçant son pouce (4e quart 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by SCHNEGG Lucien
Femme nue, assise (4e quart 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by SCHNEGG Lucien
Lucien Nicholas Quarante Il Reviendra etching 1881
Portrait de Georges Baillet (1923) by JONAS Lucien
Femme nue, debout, de dos (4e quart 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by SCHNEGG Lucien
Femme nue, de dos (4e quart 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by SCHNEGG Lucien
Femme nue, accroupie (4e quart 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by SCHNEGG Lucien
Femme nue, de dos, étendue (4e quart 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by SCHNEGG Lucien
Lucien-Marcellin Gautier Work Etching 1868
La Place d'Armes et les stands commerciaux provisoires (1946) by JONAS Lucien
#5, Lucien Clergue (France, born 1934) , 1975, Gelatin-silver print
#7, Lucien Clergue (France, born 1934) , 1975, Gelatin-silver print
Femme nue, debout, de face (4e quart 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by SCHNEGG Lucien
BUSTE RELIQUAIRE DE SAINT LUCIEN (12e siècle (?) ; 13e siècle (?)) by anonyme
Lucien Francois Penet La Comptabilite etching 19th - 20th century
[Title Page], Lucien Clergue (France, born 1934) , 1955, Paper
Etude de corps féminin, vu de face (4e quart 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by SCHNEGG Lucien
180 VICHY - LA SOURCE DES CELESTINS (M. LUCIEN WOOGT, ARCHITECTE) (1911 expédié en) by LL ; LEVY Fils & Cie (imprimeur)
189 VICHY - SOURCE GRANDE GRILLE (CHARLES LE COUR ET LUCIEN WOOGT, ARCH.) (1903 entre ; 1920 et) by C A P (éditeur) ; Le Cour Charles (architecte) ; WOOG Lucien (architecte)
Les représentants représentés ; Lucien Murat (19e siècle) by DAUMIER Honoré (caricaturiste) ; AUBERT & Cie (imprimeur)
Jules Bastien-Lepage - Simon Hayem 1875 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art French
Picasso, Lucien Clergue (France, born 1934) , 1955, 16 gelatin-silver prints
Le pont du Cabouillet by LUCIEN André
Portrait de Nungesser (1918) by JONAS Lucien
Académie de femme, de face, et reprise de la tête (4e quart 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by SCHNEGG Lucien
Femme nue assise, vue de dos, de trois quarts vers la droite (4e quart 19e siècle ; 1er quart 20e siècle) by SCHNEGG Lucien

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
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McMaster Museum of Art: LANDeSCAPES: Simon Frank and Reinhard Reitzenstein
Simon Frank b. 1968, Glasgow, Scotland Frank is a self-taught artist, poet and rustic furniture maker. He obtained his Honours BA in English from the University of Guelph in 1991. Recent exhibitions include Future Cities (2004 Art Gallery o...

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium: Drawings: Armand Simon
He rarely leaves his house in Pâturages and remains an odd recluse within the movement. Thanks to purchases, but principally to his widow's legacy of a thousand of his works (in 1987), completed with another legacy by Irène Hamoir, the Museum n...

Hoxton Distillery: New Drawings and Video Work by Simon Woolham
Each drawing then is video-ed using a hand held camera travelling across the two-dimensional page, taking a path through each scene with the artist narrating events as he imagined they were experienced. The camera angles are wobbly and unprofessio...

Millennium Arts Center: Spacia: New Works by Astrid Colomar, Simon Gouverneur, Nan Montgomery, Caroline Orner, Vicente Pascual, Jeffrey Smith and Champ Taylor
The Millennium Arts Center is a new national arts center that brings fine, visual and performing artists together under one roof. MAC makes Washington, D.C...

Blindarte Contemporanea: The Uninhabited, Simon Keenleyside
The artist depicts these places with a surprising ability to reveal the mystery and the plots that surround them, not only evoking through his paintings physical places, but also the mental state, wishes and anxieties that has accompanied him dur...

Dangerous Curve: Sterven Simon: Road
For the past 25 years, he’s been using repurposed materials. Several of his solar-powered sculptures are permanently installed internationally. Lately, Simon has immersed himself in the highly labor-intensive culling of Queen Palm flower stems f...

Simon Leigh is the first photographer to be given full access to document the Meltdown festival which is now in its eighth year and has grown to become the South Bank's highest-profile and biggest-selling festival. Every year Melt...

ArtSpace: SOWA: David Noonan & Simon Trevaks
SOWA (polish for owl) continues Noonan and Trevaks's broad interest in the cinematic genre of horror, specifically of the 1970s and early 1980s. The film sees a woman drawn through a highly stylised interior by an unseen influence. She then enters...

Centre of Attention: Email Art
Jenny Holzer has shown worldwide in prominent institutions and major spaces such as the Guggenheim museum (New York, Bilbao), the American Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, the ICA in London or the Pompidou Centre on Paris. The main focus of ...

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza: From Cranach to Monet: Masterpieces from the Perez Simon Collection
The Pérez Simón Collection Comprising more than 1,000 works and including paintings, sculpture, drawings, the decorative arts and manuscripts from the 14th to the 19th centuries, this Mexican collection is well known and highly esteemed by a...

Art Collective: Vessel: Works with the Image, Theme and Shape of a Vessel
Ingrid Aubol employs expressive drawing techniques to create an intimate, monochromatic colorfield using soft pastels. The inclusion of the image of a single bowl conveys the feeling of calm solitude within a textural surface. Penne ...

Association of Photographers Gallery: The Fuji Film - AOP Assistants Awards 2001
This competition for young aspiring photographers provides an important platform for their work and has launched many a photographic career. This years prestigious Velvia Bursary portfolio series will be represented by Jo Brougton, Jens Lucking, J...

Transit Space: Simon Fathfull: Dog Ends
For his installation at Transit Space, Faithfull will be creating large-scale bit-maps – literally a map of bits – which in this case will form images of the ends of his dog. Here, the role of pixels will be taken by cigarette papers – liquoric...

South London Gallery: Simon Starling: Djungel
Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Djungel 2002 (djungel is Swedish for the word jungle), takes as its subject the process of transition from a West Indian cedar tree, felled in New Grant in Trinidad on 22 March 2002, to a huge curtain, spanning the entire...

Culture Institute of Poland: Clone: Luca Curci, Richard Journo, Fabiana Roscioli and Jan Simon
The artists duplicating an entire exhibition, put in question the serialising process in the contemporary art. By doing so they reflect on one hand on the uniformity to which consumer goods are subjected in order to be distributed on a global ...

Museum of Modern Art: Projects 70: Banners I
Idiosyncratically, each artist tests the ramifications of the written word. Shifting the information and twisting our habits of perception, Neshat's quotations of Persian poetry, Patterson's acrobatic text, and X...


NURTUREart Non-Profit, Inc., Brooklyn Fireproof Gallery: ARCHI+TEXTURE: A Group Exhibition of Contemporary Fine Art
The idea of dimensionality arose in some of the selected works suggesting the bending of perspective or the invention of an imaginary space. The works are expressive of each individual‚s relationship to his environment, emphasizing various points...

University of Essex Art Gallery: Gorgeously Repulsive: Charlotte Bernstein, Simon Collins, Angela Edmonds, Daniel Lehan, Prudence Emma Staite, Kate Sully
Artist Prudence Emma Staite who recently created works for the Dali Universe, will craft a site-specific chocolate room that can be interacted with and consumed. Angela Edmondsí recreates her humorous 1994 work Sweet Tooth - a chocolate cak...

Narrative provides the framework within which reality and fiction merge in many works within this exhibition. In the large-scale blackboard drawings by Tacita Dean, in which allusive links to actual histories are created, these almost abstra...

Pump House Gallery: The White Station: Axel Antas, Helen Chadwick, Simon Faithfull, Andy Goldsworthy, Heidi Morstang, Seifollah Samadian
Photographs by Andy Goldsworthy document 'Midsummer Snowballs', an incongruous siting of large snowballs placed in the City of London. Helen Chadwick's notorious 'Piss Flowers' were formed by imprints taken of patterns made by the artist and he...

Tate Gallery: Art Now

Five Years: The Difference Between You and Us
Founded in July '98 the galleries are run on a collaborative basis by four visual artists. Working open-mindedly across video, photography, painting, film and digital media, Five Years uses the context of the gallery as a forum for exchange, ...

New Museum of Contemporary Art: World Views Exhibition

The exhibition at the New Museum will include works by Simon Aldridge, Naomi Ben-Shahar, Monika Bravo, Laurie Halsey Brown, Justine Cooper, Lucky Debellevue, Carola Dertnig, Mahmoud Hamadani, Kara Hammond, Jeff Konigsberg, Motonobu Kurokawa, Ge...
The project was coordinated by Marisa Fick-Jordaan and the Bat Shop in association with the French Institute of South Africa and Association Francaise d' Action Artistique / Ministry of French Foreign Affairs. The exhibition will travel from th...

Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College: Four Exhibitions: Bodily Acts, Beyond the Sentence, Just what is it that makes trailer homes so different, so appealing, In Person and
Bodily Acts, curated by Jennifer L. Gray, investigates performances of three generations of artists. Photographs and videos by Vanessa Beecroft, Patty Chang, Valie Export, Nikki S. Lee, and Cindy Sherman comment on identity, objectification...

Colored Pencil Society of America: Call for Artists: Gloria Williams Sander to Jury Exhibition
Juror: Juror: Gloria Williams Sander
Curator, Norton Simon Museum of Art, Pasadena, California For Prospectus send #10 SASE to:
Cynthia Haase
8156-E South Wadsworth Blvd. #184
Littleton, CO 80128 For more information c...

Association of Photographers Gallery: L.O.V.E - A Brand New Show from the Independent Photographers Agency Growbag
From wedding chapels in Vegas to lover’s beds in England, L.O.V.E takes an innovative and exciting look at what society thinks about love. Talking about the inspiration for the show, Christine Cowdell (Agent/Producer) at Growbag said "We are...

Vitra Design Museum: Summer Workshops 2000 in France
Two workshops will be held each week (Monday through Sunday)in the period July 3 - Sept. 17, 2000. The seminars will focus on hands-on work, supplemented by lectures and discussions. Workshops 2000 will be led by: Matteo Thun (I), Andrea Branz...

San Diego Museum of Art: Master Drawings from the Collection of Alfred Moir
Included are fine examples by Annibale Carracci, Pietro da Cortona, Luca Giordano, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Francesco Solimena, Salvator Rosa, Abraham Bloemaert, and Simon Vouet. The exhibition presents a selection of works from the personal...

Fruitmarket Gallery: Simon Patterson: High Noon
Continuing until 1 May, the exhibition explores Patterson’s interest in the collision and recasting of established information systems of classification, documentation, description and belief in order to challenge widely-accepted or universal unde...

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery: Poignant Pictures
This year's winner is UK photographer Manoj Shah. His moving image of a female orang-utan clasping her infant was taken in Gunung Leuser National Park, Sumatra where populations of wild orang-utans have plummeted by 50% in the past...

Simon Lee Gallery: Claudio Parmiggiani : New Work
In 1970, he exhibited his first 'Delocazioni', using powder, smoke and fire to make shadows and imprints on paper and board, combined with the subtle interplay of the architecture of the space created a sense of absence and uncertainty. The spirit...

Canada House Gallery: Exotica: Don Li-Leger
Don has experienced a rich and varied life. He traveled around the world in 1971 before studying plant ecology at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia. In 1975 he studied painting with Terry Frost at the Banff Centre School of Fine...

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts: City of Perth PhotoMedia Award 
Exhibiting artists include Danica Chappell, Anthony Curtis, Simon Cuthbert, Christian de Vietri, Allison Gibbs, Michael Gray, Siri Hayes, Martin James Hurley, Derek Kreckler, Belinda Mason Lovering, Kate McMillan, Graham Miller, Tony Nathan, Conor...

City Gallery Wellington: Port Replicator: Eugene Hansen
The starting point for the show is a selection of found video footage, from television shows and movies, which is then, reworked using audio and visual mixing techniques from contemporary DJ culture. The name, Port Replicator refers to a device wh...

Kunstihoone: CAPITAL (It Fails Us Now)
The exhibition in Tallinn is the second half of a two-fold project, with the first part taking place at UKS in Oslo, Norway 8 Oct 6 Nov 2005. Curated by Simon Sheikh. Produced by NIFCA, Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, in collaboration...

Galeria Venezuela, General Consulate of Venezuala: Paintings by Julio Aguilera and Nino Fernandez Medeglia
Julio's first piece was displayed at an art contest when he was only six years old, a portrait of Simon Bolivar, at the Prismacolor Art Contest for children. He won first place. This inspiration set new goals for Julio and he has been painting eve...

Showroom: If It Didn't Exist You'd Have to Invent It...A Partial Showroom History
Each artist will submit one new or existing work with everything for sale through the gallery. The exhibition will provide a uniquely eclectic overview of the last sixteen years of contemporary art practice and reflect the programming of the three...

Simon Lee Gallery: Sherrie Levine : New Works
“I consider myself a still-life artist, with the bookplate as my subject. I want to make pictures that maintain their reference to the bookplates. And I want my pictures to have a material presence that is as interesting as, but quite different fr...

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