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Artist: Horatio Walker ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Horatio Walker.

Horatio Walker - The Flock of Geese 1889 watercolor Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester Canadian
Thomas Cowperthwaite Eakins - Dr. Horatio C. Wood 1886 oil on canvas The Detroit Institute of Art American
Gilbert Stuart - Mr. Simon Walker and Mrs. Simon Walker c. 1802 oil on canvas Utah Museum of Fine Arts American
Horatio Nelson Poole Sai Min Etching 1919
Horatio Nelson Poole The "Kid" (Bathers) Etching 1935
Horatio Nelson Poole Carlburg Etching 1935
Horatio Nelson Poole Hula Etching 1916
Horatio Nelson Poole Old Stairs Etching 1922
Horatio Nelson Poole Little Schooner Etching 1922
Horatio Nelson Poole M. Bod Etching-drypoint 1920
Horatio Nelson Poole Apukahau Stream Etching 1919
Horatio Nelson Poole Guitar Player Etching 1919
Horatio Nelson Poole The Trestle and Ghiradelli's Drypoint 1927
Horatio Nelson Poole Hawaiian Festival Etching 1919
Horatio Nelson Poole The Rice Planters Drypoint 1919
Horatio Nelson Poole Shrimp Fishers Etching 1919
Horatio Nelson Poole Pier Sixteen Etching 1919
Horatio Nelson Poole Ships in Harbor Etching 1917
Horatio Nelson Poole St. Ignatius Church Etching 1923
Horatio Nelson Poole Truck Gardens Etching 1925
Horatio Nelson Poole Self-Portrait Etching-drypoint 1919
Horatio Nelson Poole Smoke Screen Drypoint 1921
Horatio Nelson Poole Grant Avenue Etching 1921
Horatio Nelson Poole The Harbor, Honolulu Etching 1917
Horatio Nelson Poole Honolulu from the Harbor Etching 1920
Horatio Nelson Poole The Bridge, Honolulu Drypoint 1920
Horatio Nelson Poole Valley Rain Etching 1918
Horatio Nelson Poole The Fish Market Etching 1917
Horatio Nelson Poole Sierra Junipers Etching 1933
Horatio Nelson Poole The Harvard Etching-drypoint 1919
Horatio Nelson Poole Fruit and Grain Drypoint 1927
Horatio Nelson Poole Golden Harvest Drypoint 1927
Horatio Nelson Poole The Meat Stick Man Drypoint 1918
Horatio Nelson Poole South of San Francisco Etching 1925
Horatio Nelson Poole Little Hillside, San Francisco Etching 1921
Horatio Nelson Poole Alcatraz (large plate) Drypoint 1923
Horatio Nelson Poole Concrete Steps, Sea Cliff Etching 1926
Horatio Nelson Poole Diamond Head Etching-drypoint 1920
Horatio Nelson Poole The Tall Ship Etching-drypoint 1918
Horatio Nelson Poole Sausalito Drypoint 19th - 20th century
Horatio Nelson Poole Old Houses, Telegraph Hill Etching 1922
Horatio Nelson Poole Cottonwoods, Carson City Etching 1933
Horatio Nelson Poole Duck Pond, Honolulu Etching 1920
Horatio Nelson Poole Nuuanu River, Honolulu Etching 1917
Horatio Nelson Poole Waihole Valley Etching-drypoint 1920
Horatio Nelson Poole Pine Etching 19th - 20th century
Horatio Nelson Poole Kekana (sic) Kauai (Moonlight) Drypoint 1920
Horatio Nelson Poole Sampans, Honolulu Harbor Etching 1916
Horatio Nelson Poole Japanese Temple, Honolulu Etching 1915
Horatio Nelson Poole Pine (California Landscape) Drypoint 1935
Horatio Nelson Poole Cypress Trees, San Francisco Etching 1926
Horatio Nelson Poole Wharf, San Francisco Drypoint-etching 1927
Horatio Nelson Poole Landscape Etching-drypoint 19th - 20th century
Horatio Nelson Poole Landscape Etching-drypoint 19th - 20th century
Horatio Nelson Poole Monterey Coast Drypoint 19th - 20th century
Horatio Nelson Poole Asilomar Coast Drypoint 19th - 20th century
Horatio Nelson Poole Pine Trees, Daly City Etching 1925
Horatio Nelson Poole West Side of Telegraph Hill Etching 1923
Horatio Nelson Poole Buckhorn Island Drypoint 19th - 20th century
Horatio Nelson Poole Tom Wishart Etching-drypoint 19th - 20th century

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Walker

Joslyn Art Museum: Marsden Hartley: American Modern
oil on canvas,
32-1/4 x 21-1/2
Bequest of Hudson Walker
from the Ione and Hudson Walker Collection

Walker Art Center: Quartet: Barney, Gober, Levine, Walker
For this exhibition, Barney will create a room focused on the diverse sculptural and photographic elements of Cremaster 2, which premiered at the Walker in 1999. Since the early 1980s, Robert Gober has developed a body of work informed by cult...

Arkansas Arts Center, Decorative Arts Museum: Drawn from My Soul: The Art of J. Michael Walker
The idea is to modernize the highly respected images and themes of the Virgin Mary, says Walker. This series of works grew out of my immersion into Mexican rural, lower-class cult...

Victoria and Albert Museum: 25 Years of Leading British Couturier: Catherine Walker
"It is timely and appropriate that the V&A should examine the outstanding creative and craft skills involved in making Catherine Walker designs." says curator Amy de la Haye, also author of Catherine Walker, 25 Years, British Couture. "Her work is...

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Walker Evans
The exhibition is made possible by Prudential Securities. The conservation of the Walker Evans ...

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Retrospective of Celebrated American Photographer Walker Evans
The images in the exhibition include Evans' collaboration with writer/poet James Agee on Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, a landmark study of three tenant farm families in Alabama, little known early experimental photographs, his su...

Frick Collection: Raeburn's The Rev. Walker Skating on Duddingston Loch, from the National Gallery of Scotland
The graceful figure elegantly clad in black and silhouetted against a luminescent, late afternoon sky effectively conveys the subject’s sense of pleasure and ease in his solitary activity.  The painting will be displayed ...

hug - Gallery for International Photography: On Physics: An exhibition of photographs by Naglaa Walker
Naglaa Walker didn’t start out as an artist. In 1992 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics whilst working as a Nuclear Particle Researcher with the University of Manchester Research Team. For the six years following that, she ...

Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts: New Chairman of the Australia Foundation for Culture and the Humanities
Mr Walker holds a number of high profile corporate positions, including joint MD of Hudson Conway Limited, Chairman of the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, and Trustee, National Gallery of Victoria. He is also currently the...

Organized by the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, and drawn from its extensive collection of photographs, the exhibition focuses on Man Ray’s photographic work and includes 100 vintage prints spanning the period from 1916 to the...

Irish Museum of Modern Art: A Vision of Modern Art in Memory of Dorothy Walker
The exhibition is, fittingly, curated by a fellow writer and art critic Ciarán Bennett, who has made Dorothy Walker’s time as an outstanding art critic, from 1968 to 1982, the focal point of the show. This period was associated not only with the ...

National Museums Liverpool: Call for Artists: John Moores 23 Exhibition of Contemporary Painting
Judges will be Contemporary Art Society director Gill Hedley, former John Moores prizewinner Callum Innes and Walker curator of fine art Ann Bukantas. The fourth and fifth judges have yet to be announced. Julian Treuherz, keeper of galleries, say...

Portland Museum of Art: John Walker: Works on Paper
Much of the imagery in Walker's recent work comes from his contact with the Maine coast, where he lives in the summer months. Head of the Graduate School for Painting at Boston University since 1993, Walker frequently encourages his students to pa...

Walker Art Gallery: Simone Martini: Christ discovered in the Temple
The painting, signed and dated 1342, is a unique and compelling depiction of the Holy Family in dispute: Christ's parents, having lost him for three days after the Passover Festival, find him still in the Temple and challenge his behaviour. Mar...

Virtual TART: The End

Walker Art Center: Artist in Residence: Spencer Nakasako
Nakasakos residency will incorporate one of the Walkers newest initiatives: the mobile art lab Walker on Wheels (WoW), which will be equipped with digital cameras and an editing suite. Under the filmmakers direction and in collaboration with t...

n this installment of Barneys ongoing Cremaster cycle, an elliptical narrative unfolds around the films anti-hero, convicted killer Gary Gilmore, who is played by Barney himself. Loosely based o...

Gibbes Museum of Art: Ernest Hemingway and Walker Evans: Three Weeks in Cuba
A friendship between Walker Evans (1903 - 1975) and Ernest Hemingway (1899 - 1961) began in Havana, Cuba in May 1933. The three weeks they spent together left a lasting impression on both men as evident in the exhibition Ernest Hemingway and Walk...

Sheffield Galleries and Museum Trust, Graves Art Gallery: Aspects of Architecture
Aspects of Architecture will be displayed in four sections: Making the Record, Construction, Looking in Detail and Architecture as Art. The images on display will range from Stonehenge, the Millennium Dome and the construction of the Paris Oper...

World Financial Center Winter Garden: From the Art of New York: 110 New York and Gulf Coast Artists
The exhibition culminates with a private, ticketed Mardi Gras Gala on Tuesday evening, February 28, 2006. From the Art of New York's Founder and Chair Stephanie Simon is an Arts Reporter and Producer for NY1 News, Time Warner's 24 hour news ch...

Oakland Museum of California: After the Storm: Bob Walker and the Art of Environmental Photography
The exhibition places Walkers work in the context of the history of photography in the environmental movement, demonstrating its relationship to the work of such artist/activists as Ansel Adams, Phillip Hyde, Eliot Porter, the Mono Lake Committee ...

Walker Art Center: Tino Sehgal: Where the Artist Creates Experiences through Expression
Resorting to an economy of actions, Sehgal’s work proposes a dynamic take on the idea of the expanded concept of art, arguing for a process of production that revolves around the spectator and his or her individual exchanges and the embodime...

ASU Art Museum, Nelson Fine Arts Center: Rhapsody: Selections from Valley Collections
Rhapsody includes works by Emma Amos, Benny Andrews, Radcliffe Bailey, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Romare Bearden, John Biggers, Elizabeth Catlett, Michael Ray Charles, Robert Colescott, Renée Cox, Charles Gaines, Sam Gilliam, Eugene Grigsby, ...

Walker Street Gallery: She - Who Discovers
Lambi comments about her work, "Light on form is my inspiration and is manifested in my work bilaterally as a figurative and landscape/seascape painter. My passion for light is explored further by examining the theory that simplicity in an image h...

Irish Museum of Modern Art: Past Things and Present: Jasper Johns since 1983
Jasper Johns first came to public attention over 50 years ago, with his now-famous images of flags, numerals and impersonal household objects, or - as he described them - “things we already know”. Radically different from the prevailing Abstract E...

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: Walker Evans
Evans sought subjects that expressed the essence of America. Rejecting artifice and artiness, he created spare, classically styled pictures. His stated ...

Institute of International Visual Arts: Launch of Three Digital Artworks at x-space
Katrine Hjelde: White Hjelde is a painter and site-specific installation artist whose work looks at notions of architectural and conceptual space. White investigates the space between the exhibition of...

Unisa Art Gallery: Women Warriors: Photography of Dr. Adrienne Walker Hoard
The photographs depict the women, men, children, the dwellings, initiation activities and their forms of adornment. Some images reflect areas in which modernization and westernization have had an influence on aesthetic as well as on social and ...

Walker Art Center: Andy Warhol Drawings: 1942-1986
Jointly organized by The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, and the Kunstmuseum, Basel, this retrospective exhibition of near...

McNay Art Museum: Joel Shapiro: Sculpture
Curated by Martin Friedman, former director of the Walker Art Center, the exhibition features 17 objects ranging in height from five to 24 feet installed throughout the McNay's 23 acres of landscaped...

Photographers Gallery: The Man in the Crowd: The Uneasy Streets of Garry Winogrand
The formal turbulence of his images - with their dynamic, tilted viewpoints, their grainy immediacy, their frenetic crowds and drifting strangers - matches the political turbulence of the Vietnam years, and provide...

National Museums Liverpool: Call for Artists: John Moores 24
The deadline to register to enter is 17 February 2006 - just a month away! For full details visit www.thewalker.org.uk/johnmoores24 ...

Photofusion Photography Centre: Physical Sites: Nigel Green and Naglaa Walker
The exhibition combines large scale colour photographs with an 'archive' of small reprocessed photographic fragments. It is a response to both the real, often awe-inspiring scale and complexity of the station's spaces, and to what might be called ...

Armand Hammer Museum of Art: Secret Victorians

Gallery of Photography: FSA: The Bitter Years of the American Depression
In 1935, Franklin D. Roosevelt established the Resettlement Administration (R.A.) as part of his 'New Deal' strategy to cope with the Great Depression. The R.A. project was set up to bring financial aid to thousands of rural communities affect...

Columbus Museum of Art: The Art of Humane Propaganda
This exhibition brings together 44 vintage prints, on loan from the Ohio State University, together with earlier examples by American social documentary photographer Lewis Hine. Hines work, on loan from ...

Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Culture Center: Secret Victorians

Please join the CMOG for Breakfast at Tiffany's Landscape Window from 9 a.m.-12 p.m.-- a celebration marking the reopening of the entire Art and History Galleries. The curator...

Columbia Museum of Art: Chronicles The South Through The Eyes Of 63 Photographers
Through the photographers’ eyes it is possible to understand many of the cultural characteristics of the South that contribute to the creation of blues music -- the sense that both joy and sorrow are considered high moments in life. The photograph...

Kunsthalle Zurich: Wade Guyton, Seth Price, Josh Smith and Kelley Walker
Wade Guyton (1972, Indiana), Seth Price (1973, Jerusalem), Josh Smith (1976, Tennessee) and Kelley Walker (1969, Georgia) live in New York. Referring to their works collectively by using the word “they” is deliberately misleading since the works b...

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