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Artist: Barrington Watson ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by Barrington Watson.

Gilbert Stuart - Portrait of Richard Barrington, Later Fourth Viscount Barrington c. 1793-1794 oil on canvas Los Angeles County Museum of Art American
Benjamin West - The Honorable Mrs. Shute Barrington 1808 Oil on canvas The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens American
Portrait of Richard Barrington, Later Fourth Viscount Barrington, Gilbert Stuart (United States, Rhode Island, North Kingston, 1755 - 1828) , circa 1793-1794, Oil on canvas
W. H. Mote The Viscountess Barrington 19th - 20th century
Robert Watson Interior oil on canvas 1954
John Singleton Copley - Watson and the Shark 1778 oil on canvas National Gallery of Art American
John Singleton Copley - Watson and the Shark 1777 oil on canvas The Detroit Institute of Art American
Cecilia Beaux - Portrait of James V. Watson c. 1893 oil on canvas National Museum of Women in the Arts American
E.E. Cummings - James Sibley Watson n.d. oil on pulp board Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester American
George Barrington Timbuctoo, Yuba County, California, 1862 Lithograph 1862
Ward, Leslie Matthew (Spy) "Military Music" (Col. Barrington Foote), from Vanity Fair Supplement Lithograph circa 1900
Watson West Mission Dolores lithograph circa 1920
John Singleton Copley - Portrait of Colonel George Watson 1768 oil on canvas New Orleans Museum of Art American
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
The Honorable Mrs. Lewis Thomas Watson (Mary Elizabeth Milles, 1767-1818), 1789 Sir Joshua Reynolds (British,
Ernest W. Watson Wings of Glory color woodcut 19th - 20th century
Charles John Watson Chelsea Etching 1889
Charles John Watson Ponte del Cavallo 1891
Museum of Fine Arts -
William Rimmer, American (born in England), 1816-1879 Mrs. Robert Restiaux Kent (Eliza F. Watson) about
Charles John Watson Interior of a Cathedral, Venice 1900
Charles John Watson Wells, 1894 Etching 1894
James Watson Sir Richard Stacpoole of Pembrokeshire 18th century
Vue de la campagne romaine (19e siècle) by MONTFORT Antoine Alphonse ; WATSON Herbert (inspiré par)
Charles John Watson Fiera San Marino lithograph 19th - 20th century
Charles John Watson Mill Bridge, Bosham Etching 1888
Charles John Watson Rue St. Martin Etching 19th - 20th century
Caroline Watson Portrait of the Empress of Russia, Catherina Mezzotint, stipple engraving 1788
Caroline Watson Portrait of Sir James Harris Stipple engraving 18th - 19th century
James Watson Portrait of Sir Robert Walpole Mezzotint 18th century
John Dawson Watson Friends in Council - p.509 Harper's Weekly, 30 June 1877 wood engraving 19th century
Caroline Watson Shakespeare: King Henry VI, Part II. Act III. Scene III Color stipple engraving 18th - 19th century
Charles John Watson A landscape with a Castle on top of a hill, bridge with people crossing it Etching 1898
Charles John Watson Entrance door of Notre Dame, Neufchatel, 1905 Etching 1905
W. Watson The Cock of the Walk - p.745 Harper's Weekly, Supplement 5 September 1874 wood engraving 19th century
James Watson Elizabeth Bashwood, wife of the fourth Duke of Manchester and her son mezzotint 18th century
Museum of Fine Arts -
Paul Revere II, American, 1734-1818 Christian Remick, American, 1726–after 1783 The Boston Massacre, 1770-1770 Engraving,
Charles John Watson Boat-Building on the Yare, plate 4 in the book, The Etcher (London: Sampson Lowä, 1880), vol. 2 [bound in same volume as vol. 1, 1879] etching 1880
Museum of Fine Arts -
Davis, Watson & Co., about 1820 Porringer about 1820 Silver 5 x 20.5 cm (1
Charles John Watson A.W.G. 14 April, fourteenth plate from the portfolio Sketches Made on the Lithography Night 14 April 1905 by Member s of the Art Workers Guild, Clifford Inn Hall and Published for the Benefit of the Chest Lithograph 1905
LE MOULIN A EAU (1692) by HOBBEMA Meindert
Museum of Fine Arts -
Henry Sargent, American, 1770-1845 Watson and the Shark (copy after John Singleton Copley) between 1793
Dawson Dawson-Watson - Early Morning on the Farmington n.d. oil on canvas Florence Griswold Museum American
Museum of Fine Arts -
John Singleton Copley, American, 1738-1815 Watson and the Shark 1778 Oil on canvas 183.51 x
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Saint Vincent, Patron Saint of Lisbon Frei Carlos (Portuguese, active second quarter 16th century); Portuguese
Museum of Fine Arts -
Claude Monet, French, 1840-1926 Charing Cross Bridge (overcast day), 1900-1900 Oil on canvas 60.6 x
Museum of Fine Arts -
Richard Wilson (of Birmingham), British, 1751-52–1807 Chief Justice Peter Oliver Oil on canvas 75.9 x
Samuel Palmer The Bellman ET 1879
Samuel Palmer Moonlit Scene graphite 1863
Samuel Palmer The Sepulchre ET 19th century
Samuel Palmer The Skylark ET 19th century
Samuel Palmer The Willow ET 19th century
Samuel Palmer The Cypress Grove etching 1883
Samuel Palmer The Willow etching 19th century
Samuel Palmer The Early Ploughman ET 19th century
Samuel Palmer The Rising Moon ET 19th century
Samuel Palmer The Cypress Grove ET 19th century
Samuel Palmer The Homeward Star ET 19th century
Samuel Palmer The Herdsman, or The Weary Ploughman 1865
Samuel Palmer Moeris and Galatea ET 19th century
Woman’s Beaded Handbag, Josef  (Artist), circa 1960s, Glass beads, brass, paste stones, satin
Samuel Palmer Opening the Fold; or, Early Morning ET 19th century

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (38)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Watson

24 HR Art - Northern Territory Centre for Contemporary Art: cumulus: Recent Work by Judy Watson
The works in the show were largely inspired by a recent trip the artist made to her ancestral country at Lawn Hill Gorge and Riversleigh Station with her family. Other works were inspired by a residency at the Pink Palace, Julalikari Council, Tenn...

Peabody Museum of Archeology and Ethnology: Gifting and Feasting in the Northwest Coast Potlatch

Monash Gallery: RE-TAKE : Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Photography

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art: RENT
Rent describes the temporary relation many people have to the things around them. That is, we do not own them and we do not create or produce them from scratch, though we do use and adapt them. It also applies t...

Monash University Museum of Art: People, Places + Ideas: Celebrating Four Decades of the Monash University Collection
Monash University began collecting art when it was founded in 1961. The Collection, which has always had a strong focus on contemporary art, has expanded over four decades to comprise over 1,200 works by more than 330 of Australia's most renow...

Boltax Gallery: Christian Witkin: Room of Silence and Observation
Witkin's ad Campaigns include clients such as the Gap, Esprit, Levi's, Nike, IBM and American Express. Christian has received various awards for his editorial and commercial work, including the Society of Publication Designers Gold Award in Photog...

Philadelphia Museum of Art: The Faceless Figure: Photographs from the Collection
In some images, the anonymity of the figure is used to suggest Everyman, while others teach us that it is not just the face that identifies individuality. Techniques used by the photographers include back views, silhouetting, and cropping. Oth...

Institute of International Visual Arts: Drawing Space: Contemporary Indian Drawings
Drawing Space is an exhibition of contemporary drawings by three artists, all of whom use the drawn line as a device for negotiating space in ways that are self-empowering, exploring the compl...

Van Gogh Museum: American Beauty: Painting and Sculpture from The Detroit Institute of Arts, 1770-1920

Although the artists were familiar with and reacted to European art, they simultaneously developed their own individual style. To shed light on the various artistic currents the exhibition is organized around themes such as American Icons, Impress...
City Gallery Wellington, Hirschfeld Gallery: Living Together: Work from Artists Own Collections
“It is wonderful to see the interconnections between these artists and the works they are lending; for example Amy Howden-Chapman is lending a Regan Gentry, while Regan has selected a Hamish Tocher,” says curator Jessica Reid, “Kate Woods has chos...

Digital Art Museum: Exhibition Launches New Venue: Unit 2 - Museum Artists
Currently the website holds a large amount of work on Laurence Gartel, Manfred Mohr and Roman Verostko, not only their work but also there entire biography, press cuttings, critiques and publications together with timelines so that visitors can ...

Museum Kunst Palast: Queensland Indigenous Artists to be exhibited at the Grosse Kunstausstellung 2003
More than 200 leading contemporary artists exhibit their work each year at the Great Art Exhibition, one of Europe’s most prestigious exhibitions, and every year there is a special section allocated for a foreign country to present their artists. ...

Victoria and Albert Museum: Alfred Stieglitz: Photographs and Photogravures from the Georgia O'Keeffe Foundation
The Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the artistic legacy of Georgia O'Keeffe. Stieglitz, one of America's most influential photographers, was known internationally as an advocate of modernism. One of the principal object...

Madison Museum of Contemporary Art: Art on Site: Madison Museum of Contemporary Art at Olbrich Botanical Gardens
In addition, students from Malcolm Shabazz City High School will work with participating artists to create a summer-long series of mowed designs in Olbrich's Great Lawn. Art on Site is the museumís first group exhibition focusing on site-spec...

Ars Electronica 2002: Call for Entries: 16th Edition of the Competition for Cyberarts
The total prize money for the Prix Ars Electronica 2002 amounts to Euro 100.000 / USD 88,466. The international juries will award 6 x 3 money prizes and up to 52 Honorary Mentions. Selected works of all categories will be presented to the ...

La Petite Mort Gallery: RIDE ME / The Art of Urban Transport
In artfully, delicious ways La Petite Mort in union with local and not so local artist is bringing the environment, custom design and the beat of urban culture to a pavement near you. From August 1st to August 31st 2008 La Petite Mort will be fea...

Institute of Modern Art: 3 EXHIBITIONS......1 LOCATION
Since 1991, Indigenous artists Brenda L. Croft and Destiny Deacon have exhibited their work alongside one another in various exhibitions, strengthening a friendship which stems from early days in indigenous affairs, government and community or...

National Gallery of Victoria: Colin McCahon: A Time for Messages
The NGV holds a major six panel work on paper produced in 1979 by McCahon, and the acquisition of an important early work by McCahon has been a collection priority of the NGV for several years. Acquired in 1999, One is a painting that is small...

Jen Bekman: The Girl's Room: By The Dreier Project
It allows for the viewer to see the work without the material being the message. The artwork itself will be the message and perhaps answer some questions about the place of women’s artwork in the art world. Questions such as: What sort of work a...

Museum of Glass, International Center for Contemporary Art: The Inner Light: Sculpture by Stanislav Libensky´ and Jaroslava Brychtová

The Inner Light: Sculpture by Stanislav Libensky´ and Jaroslava Brychtová focuses on the artists’ work from the 1990s to 2001 and includes several pieces that will be exhibited in the United States for the first time. Libensky´, who died in Febr...
Museum of Glass, International Center for Contemporary Art: Some Assembly Required
Contemporary sculpture has been knocked from the pedestal and has grown to heroic proportions, said Neil Watson, chief curator at the Museum of Glass. In Some Assembly Required we are bringing together artists working with glass who have distingui...

In Paramour, Cadieux has made use of video for the first time, to bring out the dynamic underpinnings of her large-scale photographic work. The piece revolves around a dialogue between a man and a w...

John Connelly Presents: Hug and Magnan: Boys Gone Wild
USA Today, an on-going project by HUG & MAGNAN, acts as the centerpiece of the show. The work is composed of “caption heads”, which are images of public figures and publicized ordinary citizens summarized in a quick, abstract statements appropriat...

Reflect-arts, Inc. at Gallery 27+: Strange Cities: the Unique and the Unusual in the Urban Landscape
The opening event for Strange Cities will take place on Thursday, October 19, 2006, 6-9 pm. The opening will include live improvisational electronic music by the vibrant duo pico fermi, and a surreal, over the top interactive art performance by Th...

Seattle Art Museum: Only Skin Deep: Photography’s Role in Shaping America’s Identity
The curators Coco Fusco, Associate Professor in the Visual Arts Division at Columbia University’s School of the Arts, and Brian Wallis, ICP’s Director of Exhibitions and Chief Curator, explore America’s stereotypical notions of race through more t...

Katonah Museum of Art: I Love the ’Burbs: Modern Day Suburban Life
“Vistors to I Love the ’Burbs will have an opportunity to view exciting, contemporary art about the suburbs in a frankly suburban setting,” says Executive Director Neil Watson. “The majority of works in this exhibition have been created by young,...

Museum of Glass, International Center for Contemporary Art: How-To: The Art of Deborah Oropallo
By examining commonly overlooked objects, Oropallo's technique encourages recognition of the extraordinary in the everyday. She transforms bobbie pins, wire hangers, iron marks, pennies, tires, clocks, and other objects into subject matter for aes...

Art Gallery of New South Wales: Unscripted: Language in Contemporary Art
Over the last two decades in Australia, the use of language in contemporary art has been integrated much more so than previously. Unscripted: language in contemporary art will bring together 22 works by some of Australia's most well-known co...

Haus der Kunst: Exposed: The Victorian Nude
The exhibition Exposed: The Victorian Nude now presents another, new aspect of this age. It takes as its theme the development of both female and male nude painting in England. But was the nude an expression and zenith of high art, or was it an ou...

Volvo Gallery: We Are Australian - A Major Exhibition by 300 Leading Artists
This exhibition ...is not only an important and timely expression of our harmony in diversity, but is also a colourful expression of what we are today Rt Hon Sir Zelman Cowen Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia, 1977-1982....

Neuberger Museum of Art: there is no eye: Photographs by John Cohen
there is no eye: Photographs by John Cohen features a collection of more than 130 modern black and white photographs that reflect Cohen’s passion for art and music. The exhibition will be on view at the Neuberger Museum of Art from October 17, 200...

Hudson River Museum: Half Past Autumn: The Art of Gordon Parks,
Half Past Autumn: The Art of Gordon Parks and related programs are made possible by AOL Time Warner and Ford Motor Company. Additional support is provided by the Glen Eagles Foundation, Cone-Laumont Editions, Ltd., Laumont Labs, and Time Life Photo L...

House of Campari: Campari Previews Prominent Emerging Visual Artists and Partners with Legendary Organizations
House of Campari is a cultural destination highlighting and supporting the most talked about emerging visual artists in a variety of media including: painting, photography and sculpture and drawing.  The title exhibition “25 Bold Moves,” curated b...

Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery: Europe's Most Acclaimed Artists: Wim Delvoye and Daniel Richter
Belgian artist Wim Delvoye’s engaging sculpture Cloaca – New & Improved addresses a number of cultural taboos while challenging viewers to consider society's discomfort with digestive functions and to question the elaborate cultural mechanisms con...

City Gallery Wellington: Telecom Prospect 2004: New Art New Zealand
From an 18 metre long glistening glitter carpet by Hamilton artist Mark Curtis to Ralph Hotere's White Drip: from a working ice-skating rink by Wellington artist Maddie Leach to a new interactive work by Ronnie van Hout, Telecom Prospect 2004 has ...

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art: Paint + Pixels......Art for the 21st century
Renowned leader in digital fine art Karen Schminke of Seattle, Washington will be exhibiting her latest mixed media digital and lenticular prints. Schminke received her MFA from the University of Iowa in 1979, where she began working in the fiel...

fototeka: HAPPINESS, PRIMITIVES: A Travelogue of the Journey Back from Eden, Photographic Exhibition by Jennifer Gardner
Nin's text struck a resounding chord in me and helped guide the series. I was moved by her daringly honest self-exploration into the dark, native regions of her heart, and her courage to write about it so candidly, says Gardner. Nin used her perso...

Le Centre d'art et de diffusion Clark: Stretchmarks: Cynthia Edorh, Ariel Tarr, Malene Charles, and Kate Greenslade
This is Feminism now.The Feminist of the past allowed women's voices to be heard, but it no longer speaks in the same volume that is used today. The artists understand their privileges and they know the strength of their position. An exhi...

Further Artwork and Information:

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Barrington Watson - African American Art
Richmond Hill Inn, Barrington Watson Artwork
Smith Watson & Company LLP Certified Public Accountants Great Barrington Massachusetts North Adams MA Lakeville CT
AnyBook4Less.com - ISBN: 0865438102 - The Pan-Africanists by Barrington Watson
CRM Group - Rep Projects - Watson Sites, Highway 103 ROW at Barrington
Amazon.com: Books: The Pan-Africanists


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