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Artist: John Wood ( - )
Artworks in Museum Collections: (60)
Click the artwork titles below to see actual examples of artwork or works of art relevant to works by John Wood.

Vessel, John Wooler  (Artist), 1981, Austrian wood
John William Orr Railroad House, San Francisco wood engraving 1853
John Frederick Peto The Cup We All Race 4 oil on canvas and wood panel circa 1900
Joseph Swan The Lakes of Scotland by John M. Leighton (Glasgow: A. Fullarton & Co., 1839) book with 55 engravings and 18 wood engravings in the text 1839
John Wood Landscape 1744
John De Pol Mill on the Aspetuck Wood engraving 20th century
John Gaines Retirement System wood engraving 1953
Howard Cook Fat John, Taos Indian Wood engraving 20th century
John A. Brandon Iris wood engraving 19th - 20th century
John A. Brandon Hollihocks wood engraving 19th - 20th century
John Buckland Wright Nr. P. 75 Wood Engraving 1931
John Buckland Wright Nu A Wood Engraving 1929
John Buckland Wright Nu E Wood Engraving 1931
John A. Brandon Incense Cedars wood engraving 19th - 20th century
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Saints John the Evangelist and Lawrence Defendente Ferrari (Italian, Piedmontese, active 1510-31)Oil on wood; 48
John Buckland Wright Two Women Nr. II Wood Engraving 1931
John Buckland Wright La Chevriere Wood Engraving 1932
John Buckland Wright Nu silhouette Nr. II Wood Engraving 1933
John Buckland Wright The Waterfall Wood Engraving 1933
John Buckland Wright …tude Wood Engraving 1933
John Buckland Wright Vishnu Wood Engraving 1928
Laddie John Dill Untitled oil on canvas mounted on wood 1984
John Buckland Wright Apocalypse Nr. V. Wood Engraving 1932
John Buckland Wright Conversation Wood Engraving 1932
John Buckland Wright Five Bathers Wood Engraving 1931
John Buckland Wright Figurante Wood Engraving 1932
John Buckland Wright Baigneuse Wood Engraving 1932
John Buckland Wright St. Gingolph Wood Engraving 1927
John Buckland Wright Nu Silhouette Nr. 1 Wood Engraving 1933
John Buckland Wright Apocalypse Nr. II Wood Engraving 1931
John Buckland Wright Apocalypse Nr. III.4 Wood Engraving 1931
John Buckland Wright Apocalypse Nr. IV Wood Engraving 1931
John Buckland Wright Apocalypse Nr. I Wood Engraving 1931
John Buckland Wright Three Women Wood Engraving 1933
John Buckland Wright Two Women Nr. I Wood Engraving 1931
John Buckland Wright Bather Wood Engraving 1930
John Buckland Wright Dancers Wood Engraving 1929
John Buckland Wright Bord du Lac Wood Engraving 1931
John Buckland Wright Susanna Wood Engraving 1929
John Buckland Wright Dance Wood Engraving 1927
John Buckland Wright Bouillon Wood Engraving 1927
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts -
Artist: John Scott Bradstreet Title: Table Date: about 1903 - 1907 Medium: cypress wood Dimensions:
Dieric Bouts - John the Baptist 1480's oil on wood Cleveland Museum of Art Netherlandish
Gilbert Stuart - John Adams c. 1821 oil on wood National Gallery of Art American
John Whitehurst Longcase clock wood and metal circa 1775
Heinrich Sigismund Uhlrich John Ruskin, from Harper's Weekly, 26 July 1879. Wood Engraving. 17th century
John Buckland Wright Bouillon. La Semois Wood Engraving 1927
John Buckland Wright Chateau de Bouillon Wood Engraving 1927
John Buckland Wright Hindu Dancer Wood Engraving 1928
John Buckland Wright Deux Baigneuses Wood Engraving 1932
Cesare da Sesto (Il Milanese) The Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist and Saint George oil on wood panel (transferred to pressed wood) circa 1514
John Linnell Elliptical side table satin wood with ormulu circa 1775
John Linnell Elliptical side table satin wood with ormulu circa 1775
John Carter Wood-cut of our Lord, opposite page 31 in the book The Life of John Carter by Frederick James Mills (New York: Hurd and Houghton, 1868) 1868
John Thomas Smith Wood Etching 18th - 19th century
Henry Wolf Portrait of Mrs. John Travis wood engraving 1898
John Saddler Kentish Hop Gardens wood engraving 19th century
Anonymous Young St. John the Baptist oil on chestnut wood panel 17th century
The Metropolitan Museum of Art -
Saint John the Evangelist, icon Russian Painter, late 17th/18th centuryTempera on wood; 12 1/2 x
John Buckland Wright Bathers Nr. II (…preuve d'artiste) Wood Engraving 1933

Artnews Articles and Exhibition Information: (40)
Click on any of the links below to read about artnews or exhibitions related to Wood

Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden: Directions: Sam Taylor-Wood
Meet the Artist Thursday, July 15, at 12 noon Sam Taylor-Wood will discuss her work. Ring Auditorium. ...

Viridian Artists: Stephen Garmey: Recent Sculptures
Although constructed of wood, not stone, more than one reviewer has said the essence and tension in Garmey's works recalls Stonehenge or the Straits of Corinth. The works are modest in size, but the artistí's mastery brings a sense of massiveness ...

Minneapolis Institute of Arts: Wood Turning In North America Since 1930
Following WWII, interest in pure design and the influences of Scandinavia inspired the likes of Bob Stocksdale and Philip Moulthrop. Their successors have been pushing the limits of the medium ever since. The more experimental and challenging appr...

ASU Art Museum: MOULTHROP GENERATIONS: Turned Wood Vessels by Ed, Philip, and Matt Moulthrop
The ASU Art Museum has a long history of presenting and collecting contemporary turned wood, beginning with the landmark gift of the Edward “Bud” Jacobson collection in 1989. Wood turning refers to the use of a lathe to make three-dimensional rou...

Bellevue Art Museum: Darren Waterston: Scapes and Darren Waterston/Beatrice Wood: A personal Alchemy
Darren Waterston: ScapesThis exhibition will examine Waterston’s recent work in terms of his reliance on a system of visual mapping resulting in otherworldly scapes referencing the body, architecture, and even urban design. Focusing on his mor...

Turkaly Art Gallery: John Habela: Works in Wood and Bronze
 In John's work you can see the influence of African tribal art as well as Polynesian and Polish folk design. His fanciful and often whimsical outlook on man is artistically depicted in each work, whether in a large piece of wood or an intricate d...

Hayward Gallery: Sam Taylor-Wood
In Pietà (2001), a large-scale video projection based on Michelangelo’s Vatican sculpture, the artist struggles to hold actor Robert Downey Jr. in the pose of the dying Christ. Third Party (1999), shown for the first time in Britain, is an absorbing ...

Contemporary Arts Center: Stephan Balkenhol
The CAC is exhibiting ...

Tatar Gallery: Laura Wood: Stay Awhile
In Stay Awhile the artist takes the human body as her point of departure and works figuratively through the suspension of its familiar parameters. Taking pornographic images as her inspiration, the artist aestheticizes the subject matter by liter...

Cairns Regional Gallery: Extracted: Atherton Tablelands Artist Josie Lowerson
My upbringing [in the Mallee region of North Western Victoria] is also a significant factor in my work; the environment was harsh, the climate extreme and life was hard, but there was an incredible amount of diverse creativity around me, she said....

Edinburgh Printmakers: Hilary Paynter: From the Rivers to the Sea
Inspired by the scenery of the northeast Paynter made many journeys on Tyneside’s Metro transport system. From the outset Paynter was ‘arrested by the idea of the Metro as a journey in and out of the past and the richness of historical context’, w...

Lemon Street Gallery & Artspace, Inc.: Pyrographics on Reclaimed Wood: Work by Susan Edgerton
Please allow time to view the newly installed 2nd Quarter Exhibit in the Main Gallery. On view is the works of their 25 member artists. Lemon Street Gallery & Artspace, Inc. is located at 4601 Sheridan Rd. in Kenosha, WI 53140-3323. The gal...

Museum for African Art: African Forms: Hand -Crafted Masterworks from the Entire African Continent
The exhibition celebrates the artistic practices of numerous African peoples who work in materials like gold, silver, iron, bronze, wood, ivory, ...

Explore this growing medium, where the vision of the artist and the possibilities of a single material combine to create dozens of amazing forms. Accom...

Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art: The Well: Works by Polly Gould, Claudia Kappenberg, Uriel Orlow, Mark Osterfield, Judy Price, Kay Walsh, Jo Wood
Relationship and loss are at the heart of this exhibition. Loss creates an absence, a void, a well to be filled; it has the capacity to transform the people who are left behind. Indeed, loss can become a generator of new relationships and connecti...

Lonsdale Gallery: Cambium: Allen Hirsh's Original Wood Constructions
“I’m inspired by borders and boundaries and what happens when you cross that edge,” says Toronto-based Hirsh. “When you get below the surface or go to unfamiliar places, your senses are heightened, and you may be more enthusiastic or cautious and...

Wood Street Gallery: Naked: The Naked Body in Contemporary Video, Photography, and Preformance
Naked features the work of Tina Barney, Anton Corbijn, Zhang Huan, Ma Liuming, Jaan Toomik, Spencer Tunick, Bruce Weber and Manabu Yamanaka. Wood Street Galleries will also present a lecture with Eleanor Heartney, Contributing Editor of Art, Art i...

Studio of Richard Wood: Andalusian International Artists Group
Members of the Andalusian International Artists Group are:
Margit Björklund - Sweden
Leila Selmo - Finland
Auli Suvanto - Finland
Brian Reifer - British
Pixie Glore - USA
Roger Backwell - British
Chris Hyde - British

Everson Art Museum: Louise Nevelson's Facade: An Homage to Edith Sitwell
Her Façade suite of 1967 is comprised of twelve prints that involve photography, silkscreen, and collage on paper and acetate sheets. The series was created in homage to Dame Edith Sitwell, the ...

Columbia Museum of Art: Winslow Homer: The Civil War Years and Winslow Homer: The Gloucester Years (Focus Gallery 3)
Newspaper illustrations at the time were using an improved method of woodblock reproduction know as wood engraving. Using the end grain of boxwood, the illustrator could draw finer line...

Brooklyn Museum of Art: Winslow Homer: Illustrating America

Art Gallery of Mississauga: Ryszard Litwiniuk: Structures
The transformation that Litwiniuk refers to is exemplified in the dynamic wooden structures he creates from blocks or stumps of wood. He has breathed new life into the wood by cutting the centre free from it's natural restraints and allowing it to...

University of Virginia Art Museum: Emilie Brzezinksi: New Directions
Brzezinski's art takes on both metaphoric (the tree as life experience) and anthropomorphic (the tree as human) meanings. The emergence of a form within the wood is a natural, and at times arduous, process for her. "Emilie Brzezinski: New Directio...

Muse Gallery, Notting Hill: Wendall Wong: Earthman Sculpture - Earthaearth
Inspired by the landscapes of Trinidad as well as his travels through the mountains of Tobago, Cyprus and Malta, Wendall represents the Rastafari approach to naturality in his work by depicting jungle scenes, hunting and local wildlife as well as ...

Gallery 32: Giacomo Picca: Trees for the Wood
In ‘Trees for the Wood’ Giacomo Picca uses the "tree" as a mediator of personal experiences and a shared sign operating in different cultural spaces. Working with the subject of wood as both the material of the work and the pictorial protagonist, ...

Unisa Art Gallery: Tribute to Lucky Sibiya
Lucky Sibiya is internationally renowned for his abstract paintings and sculptural carvings. Sibiya's works have been exhibited, and collected locally and globally. His richly carved flowing rhythmic lines and painted wood panels are perha...

Ellipse Arts Center: Way Off the Rack: Costume as Sculpture

Aron Packer Gallery: Michael Ferris Jr. - The Artist’s Studio (Revisited)
Ferris’ references to himself are more apparent in his paintings and drawings, which take a more traditional Western approach to art. Heavily narrative, Ferris’ paintings depict the artist’s alter ego yet again, as an old man whose primary compan...

Jurors for this year's exhibition include: Mira Nakashima-Yarnall, vice-president and Design Director of the internationally renowned Nakashima Studios, who has exhibited her work in fine galleries and museums around the world. She has designed a...

Loveland Sculpture Invitational: Twelfth Annual Exhibition to Open Today
Denny McNeill, a well-known local artist from Elbert, Colorado, is scheduled to participate in this largest outdoor sculpture show . McNeill’s sculpture styles range from realistic to abstract and is primarily known for his sculpturing in wood. A...

Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea: Ignacio Basallo: Transformations
The way he works has changed little over the years. A quarter of a century ago, he resorted to wood and played with the ambiguous images conjured up in the rural environment, but he used them giving value to their formal language, the interplay w...

Wood Turning Center: allTURNatives: Form & Spirit Exhibition
The 2003 ITE Resident Fellows are: Eli Avisera, Lathe Artist, Israel
Kevin Burrus, Lathe Artist, USA
Mark Hancock, Lathe Artist, Wales
Ron Kanter, Photojournalist, USA
Alexandra Alevizatos Kirtley, Scholar, USA

Carnegie Museum of Art: On Paper II: 50 Works from the Collection
Three early Philip Pearlstein drawings depict the daily life of American GIs during World War II and illustrate drawing's time-honored role in ...

Corte Real Gallery: The Summer Gallery Boutique: Jessica Dunn, Fabrizio Tizallo, Meinke Flesseman
Jessica Dunn has been a Premiere Portfolio Artist at absolutearts.com since 2001. Jessica, who studied fine art at Kingston Polytechnic in London, moved to the Algarve in 1986 to live and work. She has exhibited widely in both solo and collective ...

Oakland Museum of California: Meadowsweet Dairy: Wood Sculpture
The group (or, as they prefer to be called, the artist) Meadowsweet Dairy, named after the former dairy in Corte Madera that since 1991 has housed the artists‚ studio and exhibition space, began as the brainchild of Henry Corning and Sam Bower. Th...


Museum of Nebraska Art: Nebraska Now: Sandra Williams, Polymer
Williams’ art consistently has a slick and near animation-like appearance. The small and large-scale pieces are created by carving relief imagery into wood panels. The recessed areas in the wood are then often filled with brightly colored resin to...

Tate Modern: Performing Bodies
Artists include Yoko Ono, Derek Jarman, Laurie Anderson, Gilbert and George, Sam Taylor-Wood, Sarah Lucas, Yves ...

Museum of York County: Piecing a Quilt of Life: World Connections
Petra, a Premiere Portfolio Artist at absolutearts.com, creates pieces founded on her interpretation of legend, myth and mystery of the ancient arts of Asia. She has built a growing reputation for her portrayal of the massive sensual figures arran...

Function + Art Gallery: .five x five. little or nothing to do with function and everything to do with Art
Moreover, the show is also about communication. “Five by five” is a radio communications expression that means 'loud and clear'. One of the fives represents the S units of reception strength. The other five is a rating of the signal clarity. “Five...

Further Artwork and Information:

John Wood
Pressure Vessels, ASME Vessels, Air Serarator, Bladder Tanks - The John Wood Company
Welcome to John Wood Community College
John Wood (I)
John Wood - Great Buildings Online
Bodybuilder John Wood Jr.
John D. Wood UK - London Residential Estate Agents - Home
John Wood
John Wood Water Heaters
John Wood & Co


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Drei Lebensalter
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Pablo Picasso
Harlequin and Mirror
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