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For Immediate Release - January 22, 2007

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absolutearts.com - Most Popular Website for Visual Arts - Celebrates 12 Years

GRANVILLE, OH. January 2007 - Columbus, Ohio artist Walter King - http://www.absolutearts.com/walterking, former Chair of Illustration at Columbus College of Art and Design, was one of the first Portfolio Artists at absolutearts.com, the most popular visual arts site on the web, back in 1999. "It's been terrific - I had collectors that bought my work years before, 'find' my Portfolio through other search engines. I sold three works in a matter of weeks. I established a relationship with a gallery in Argentina, which surely wouldn't have happened unless I was on absolutearts.com." Walter is also a forum moderator and monthly featured blogger. The format of absolutearts.com and the content is extremely relevant to contemporary visual artists all over the globe, so much so that other startup sites use absolutearts.com as the industry standard.

In 1995, during the birthing of the World Wide Web, then Arts Administration/Education graduate student, Markus Kruse, originally from Berlin, Germany, began a website for art related resources on the Web. World Wide Arts Resources was born. "It now seems so primitive. We had about 50 resources. There were so few. The Brooklyn Museum of Art even had us create their website," Markus states. Over the years absolutearts.com grew to the largest search engine for the visual arts.

Markus began to sculpt this pioneering idea into absolutearts.com - a website where artists from around the world easily showcase their artworks for free. Mind you, this all started before everyone had digital cameras. Soon international arts news was added as an attraction not only for artists, but also for art collectors, galleries and museums. The goal is and was to make a site for the visual arts, where collectors 'meet' artists and where artists exchange ideas. You could call absolutearts.com the precursor to any of the MY and U websites.

Obviously, having lived through the dotcom bubble bursts, this business takes dedication. They aren't riding on the name of some big collector, it's not about a flash-in-the-pan, trendy newbie. It's about staying power - continually evolving to be the best tool for artists, no matter what their age, interest or location. For example last month artists asked to be able to share photos of their studios, openings and events - in a week, that service was in place. They are honestly the best all around visual arts site and have been for 12 years.

"It's about flexibility," says Markus. "We deal with a range of artists." Different levels of membership meet different artists' needs. This is a site for established, professional artists on down to the weekend dabbler or student. Kruse explains, "Some artists use their Portfolio at absolutearts.com as their main website, while others prefer to have a Portfolio to compliment their existing online marketing which boosts their 'traffic'." Each month thousands of artists upload work at absolutearts.com, making the site the largest selection of quality artworks online.

Edem Elesh - http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/e/edemelesh - who's been with absolutearts.com for four years has had absolutearts.com coordinate numerous artwork sales. "Working with absolutearts.com proves to be an invaluable asset to my ongoing art career," says Elesh, Los Angeles mixed media artist, who found that absolutearts.com linked him better in the big search engines and did a universal job of promoting him across the site. "They regularly feature my work and exhibitions that I'm in, on the homepage and in their emailed newsletter. It gives my work global exposure to potential collectors."

The company's success has a lot to do with their ability to balance knowledge of the art world with knowledge of online commerce. The site is the best linked on Google. Just do a search and test it by typing in "contemporary art for sale", "art news" or "art blogs".

Every day, the absolutearts.com office, run out of a 1840's barn in rural Ohio, fields emails and calls from around the world. "What's unique about these guys is that humans really work there," says Jaiymie Kiggins - http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/j/jkiggins/ - of Columbus, OH who recently sold a large sculptural work through absolutearts.com to a restaurant in Lafayette, California. His clients commented, "The folks at absolutearts.com helped coordinate the sale in a professional manner that made us feel secure with such a large transaction." Not only is the absolutearts.com team tech savvy, they are art marketing specialists.

The whole idea was pre Mytype websites. absolutearts.com has transformed with the web and with the artists that use the web. The company's motivation is to provide a valuable service and place where artists cannot only sell their work, but exchange ideas, get advice, keep current and keep in touch. Luise Andersen artist from Fontana, California, was "discovered" through her Portfolio at absolutearts.com - http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/l/laselectart/ - by a gallery, which selected her work for a group exhibition in Italy during the summer of 2006. The same gallery also gave her a solo exhibition at their partner gallery in Paris this winter. "absolutearts.com launched me and my work onto the international art scene. What makes absolutearts.com different is that they are real people - its not some giant corporation where you just post your images and cross your fingers," boasts Luise. "I love it that I can upload work in progress, involving viewers. They become attached when they feel and understand the progress of the creation of a piece of art."

It turns out that the Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery in Cordoba, Argentina where Walter King has had exhibitions, and the Camaver Kunsthaus, who sponsored Luise Andersen, have both created Gallery Portfolios to market their artists.

What it boils down to is absolutearts.com offers a successful grassroots theory in a professional package. Markus Kruse concludes, "We've got so many new things planned for the upcoming months. I am continually energized by the challenge to keep growing, keep doing what's right to bring artists closer to collectors."


Image credits from top:
- Walter King, Tree of Life, 2006, Acrylic Painting, 30"w by 40"h
- Dr. Markus Kruse, World Wide Arts Resources, Corp. photo by Janet Thomas
- Edem Elesh, Hood, 2006, Mixed Media, 48"w by 36"h
- Jaiymie Kiggins, Giraffe-detail, 1995, Steel Sculpture, 3'w by 11'h by 7'deep
- Luise Andersen, Fenetre d'Esprit, 2006, Acrylic Painting, 36"w by 24"h

World Wide Arts Resources, Corp. is a small, privately held company based in Granville, Ohio, in the heart of the US. Since 1995, wwar.com and absolutearts.com have provided information to millions of art enthusiasts. wwar.com / absolutearts.com have become the largest arts sites on the World Wide Web. Constant evolution plays a critical role in enhancing the client's experience and meeting their ever-increasing needs. In 1999, wwar.com expanded to include absolutearts.com, which began as a daily arts news outlet and has adapted to include the Internet's most comprehensive contemporary art online Portfolio programs.

More information about the people at absolutearts.com can be found at: http://wwar.com/about/

Issued by:
Jodi Melfi
VP Marketing
3678 Loudon Street
Granville OH USA 43023



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